This is a story I've been formulating on and off since I was at school. It just occurred to me at about 17 'what if I fancied one of my brother's girlfriends?' Hey it's conceivable, and I'm sure it's happened to someone!!! (Unless I'm just twisted!) Please don't be distributing without asking first. But I reckon I'm never going to get around to actually doing anything with it, so I thought I'd adapt it to a Ginny/Hermione fanfic, because there are not enough of them! And just to finally satisfy my weird creative urges. (Although I've recently decided to start posting the original drafts on fictionpress when I actually have some time) There are definitely f/f themes and action in here, so if that sort of thing is not for you, then neither is this fic. Can't say I didn't warn you. It's a huge fic at this stage, and there will be quite a few more chapters to come, because I can't say anything with one sentence that I could easily say with five, so please read, review, stay tuned and promise you'll wait for me.