"Alright Bruce do your thing." Nat said

"What thing?" asked Draco clueless to the fact that Bruce could turn into a giant green rage monster

"You have no idea who we are do you?" Clint asked

"Muggles, Granger said you were enhanced, that is about it." He said

The people around them laughed a bit realizing the shock draco was in for

"Stand back kid" Bruce said with a smile as he turn around and started to turn in the the Hulk

"What the Fuck" Draco screamed causing everyone around them to laugh

It was almost immediately after Bruce turned that Thor grabbed Clint, Tony grabbed Natasha and Rodey grabbed Bucky and Steve. The enemy was stunted and stood in place looking at the giant Green monster that just appeared. The Avengers were in place Fighting on the ground and from the sky. The wizards were doing everything they could to throw shield charms to prevent the Avengers from getting hit with an unforgivable. Tony sent out a bunch of mini rockets killing 2 Death eaters and wounding 3 others. Clint was taking death eaters out left and right who were not sure where the arrows were coming from. Thor was having the time of his life mocking the death eaters calling them little humans. Natasha, Bucky and Steve were in hand to hand combat with the death eaters. Dodging curses and returning fire.

"5 minutes fall back." Hermione called to the Avengers

Tony, Rodey and Thor started pulling the others out and the Aurors started arresting down death eaters while the Hulk kept smashing. It seemed that not even a killing curse could take the Hulk down.

"Well that wasn't too bad." Steve said

"No we can definitely hold them off long enough for back up to get here." Nat said reloading her weapons

"Okay 2 minutes then the wizards pull out for Thors attack. Hit them hard we can shock them again like with Bruce. We need to get Bruce to come back so he isn't hurt." Steve said

"We can use the imperius curse in this situation the President won't have an issue with it." Baron said, turning towards Hermione and Harry for approval.

"Me, Harry, draco and Ronw will cast it. His brain is split like a werewolf it will take more to control. We get in close and just compel him to back up." Hermione said

"What is an imperius." Nat asked concerned for Bruce

"Basic version mind control the use of it is a one way ticket to prison." Harry explained

The four of them made their way towards The Hulk and cast the spell compelling The Hulk to start backing up. As he did, the aurors started retreating and more death eaters started to appear.

"Thor now" called Hermione

The God of Thunder took off into the sky and lighting unlike anything any of them had ever seen before started. The ground shook as he rained lightning down on the death eaters and his hammer caused a path of destruction through the sea of death eaters. They released the imperius and The Hulk attacked with the rest of the Avengers for a second wave.