Tradition and Politics

The Jedi star ship the Negotiator exited hyperspace and passed through the blue nebula of Aetherius... After passing through the nebula the Jedi attempted to make contact with the clone security force at least to find some survivors... no response.

"Well it seems the natives were very thorough in their attack, not a single clone survived. And they raised the base to the ground." Kenobi said.

"I don't like the idea that we're bringing senator into potentially hostile environment will potentially hostile natives." Anakin said bitterly.

"Anakin you saw the hologram, our troops must have done something to provoke them... I suggest we do not do the same. We don't know the full extent of their abilities."

"General Kenobi, a Naboo cruiser has just exited hyperspace, we're attempting to make contact with them now.

After 30 minutes the Naboo ship exited hyper space of course they crossed the nebula upon their exit. The planet was indeed beautiful, blue oceans and thriving green lands could be seen even if they were in space.

Padmé then notices the Jedi cruiser above them. "Senator I just received word from the Jedi, they want us to continue on to the planet's surface they'll be waiting for us there."

"Very good. pilot, bring us in."

"Yes ma'am."

The pilot nodded and took the ship into the planet's atmosphere. As they descended Senator Amidala caught glimpse of a city that rested upon the snowy terrain. From the bird's eye view she could see the cities inhabitants stop what they were doing and look at the ship, some were terrified, and some were amazed.

The pilot put much care into landing the ship, the pilot was young barely into his 20s, this was probably his first mission, what he did here would reflect upon not only him but the entire Naboo guard. So, with great care, he put the shuttle down at the landing site were the Jedi were waiting. The boarding ramp hissed open and the Senators Onaconda Farr, Amidala and Admiral Amulius departed the ship.

Jedi, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano along with a few clone troopers bowed to the senators.

"It's a pleasure to work with you again, Senators Amidala, and Onaconda Farr." Obi Wan said.

"Likewise, master Kenobi." Farr replied, before taking a look at the clone outpost. "Is this where the clones were said to be killed?"

"Yes, we've already done a perimeter check, it's safe."

"Good, let's hope we can make peace with the Nords."


As they exchanged greetings with each other, the sound of galloping caught their attention. They turned to see a strange quadrupedal beast running toward them.

"What is that?" Anakin asked.

Obi Wan took out a pair of binoculars and looked into them to see what looked like some kind of mount.

"It looks like a Fathier but smaller." the older Jedi took another look and saw there was a man riding the creature. "There's someone riding it, he must be a native." Obi Wan tossed Anakin the binoculars who looked into them.

"Yeah and he looks like he's looking for trouble." Anakin went for his lightsaber.

"Anakin no, let's provoke him and his people like our troops must've done" Obi Wan warned.

"Master our duty is to protect the senators."

"And it is also to make peace with these people, not to make things worse."

Anakin reluctantly took hi hand of the lightsaber hilt and let the rider get closer and closer and closer until he stops with his spear a few inches away from the bridge of Obi Wan's nose. "Who are you? From your dress you are warriors? Speak, why should I not run you through right now?!" The rider demanded.

Obi Wan held his hands up to show he wasn't a threat. "We mean you no harm my friend, we are here on a diplomatic mission. It's very important that we see your king."

"Then you're a fool to land your... "He paused, taking a look at their strange ships. "...Ships in Eastmarch, the king resides in the city of Solitude in the region of Haafingar to the far northwest coast..." He hands them a map of Skyrim and Obi-Wan takes it and hands it to Anakin. "My advice while traveling, avoid the bandits and giants." The rider clicked his tongue and rode east to his camp.

"Well we're back where we started." Obi-Wan said.

"At least we know where to go, See the creature that looks like a Lothal wolf... I'm betting that's the capital." Anakin said.

"It's our best bet." Padmé added.

"I agree, let's get out of this cold." Farr said

And with that the contingent of Jedi, clones, and Senators returned to their ships and plotted a course for Haafingar

-On the Border of Haafingar-

A small camp was lit and two Haafingar guards stood on watch. The two were posted on a nearby hill overlooking the small town of Dragon's Bridge, it used to be a Forsworn Ambush Camp but when Uhtred rose to the throne he had all unmarked location in Haafingar guarded by 2-10 guards who were professionally trained.

"Oi, Leiknir have you heard. Rumor has it the mighty Warlord Kjartan attacked some encampments belonging to strange warriors." A guard said.

"Stranger than your weird obsession with Argonian women." The guard known as Leiknir replied mockingly. His companion stuttered to find the words to reply but suddenly they felt the winds pick up, blow the crimson cloth. The two Nords turned to see two strange creatures fly over them, one of them looked like a large arrow head and the other looked like a bird with wings that couldn't flap. The creatures landed somewhere near Dragon's Bridge.

"By the gods, what are those things!" Leiknir exclaimed, practically shaking and shitting in his armor.

"Creatures from the depths of Oblivion!" The other guard exclaimed


Solitude, 20th of Morning Star

The city of Solitude was lively and beautiful this day, (oh sorry) today is a challenge day. It was on this day every 5 years, if there was a High King, all the Jarls from every hold had the right to challenge the King for the throne. Today would be Uhtred's first challenge day, the challenges would take place near the main gate on the Executioner's Platform where Uhtred would fight the challengers if they decided to challenge him.

But the feasting and drinking that would take place afterwards would be one to remember many people gathered from all across Skyrim to see most of them Nords eager to see whether or not their King will prove himself fit to lead. And some of them Imperial, Breton, Orc, Elf or Argonian.

"So a giant, an orc and an elf." Elgrim said

"What kind of elf?"

"Does it matter?" Elgrim shot back.

Sihtric swiftly replied, "Well, yes honestly, if it were an Altmer, I would presume tall, snobby probably magically gifted, if it were a Bosmer, I'd think short—

"Ok, ok I get it." There was a brief lull in the conversation.

"Well, which is it?" Sihtric asked chuckling but still genuinely curious.

"I don't know, now that I think about it, it doesn't really make sense." Elgrim replied as he waltz down to the main gate spinning his sword cheerfully. The two Nords were charged with overseeing the preparations being Uhtred's most trusted warriors they saw to it.

"Have you ever seen a High King's challenge day Sihtric?"

"No never, this will be the first one I see, have you?" Sihtric asked tossing his axe up in his left hand and then catching it and repeating the action again.

"No, all I knew was the Feast of the Dead." Elgrim stopped spinning his sword and sheathed it. Just as they approached approached the main gate they caught sight of the strangest thing


The company of Jedi, clones and senators had left their ships and began their journey to the city of Solitude.

As they passed statue of a woman Senator Farr looked at the statue in awe, "That must be one of their deities."

"I'd focus more on getting to this capital, Senator and less on their nonsense." Amulius said much the Rodian's dismay.

"What crawled into him and died?" Ahsoka muttered.

"Himself," Anakin added.

It didn't take long before the company reached Solitude and already they were in awe at the architecture of the docks and the city walls was simply magnificent. The red banners bore the image of a wolf as well as the shields and armor of the guards. The shields were large iron shields about 80-90 cm, the armor was steel plated.

As they approached the gates,Ahsoka got a strange feeling, an overwhelming feeling like nothing she felt before, she knew Anakin and Obi Wan felt it to. "Masters, I know you've both felt how strong the force is on this planet, ever since we landed."

"We have." Obi Wan replied

"Are we not gonna talk about it?"

"The force is very strong on this planet but the force here in this city is abnormally strong."

"I've felt it too, it's unlike anything I've ever sensed." Anakin added.

They were halted by the gate guards, "What business do Nords, Imperials, Argonians and…" The guard stopped when he laid his gaze on Ahsoka. "Whatever she is, have in Solitude?"

Obi-Wan stepped up, "We are not of your world, we are diplomates of the Galactic Republic on a diplomatic mission, we are here to see your king."

"The High King prepares for the challengers in the Blue Palace, no one is allowed into the palace. If you wish to see the king, you'll have to wait until the challenges are over."

One of the guards took a look at Senator Farr, he looked strange for an Argonian, he had a more and very slender snout, pointed ears and twin saucer- like eyes, whatever the things on his forehead were. "You there, Argonian, from which part of Black Marsh do you hail from?" He asked

The Rodian senator looked at the guard confused. "I beg your pardon sir, but I am a Rodian of the planet Rodia."

"Did not ask that, which part of-" He stopped when he heard the sound of approaching hoof steps, looking past the strange group he saw a man, human /in appearance but you'd be a fool to think he was full Nord. He had horse like ears long black curly hair, he had the body of a man from the abdomen up to the head but the rest of his body was that of a horse. He wore a chest plate that protected his chest leaving his abdomen exposed, the only protection being a red leather undershirt

and horse half, heavy cavalry pauldrons on his shoulders and braces on his arms.

"Fiske, Tekil, what's going on?" The centaur asked.

"Commander Snowflame, this company wishes to see the king. They say their on a diplomatic mission." Fiske answered.

Snowflame removed his imperial helmet. "Then why hold them up, open the gates!"

"Commander, the King prepares for the Jarls of Skyrim, he must not be disturbed." Tekil informed as the gates of Solitude began to open.

"Aye, and the Jarls don't want to arrive at this gate only to find strangers in front of them, so stand aside."

Tekil scoffed and reluctantly stepped aside while muttering under his breath, "Centaurs!" Snowflame motioned for the Galactic Republic diplomats to enter the city with a wave of his hand and as they passed the guards, he began walking his hoofs making slight clicking sounds.

"You are strange visitors, I can tell this is your first time in Solitude." said Snowflame.

"Yes, we thank you for the help at the gate." Obi-Wan said.

"Pay no attention to Tekil, he's one of those Skyrim for the Nords type… From what part of Tamriel do you hail?"

"My friend, we are not from your world, we are Jedi knights assigned to escort these three to your king." Obi-Wan said gesturing toward Padme, Farr and Amulius.

"What do you mean 'not from your world', surely you hail from either High Rock or Cyrodiil and the Argonian from Black Marsh."

"No, we come from the planet Coruscant, we are diplomats of the Galactic Republic." Farr said.

"I've never heard of another world called Coruscant, nor of this Galactic Republic."

"Oi Snowflame, may I ask as to why you're in Solitude on Challenge Day?" asked a voice that Snowflame was all to familiar with, he turned to see two Nord approaching him.

"Elgrim, Sihtric.. You know I'd never miss this day for the world. Is Uhtred still preparing."

"Well it's either that or he's plowing the Queen."

"Ah, while we prepare the city for him and his challengers…" the party of Nords and Centaur share a chuckle before they hear a yell.

"I told you idiots I'm not here to spy! I'm just a simple merchants here to sell my wares."

The Republic diplomats turned to see a group of guards harassing a man with dark greenish skin, reddish hair and eyes. He was by a cart filled with food, weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry, all the simple things merchants sell.

"By the gods, does he never grow tired of harassing all the elven merchants who travel here." Elgrim sighed.

"Apparently not." Sihtric added. "So, who's turn is it to stop him this time?"

"I believe one of your friends has decided to take him on, Snowflame." Elgrim pointed out as Ahsoka approached the guards.

"Blast it Ahsoka." Anakin muttered.

"Um.. Lady if she is your servant I suggest you invest in a new one." Elgrim said approaching Padme. The young and beautiful Senator looked at the the Nord confused, "Why?"

"Because once someone gets on Sigelac's nerves there is always blood."

Sigelac shoved the Dumner merchant to the ground, "You don't belong here elf, go back to that ash ridden land you call home!" To add insult to injury the Nord knocked down the merchants goods breaking a few pots and soiling a few foods.

"Hey, that's enough." Ahsoka said.

Sigelac and his group turned to and orange skinned female with white markings and white horns and blue stripes. The group of Nords looked at her incredulously. "What in the name of Oblivion is she?!" Sigelac screamed mentally, he had scene many creatures on Tamriel. Giants, Trolls, Hagravens, you name the many creatures on this continent, he's seen it but this child was something completely new. Shrugging off his shock, Sigelac looked at Ahsoka with a fierce frown.

"Stay out of my business child, this is guard's business only, go back to your mother."

Ahsoka continued to look at the guard with a scowl which he took as a challenging look, well in Skyrim if you're man enough to challenge a warrior then you're man enough to fight and die. Sigelac drew his sword. "Well boys, I think this child what's to test her mettle against a son of Skyrim, shall I indulge her?"

"Oi Sigelac, if you want to explain to the King why any blood but his or the challenger's blood was split this day or explain why he owes these diplomats a new servant, then go ahead and kill away." Elgrim said mockingly.

Sigelac scowled at him, if Elgrim and Sihtric weren't in the Hearthguard… "They are diplomats, why weren't we informed of this?"

"That's for the king to know and for you to not bother." Snowflame said.

Sigelac growled and sheathed his sword, and returned his gaze to Ahsoka, "You're lucky this time child, next time… you won't be." he said, Ahoska wasn't phased at all, she's fought worse than him. As Sigelac and his goons left for the tavern, Ahsoka went for the dark green skinned man.

"Are you alright, sir?" She asked offering a hand, the man took it and she helped him. "Thank you, child, tch, Nords!" He growled under his breath, "Even with the Ulfric gone, his influence is still strong!"

"Ulfric?" Obi wan asked as he and Anakin approached, Anakin with a disapproving look on his face aimed at Ahsoka.

"Ahsoka, we're here to make peace with the locals, not stir up trouble with them."

"But master I couldn't just stand by and watch them harass this man."

"I know you meant well, but we don't know the laws of these lands, what you did could've cost us this mission."

"Well with our morals aside, do you know what they wanted from you?" Kenobi asked.

"Since when do the Nords need and excuse to bully Elves, My name is Soridil."

"Why would guards bully the people they're supposed to protect?"

"Some Nords aren't too keen on outsiders such Elves, Argonians and Khajiits in their homeland,they don't harass Bretons, Imperials and Redguards as much as us but that doesn't mean they don't trust them."

"What is an Elf?" Senator Farr approached.

"We my have a human like appearance but the pointy ears help us stand out." Soridil explained

"Are there more Elves?"

"Once there were many… now there are only the Bosmer, Altmer, Dunmer and Orsimer."

"Fascinating, can explain these Elves, please?"

"You really are an outsider, The Bosmer are what the humans call the wood elves, shorter than the average Nord. They inhabit the Province of Valenwood to the South-west. To the west of Valenwood is the archipelago province of the Summerset Isles home to the Altmer or High Elves. To the east of here is High Rock, mostly ruled by the Bretons, the Orsimer or Orcs occupy a city in High Rock called Orsinium. In the northeastern corner of Tamriel is my homeland of Morrowind, ruled by my people the Dunmer or Dark Elves." Soridil finished.

"I'd like to know more about these lands, what is Tamriel?" Obi Wan asked.

"Tamriel is the continent, home to many races but only 5 have shaped it into what it is now. Orcs, Elves, Humans, Khajiits and Argonians."

Just then a horn was sounded causing everyone within the town square to turn to see a guard blowing said horn that was tipped with the carving of a head of a wolf on it.

"Send for the King" Elgrim said, Sihtric immediately dashed off for the Blue Palace. "Open the gate!"

The rusted gate groaned and creaked as it slowly lifted, as it opened the Republic diplomats were shaped at the sight as 8 banners carried by eight warriors in different armor, they must be the soldiers of these so called Jarls they've been hearing about. One bannerman carried a banner with the image of a stag on it and was wearing some type of chained armor with square plates with the same stag image on the chest. Another banner man carried a banner with a horse the bannerman had a different type of armor one that was made to be more reminiscent of a horse.

(For the guard armor I used the guard armor replacer or GAR as I hear some people call.)

More banners came in and in different colors with different symbols. Beside each bannerman an individual some man or woman in a royal outfit, ages ranging from late 40s to twilight years.

"Who are they?" Obi Wan asked.

"They are the Jarls of Skyrim, Balgruuf the Greater, Jarl of Whiterun, Ragnar the Bold, Jarl of Windhelm, Jarl Siddgeir of Falkreath, Jarl Skald the Elder of Dawnstar."

"That old goat is going to outlive all of Skyrim at this point." Snowflame joked.

"Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone of Morthal," Elgrim continued after a light chuckle from the centaur's joke. "Jarl Laila Law-giver of Riften and Jarl Korir of Winterhold."

"We're missing one… Where is Jarl Ulfar?" Snowflame asked.

"I think it's best that he's not here, wouldn't want a brawl."

"Excuse me, my friend, but do you mind telling us why they are here? Obi Wan asked.

"Today is challenge day, outsiders." Elgrim answered.

"What's challenge day?" Ahsoka asked.

"Every five years on the day the new High King was crowned the Jarls of Skyrim gather together here in Solitude or whichever city the High King resides and challenge him for the throne or put forth their best warrior to challenge him. Challenge day is more of a test for the High King, to see if he is still fit to lead us."Elgrim explained.

"So when said Jarl challenges the king for how long will they fight?" Farr asked.

"Until one yields or is killed by the other… and Nords don't yield easily… The Jarl who defeats the King will take his place."

"Is this how Skyrim picks it's ruler?"

"It's one way. Should the King die with no heir then the Moot decides who should rule."

"What or who is the Moot?"

"The Moot is when a gathering of Jarls to elect the next High King in the event where the king dies without an heir to his throne."

"Then what is the point of challenge day if you already have a system that will decide the next ruler."

"Challenge day is more of a test of the current ruler to see if he is still fit to lead." Elgrim finished.

"Very interesting." Farr said.

"Master, these Nords do look very primitive and from the conversation you had with that dark elf, it means the Nords aren't the only ones on this planet." Anakin whispered.

"Yes it seems bringing these people into the Republic will be difficult." Obi Wan replied.

"How so, Master Kenobi?" Padme asked overhearing their conversation.

"Well for one the Nords aren't the only ones on this planet, there are other races which means they have their own leaders."

There was a sounding of a horn causing everyone to direct their attention to the source, from there they saw a group of thirteen men and a woman carrying a bundle in her arms, marching towards them.

The guards wore different armor than the rest of the guards, obviously more expensive they wore steel plated armor with the image of a wolf on the chestplate, wolf shaped helmets, they carried a kite shields with the image of a large wolves painted on the faces, they also carried spears, the only guard that wasn't armed was drummer who banged on a drum two times and the other guards banged the spears on their shield and shouted "AHOU!" while other Nords who unarmed clapped their hands.

In the middle of them was a man completely shirtless wearing nothing but a schenti made of wolf fur, bracers and greaves, he had a muscular build and body littered with a few small cuts, but two large gashes on his abdomen, ceremonial red paintings on his body, he had long black hair, a scar on his right eye and a tattoo on his left eye.

In his right hand he carried a sword and in his left a shield with the image of two wolves chasing the sun and moons painted over the face. The last man walking in the group wore a yellow robe and carried a helmet had the top half of a werewolf's head nailed into it, the helmet was made from steel which covered the entire head and neck, with slits for the eyes and mouth. A large curved projection protected the nape of the neck.

"That must be their king…" Obi Wan.

"He looks awfully young for a king, how can we be sure that's not his son?" Anakin stated

"Oh no, the old man is right. That is our king, Uhtred Steel-arm."

"Steel-arm?" Ashoka questioned.

"Nords give each other nicknames to those who do something significant or prove themselves in battle or sometimes just to tease and insult each other." Soridil said.

"And how'd he earn that name?"

"I don't know, ask a Nord."

"What about the man in the robes?"

"Rorlund, high priest of the Divines."

"And I'm assuming that the woman is the Queen." Anakin said.

"What gave it away." Elgrim said sarcastically earning a frown from the Chosen One, but he smirked and replied, "The baby she's carrying in her arms?"

"Their son."

Uhtred and his guard marched into the town square where the Jarls were waiting. Uhtred and Rorlund stepped on to the executioners platform. The priest addressing the crowd, both human, elf and beast alike. "People of Skyrim, I Rorlund son of Vipjorg, high priest of the Nine Divines, give to you, High King Uhtred, the Dragonborn of Skyrim!" Rorlund said pridefully.

Uhtred stepped forward beating his sword against his shield several times before thrusting it into the air. "AHOU! AHOU! AHOU!" the Solitude guards chanted.

"Victory in the old Nord way comes by yielding or death. If any Jarl wishes to him or herself forward and challenge the King or put forth their best warrior, I now offer a path to the throne."

The first of the Holds was Falkreath whose Jarl shouted "Járnviður!" His men banged on their wooden kite shields and repeated the chant. "Falkreath, will not challenge today." Jarl Siddgeir announced.

Laila -Law Giver stepped, her guard banging their shields and shouting out, "hauststríðsmenn!" She bowed her head and announced, "The Rift, will not challenge today."

Ragnar tapped his battle axe on the stone ground, his men banging their shields, Ragnar shouted out, "Járn úr ís!" His men shouted in response and Ragnar announced "Eastmarch will not challenge today."

Uhtred smiled and placed his sword on the left side of his chest. "Is there a single Jarl, who wishes to challenge for the throne." Rorlund asked, none of the other Jarls stepped up or put forth their best warrior, but their were only seven Jarls here in Solitude.

There was a loud clanging of metal coming from the gate and the ferocious chanting, "Rus! Rus! Rus! The people turned to see marching into Solitude were 10 men dressed in dwarven plated armor,with dwarven chainmail, green tunics underneath, a horned spangled helm, dwarven forged sword and heater shields. The warriors had blood on the armor, shield and helmets.

"Who are they?" Ahsoka asked Snowflame. The centaur grimaced at the sight of these warriors.

"They are from the mountainous region of the Reach, and judging from the blood on their armor, they had an encounter with the Forsworn."

"And what about the man leading them?" Kenobi asked gesturing to the shirtless man in his with green ceremonial painting painted all over his hulking body which embodied intimidation, he had long brown hair with a few braids that spilled from the ram skull helmet he was wearing, he also carried an ebony warhammer . The Reach guards joined the crowd of guards while their Jarl made his way upto the executioners platform, his men still chanting and banging on their shields, until he and Uhtred were mere few feet away from each other. The man removed the Ram skull revealing a man in his mid 30s with claw marks across his face, a mighty beard with a few braids.

"Ulfar, you are late." Rorlund said disapprovingly.

"Unfortunately the Forsworn have grown bolder and my bannerman was killed… But he is in Sovngarde now… But on to the matter at hand."

Ulfar turned and addressed the crowd, "We have watched… and listened from the mountains!" He said with loud pride, "We've watched with disgust… as our lands are further tainted by filthy Elves! Who forbid us from worshipping our god! And now you want to hand the nation over to this boy… Who betrays us to the Empire, who continues to trade our god for peace, who agrees to a pact with the Thalmor signed by an emperor in a foreign land!" Ulfar said with further pride and disdain for Elves and the White Gold Concordat, much Ulfric in him there is. Uhtred struggled to keep his temper and composure in check.

"Are we to be beholden to such a pact, no! A thousand times no!" A few Nords made their support of Ulfar known with shouts and jeers like, "Skyrim is for the Nords!"

"A pox on the Empire!"

"Death to Empire!"

"Well that was inspiring." Anakin muttered.

"There seems to be political strife in this country. And someone of the Nords here seem to be in favor Ulfar." Obi Wan noted.

"If he wins we might have trouble bringing them into the Republic."

Ulfar then turned to Uhtred, "I, Ulfar Ulfricson… Jarl of Markarth and rightful Jarl of Windhelm…" Before he could get another word in, Uhtred wasted no time in responding, "I accept your challenge, Ulfar." he said, cordially curt.

Ulfar grinned, smug and confident that he'd be victorious. "Glory to Talos."

Drummers began to beat on their instruments in preparation for the clashing of steel and the potential cutting of flesh and breaking of bone. Rorlund approached Uhtred and put on his wolf shaped helmet and then stepped from the executioners platform, Ulfar then donned his ram skull helmet.

"Let the challenge begin!" Rorlund proclaimed.

The crowd began shouting and cheering for the man they held support for.

The combatants approached each other, Ulfar made the first move swinging his warhammer, Uhtred raised his shield and blocked it, Ulfar than raised the hammer overhead and brought it downward, Uhtred swiftly brought his sword up and when the hammer came down he used Dovah Luv to direct the hammer to the ground, he then bashed the rim of the shield into Ulfar's helmet causing him to stagger.

Angered Ulfar swung his hammer again only for his younger opponent to dodge but Ulfar brought his hammer back around and thrusted it at Uhtred's shield and began pushing the young king back. Uhtred quickly parried but Ulfar came back around with a mighty swing knocking Uhtred to the ground. Serana flinched at the sight of her husband being knocked down, he may have been the greatest warrior in Skyrim but he wasn't invincible.

Uhtred quickly got up, he swung his sword at Ulfar's throat but the son of Ulfric dodged only for Uhtred jump up and kick him in the chest, Ulfar staggers back but quickly raises his warhammer and brings it down, Uhtred again uses his sword to direct it to ground, Ulfar then swung the spike head of the hammer but Uhtred's lycanthropic reflexes allowed him to swiftly drop to one knee and spin around just Ulfar swung again but he then brought the warhammer back swung it into Uhtred's shield. Not anticipating it, Uhtred was unable to prepare for it and was sent spiraling to the ground.

Anakin flinched and muttered, "Oh, that had to hurt."

"I think I heard one of his bones crack." Ahsoka added.

The crowd continued to shout out jeers and cheer, most cheering for Uhtred and some Nords cheering for Ulfar.

Uhtred quickly got back up but this time he was disarmed. "Where is your emperor now!?" Ulfar thrusted the butt-spike of his warhammer but Uhtred caught it and flip over kicking Ulfar's helmet in the process. Further angered Ulfar took a massive swing only for Uhtred to duck and punch him in the rib cage. Uhtred then right hooked him in the face and then left hooked, Ulfar staggered all the way down to his knees.

There was a collective cheer and praise from Uhtred's supporters, Uhtred glanced down to his wife and son smiling at him, he smiled back revealing his a werewolf canines, the fighting had drawn out a small portion of the beast inside him, little Kodlak reached out for his father but this little moment is cut short when Uhtred notices Serana's smile drop to one of worry.

Uhtred turns just in time to dodge another swing but Ulfar brought hammer back around and managed to restrain Uhtred in a bear hug and began crushing him with his strength.

Grunting as he tightened his grip Ulfar began to head butt the king violently while shouting, "No powers!" He head butted him again, "No magic." Again he head butted the Dragonborn, "No dragon shouts, just a boy not fit to be a king!"

"We've got to stop this!" Ahsoka said reaching for her lightsaber only to be stopped by her master grabbing her hand.

"We can't do anything, Ahsoka!"

"But master, he's gonna kill him."

"This is their tradition, interfering with it will have grave consequences, young one and that will jeopardize our mission."

"I hate to say but we'll have to stand by and watch." Farr said.

Uhtred was put in a daze from the repeated impacts. From how his head was flung back he stared at his family with blurry eyes. His son's smile fading and turning into a frown as tears began to form in his eyes, Uhtred roared summoning more strength to break free from the bear hung

Uhtred punched Ulfar multiple times in the face eventually cracking the ram skull. It dropped to the ground revealing blood coming from a wound on a stunned Ulfar's forehead.

Ulfar then stabbed Uhtred in the chest with butt-spike of his warhammer. The people screamed in horror, none for horrified than Serana gasped bringing a hand to cover her lips ,tears in her eyes.

Grasping his end of the staff, refusing to yield, Uhtred roared "I am Uhtred Ragnarson, Dragonborn of Skyrim!"

"You can do this brother!" Ragnar encouraged.

"Come on Uhtred!" Yngvar shouted.

Uhtred pulled the butt-spike out of his chest. When Ulfar tried to do it again this time with a fatal blow but Uhtred grabbed it and planted his right foreleg on it, bring Ulfar to one knee Uhtred quickly kicked him in the chest in his left foot before swiftly over to the staggering Jarl and wrapping his leg around Ulfar's head and put him in a headlock, and dragged him over to the edge of the platform.

"Yield! Don't make me kill you!"

"I would rather die!" Ulfar declared.

Most of the crowd began to chant loudly and boldly for Uhtred as he wrapped his legs tightly around Ulfar's neck in a chokehold, the Hearthguard and all other guards began to bang the shields. Victory for him was near.

"You have fought with honor, now yield! The Reach needs you!" Ulfar looked toward the men who had accompanied him, examining the blood on their armor from their fight with the Forsworn. They marched from Markarth to here with him, in support of him for him to die now would be an insult.

Ulfar tapped Uhtred's leg twice to signal he's yielding the combat to him. Uhtred promptly released Ulfar. He jolted gasping for air as it was sucked into his throat and lungs.

Excluding the Reach guards, the people shouted in euphoria rejoicing in Uhtred's great triumph.

Uhtred raised his hand in victory rising to his feet meeting the grins, clapping, and cheers of his people. He stepped from the executioners platform and approached his wife, his queen, his moon and kissed her passionately regardless of the blood his lips.

Ulfar was assisted by his own soldiers. They threw his massive arms over their shoulders to keep him standing. They walked him away to tend to recover and tend to his injuries.

Rorlund approached Uhtred with his Stalhrim crown and placed it on his head, and announced, "I present to the victor and still High King, Uhtred Ragnarrson." More clapping and cheering made itself known.

Ragnar and Yngvar both tackled their little brother. "You had me worried their baby brother, I thought you for Sovngarde." Yngvar said kissing Uhtred's forehead.

Uhtred and his brothers rose to their feet laughing. Uhtred addressed his people, "I doubt you all came here just see to Nords try and kill each other over a chair." He grabbed a bottle of ale from a servant. "So, drink, feast and make merry till the twin wolves chase the sun and moons from the skies."

A collective cheer erupted from the crowd as servants with platter of food cooked by the finest chefs in Skyrim came pouring out from the kitchens and into the city.

"Well these Nords are lively." Farr said taking a cup of ale.

"A good thing nobody died, too." Padme added.

"Yes but now onto the matter at hand." Obi Wan said.

The Republic diplomats began to approach the young King but were stopped when two guard formed up in front of them. Uhtred noticed this and said, "Let them pass, they mean me no harm." The guards did as they commanded and allowed the diplomats pass.

"I know every man, woman and child in Solitude, but I don't know any of you… The three of look like Nords." Uhtred said gesturing to Obi Wan, Anakin and Padme. He then looked at Farr and Ahsoka. "You are the strangest Argonian I've ever seen and you child, I don't know what you are but your guards look like they could be Imperials…"

"Greets your majesty, I am Obi Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order, with me our my fellow Jedi Anakin Skwalker and his Padwan Ahsoka, along with Senators Onaconda Farr and Padme Amidala and Admiral Amulius."

"Senators, I had no idea the Emperor was sending senators."
"Your majesty" Farr approached. "We are senators of the Galactic Republic we are here to discuss matters relating to attack on the outpost in the northeast."

Uhtred stopped at the mention of that incident. "Your lord sent you."

"Well I guess you could call him a lord."

"What's this about an attack on an outpost?" Serana interjected.

"Ragnar had his men attack an outpost from these people."

Suddenly there was a cry Uhtred and the Republic diplomats looked toward its source and saw a group of 20 men standing over a rope, 10 men of Haarfingar including Elgrim and Sihtric to the left and 10 men from Eastmarch including Yngvar to the right, and in the middle was Ragnar with a cup of ale.

Ragnar addresses the men "Over here, we have the ugly…" he said as he came over the men of Haarfingar earning a collective laugh from the crowd. "... The unwashed… the shit-smelling… the pig-humping… frog-licking… the Elf worshipping… ugly, frog-licking Haarfingarans!" Ragnar finished like a drunk bard.

The men of Haarfingar roared with Nordic pride as the crowd cheered and booed playfully. "Aye, that is who we are!" Elgrim proudly proclaimed while pouring a waterfall of ale down Sihtric's throat.

"They face, in a battle of strength… The pretty… the sweet-smelling… the light of foot…"

"Apple-cheeked!" Yngvar added.

Ragnar nodded, "The apple-cheeked… golden haired boys of Eastmarch and beyond!" Ragnar's men let out a boasting roar as Ragnar walks in over the middle of the rope standing over a painted white section,

"Ragnar, you're a skald, not a warrior!" Uhtred teased his elder brother.

"I have the gift, I really do."

"What are they doing?" A clone trooper asked.

"Ragnar's favorite game. Tug of war, the two sides will pull on the rope until one side gives and is pulled beyond their limit." Serana explained

"Now, you may take the rope." Both sides take up the rope, spitting in their hands and locking their feet to the ground, "C'mon, let's do this!" Elgrim yelled.

"Are you prepared? Is there spit in your hands? Good earth beneath your feet?"

"Doesn't really seem all that fun if you ask me." Said another clone trooper.

"With Ragnar no one wins, get on with it Ragnar!"

"C'mon! Let's do this!" Shouted one of Uhtred's guards.


Both men of Haarfingar and Eastmarch engage in a tug of war, the onlookers shouting encouragement.

"I must say, your majesty you Nords are very lively." Obi Wan noted.

"Look at him, he loves it." Uhtred responded.

"He'd play games everyday if he could." Serana said.

Ragnar yells encouragement as the tug of war continues, "Haarfingar, pull!" He leaned done to his younger brother Yngvar, "Are you a Nord?"



"You never tire of this game."

"If only all wars were fought this way!

"If only." Ahsoka muttered, Uhtred turned his gaze towards for a second as if he wanted to ask a question, what did she by "if only"

The Jarl of Windhelm draws his sword, "Pull, you bastards!" Ragnar swings his sword and cuts the rope so the teams fall. He throws his head back and proclaims, "Ragnar, son of the Wildfist, is the victor! He brings 20 men on their arse while drinking ale!" Ragnar then takes a big gulp of ale.

Uhtred chuckles, "Come to the Blue Palace we will discuss the incident about your men."

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