Nursing Professor Pompous

By Maia's Pen

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Chapter 1

I hit Gary Oak with my car.

A firm tap upon Misty's shoulder snapped her from her stupefied shock. This firm finger belonged to Officer Jenny, she had just departed Professor Gary Oak's room in the Emergency Ward of the Lumiose City hospital. Misty had been sitting anxiously in the waiting room for over an hour and under strict police orders not to leave.

"Well, Miss Waterflower, you're in luck," Officer Jenny's tone was matter-of-fact, "Professor Oak isn't pressing charges."

Misty inhaled deeply for the first time since realizing that she hadn't backed into an Oak tree, but rather a real Oak person. "Thank you," she really meant it.

"Don't thank me, thank Professor Oak." Officer Jenny raised a scrutinizing eyebrow. "When you backed into him his shoe caught on the curb! The professor lost his balance and banged his head on the pavement, knocking him out cold! He has a broken foot and will be in a cast for the next 6-8 weeks."

"That's so awful! Can I please see him? I would like to apologize and thank him, in person."

"Yes, Miss Waterflower. He's asked me to send you in. Room E-7. Since we've already filled out the accident report and insurance paperwork, I am all done with you."

"Thank you, Officer Jenny. I am SO sorry." Misty bowed her head, shame devouring the relief she had just dared to feel. Misty was ever-so-thankful that the young professor was not suing her or pressing any charges at all. But the guilt festering in her stomach was nearly unbearable. A broken foot! 6-8 weeks in a cast! And she was to blame.

Officer Jenny only nodded. The skeptical look in her eyes communicated that: she could not believe Professor Gary Oak was letting Misty off, scot-free. Misty couldn't blame her, neither could she.

What a day!

Misty blinked back tears as she made her way toward room E-7. What were the chances of backing into a person today – let alone Ash Ketchum's childhood rival, Gary Oak! What would Ash's reaction be when he found out? Her best friend teased her for making any odd clumsy mistake, but he was going to roast her 'Flareon-style' for this one! Since Gary was indeed okay, Ash was going to find extreme hilarity in the situation. But Misty would have her mallet ready to shut him up! Ash aside, what was everyone else going to think of her? That she was a menace, an airhead, an irresponsible danger to society?! What was Gary going to say when she walked into his hospital room? Misty grimaced because, deep-down, she knew that Gary's opinion was the only one that actually mattered.

Misty had not even seen Gary Oak in person for several years. Running the Gym full-time was so demanding that Misty rarely left Cerulean City these days. She had only heard through the gossip chain (AKA Professor Samuel Oak Senior to Delia Ketchum to Ash to her) that Gary was now a hotshot Pokemon researcher.

Allegedly he had obtained three doctoral graduate degrees before most of his peers completed an undergraduate one, blah blah blah. Or some other such unbelievable brainiac feat. Whether or not that was entirely accurate, Gary Oak was - at the very least- a Professor of Pokemon. He was obviously a young man of importance. Misty was counting her lucky Staryus that he wasn't having her thrown in jail!

Earlier today Misty had been shopping for Net Balls at the Lumiose Pokeball boutique. The shops in Kanto did not sell Net Balls in bulk, therefore, once or twice a year she would take a boat to the Kalos region to stock up.

Misty had rented a small hatchback and filled it to the roof with boxes and boxes of Net Balls. She had been - admittedly - overzealous upon seeing the sale prices and bought several more boxes than usual. In fact, she had purchased so many boxes that she could barely cram them all into the vehicle. Her rear windshield view was obstructed.

Misty was a cautious driver and she distinctly remembered glancing into her side mirrors before shifting into reverse. At that moment she swore that the parking lot was clear! But . . . then there was a thud. She had backed into something - bumping it hard - and immediately slammed on her breaks! Misty leapt into action, rushing out of the car and praying that she had not hit a Pokemon! It never occurred to her that there would be a human behind her. And yet, there he was: a brunette man laying face down on the pavement, completely unconscious.

Fast forward through a call to emergency services, the arrival of the ambulance, police, insurance agent and, well, here she was now. Walking toward room E-7 . . .to face the guy she almost ran over.

Misty did not even recognize that she had hit Gary. It was not until Officer Jenny arrived on the scene that she identified Misty's "victim" as the young professor.

Misty wondered if Gary Oak would even remember her from their childhood? A part of her hoped not. Gary was an unbearably obnoxious child. Each time his path crossed her, Brock and Ash it ended in a fight (and usually tears of frustration from Ash). Gary incessantly flaunted his superior everything in front of his rival.

Misty would rather risk roasting marshmallows on a wild Magmar than be in the company of young Gary Oak!

In addition to behaving like a pompous, spoiled jerk, Gary Oak looked like one too.

Childhood Gary had these infuriatingly cute dimples that surfaced on his checks when he boasted of his latest Pokemon catch. And the way he would haughtily frisk his fingers through those long spikes of hair, bragging away, UGH! It was annoying how his hair looked perfectly soft and silky like Eevee fur. BLAH! And his completion?! Misty didn't even want to get started listing her complains about his skin. How was his skin always clear and tan?! TAN! Even when they would cross paths in a blizzard! The little punk never seemed to get a zit! And Misty definitely did NOT want to even think about his eyes. Those aggravating twin sapphires . . . they flared with such ego, such challenge. Fangirls swarmed around Gary constantly, like pathetic starving Fearow's, desperate for him to just glance their way with those confident eyes. How the hell could a human being even have eyes bluer than the lake Misty trained her Pokemon in? Blah! Every time she was around him her face was hot, her cheeks flushed . . . burning as though she HAD been making smores via Magmar. UGH!

And THAT is how angry young Gary Oak made young Misty Waterflower.

Gary Oak was obviously pathetic back then. But, considering how he was now a three time doctoral graduate and research scientist blah blah blah, then certainly he would be able to handle her accidental bumping into him maturely now, right?

Misty had no reason to be nervous in facing him. After all, she reminded herself again, you aren't in jail. And if anything he probably owed her an apology for causing a list of childhood frustrations.

Approaching room E-7, Misty quickly checked her reflection in a nearby window. She needed to look like she was a respectable member of society who just had some bad luck with a car. Misty was dressed in a cute sea-foam green romper that nearly matched the shade of her eyes. It was a modest, though stylish outfit with a high neck and length that fell just past her knees. Misty had outgrown her teenage 'tom boy' body and developed a curvy figure to match her older sisters. Years of daily swim-training had made Misty physically fit. Growing up living in swimsuits and mid-drift tops, Misty was never shy about her figure, but she rarely flaunted it as outwardly as her sisters did. Unless of course she were flaunting her bare skin for her ex-boyfriend, Chaz.

Chaz. Ugh. Why did she have to think about him now?

Not unlike young Gary Oak, Chaz could often behave like an ego-maniac jerk. Their long-distance, multi-year relationship ended a few months ago and it did not end well. Chaz had left Misty sour to even the idea of dating.

Chaz was a rising star on the battle scene, he had won the Indigo League Conference last year. He always traded, caught and fought with the latest and greatest Pokemon. Misty never had the chance to gain attachments to any of his monsters because she rarely saw him battle with the same one more than a few times. Later in their relationship, Misty finally learned why. Chaz abandoned — gave up on — nearly all of his Pokemon. If a Pokemon wasn't a superior, flawless battle partner out of gate: then it was GOODBYE. Chaz's expectations were entirely unrealistic. The guy was over-the-top competitive and crushed his Pokemons spirits under the pressure to WIN. His Pokemon lived in constant fear that they would end up discarded and homeless after every lost fight! What Chaz called "motivation" Misty called "cruelty". Misty had been initially charmed by Chaz's good looks and personality. The young man was loaded with street-smarts and wise-cracks that kept her entertained and on her toes. And Chaz was certainly romantic . . . a wonderful kisser, she recalled bitterly, and his skillset in the bedroom was . . .wow! BUT! Chaz's treatment toward his Pokemon . . .

That was a deal-breaker for Misty.

As though trying to pull Chaz from her thoughts, Misty pulled her long ginger locks into the neatest Ponyta-tail she could. She now looked presentable. Certainly not like a person who would purposely try to commit vehicular manslaughter!

She focused on door E-7 and on the apology she needed to convey.

Misty raised her fist and knocked on the door.

To her great surprise Professor Oak senior, Samuel Oak, was standing on the other side, beckoning her to come in. The senior Oak looked the same as he always had, even clad in his traditional white lab coat.

"Misty! Fancy bumping into you like this, pun intended! C'mon in!" The senior Oak winked and hugged her with such gusto that he actually lifted her off her feet.

"Awkward, gramps," came another voice from within the room. "That girl RAN. ME. OVER."

And there was the younger one: Professor Gary Oak.

Misty was struck with an instant mega-watt bolt of annoyance! Gary looked like a hunky actor on the set of a TV hospital drama! The man was too absurdly attractive to have just endured being hit by a car and hospitalized. How dare he! Couldn't at least one hair be out of place?! THE NERVE!

The young professor lay in a hospital bed, dressed in a long-sleeved green checkered gown. His right foot was casted and elevated by a sling. Misty wasn't sure what part of his foot had been broken, but judging from the size of the cast, it must have been a very bad break. The plaster encased his entire foot and shin. His big man toes were sticking out from the end of the cast. Misty noted that Gary's toes were neat-looking. He probably enjoyed more regular pedicures than she did! Gary's lower lip was swollen and a bandage was wrapped around his right hand. His hair was still a wild array of cinnamon spikes. His completion was still tan and flawless. His eyes remained that sinfully cynical blue. And that blue sight fixed upon Misty like an Ice Beam attack — instantly freezing her in place.

Gary Oak had obviously matured physically since childhood. But that cavalier, unforgiving attitude was the same. He narrowed his eyes into accusing silts, glaring at her as though she had just been caught stealing his starter Pokemon.

"I am so very sorry, Professor Oak, sorry to both of you," Misty quickly closed the distance between herself and the younger Oak. She gently placed her hand on his non-bandaged one.

Misty's face was burning from double-edged shame. She was sorry that she injured him AND sorry that she was inwardly cursing him for looking good while being injured! She could not will herself to make contact with those cold eyes again. They were so accusing, worse than a Judge's mallet upon her morale.

And so Misty suddenly found herself behaving very 'un-Misty-like' and hung her head, vision downcast to truly showcase her sorrow.

Misty caught a quick glance at Gary's hospital wristband which identified his name and birthdate. Gary was twenty-five, a year younger than her. She noticed something else, too. Just between the wristband and the long-sleeve of his hospital gown was the hint of a tattoo. This tattoo seemed to completely circle his wrist and travel an unknown distance up the length of his arm. Gary's forearm looked . . . strong. Apparently when he'd retired as Ash's rival he'd picked up weight lifting.

"It's just fine, Misty," said the senior Oak, beaming like an Electrode. She couldn't believe how happy he seemed considering the circumstances of their reunion.

Meanwhile Gary shifted uncomfortably, yanking his hand from hers as though her skin were releasing Poison Power. "Yeah, easy for my gramps to say, he's not the one in a cast."

"I am truly so sorry." Misty repeated, daring to glance up at him. "Thank you for not pressing charges."

Gary scoffed: "Thank my gramps. If it were up to me you'd be in jail."

Misty's stomach lurched, she could not have possibly felt any worse. Did Gary have to be so mean?

Take the highroad, Misty, she lectured herself. You did break his foot. Yes, he's an angry asshole, but just be polite and get outta here criminal record free.

She forced an abundance of gratitude into her expression, and looked over at the senior Oak. "Well, just the same, thank you, both of you. If there is anything I can do—"

And the senior Oak cut her off: "Ah! Splendid! Since you offered, there is something!"

"THERE IS?!" Gary and Misty yelped in perfect unison as though their reaction had been rehearsed. Gary lanced her with that Ice Beam stare again, insulted that they could possibly share anything.

"Why, yes!" The senior Oak replied. "The hospital is discharging Gary and he can't be left alone. I mean, what if he falls? Heavens! He could get hurt even worse. I'm leaving for The Safari Zone this evening and the home care nurse isn't available until tomorrow. How considerate of you to stay at home with Gary and care for him until the nurse arrives!"

"DO WHAT?!" Gary and Misty shouted together . . . again.

"Wonderful! Then it's settled. I'll go grab Gary's discharge papers and you can drive him home. Gary promises to be an ideal patient. My grandson is such an easy going guy, much like myself. You'll just have to feed him, give him his medication, maybe bathe him and help him to the potty room, easy-peasy!"

Bathe him?! Potty room?!

"But, Professor Oak, I'm not a nurse!" The protesting words flew from her lips before she could catch them.

"Yeah," Gary was equally alarmed, "She's not qualified to care for me! This girl is dangerous! Gramps, you would leave me alone with my assailant? I'm lucky she didn't break my entire leg!"

"It was an accident, Oak! I have apologized over and over again! But if you don't stop insulting me, I might break your leg for real!"

Oops. Temper.

Misty slapped her hands over her mouth so hard she was certain she'd have bruised lips.

"Gramps! She just threatened me!"

"Ho-ha, Misty, you are a pistol! Ho-ha! She's just kidding, Gary. A cute nurse with a sense of humor. You lucky boy! Almost makes me want a broken foot too!"

Gary huffed loudly, shaking his unruly main of spikes. "Unbelievable," he hissed like Seviper, his Ice Beam stare attempting to slice right through her.

Only this time Misty glared back at him with a visual Flamethrower of her own! During her childhood had she ever thrown such a brutally singeing look at Ash or Brock, the boys would have burst into tears on the spot. But Gary Oak was unflinching. Ice and flame blazed bitterly, unrelenting, until the senior Oak clapped his hands, commanding their attention.

"If I were a gambling man, I'd wager that you kids are gunna get along swimmingly!"

"If you were a gambling man, gramps, then you'd be living in a cardboard box."

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