Warning: suggestive themes.

Notes: Neji/Tenten, not quite canon-compliant. Cover image by BayneezOne on DeviantArt.

His bright eyes drink in the sight of her, sprawled shyly beneath him, sunlight settling on her curves. Under his intent gaze, her knees press together and her arm sneaks up to shield her chest. Her slim fingers fiddle with a strand of milk-chocolate hair. Even after all these years, Tenten can hardly believe the wonder that softens his face.

He thinks I'm beautiful, is the mantra that repeats endlessly in her head.

He thinks I'm beautiful.

He thinks I'm beautiful.

It's a strange and terrifying thing, to be on the other side of admiration. Tenten is no stranger to attraction, never has been. The flash of a green-eyed smile in the street, the fleeting reflection of a girl in a shop window. It doesn't take much to make her heart beat faster, breath hitching, eyes darting to follow—she knows that feeling. But she's never imagined that someone could feel that way about her.

Neji leans down and presses his lips gently to hers, head tilting to the side. His teeth catch on her lip—she gasps and arches up to meet him. He doesn't close his eyes when he kisses her. She asked him why once, sated and sleepily curious. He answered, softly, that he could never look away from her. For Neji, sex is a visual act just as it is a physical one. He treasures the curve of her neck when she throws her head back, the tremors in her hands as she falls closer to the edge, the part of her lips as she gasps his name.

Even in the afterglow his eyes will follow her, taking in the golden flush of her cheeks and sweat-slicked skin. She never loses the urge to look down, to shrink away. But he always links his fingers with hers and looks her in the eye, and reminds her that she's beautiful.