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Chapter 4: New Friends, New Rivals!

Location: Konoha Streets

Natsu couldn't help but sigh for the umpteenth time as he walked through the streets of Konoha. It wasn't the sight that made him do so. It was the fact that there was somebody that's been following him around for quite some time, and it wasn't Kakashi this time as well.

'Why is she even following me? What did I do to her anyways?' Natsu thought to himself, turning back just in time to see strands of blonde hair disappear behind a large lamp pole.

Yes everyone, the person that has been following Natsu around the village was none other than one, Naruko Namikaze, not that Natsu knew her name though.

Shrugging it off, the Dragon Slayer continued on his journey to the only place he's been to frequently throughout the entire village, Ichiraku Ramen.

Meanwhile, a certain blonde peeked out from her hiding spot, sighing to herself in relief knowing that she somehow managed to avoid the pinkette's gaze, not knowing that he already knew of her presence long ago.

'I wonder where he's headed to in such a hurry?' Naruko thought to herself. She didn't know why she was interested in the pinkette as she was but there was something about him that was drawing her closer to him, like a moth drawn to a flame.

'Makes it seem like I'm stalking him.' A part of her mind said causing the blonde to shake her head fervently.

'I'm not stalker, I'm wanting to know where he goes to become as strong as he is...from a concealed point of view...yes, that's why.' Naruko nodded to herself, assuring herself that that was the case before she sighed.

Why on Earth was she trying to fight her own self about this? The blonde then peeked her head to the side and realized that the pinkette was nowhere in sight.

'Oh, don't tell me I've been too caught up with my thoughts that I didn't even see him walking off!' Naruko felt the urge to suddenly pull her hair as she sighed.

"Now what am I going to do?"

"I don't know about you, but I'm craving for some ramen. Want to join me?" At the mention of ramen, the blonde's stomach instantly growled hungrily.

"Sure, let's go now-" Naruko then turned around to see Natsu right behind her, waving with a smile.

"AAH!" Naruko exclaimed as he surprised her, the people around them looked at them strangely before shrugging it off, thinking that the infamous prankster of Konoha was finally caught during one of her tricks.

"N-N-N-Natsu, what a surprise running into you here." Naruko said trying to sound surprised as she tried calming her heart which was beating heavily.

"Why have you been following me?" Natsu asked, raising an eyebrow.

"F-f-following? I'm just as surprised to see you here-"

"I noticed you following me since I left the academy grounds. If you needed something, you should have just revealed yourself moments ago." Natsu said with a sigh causing Naruko's eyes to widen.

"B-but if you noticed me since then, why didn't you call me out earlier?" Natsu shrugged at this.

"Like I said, I thought you wanted to ask me something, so I just carried on walking only to notice that you've made no attempt to come forward and continued on following me." Naruko then hung her head down in shame. How could she allow herself to be easily detected the way she did?

Natsu, on the other hand, was thinking about something else, 'Are the people from here obsessed with following people from the shadows or something?' the pinkette thought with Izumi, Kakashi and now Naruko coming to mind.

Hearing the sound of a stomach growling, Natsu placed a hand on his gut, only to discover that the source wasn't from him, but from the blonde in front of him.

Naruko immediately blushed in embarrassment as she turned away from the pinkette. Never in her life had such an embarrassing thing ever happen in front of someone other than her parents. She was meant to be the Hokage's daughter, someone refined and of high class!

Though she didn't realise that her reputation as a prankster ruined all of the above.

Natsu stared at the girl weirdly, while she acted much differently than his blonde partner in Fairy Tail, she was definitely as weird as her, if not a tad bit more weird.

"Say, how about we go and get some food?" Natsu offered with a smile on his face.

This of course, caused the blonde to turn to the Dragon Slayer in suspicion. There had been many instances where boys her age would ask her out on dates, but they would usually fail at getting a chance by one of three things.

The first was Sasuke. For some odd reasons, the Uchiha male would always act as an overprotective brother that would scare away anyone who tried asking her out on a date. The blonde made no attempt of stopping him since it saved her plenty of time to do what she wants without worrying about random guys asking her out.

The second, her parents. Just like Sasuke, her parents, more specifically, her father, acted extremely overprotective to the point he had Anbu watching over her wherever she goes when she was much younger, fortunately it stopped once she got a bit older. Though, there were times when she could detect an overbearing presence each time she looked away.

In the Hokage office, Minato sneezed as he wiped the snot away from his window, as he tried to locate his daughter from his position while his secretary could only shake her head at the Hokage.

Lastly, was her. There were many times when both Sasuke and her parents were unavailable to help her with them being busy and all. And there were also times when those boys were being very persistent. So she did the one thing her mother taught her, to beat them up. It was safe to say that she inherited her mother's strength as those boys never bothered her ever again.

Anyways, back to the story at hand, the blonde continued to stare at the pinkette, trying to figure out his true intentions by doing so, it was something she managed to pick up after watching plenty of boys asking her out.

They would usually fidget in place, as the waited for her answer. While there were some confident boys who had asked her out before, they would also fidget, but a little less obvious compared to the others.

Though, Natsu was completely different than everyone else. He wasn't fidgeting and he didn't look nervous whatsoever. Which made it all the more difficult to understand his true intentions.

Sighs, if only she truly knew Natsu to realise that he can't even try to hide his intentions since he never had any.

"Sure, but why are you offering?" Natsu then looked at the girl as if she had two heads.

"Well…aren't you hungry?" Even Naruko had the decency to blush after he pointed that out and her stomach growled even louder than before to prove his point which caused her to sigh.

"Fine, I'll go along with you." Naruko said with a bit of reluctance in her tone, something Natsu noticed.

"Well, you don't have to come along if you don't want to. I could always go alone." Natsu said and this of course, surprised Naruko since she thought the pinkette was asking her out on a date.

"Aren't you asking me out on a date?"

"What's a date?" Natsu asked, tilting his head to the side after hearing the word.

"You've got to be kidding me right?" Natsu shook his head, his face clearly showing confusion as Naruko sighed in relief. Perhaps he was different after all.

"It's okay, don't worry about it." The blonde then began to hasten her pace forward before she turned back at Natsu with a smile on her face.

"Come on, let's go already!"

(Line Break)

Meanwhile, located at the western part of the village was none other than the Uchiha Compound, the home of one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure and one of the two founding clans of the village; well known throughout the world for the famous Dojutsu and battle prowess, the Uchiha Clan.

And currently in the main household, we see the Uchiha siblings of Sasuke and Izumi currently eating their meal and sitting in front of them were their parents. The current head of the Uchiha Clan, Fugaku and his wife Mikoto.

Fugaku was a man with short, brown hair that reached to his shoulders and onyx-coloured eyes. He was wearing a simple kimono with grey pants which had the clan's symbol on the back. While his wife Mikoto was a fair-skinned woman with long, straight black hair with bangs that reached her shoulders and black eyes.

It was a rare occasion for the Uchiha family to be complete like this since Izumi would always be sent out on long duration missions that would take her far away from the village. But since she was given a few days off, she was definitely going to make good use of it, by spending time with her family.

"Sasuke, are you alright? You look a tad bit more…moody than usual." Mikoto asked her only son in concern as Sasuke grunted in response causing Izumi to sigh, seeing as she knew the main reason why the ravenette was in such a sulky mood.

He was still thinking about the fight he had with Natsu Dragneel at the academy.

While she wasn't all that surprised that the pinkette could take on her younger brother since she saw first-hand at the amount of damage he could create when they had first met each other, she couldn't help but be impressed with his hand to hand combat skills, his movement and speed at such a young age was exceptional and she was quite sure he even held back during the fight since he made no attempts to attack her brother.

'I wonder what kind of past you hold to make you so strong, Natsu.' Izumi thought to herself, curious about the mysterious pinkette who suddenly appeared in the forest.

"Did something happen between you and Naruko?" Mikoto teased, knowing that bringing up the blonde would be the only way to get him out of his mood.

And it turned out to be right when a blush began forming on the ravenette's cheeks, causing him to look away in embarrassment.

"It's not that." Sasuke said in a low tone that could still be heard causing Fugaku to raise an eyebrow at his son. The last time he had been in such a mood was a few weeks ago when the two had a small argument over which food was better, ramen or tomatoes.

"What's the cause then?" Fugaku asked while Sasuke clenched his fists underneath the table as he recalled the fight he had with Natsu.

"There's a new student in class today and…he managed to read and block my movements and while I managed to win, it was only because he stepped out of the ring intentionally." Sasuke said as he looked down, knowing that his father would be disappointed in him since the man only desired power.

A few seconds passed and not a single sound was made by any of the four Uchihas with Mikoto looking at her husband in concern while Izumi looked at him cautiously.

Both wondered what the man might say to the male ravenette.

"Is that all?" Fugaku said, breaking the silence that filled the room as Sasuke slowly nodded his head, he too was curious about what his father might say to him.

"One battle isn't the way to determine one's overall strength. If this is truly bugging you, then you should train and grow stronger than the new student so that you'll be stronger than him." Fugaku said with a gentle look on his face, which caused mixed reactions around the table.

Izumi had a shocked look on her face, clearly not expecting to hear that while her brother had an awed look, clearly inspired by his father's words. Mikoto, on the other hand, smiled. Happy to see that the man was trying to bring Sasuke up instead of making him feel down by comparing the boy with his sister.

Though the gentle look on his face was quickly replaced by a serious expression.

"But remember this Sasuke, and remember it well. You can win a thousand fights on the battlefield, but you can only lose one."

Sasuke nodded his head in understanding as Mikoto clapped her hand loudly in order to get everyone's attention.

"Now that we've cleared that, let's continue with the meal, we wouldn't want the food to get cold, right?" Everyone nodded their heads in agreement as they turned their full attention back to their meal.

With Natsu

As they were walking through the village, Natsu realised that, once again, everyone, mostly males, were glaring at him rather heatedly, not that he cared anyways.

Though he managed to hear some of them muttering about being him being extremely lucky, much to his confusion since they said the same thing about him when he spent time with Izumi. Natsu merely shrugged it off thinking it as nothing. They finally arrived after a few more minutes as Naruko quickly ran towards the shop, leaving Natsu all by himself.

"Hey there Oji-san!" Naruko greeted loudly, with a smile on her face as Teuchi turned back and smiled when he saw the blonde entering the shop.

"Ahh, looks like our favourite customer has granted us her presence after such a long time." The old man joked as Naruko pouted at this.

"It's not that I don't want to, but I've been real busy these past few days." Naruko complained as Teuchi chuckled as the blonde sat at the counter.

"So shall, I get your usual?" However, before she could respond, the gates of the store were shot open as Natsu Dragneel entered.

"Ah Natsu, you're back!" Teuchi greeted the pinkette who waved in response.

"It's good that you're here. Now I can finally introduce you to our number one AND favourite customer, Naruko Uzumaki." Natsu's eyes widened in shock as he turned to the girl who smiled brightly at the given name.

"So YOU'RE the one, the old man has been talking about." Natsu said as he sat beside the blonde who puffed out her chest in pride.

"Of course I am, I love ramen!" Teuchi raised an eyebrow at seeing the two interact, it almost seemed that they knew each other.

"I take it that the two of you are acquainted with one another already?" Naruko nodded her head at this.

"Yeah, he just joined the academy today and we managed to become the best of friends!" Natsu looked at the girl in confusion.

"We didn't even talk to one another throughout the entire class-" Natsu couldn't finish his sentence when he suddenly felt pain from his side, realising that the blonde had elbowed him.

"Ouch, what was that for?!" Natsu growled as Naruko glared at him.

"You didn't have to say that!"

"What good would it be to lie?!"

"But still!"

Teuchi watched in amusement as the two began arguing with one another about who was right about the current situation.

"Ah, it's good to see that the two of you are getting well with one another!" Teuchi exclaimed with a smile on his face as Natsu and Naruko looked at him weirdly.

Though before they could say anything to retort to that claim, their stomachs began growling at the exact same time causing both of them to blush out of embarrassment and Teuchi to laugh merrily.

"Well, I'll go and get your orders then, try not to kill each other by that time." Teuchi joked as he headed into the kitchen to prepare their food, leaving two awkward teens by themselves.

The two then sat in silence and while Naruko looked like she was patiently waiting for the food, she was panicking inside her head.

'What am I going to say? Usually Sasuke would be the one who starts of the conversation!' the blonde thought to herself as she turned to the pinkette who was currently resting his head on his hand, looking as bored as ever.

'I can't let it end like this. All my hard work will not go to waste!' "Hey Natsu!" the Dragon Slayer then turned over to the blonde who looked fairly nervous.

"What's up?"

"I-I wanted to ask you a question." Naruko cursed herself inwardly when she heard herself stutter. She NEVER stuttered before!

"What is it?" Natsu asked, raising an eyebrow which immediately cause the blonde to panic with her words as she began saying incoherent words.

Natsu, noticing the blonde's strange behaviour, looked at her face to see that her cheeks were flushed. With that, the Dragon Slayer then walked towards her, closing the distance between them and placed his forehead atop of hers.

This action shocked the blonde girl, but she couldn't push the boy away, or more like she didn't want to push him away as she enjoyed the warmth emitted from his forehead. His hot breath, which smelled of mints, smothered her face and she could detect a hint of coal coming from him.

'Her temperature seems to be normal, though why's her face so red?' Natsu thought to himself in wonder as he pulled back from the blonde, who felt a bit sad that the heat was gone.

"W-why did you do that?" Naruko asked shyly, playing with strands of her hair as Natsu looked confused.

"Well your face was heating up so I thought you were having a fever and checked it out. Are you feeling alright?" Natsu asked in concern and Naruko couldn't help the smile that formed on her face, a warm sensation growing on her chest as she thought, 'He was worried about me.'

He definitely wasn't like every other guy after all.

"Thanks…Natsu." Natsu, while not knowing what he did, gave her a smile.

"Think nothing of it, it's the least I could do!" it was at that exact moment when Teuchi came out, holding onto a tray full of ramen bowls on it.

"Food's here!" the old man said cheerfully as he gave the two their respective orders, which caused Natsu's eyes to widen at seeing the amount of bowls handed to the blonde.

"You're going to eat all of that?" Natsu asked in an uncertain tone and Naruko nodded her head excitedly.

"Of course I am! Why do you ask?"

"I mean, isn't it a bit too much for you?" Natsu asked and Teuchi laughed at this.

"Haha, believe me Natsu when I say that she can eat a whole lot more than you think." The blonde then gave the pinkette a challenging grin.

"Alright then, if you think this is too much for me, let's have a contest to see who can eat the most ramen." Natsu then gave her a smirk in response and was about to accept the challenge had it not been for Teuchi who glared at both of them.

"Sorry to say but I'm not ready to close my shop because you two wanted to have a small competition." Both frowned at the news as they looked at each other before the both of them immediately began laughing merrily.

Neither knew the exact reasons as to why they did so, but at that moment…it didn't matter.

Teuchi looked at the two and smiled softly when they began talking about random stuff. It was times like these when he was glad to be working as a ramen chef, while the pay wasn't as glorious as any other job, it granted him the chance to meet all sorts of people from the village of different personalities, and if he did have a different occupation, he probably wouldn't have gotten the chance to meet the two in front of him and for that…he was grateful.


After filling up their stomachs, the two waved off at the old man as they began walking through the village, and while it wasn't as hectic as it was during the morning hours, there were still a ton of people walking around the streets.

"You know I can't help but feel jealous since you got the chance to travel throughout the world at my age." Naruko said with a pout as Natsu chuckled.

"Believe me when I say you should. There are many things you get to see and all sorts of people you get to meet." Natsu said, nostalgia filling him at all the adventures he had done with his guild mates back in Earthland while Naruko couldn't help but pout even more at that.

"You don't need to brag about that." Natsu merely chuckled at this causing Naruko to pout even more but quickly replaced it with a determined look.

"Well, as soon as I become a ninja, I'll be able to explore the entire world, dattebane!" she said excitedly, unaware that she used her verbal tick which confused the Dragon Slayer.

Natsu managed to shrug it off before the two continued to talk about all sorts of things that came to mind.

Naruko felt extremely happy that she got a chance to befriend the pinkette, somehow it was much easier to bond with him than her childhood friend, which really said a lot!

Natsu, too felt the same way since it had been a very long time since he had gotten the chance to have talked with anyone about random stuff. It would also prevent his mind from wandering to his past, which was a good thing.

Natsu smiled as he watched Naruko talking about some guy she beat up for pestering her before looking up at the sky, wondering if Kami-sama was offering her help by having the people try to befriend him.

(Line Break)

"Well, I guess this is where we part." Natsu said causing Naruko to nod her head sadly. The two currently stood at a crossroad, one exit lead to the blonde's house and the other to Natsu's hotel room.

Naruko couldn't help but feel a bit upset with parting with the pinkette. While she did just meet him at the academy, she was having an amazing time with the pinkette especially after getting to know him better. She didn't want the day to end so soon.

Natsu, noticing the sad look on his companion's face, then placed a hand on her head, causing her to look up at him.

"Don't look so sad, we'll be able to meet again tomorrow at the academy, right?" Natsu said with a smile and Naruko nodded her head in agreement with a smile on her face when she realised that it was true. She still had plenty time to befriend the pinkette. Natsu noted the smile on his face and couldn't help but say,

"You know, you look much cuter when you smile."

Naruko immediately blushed at his words, detecting the genuineness in his words as she turned away from him.

"W-what are you saying, you idiot." Naruko said in embarrassment as Natsu tilted his head to the side in confusion. He had said it many times to his female friends and each one of them had reacted the same way Naruko had. What was wrong with that? He was just being honest is all.

Naruko, on the other hand, was trying to steady her heartbeat since it was beating quite fast after hearing his words. While many people have complimented on her looks before, none of them had put it as genuinely as Natsu had. Not to mention there was a warm sensation around her chest, it felt new and strange, but she liked it.

"Well, I'll be off now. I'll see you tomorrow!" Natsu wished her off with a toothy grin before walking off with Naruko staring at the pinkette's retreating back with a smile on her face.

'Natsu Dragneel, eh? What a mysterious guy.' With that thought, the blonde began walking back home, the smile on her never disappearing till the next day.

(Line Break)

Location: Konoha Academy (Classroom)

It was just another day at the Academy as Natsu yawned tiredly as he leaned his head on the table beside the Akimichi and Nara heirs.

"Rough night, last night?" Choji asked and Natsu nodded his head. As soon as he parted with Naruko, the Dragon Slayer immediately went to his private training ground and trained for hours and even slept there! While it was normal of him to train in the middle of the night, he still wasn't used to the fact that he had to wake up early.

"Also, what's his problem?" Natsu asked the brunette, gesturing to the ravenette who was sitting on the same row as him.

Right when Choji was about to get another word in, the doors to the classroom opened as Naruko entered the room, walking as elegantly as ever.

As Naruko was walking over to her seat, she saw Natsu leaning on the table, she walked up to him and smiled.

"Good morning Natsu!" she said happily as Natsu turned to the blonde and gave her a smile in return.

"Morning." Natsu responded with a wave, as everyone watched in shock. It was a rare to see the blonde talk to anyone else aside from Sasuke as the girl pouted at the lack of response.

"Come on, it's morning, you should be more excited!"

"That's exactly the reason why I'm NOT excited!"

The two began bickering with one another with everyone watching the scene with interest and Sasuke who was watching the scene as well, now wore a deep scowl on his face as he glared at the pinkette.

It was safe to say that after that moment, Sasuke Uchiha has found his rival.

End Chapter