Insomnia chapter, and please remember, most of these people?

Completely insane, yet functional.

While I am of the personal belief that normal people are, to the last, incredibly boring, they did in fact get to enjoy the benefit of having faith in the world around them to be as it should at all times. The sun rises in the east, sets in the west, the tides go in and out with cycles of the moon, winter is followed by spring, then summer, then fall, once again chased by the fact winter was coming.

So on and so forth.

I am a reincarnated woman from the future reborn into the Darkest family of a fictional universe beloved from my childhood inhabiting the unstable as hell body of the house's likeliest sexiest member seen in generations.

I am not allowed to have faith in anything going the way it should, to do otherwise would be the next best thing to suicide honestly.

On top of that I am painfully aware that I am pretty much a few pawns short of a complete chess set and had my mind more or less sexually assaulted in an attempt to turn me into the worlds most terrifying attack cheerleader...

Hooray me...

So to say I was feeling more than a little unhinged when I stood before the Headmaster's office, staring down the gargoyle statue in such a vacant eyed manner that it would unsettle most adults, would be an understatement of epic proportions.

"Can I please enter?" The gargoyle's eyes swiveled towards me, and strangely enough its visage seemed to soften a bit as it nodded slightly and slid aside allowing me to enter the stairwell which immediately began moving like an escalator.

The stairs stopped before the door leading into the Headmaster's office, and I tentatively raised my fist and knocked on it.

"Come in," I didn't hesitate, I pushed the door open and walked across the room and sat down in the visitors chair without invitation, my eyes glued to the floor the entire time.

I didn't meet the kindly old man's gaze, I couldn't, rather I chewed my lip, played with the hem of my skirt, and, rather unknowingly began hyperventilating.

It was not until the Headmaster was gripping my shoulders and I began wailing into his robes that I realized I was far, far more fucked up than I thought I had been.

"Oh my dear child...what has that foolish boy done to you..."

"I DON'T KNOW!" It wasn't until I realized that my throat hurt that I cottoned on to the fact that I had screamed that in the open at the Headmaster, but rather than getting angry he just rubbed my back gently while taking a knee.

I couldn't help it, I wrapped my arms around his neck and began sobbing, he returned the gesture, and spoke a word into my ear, and I fell asleep.

Albus Dumbledore plucked up Bellatrix Black from the visitors chair and quickly conjured a cot to lay her on in the corner, a moment later Fawkes arrived with a blanket and pillow that he quickly took and placed beneath her head and spread across the young woman.

Letting out a sigh he shook his head slowly as he turned towards his fireplace muttering, "What to do, what to do."

First off, Lord Black, his office, NOW.

Throwing the floo powder into the flames he muttered out the appropriate address and when Arcturus' stately face appeared Albus met his gaze evenly while stating, "Your chosen heiress just had a mental breakdown in my office. I highly suggest you come here at your earliest convenience."

Closing the link and not waiting for a reply was childish Albus would admit, but truthfully anything involving this girl needed to be taken seriously thus conveying pettiness towards his old comrade would serve its purpose.

Smiling slightly he turned towards the slumbering Miss Black and could not but help shaking his head in amusement, if he could keep Tom out of her life she would certainly be a force of positive change in their world.

Long considered the "House Mom" of Slytherin, extending her hand of help to anyone who asked for it, and only ever lashing out when her sisters were threatened, well...

"I already have the Head Girl of your year planned for the headboy..." Perhaps young Mister Lovegood? At the very least Albus knew he listened to Miss Black and he was fairly certain the boy was incapable of being cruel...or, to be fair, making sense of any sort.

Thoughts for another day he mused to himself as his office door was slammed open, pressing a finger to his lips he pointed towards Miss Black's slumbering form before gesturing towards his guest seat.

Arcturus scowled, and Albus had to suppress an admittedly petty surge of amusement as the ancient aristocrat prowled across the room and seated himself.

"What. Happened." Arcturus seethed out.

Albus splayed his hands out in an "You tell me," manner.

"I do not know, she told me she made contact with an old acquaintance of ours, one Tom Riddle, and that he raped her mind, care to elucidate?"

Arcturus was silent for a time before muttering to himself, "Fuck, I knew it was bad but I had not realized it was this bad."

Eventually Arcturus began pacing, and explained everything he had learned about the Pure Blood movement while Albus nodded along with his story. The Genesis of the movement, the recruiting, and the over arching political goal.



And Miss Black's place in it all.

"He want's her," Arcturus seethed out, his fury unrestrained as his dark gaze softened viewing Miss Black tucked away in the corner, swaddled in blankets, breathing lightly the entire time.

"Aye, " Albus agreed in a tired tone, "That he does."

Arcturus took in a deep breath before meeting Albus's gaze evenly, "He. Will. Not. Have. My. Bell. What do you need from me to keep her safe? None of your pussy footing watching, reaction to action idiocy Albus. Who the fuck do I need to kill to keep my little girl safe?!"

This was a turning point to the war, to history itself, Albus Dumbledore stared down Arcturus Black, and eventually nodded.

"I will prepare a list."

Like that, the future was changed.

I woke up feeling groggy, rubbing the sleep sand from my eyes I stood up and stumbled towards the showers and entered one of the booths half dressed. Muttering to myself I threw my remaining clothes over the door and after cleaning up and dressing for the day I stumbled into the common room where Rab was screaming at Rudy. Rudy pulled his arm back to punch his younger brother and without thinking I splayed out my left hand and hit the fucker with a lightning bolt that sent him to the ground twitching.

Awesome, I really had wondered if that would work or not.

Helping Rab up I whispered, "What the hell was all that about?"

Rab then did something I had never anticipated, grabbed the back of my head and kissed me.

It was...


He let me go and stared me in the eyes and grinned widely, "My father was murdered last night."

I grinned in return, and then pulled him into an equally passionate kiss.

My best friend was finally free.

I couldn't wait to tell Barty!