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Chapter 3: The Konoha Academy!

Location: Konoha Streets

The pinkette's first thoughts when he decided to follow the silver haired male was that he was going to lead him to an abandoned alleyway or building and try to kill him, which wasn't good since he tensed up every time the man made even a slight movement. However, it would appear that he was wrong as they were currently walking through the streets of Konoha with plenty of people surrounding them.

'Well he could still do that if he wanted to.' Natsu thought to himself as he turned to his patron who was currently face deep into an orange book and the pinkette could have sworn he was hearing giggles from his direction.

'He surely is acting differently from the guy that tried to attack me yesterday.' Natsu said as he narrowed his eyes at the man beside him.

Kakashi, feeling someone staring at him rather heatedly, looked beside him to see that Natsu was indeed the source of the stares he was feeling.

"What's wrong Natsu? Is there something in your eye?" Kakashi asked, raising an eyebrow at him but Natsu didn't respond and instead turned his attention forward causing the masked man decided to shrug it off and continue reading his book intently.

The story was starting to get real good in more ways than one.

The pinkette then scanned the early morning Konoha. Shops were opening, children were running around the streets, parents were doing shopping or getting to their jobs within the village or some were getting ready to leave if their carriages had anything to say about it.

And like yesterday, there were masked men hidden throughout the village but the pinkette was certain that they weren't going to attack. Though why were they there? Shrugging those thoughts out of his mind, the pinkette and silver haired male continued on walking to their destination.

A few more minutes of walking and the two finally arrived at their destination as Kakashi closed his book and turned to the pinkette.

"Well then Natsu, make sure to have a good day at school, and make sure you don't want you to cause any trouble while you're there." Kakashi said with an eye smile and Natsu merely nodded his head before the silver haired male disappeared after a puff of smoke.

"Okay, I seriously want to learn how to do that!" Natsu said to himself with stars in his eyes before he turned around to look at the giant red building in front of him and sighed.

Looks like it was time to face the music.

Location: Classroom

For the umpteenth time, Naruko Uzumaki-Namikaze sighed as she watched her academy sensei, Iruka Umino, lecture them about some ninja history. While she really liked the scarred teacher who had been an elder brother of sorts to her, it didn't mean she had to enjoy his lessons in which he would constantly speak for hours and hours until it was time for the other lessons.

Since she sat at the back of the class, she decided to look in the window to look at her reflection. She had blonde hair with red streaks in them tied in pigtails. Her clothes consisted of a dark orange jumpsuit which has some black in it. She was also wearing dark orange pants.

Her violet orbs then peered at the rest of her classmates she saw that all of them were either asleep or paying attention to the lesson.

'I can learn all of this and more from both Mom and Dad, why do I even have to stay here?' She sighed to herself and a quick nudge to her side caused her to turn to her good friend, Sasuke Uchiha who raised an eyebrow at her, mouthing the words, 'What's up?' to her.

Naruko merely shook her head at him as she leaned on her hand as she thought about how she managed to befriend the Uchiha.

Since their families were close to one another, their parents had made sure that they would be the best of friends and since they knew each other since young, Naruko had managed to befriend the male Uchiha and his sister, Izumi. It was an absolute trouble to say the least as the boy acted arrogantly, but thanks to his sister, she managed to find a way through.

"Now it's time for a pop quiz!" Iruka said loudly causing the entire class to groan.

'I wish something interesting would happen!' she screamed in her head as the papers were being passed around.

Unknown to the girl, her wish was about to be granted at a record time.

With Natsu

Location: Konoha Academy

The Dragon Slayer had finally arrived at his supposed designated classroom after dealing with the owner of the school and whatnot, and right now the only thing blocking him from entering was the door.

The sliding door would reveal the class in which he was about to stay for the next few years. Years of absolute torture. He had half a mind to go to the Hokage's office and tell him about his true strength with his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode AND his Fire Dragon King's Mode, both of which has the capability of completely destroying everything in its path. Though he did recall Izumi telling him that normal kids his age go to the Academy to learn ways to be a ninja.

Though there were two problems with that. Firstly, he was a mage and had no chance of becoming a ninja. Secondly, he was far from normal, he died as a child only to be brought back as a demon and was raised by a dragon and the only way to earn money is by defeating monsters at least ten times taller than he was. Definitely seems normal for a child, eh?

'No point in standing here all day.' Natsu thought as he slid the door open, revealing the future he will have to endure for the next few years.

Location: Classroom

The door then slipped open, causing everyone to turn their heads at the source of it. Suddenly a pink haired male appeared with a bored look on his face.

Iruka looked at the boy in a calculating manner before the answer appeared in his head.

"Ahh you must be the new student that I've heard about. Welcome! My name is Iruka Umino and I'm your teacher." Iruka greeted before motioning the pinkette to come forward.

"Now why don't you introduce yourself to the class?" Natsu resisted the urge to groan as he took a glance at the class. There were girls who had blushes on their faces, not that he knew it was a blush anyways, boys who were glaring at him while others merely ignored his presence by staring off out the window and/or sleeping.

"My name is Natsu Dragneel, it's a pleasure to meet all of you!" Natsu said with a toothy grin, causing the girls' blush to intensify as Iruka nodded his head in acceptance.

"Why don't you go and sit at the last row over there?" Iruka said and Natsu just shrugged in response and decided to do as he was told and began walking towards his seat where he saw a boy whose hair was tied in a pineapple fashion, sleeping on the table and beside him was plump boy with spiky brown hair and he was eating some chips.

As Natsu plopped down onto his seat, he could feel someone's eyes on him and turning his head, he was met by curious violet eyes.

Natsu raised an eyebrow at the blonde who was looking at him, causing her to blush in embarrassment and turn away from his direction, which also caused the boy he had met yesterday to glare at him.

Natsu sighed as he laid his head down on the table with only a single thought coming to mind:

'I hate this.'

(Line Break)

'If I had the chance to learn under Erza again, I would definitely take it than listen to this any longer!' Natsu groaned in his mind, feeling the urge to destroy the classroom and escape. Though he kept that mind in check…for now.

Less than two hours had passed since the pinkette had entered the class and he was beginning to lose his sanity. The teacher had been talking all about random history, that he didn't bother listening to, and hadn't stopped for a break AT ALL.

Soft snores then filled his ears as he turned to see that the boy who had been asleep when he came into the class, was STILL asleep without any signs of waking up soon. Natsu envied the boy badly and even tried to join him in the land of unconsciousness, but failed every single time because of that teacher who told him to listen so that he would catch up on his studies along with the others.

Not only that, but he was starting to get annoyed with the stares he was receiving from the blonde girl at the side row. Her eyes would always be on him when he made any small movements, it was as if she were observing a brand new creature and it annoyed him to no end, though he kept that in check as well.

He was not some new animal in the zoo for people to look at! He was a Dragon Slayer and one thing they DON'T do is study in a classroom!

Iruka suddenly feeling the temperature in the class increase, decided that the classroom was stuffy and everyone needed some fresh air, so he had everyone leave the class for some small spars getting cheers from everyone in the class.

Natsu grinned excitedly when he heard this, it was finally time to get some action!

'Maybe the Academy isn't so bad after all!' Natsu thought happily as he exited the class to join alongside the others.

Those were his thoughts just a while back, now he seriously wished he hadn't joined the Academy at all!

Though, what caused him to change his mind so quickly?

After watching all the kids battle one another, Natsu knew that most of them did not get any proper training, much less get into a proper fight with anyone before. That alone caused Natsu to sigh in depress at not getting a chance to fight anyone in the academy properly.

"Now next up, we have Natsu Dragneel against Sasuke Uchiha." At the mention of the Uchiha, plenty of girls immediately began cheering loudly, especially two in particular, one having platinum blonde hair and the other had pink hair with a ribbon over her head. The loud noise caused the pinkette to cover his sensitive ears at this as he eyed the black haired male who was in his fighting style.

'He's definitely trained, but I wonder, is he any different than the others?' Natsu thought before standing at one end of the sparring ring with his opponent at the other end.

"Prepare to get defeated." He said cockily but Natsu chose not to respond to this, instead he proceeded to enter his own fighting style.

Iruka stood in between them as he listed down the rules. "Alright you two, the rules are simple." He began, "First one to knock your opponent out of the ring or until either one of you can't fight anymore, wins. Also, this is a simple Taijutsu spar, meaning that no Ninjutsu is allowed." Both nodded their heads in understanding as Natsu took a sniff of the air and he was surprised that Izumi was nearby.


Around the same time

Location: Konoha Academy (Outside)

"It's been a while since I've stepped foot at this place." Izumi muttered to herself, feeling nostalgic at seeing the red building in front of her. It felt surreal that it had only been a few years since she graduated from the place and the reason she was returning to the place where it all began, was in her hand, a plastic bag containing a bento box for her little brother.

Apparently before she even woke up, Sasuke had left the house in a rush that he left the bento mother had made for him, on the table. Normally, her mother would have gone to the academy herself to hand him the bento, but since she was given a vacation from the Hokage and it had been a while since she got a chance to talk to her brother, she decided to do the task which granted her mother a chance to spend time with Aunt Kushina.

'I guess he must be wanting to meet up Naruko as quick as possible.' Izumi thought to herself with a small grin on her face. She knew all about the boy's crush on the blonde, after all, it was inevitable since the two had always been with one another since young and seemed almost inseparable. Though it wasn't just him that felt a connection to the blonde girl, even she had a relationship with the hyperactive girl. It was as if she had acquired another sibling.

The ravenette was broken out of her thoughts when she heard squealing coming from the sparring grounds at the back of the academy.

'Sasuke must be battling right now.' It was no secret that the boy had tons of admirers and fan girls not just because of his name, but because of his looks as well and unfortunately, it was the exact same case for her as well.

When she arrived to the field, she definitely did not expect to see her younger brother sparring off against a familiar looking pinkette, and based on the young Uchiha's positioning, he was going to use the clan's signature fighting style, the Uchiha Interceptor Fist which focuses more on countering the opponent's attack than attacking them head on.

Interested in how the fight would go, the girl decided to stay hidden under the shade of a tree.

With Natsu

Even before the match started, Natsu already had decided that he was not going to attack any of his opponent, only dodging their attacks in fear of hurting them badly and making himself even more suspicious. Which was why he hadn't even made a step towards his opponent.

Fifteen seconds.

Thirty seconds.

Forty five seconds.

"Damn you attack already!" Sasuke said out loud angrily but Natsu still didn't move an inch, instead he extended an arm and made a 'come at me' motion at the Uchiha, taunting him to attack.

It was a bit childish to do something like that, but it worked like a charm.

Sasuke then growled at the pinkette before the ravenette went straight towards him and launched a fist at Natsu. The pinkette then back flipped and avoided the fist that hit the ground at the exact spot at where he was standing.

'He's fast, that's for sure.' Natsu thought, avoiding another punch from the boy before he blocked it and moved back, creating some space between the two. Though, Sasuke charged right at him once more before sending a barrage of punches and kicks at the pinkette, though they proved to be pointless since he managed to block or evade them all with ease.

Everyone, Izumi included, were amazed with the pinkette's movements as he avoided every single one of the Uchiha's attack. There was a reason he was one of the best in the class and it wasn't just because he was from a prestigious clan, he had received plenty of training since he was young as well.

Meanwhile at the side of the field, Naruko, who had been watching the fight intently, noted that the pinkette hadn't made any attempt to attack Sasuke as of yet and it confused her greatly. 'He had plenty of chances to counter, but why isn't he doing so?' Naruko thought in utter confusion, feeling the urge to pull her hair out of frustration.

Why was Natsu so freaking confusing?!

Back in the battle, Sasuke was currently panting slightly while the pinkette barely looked winded despite being the one who was constantly dodging attacks.

As a person who has managed to avoid attacks from Dragon Slayers' capable of moving as quick as lightning AND at the speed of light, the pinkette was quite confident in his speed despite being in his younger body again.

Though, it wasn't as great a time for the young Uchiha.

"Stop running away!" Sasuke growled at the pinkette who merely shrugged in response to this, something that infuriated him as he clenched his fists tightly. He wasn't going to lose to some random pinky!

With that mind set in play, Sasuke charged at Natsu once more, causing Natsu to raise an eyebrow at him.

'Surely he must've learnt that he shouldn't just charge in like that.' Natsu thought, but instead of dodging the punch headed his way, he proceeded to catch his fist and twist his arm, causing Sasuke to grunt in pain. Natsu then pulled the ravenette towards him and sent a kick at Sasuke's direction.

Sasuke immediately closed his eyes, expecting to feel pain, but didn't receive any. He slowly opened his eyes only to see Natsu's leg right in front of him, only an inch away from connecting with his gut. He looked up just to see the pinkette pull his leg back and back flipped out of the circle.

"Oops, looks I stepped out of the line. That means, I lose right?" Natsu asked sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head as Iruka snapped out his shock at the turn of events and nodded his head.

"T-the winner of this match is Sasuke Uchiha!"

Despite their idol winning the match, nobody cheered after the announcement, not after witnessing the dominating performance of the pinkette over the ravenette.

Sasuke's bangs covered his eyes as he clenched his fists tightly, there was no way he would ever accept a victory like that, he would rather have been beaten up over and over again than winning like that, just when he was about to walk away, he turned around when Natsu called out to him.

"Let's fight again another time." Natsu said with a smile as he extended his hand forwards Sasuke who stared at it before extending his own hand out for a handshake, thought it was more reluctant than anything.

Iruka nodded his head in satisfaction, there was nothing better than people who were strong but also a good sportsman.

"Well then guys, now that that's over, it's time for your break." Iruka said as everyone cheered at the news and immediately ran towards the nearby playground, Natsu sighed in relief at the news, and perhaps walking could clear his mind off of things. Right as he was about to walk away, he turned to the direction of the other students who were at the playground, playing and laughing with one another with smiles on their faces.

Seeing them made him feel…lonely. The same exact feeling he had after the end results of the war.

Shaking his head of those thoughts, the pinkette then left the training ground, unknown that two pair of eyes watched his retreating figure.

(Line Break)

Mikoto Uchiha, the matriarch of the Uchiha clan, smiled as she watched her friend from young prepare some tea for the both of them.

"It's nice of you to stop by, Mikoto! It's been a while since we both had the chance to talk!" Kushina said with a smile on her face.

Kushina was a woman with knee length vibrant red hair that flowed down her slender back and brilliant purple eyes which shone brightly under the light. She was wearing a forest green maternity blouse over a white shirt.

"Well with the amount of energy that the kids have, I'm just happy that I haven't fainted or anything." Mikoto joked as Kushina nodded her head in agreement.

"I definitely agree with that! Just yesterday, Naruko was begging Minato to teach her the Rasengan and since Minato doesn't have the heart to reject her, he decided to do just that." Kushina said with a sigh, recalling that the girl had fainted on the field after pushing herself too hard.

"If I had to say, she really takes up after you, Kushina." Mikoto said as Kushina frowned at this but didn't deny the claim since it was partly true.

"Anyways, speaking of Naruko, there's something I wanted to ask." Kushina raised an eyebrow at her long-time friend at seeing her fidget in her seat.

A few seconds later…

"What?!" Kushina shouted in shock at what her friend had mentioned.

"I said, what do you think setting up an arranged marriage between Naruko and Sasuke? Don't you think it'll be great since the two of them are inseparable now?" Mikoto asked with a smile on her face while Kushina had an uncertain look on her face.

"I don't know Mikoto…while I agree that they are very close with one another, I don't know about setting an arranged marriage for them. After all, I wouldn't want to force Naruko into marrying anyone, even if it's someone she knows, after all, it's her life so she's free to decide on who she wants to marry. Also, I'm worried that Minato wouldn't allow it since he's still a tad bit overprotective of her." Kushina said and Mikoto frowned at this, but still nodded her head nonetheless.

Seeing the disappointed look on her best friend, she decided to try and cheer her up.

"Don't worry Mikoto, I'll bring the topic up to Naruko later on and ask about how she feels about it. Maybe she'd be willing to go ahead with it." Kushina said comfortingly as Mikoto smiled appreciatively at the redhead.

Though with that being said, the red haired Uzumaki couldn't help but be curious as to why the Uchiha matriarch even suggested the idea.

"Say Mikoto, what made you want to have Sasuke and Naruko to have an arranged marriage in the first place?"

"Well, it's mainly because Izumi is too busy working in the Anbu that she has absolutely no time to go and look for someone." Mikoto sighed as Kushina nodded her head in understanding.

"Though because of that, she has become one of the best ninja in her generation." Kushina pointed out.

"Yes, while we are all proud of her accomplishments, I'm beginning to worry that she wouldn't be able to communicate with others as properly since she doesn't speak to everyone minus a small group of people."

"What does Fugaku think about this?" Mikoto rubbed her head in annoyance at the thought of her stubborn husband.

"Fugaku doesn't mind about that at all since Izumi is bringing name to the Uchiha Clan, he's mainly more concerned that she wouldn't fulfil her duty as the future Clan Head."

Kushina gave her friend a reassuring smile as she placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he cares for her wellbeing as well." Mikoto could only nod her head begrudgingly while thinking to herself.

'I really do hope that Izumi would start taking interests in someone soon.'

With Natsu

The Dragon Slayer decided to walk around the Academy, not finding a place without any of the other students playing there, causing him to sigh.

'Even as a kid all I ever do is fight and go on missions.' Natsu thought to himself as he continued on walking before he arrived at an area behind the school that seemed secluded from the students.

"Hey Shikamaru, looks like we could have more company after all." Someone said from behind, causing Natsu to turn back in order to look at the owner of the voice. There he saw the two people whom he was sitting beside in class.

"Hey there! You're Natsu, right?" the brunette asked with a smile as Natsu nodded his head.

"Yeah…" the pinkette said raising an eyebrow, not knowing why they approached him though it would appear the plump boy did not notice his tone and smiled at him.

"My name is Choji Akimichi." He said, introducing himself before pointing at the black haired male, "And this is Shikamaru Nara." Shikamaru gave the pinkette a curt nod as he yawned causing Natsu to sweat drop.

'And I thought I was tired all the time.' Natsu thought to himself though he quickly shook that thought out of his head. Now came the bigger question,

Why did they approach him?

"So what's up?" Natsu asked curiously.

"Well, we wanted to ask if you wanted to join us for some cloud watching. We tend to do this during breaks." Natsu blinked at the thought of just watching clouds, seeing this Choji instantly waved his hands.

"You don't have to join us if you don't-"

"No, I'd like that!" Natsu said with a smile on his face and somehow the smile managed to draw out smiles from both the Akimichi and Nara, who had opened his eyes. With a nod of his head, Akimichi motioned for the pinkette to follow them through the exact same path he took.

It took them a few minutes before they arrived at their destination. There was a small hill at the top of a clearing specifically with patch a green grass.

His two companions instantly laid down on the grass, spreading their bodies wide as they gazed at the white clouds above them.

Natsu did the exact same thing and laid down, closing his eyes as he let the wind hit his face. This brought a calm smile on his face. He had always enjoyed being out when the wind was blowing as gentle as it was now, it reminded him of being airborne with his father, Igneel and Exceed, Happy.

Most of the times when he would be airborne were specifically during missions, rarely for fun. Though when he did get the chance to do that, he usually made the most out of it as he and his blue furred partner would fly above the clouds for hours until they were both exhausted.

Maybe it didn't suit his hot-headed personality whatsoever, but at the moment he could care less about what others think of him.

This was definitely something he missed.

Few hours later

"Alright then class, make sure to get some rest and study on what you have revised today." Iruka said, getting nods from the students, before he exited the class.

Instead of the calm and quiet classroom, it now became a room filled with chaos as all the kids rushed out of the classroom as if their lives depended on it.

Natsu sighed in relief when the teacher exited the class as he stretched his body. It had only been a few hours since break and the pinkette was starting to feel ridiculously hungry, since he hadn't eaten anything since last night. As he was about to exit the class, Choji called out to him.

"Hey Natsu." Choji called out as the pinkette turned back to see him and Shikamaru walking towards him.

Since the first break had ended, Natsu and his two seatmates took the time to get to know each other better and since Natsu was who he is, he managed to befriend the two.

"Yo!" Natsu greeted them with a wave as they walked up to him.

"So, are you headed home now?" Shikamaru asked curiously and Natsu thought about it before he shook his head.

"I'll probably be doing some other things before returning home." Natsu said causing Shikamaru to raise an eyebrow at him but thought it was too troublesome to think about it any further.

With that, the two wished Natsu goodbye as they walked to their respective homes, leaving Natsu alone at the Academy entrance.

"Well, looks like it's time to eat some ramen again." Natsu muttered to himself as he began walking towards the streets that he was beginning to get used to. As he walked off, a figure at the Academy stared at his retreating figure before slowly moving towards him.

End Chapter

Will the bonds of friendship truly be able to tie people together or will they be burned off just as easy as that? For a single stick may break easily, a bunch of sticks proves otherwise. Will the Dragon Slayer be able to create such bonds, or is friendship another thing in the past? Only time will tell.

Now, I will try to have Natsu bond together with the others from the Rookie 9 eventually, but that'll be for later. Also, don't be surprised if Sakura or Ino isn't mentioned as much in this story as they are both still Sasuke fangirls by this point of time.

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