Midoriya Inko was a very kind woman who loved her husband and her son with all her heart. Midoriya Hisashi was also generous and loved his wife and his son. The key term is was. They are no longer so kind or generous, but of course this story is not about them or what happened to them. However their tale will be told, but not of their perspective. It will be of the perspective of their 4-year-old son who was gifted a most latent transformation quirk. Now hold onto your butts because this story has no brakes and no filter.


When Midoriya Izuku gained his quirk he was out with his mother and father. They were simply going to celebrate his birthday by getting Izuku's favorite meal, Katsudon. However on their way they were caught in the midst of a villain attack. The villain in question was an up-and-coming, powerful villain named Alboroto. When she used her quirk, she grew 5 feet taller, gained more muscle mass, and had long, sharp spikes coming from her arms, back, and legs.

As she used her quirk a large, smoldering spout of fire rushed towards her and anyone in the nearby vicinity. Alboroto managed to dodge with some spikes and hair coming away singed. However some civilians were not as lucky. When Izuku looked at who had shot the flames he saw the #2 Pro Hero Endeavour. When Alboroto had transformed Inko and Hisashi scrambled to get Izuku away from danger. Although danger would only follow them as in the battle that followed Alboroto grabbed Izuku's parents when she had the chance.

Izuku feeling more scared than ever before in his life screamed for his mother and father only for it to fall on deaf ears. Endeavour once again charged up his attack not caring about the lives of innocents he would certainly cause in his attack. When Endeavour fired his attack it was a massive, scorching flame that made the concrete smoke and burn. Before it had reached Alboroto she quickly shoved Izuku's parents towards the oncoming wave and dived to the right to avoid the blast.

Endeavour's flame made quick work off anything flammable in its path. Including, but not limited to, Inko and Hisashi. Izuku screamed, wide-eyed at the sight of his parents' burned bodies lying dead on the ground.

As he screamed his body began tingling and began burning all over. He began to scream more as his emerald eyes were replaced by empty sockets and his flesh melted away. All of his green-and-black hair shed away and was burned up quickly by the fire consuming him inside and out. His organs and everything were quickly consumed by his jade flame that surrounded his 8 foot, ice white skeleton. He wore over his head an obsidian spartan helm with a mane darker than the blackest pits of Tartarus. On his skeleton arms he wore obsidian bracers and on his feet and lower legs boots made from the same material. His chest was bare though and you could see through his ribcage and the flames that surrounded him.

Once his transformation was done however he screamed a guttural, ear-splitting roar that send tremors though the bones of all who heard it. With the agility of a lion he charged at Alboroto and grabbed hold of her shoulders lifting her up and staring into her eyes, skeleton hands burning the flesh where it touched and where the flames got too close. He opened his mouth and spewed forth a glistening, emerald fire hotter than any hellflame and brighter than any sun. It burned through Alboroto's flesh and left only her skull, jaw agape, as the fire burned through the rest of her body turning her to skeleton and then to ash lining the pavement.

Izuku quickly passed out from the draining affect his quirk had caused on him and fell silent to the ground body still hot to the touch. Police and Emergency Services arrived quickly onto the scene and rushed him to a hospital to treat him for any injuries caused and to prevent any severe drawbacks his quirk could have.


Mitsuki Bakugo, the godmother of Izuku Midoriya, was heartbroken at the news that her dear friend Inko had died in a villain attack. She quickly rounded up her husband Masaru Bakugo and her son, who was only a little bit older than Izuku, Katsuki Bakugo. They drove fast through traffic not really caring about the rules of the road.

When they got to the hospital Mitsuki charged through the front door and stomped up to the reception desk, demanding very angrily that she see Izuku Midoriya immediately. The receptionist told Mitsuki that he was allowed no visitors and, much to Masaru and Katsuki's chagrin, to this Mitsuki preceded to flip her shit. However the resident tired boi of UA, the sleep deprived hero Eraserhead came to tell her to calm down and inform her on what would happen to Izuku.

Mitsuki was not happy at all to her the news that she would not be able to take Izuku due to his extremely volatile quirk. She was even less pleased to her the news that he would be not be able to leave UA until he got better control of his quirk. Finally though to make her day even shittier Izuku Midoriya was discovered missing from his hotel room.


3 Hours Prior


Shigaraki Tomura was very intrigued when he saw Izuku transform on the news and quickly told Sensei and Kurogiri. Kurogiri stared at the events unfolding in mute fascination. Sensei told Tomura that if Izuku's quirk could be controlled then it would be a very valuable asset to their cause and told Kurogiri to fetch the child when he was alone and vulnerable.