Chapter 6

Izuku and the other finalists were surrounding the stage as Midnight showed them who they'd be facing. Izuku saw his name and the person he was facing. "Fuck…" He looked over at Toga and she looked back over with a grim face. She shrugged and tried putting on a brave smile "Well I guess only one of us will be going into the finals huh."

Izuku cursed and walked to the preparation rooms since their fight was first. He paced around the room thinking about how he was going to approach this fight. "Of all the people in the finals, of course my first opponent had to be her." He let out a long string of curses and waited till he was called to the ring.

As Izuku stared across the ring at his kind-of girlfriend he dreaded what he was about to do. "Don't hold back Izu-kun!" He managed a small smile and nodded. As soon as the bell rung he ran forward summoning his armor and 2 shields. Toga also charged with her signature knife. They clashed in the middle and sparks flew as Izuku deflected everyone stab with her knife.

He eventually pushed her away and threw his shield at her summoning a Xiphos in its place. He ran and charged her as soon as the shield was about to hit her. Toga barely dodged as the shield flew past her head and she crouched into a defensive stance as Izuku neared. He Tried sweeping her off her feet with the back of his sword, but she jumped over it and threw out a leg that slammed into his side.

He jumped back a couple of steps and held his shield in front of him. Toga not letting up continued forward and kept stabbing trying to find any way around his shield. Izuku eventually threw his sword straight up and instead of parrying the blade let her thrust forward and skidded around her and grabbed her wrist. She realized her mistake too late as he moved his foot and pulled her forward making her trip and he quickly got on top of her and put the edge of her shield to the back of her neck. She dropped her knife as Izuku was declared the winner of the match. "Ugh good job Izu-kun."

Izuku helped her stand up and they walked out of the ring together. They watched the rest of the battles together and waited for Izuku's next match. His next battle wouldn't be the toughest since he was going against todoroki, but then again he couldn't be too overconfident. He looked down at Todoroki as a massive glacier sprang up consuming Sero and most of the crowd behind him.

Izuku sighed and wracked his brain trying to think of a counter for something so immense. Toga booped his cheek, "just use Mr. Bones and you'll defeat him easy peasy." Izuku laughed and kissed her forehead making her blush before heading to the preparation room.

As Izuku looked across the ring once again this time at a certain red-and-white-haired prodigy he steeled himself for a truly glorious fight. No sooner than the bell had rung another massive glacier bursted out towards him. It quickly consumed him and everything was silent.

Toga held her breath until she saw jade light shimmering through the crystal ice. It slowly started to melt and once it did everyone's hearts leapt into their throats. Standing in the middle of a melted glacier was a completely armored, 8 ft, ice white, skeleton with jade flames bursting from it wielding two absolutely massive Xiphoi.

He roared and charged at Todoroki chopping any more ice waves sent at him in two. He struck todoroki solidly with the flat of his blade and sent him skidding across the ring only barely saved by a ice wall. However Izuku was right on him still swinging wildly with his Xiphoi.

He almost cleaved off one of his arms if it wasn't for Todoroki's reflexes. However Izuku never skipped a beat in his brutal onslaught of Todoroki. Eventually he had him pushed close to the edge of the ring. Then out of nowhere an extremely powerful fire bursted from Todoroki's left side.

Izuku actually had to back up a couple steps before Todoroki sent ice wave after ice wave at Izuku. They still had no effect in slowing his approach. Soon enough though Izuku managed to get close enough to back hand Todoroki off the ring and form a crater in the wall behind him. Izuku transformed back into his normal form and collapsed, steam rolling off his body.

Todoroki laid down on the bed in the infirmary room as Izuku ate some stamina gummies to restore his strength. He observed the fight between Tokoyami and Bakugou through the television. He observed how Bakugou fought noticing how he still used some of the same moves he used when they were children.

He smirked as he knew that he had already won this fight. He walked out of the Infirmary and chilled in the preparation room until someone had to burst in. Bakugou stood in the doorway looking rather unamused. "What the fuck do you think your doing her deku!?"

Izuku looked at him like a parent would a child, "This is my room ya fuckbit" Bakugou looked at the sign and cursed loudly. "Hey, don't you dare hold anything back you shitty deku. If I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win going full force showing no mercy and I don't expect you to show any mercy either."

Bakugou scowled as he saw Izuku smirk, "Oh don't you worry Bakugou, not only will I go full force I will show the entire world how powerful I have become. I will defeat all you woRTHLESS SHITTY ASS HEROES WHO THINK THEY CAN SAVE EVERYONE!"

` Bakugou stared wide-eyed as Izuku panted and walked closer to Bakugou. Izuku leaned close and whispered, "I will kill everyone society sees as worthy and I'll start with the bastard who killed my mom and dad." Izuku walked out of the room as the announcers called for the finalists.

Izuku glared across the arena at Bakugou. Before the bell was rung to begin however Midnight stepped forward with an announcement, "We have decided that whoever wins this match will get to choose any hero in the stands and be able to fight against them in a 1v1!" Both Izuku's and Bakugou's eyes shot wide open and looked at Midnight like she must be kidding. She just smiled and sweetly said, "Good luck boys~"

They barely had time to think things through when the bell went off and Present Mic screamed, "STAAARRRT!" The only things running through their heads were that they had to win no matter what.

Izuku wasted no time and transforming into his undead spartan form. Bakugou also blasted forward meeting Izuku with blasts trying to dodge around his Xiphoi. As the battle raged on the arena floor became marred with craters and slashes from the combat above. Izuku managed to land a couple hits with his Xiphoi, but they hardly mattered to Bakugou as he kept peppering Izuku with blows.

Once Bakugou had had enough he leapt back with an explosion and then blasted himself high into the air. Once he had enough air he turned his momentum downward and starting spinning and propelling himself faster through the air. "HOWIITTZEEERR IMPAAAACTTT!" Izuku dropped his two Xiphoi and slammed both his hands together, "PHALANX OF SPARTA!"

Several skeletons clad in spartan armor crawled from the ground and surrounded Izuku on all sides each towering almost as tall as him and each of them raised a shield to form what appeared to be a giant dome of obsidian shields. When Bakugou came crashing down with an unstoppable force he was met with an unmovable object.

The impact caused dust to explode everywhere even raising so much that the spectators were coughing from it. Everything was silent for awhile and in the stands Toga held onto Dabi's arm with tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Jade light still pierced through some of the dust. Everyone's collective breath was held as the dust started to clear.

In a massive crater going deep into the arena floor stood the crumpling form of Izuku still tall in his spartan form. Bakugou was lying a couple meters away blood gushing from the top of his head and from around his arms. Izuku however was not any better, his jaw was crooked only being held on by one side and the bones lining his arms were cracked and broken.

As Izuku took one step his right leg snapped in half and he fell to the ground slowly returning to his normal form. Steam rolled off of him in waves and his leg and jaw were obviously broken. Paramedics quickly rushed out onto the field and loaded them up onto stretchers and rushed them to the Infirmary.

Toga had never cried so much in her life. Not after her parents abandoned her after they learned of her "villainous" quirk. Not even when she was losing the last remnants of her sanity, but after seeing Izuku out there battered and completely broken her breath caught in her throat. Once he fell though and his leg snapped she let out such a heart-wrenching scream that anyone who heard it felt immense pain and sorrow.

Izuku stood up in a dark room that seemed quite familiar. He saw a young child crying in a corner cowering away from something he couldn't see. It was then that he realized that young child was him and he knew exactly where this was from. He turned around and the room came into clear view. It was a stone room with a military-grade titanium door strengthened with iron and steel.

The door opened and in walked Sensei. Sensei looked down at the pathetic figure in the corner and walked towards him. As sensei knelt down and touched his gentle, yet firm, hand to young Izuku's head, both Izukus flinched and the young Izuku's eyes started twitching. Sensei let out a small laugh and in a soothing yet also menacing voice told Izuku something he would remember for the rest of his life, "You are a tool to be used by me and my successor Tomura. If you should ever think of betraying us then there will be a punishment worse than death."

2 Hours Later

Izuku sat up screaming, but was quickly held down by strong hands. As he looked around him he saw Toga and Dabi and even some Class 1-A students. The people who held him down was Kirishima and Shinsou. He rested his head back onto the pillow and tried to regain his breath.

"Dude what you did out there was SO MANLY!" Kirishima gave him a sharp-toothed smile and a thumbs up. Izuku just rolled his eyes and turned his attention to a scowling Recovery Girl in the corner. "So how bad is it?" "Well for starters you completely destroyed your leg and almost every bone in your body is cracked or chipped.

Izuku nodded, "Can you heal me?" "I healed all your bones, but that leg is still EXTREMELY SENSITIVE! So I suggest you don't do anything too severe to it until it heals. "No I need… get… up" As Izuku struggles to sit up Toga sets a hand on his shoulder. "You need to stay in bed."

Izuku looked up at her and saw that her eyes were red and swollen and she was also holding a tissue. Izuku clenched his jaw and sat up. "I need to go out there and fight. I don't care what it will do to me if I can just get out there and do this then I won't need anything else."


Everyone in the room told him to stay and not to hurt himself, but it was Recovery Girl's final say. "We can't keep you here, but just know that if you go out there you may be damaging yourself permanently." Izuku nodded, "I'm fully aware, but this is something I must do." Everyone watched with worried eyes as Izuku slowly limped from the Infirmary towards the arena.

His friends followed him until they had to go to the stands then they said they're goodbyes and wished him luck. As Izuku limped up the stairs to the arena cheers and whistles could be heard from everyone in the stands. He smiled as he heard them and Midnight approached him with the mic.

"Izuku Midoriya as the winner of the tournament which hero would you like to face?" He made a show of looking around the stands and contemplating as all the heroes shouted out to face them. He had already made up his mind long ago. "I choose the number 2 hero: Endeavour!"

Aww's were thrown out, but they quickly erupted in cheers and hollers. Soon Endeavour was walking out into the arena and up the stairs to the ring. "I'm not sure whether to respect you or lock you away, but you defeated my son so I at least should give you the honor of facing me at my full power" Izuku smiled on the outside, but in the inside he was seething from a deep and dark rage.

Midnight retreated back to the sidelines of the newly repaired ring and held up her arm. "START!" Izuku gritted his teeth and mustered up all of the power he could. Endeavour produced two massive streaks of hellfire and right before it could make contact a monstrous roar broke out from Izuku.

His body shone in ethereal light and his body was quickly growing and burning away at the same time. Endeavour's fire surrounded him and it kept on coming. After awhile he stopped and waited to see what happened to his opponent. When everything cleared away everyone gasped.

Where Izuku once stood was his 8 ft tall skeleton, but this time his armor was pure gold gilded in silver and encrusted with diamond and emerald gems. On his head stood a thick-plated helm that shone in the daylight and had a plume of bright green. The rest of his armor was much the same. His skeleton was pure white and his flames had gotten so bright and powerful that it singed the stone around his feet and made any moisture in the air burn up immediately.

He opened his mouth and the shout that came forward made even Sensei quiver. He brought his large hands above his hands and brought them down hard on the battlefield, "Battlefield Of The Underworld!" The ring turned into a fiery hellscape with mounds of concrete bursting up and lava flowing from them. "YOU KILLED MY PARENTS ENDEAVOUR! YOU LET THEM DIE!"

Izuku dug his hands into the concrete and pulled up a chunk which he turned molten and hurled at Endeavour. "I'M GONNA BEAT YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!" Endeavour barely dodged the large molten rock hurled at him. Izuku roared once again and summoned a Dori and a Xiphos which were made of pure gold with bright jade flames curling along their edges.

He ran towards Endeavour with murderous intent. No one actually thought anything would happen to the number 2 hero. As Endeavour parried blow for blow and even landed his own hellfire punches he was getting progressively slower yet Izuku only seemed to speed up. Izuku kept on his onslaught each time his flames seemed to grow that much more intense.

Izuku got a couple cuts in on Endeavour which were cauterized instantly from the searing heat of his weapons. Izuku quickly ditched his weapons and tried to grapple the number 2 hero. As Izuku steadily pushed his opponent backwards his flames started to sputter slightly. Soon Endeavour was pushing back against Izuku neither side giving any ground. "You should never have killed my parents." Endeavour looked back at Izuku with a scowl on his face and kept trying to keep his composure.

No one noticed the cracks forming between Endeavour until it was too late. "ETERNAL HELL!" A pit opened up underneath Endeavour and screams of pain and sorrow echoed from it. Izuku summoned his Xiphos and pushed it deep through his chest and kicked him off the edge deep into the hole.

Toga and Dabi had already jumped from the stands and flew over to Izuku using Dabi's fire. As soon as Izuku collapsed Toga caught him and a swirling black portal opened directly above them. As it did two massive beings dropped from it. They were both massive, purple-skinned, men. One had a beak while the other had a normal mouth, but without lips. They grabbed the trio and jumped quickly through the portal above them.


In The League Of Villains Bar

Izuku was barely conscious has he stared at his saviours. Sensei stood before them with Tomura and Kurogiri on either side of him. "You have done well. You should rest now…" That was the last thing Izuku heard before slipping into a deep and empty darkness.

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