Chapter 1 - Discovery

Izuku was making the usual walk home from school, the sun setting behind the trees when out of the corner of his eye he saw a familiar face doing something intolerable.

"Now you see why you don't mess with us!" screamed a young Bakugo as he stood over a beaten, crying child of the same age as he.

Izuku ran out to get between the two children, only eliciting a cold laugh from Bakugo, "What? You think you can beat me Deku?". The nickname forced a cringe onIzuku's face, which was an act of war to Bakugo. The blond boy charged at his former friend and created a spark just before swiping at Izuku, but felt no impact. Instead, a small cloud of purple-black mist took the area that Izuku was once in, before shifting back into a small boy, but not the Izuku he knew.

The mop of green hair had been replaced by an equally chaotic mist that floated like hair underwater. The vibrant emerald eyes that once looked at him with joy and passion were now dark purple and seemingly emotionless, though the look of surprise on the rest of the boy's face betrayed that idea. The once pleasant skin was now white as paper as Bakugo stepped back in shock.

"Leave him alone." ordered a now recovered Izuku, getting into a defensive stance in preparation. His demand was met with another charge from Bakugo which was once again made useless by Izuku's mist form. What differed from the first charge, however, was the strong uppercut that Bakugo sat on the receiving end of.

Katsuki and his 'gang' ran into the woods while the unnamed boy ran in the other direction, leaving Izuku alone to rub his hurting fist and begin his trip back home, excited to break the news to his mother.

"Mom! Mom! I got a quirk!". Those were the words Inko heard before her whole world was turned upside down - and not in a good way. When her adorable, innocent Izuku came into the kitchen her first thought was, 'It's just like my brother's. It's just like that murderer's quirk.' It was clear that her expression showed her thoughts unfiltered as Izuku became quickly concerned before Inko sent him to his room to get changed out of his uniform and he could experiment with his quirk. This was going to be tricky for both of them.

The next day Izuku went into school with pride and confidence, ready to show off his cool new quirk to his class, but what met him was something akin to a nightmare.

"Villain Deku! Villain Deku!" was the chant that Bakugo and hid 'gang' adopted for him, and soon a few other kids joined in. The Teacher asked him to turn off his quirk, and when Izuku said he couldn't the teacher looked at him with severe distaste and walked away to talk to other kids.

Izuku endured this for the day, then the week, then the month. Soon he was quiet and asocial, staying away from crowds of people and sticking to private areas. And worse than all this: he never told his mother.