Katlyn looked at Mark. He was busy building a fire in the fireplace. The cottage was wonderful. The living room was big but cozy. It was wood paneling and done in warm brown and russet red. It had a homey feeling. The bedroom was just as spectacular with a huge balcony that overlooked the snowcapped mountains. A huge bathroom with a sunken tub that doubled as a Jacuzzi. The kitchen was small and cozy, but really unnecessary since Mark said he would order all there meals from the main houses kitchen.

"No cooking for me or my girl for a few days." Mark had said hugging Katlyn tight.

"Dinner will be up in a few minutes. Why don't you go soak in the Jacuzzi and I'll come get ya when it gets here." Mark said.

"Okay." Katlyn said.

She went over and kissed Mark lightly on the lips and headed for the bathroom.

Katlyn sat in the Jacuzzi relaxing. She wondered how Mark was going to take his present so to speak. Well two presents really. She grinned at the thought of the first one. It was a small wooden paddle she had found on Ebay. She smiled at the thought of the fun they would have with that. She was pretty sure that would appeal to Mark's Dom side, hell it appeal to her too, she thought about the fun they could have tonight. She had her and Mark's name inscribed on it. She was sure he would love it. She giggled at the thought of what they would be doing later tonight. She sobered quickly though. The second surprise so to speak, she wasn't so sure how he would react. She had went to the doctor because she wasn't feeling well, imagine her surprise when he told her she was pregnant, about two months gone. She wasn't sure how Mark was going to react. They had never discussed children. The first thing Mark did when they started having sex was take her and get her on birth control. So she assumed he wasn't going to be exactly thrilled. She had taken all her pills the doc had told her sometimes birth control fails. Well this was one of those times. She was pretty nervous about telling him. What if he insisted she get rid of it? Katlyn knew this was one of those times she couldn't obey him. She wanted her baby more than anything.

"Penny for yer thought." Mark said.

Katlyn looked up at him and smiled.

"Oh nothing, there not worth a penny." Katlyn said joking.

"Come on and eat." Mark said holding out the towel so he could dry her.

Katlyn got up and stepped into his arms and her wrapped the towel around her. He dried her off and slipped the silk gown over her head. He dried her hair and brushed it out.

"Go set dinner out on the table in front of the fire, I'm going to take a quick shower." Mark said.

"Okay." Katlyn said.

Katlyn set the food on the coffee table. He had ordered grilled salmon with a variety of grilled vegetables and rice. She set there plates side by side and sat down to wait for him. She didn't have long. He had on a pair of sweats and nothing else and Katlyn found her mouth watering at the site of his sexy arms and chest.

"Damn you look good." Katlyn said.

Mark laughed and set down beside her.

"You look pretty good yourself." Mark said kissing her lightly on the lips.

Mark picked her up and set her in between her legs and they spent the next 45 minutes feeding each other and laughing and talking. Mark got up and put the dishes in the kitchen and came back. He put a few pillows down in front of the fire.

"Come here." Mark said.

"Wait I'll be right there." Katlyn said and scurried off to the bed room.

Mark grinned. What was she up to? She came back with two wrapped packages and set down in front of him.

"For me?" Mark asked.

"No for my other boyfriend hiding in the closet." Katlyn said grinning.

Mark laughed.

"Okay which one first?" Mark asked.

She picked up the bigger one and handed it to him.

Mark opened the wrapping and took the lid off the box. Katlyn saw his eyes light up and the grin on his face. He pulled the paddle out and smiled at her.

"Little girl, I love it, were going to have some fun with this." Mark said.

"Good that's what I was hoping." Katlyn said giggling.

"Umm it's only for fun though; I sure don't want to get whacked with that thing for real." Katlyn hurried to add.

Mark laughed.

"Well then I guess you better behave then and you won't have to find out what a real spankin with this thing feels like." Mark said.

Katlyn turned red and nodded.

Mark leaned over and kissed her.

"I love it, now what could ya get to top this?" Mark asked.

Mark picked up the smaller box and opened it. Katlyn watched nervously. Mark pulled out the baby booties looking at them and at her and it dawned on him what it meant. Katlyn was scared he didn't look real thrilled.

"How far along?" Mark asked.

"Two months." Katlyn said in a low voice.

"Girl it was just two weeks ago I beat yer ass for drinking. I could have hurt ya and made ya lose the baby not to mention you was drinking. Why didn't ya tell me?" Mark asked.

"I didn't know I just went last week and found out. Mark I would never drink if I knew I was pregnant, you know that. They did a bunch of tests on me, I told the doc I had a few drinks. He said every thing was normal, just not to drink no more." Katlyn said.

Katlyn looked over t him and seen tears in his eyes.

"I could have made ya lose the baby." Mark said his voice full of guilt.

"No Mark, you didn't hurt me, and you didn't know." Katlyn said hugging him.

Mark pulled her in his lap and cradled her.

"So your happy about this, I didn't think you wanted kids." Katlyn said.

"I never did, but then I never loved anyone like you before, I can't think of anything I want more than our baby." Mark said kissing her.

Katlyn smiled and snuggled in his arms.

"Now I got something for you baby girl." Mark said.

He reached behind him and picked up a small box. He set Katlyn on the coffee table and got down on his knee. He opened the box and pulled out a stunning gold ring with a heart shaped diamond and two small diamonds beside it.

"Katy will ya marry me and make me the happiest man in the world?" Mark asked.

"You want to marry me?" Katlyn asked in shock.

"Yea Darlin. I do." Mark said grinning.

"But I'm your Sub. Can you do that?" Katlyn asked.

"Baby girl, we can do any damn thing we want." Mark said smiling.

"I want ya for my wife, not my Sub; I want us to be partners, lovers, friends, and parents together." Mark said.

"Yes Mark, I'll marry you." Katlyn said tears running down her cheeks.

Mark pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

Katlyn looked up at Mark with a smile on her face.

"So since I'm going to be your wife now, I can do what I want right, no more spankings or you telling me what to do." Katlyn asked.

"You just think again little one, I'll wear the pants in this family, I'm still the same old fashioned man ya fell in love with." Mark said.

Katlyn grinned.

"Good I was just checking." She said lying back against his chest.

Mark smiled and wrapped her in his embrace.

"You do get a reprieve while yer pregnant though. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you or the baby." Mark said kissing her cheek.

Katlyn giggled.

"So I can be as bad as I want while I'm pregnant." She said laughing.

"Yea you can be, after ya have the baby and you've recovered, I'll just tan yer hide with this paddle every night for a week or two to catch ya up." Mark said with a straight face.

"Umm I was just kidding." Katlyn said.

Mark laughed.

"Let's get to bed, I got some things in mind." Mark said.

"Can we test the paddle out?" Katlyn said.

"I don't know Darlin, you being pregnant and all." Mark said.

"Aww just for fun, you know how hot that makes me." Katlyn said grinning.

Mark picked her up in his arms and bent to grab the paddle.

"I guess a few swat wont hurt." Mark said grinning.

"Mark I love you." Katlyn said suddenly serous.

Mark bent his head to brush her lips with his.

"You stole my heart from the first moment I laid eyes on ya Katy, I'll spend the rest of my life loving ya." Mark said.

Katlyn pulled his head down to her and kissed him.

"Best burglary I ever pulled." Katlyn said grinning.

Mark smiled and started to the bedroom. Happiness was finally there's and they had a lifetime of tomorrows to explore it.

The End

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