Bad to the bone

Chapter 1 – Changing

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"I'm rotten to the core."

To the Isle kids this was a normal sight. The children of the most famous and feared villains, out causing mischief. Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, leading the group her mess of purple hair standing out against the crowd. Clasped in her hand was a lollipop she had recently taken from a baby.

Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, by her side. Her blue hair fell in perfectly constructed waves over her shoulders as she waved a manicured hand around.

Carlos, the son of Cruella De Vil, stood a head shorter than the rest and looked nervously around before joining in the conversation with the girls he considered family.

Jay stood off to the side, discussing something with his sister as he wiped the small lamp he had in his hands on a small rag. His brown hair, like his sisters, was tucked under a red beanie.

Jaz flicked her hair over he shoulder and tugged her beanie down, as she rolled her eyes at something her twin said. She brushed her hands over her leather jacket, similar to her brothers, and lifted her gaze to see a pair of horns approaching over the crowd. She nudged her brother with her elbow and nodded her head in the direction of horns.

The crowd of people milling around scattered, leaving the five of them alone with Maleficent and her four goons. In silent communication, Jay and Jaz took off running only to be caught by two goons. Evie and Carlos spared the two a glance before looking to each other and rolling their eyes.

Jay and Jaz continued to struggle against the grip of the two burly goons until Maleficent herself cleared her throat and the twins fell still.

"Mother." Mal said as her mother plucked the lollipop out of her hand.

"Really Mal? Stealing candy?" Maleficent said crossing her arms across her chest.

"It was from a baby." Mal said a smirk gracing her lips.

"That's my nasty little girl" Maleficent said before spitting on the lollipop and placing it in her armpit, "Give that back to the little creature."

One of her goons nodded and turned away with the lollipop clenched in his large fist.

"Now I have good news." Maleficent said clapping her hands together, "You five are going to Auradon."

Jaz let out a startled noise and Carlos let out a slight whimper that he would later deny 'til he was blue in the face. Jay paled slightly and slipped from his captors grip to comfort his friend.

As all eyes fell on the two boys, Jaz took her chance and swung her leg and crashed it into her goon's crotch. She fell to the ground as the goon doubled over in pain and rolled to the side before leaping up and making a run for it.

She groaned as another goon wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her into the air.

"No!" Mal said staring at her mother as if she had just sprouted wings and told her she was off to Auradon to live a life of good.

Maleficent ignored her and turned away, beckoning for them to follow her over her shoulder, "Come on children."

Jaz scowled and draped her arm over Carlos' other shoulder as the five VKs followed the most wicked villain to their 'lair'. Maleficent cackled to herself and muttered to herself about the evil things they could do.

"Are they really going to make us go to Auradon?" Carlos whispered to Jaz as they stepped through the door.

"I doubt they'll even want us to go." Jaz whispered back, giving his shoulder a squeeze.

Carlos shuddered from the cold air as the twins lifted their arms from his shoulders. Jaz ruffled his hair and stepped closer in an attempt to pass on some of her body heat. Jay scowled as he stalked across the room to lean against the wall by his father.

"Now children I suggest you go and pack your things to leave for Auradon." Maleficent said sitting on her throne and examining her nails.

When the five made no movement she scowled at her daughter and made a shooing motion with her hands. Mal stepped closer to her mother and opened her mouth to argue.

"You are going and that is final." Maleficent leant forward in her chair, her eyes glowing green.

Mal's jaw set and she leant forward as well, her eyes flashing green also. Mal fought to keep her gaze steady but blinked and looked to the floor.


"My Carlos isn't going; I'd miss him to much." Cruella's high pitch voice echoed around the room as she opened her arms for her son.

Carlos shuffled across the room a small smile on his lips. Jaz lifted an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I mean who would touch up my roots for me or scrape off my bunions?" Cruella cackled and Carlos stepped away from her, his face falling into a frown.

"I wouldn't mind going then." Carlos frowned as his mother began muttering to the stuffed dog wrapped around her neck.

"Well Evie cannot go until we have sorted out her unibrow." The Evil Queen said and Evie squealed and lifted a hand to her forehead.

Jafar sighed and clapped a hand on Jay's shoulder, "Jay won't be going as I need someone to stock my shelves."

"Uh what about me?" Jaz asked glaring at her father who rolled his eyes and ignored her question, "Well I'm definitely going now."

"Are you all not understanding what this means for us?" Maleficent said looking at the group.

"If Jaz is going then I'll go too." Jay said moving to stand by his sister.

"If Jay is going I'm going." Carlos said stepping around the table to stand on Jaz's other side.

"If Carlos is going to Auradon then I will as well." Evie said flashing a gentle smile at the twins and Carlos.

"Finally." Maleficent said throwing her hands up, "Now that we are all on the same page let us discus the plan. We want you to steal Fairy godmother's wand."

"How are we meant to do that?" Jaz asked and Carlos nodded next to her.

"With this," Maleficent said as she walked over and pulled on the safe door, "Queen come and help."

With a sigh the Evil Queen stood up and brushed the non-existent dirt from her skirt before pulling the safe open with ease. She grabbed the spell book from inside and handed it to Mal's mother.

"This is my spell book. Magic doesn't work here because of the barrier but it will work in Auradon. Queen, give Evie the mirror." Mal carefully took the spell book from her mother.

The Evil Queen pulled out her hand-mirror from the bottom of her makeup bag and pressed it into her daughter's hand. Evie whispered her thanks and traced a finger around the edge of the small mirror.

Jafar wrapped a hand around his son's bicep and lead him to the corner of the room. He said something quietly and Jay flicked his gaze over to where his sister was plaiting her hair. Jay turned back to his father as Jaz caught him looking at her.

"What are you waiting for? Get packing and meet back here in two hours." Maleficent walked from the room, Mal following after her.

"Jazmeen let's go. I must speak to you before you leave." Jafar said dropping a hand onto her shoulder.

Jay missed the flinch his sister was unable to hide and Carlos frowned at the glint in the mans eyes. Jaz shot Carlos a smile she hoped was comforting as she let her father turn her around and lead her from the room.


Jay dropped his bag with a sigh and wiped a hand down his face. Carlos leant against the wall next to him, his bin bag dangling from his fingers. Evie rolled her eyes at the boys before returning to examining her manicured nails. Evie gently nudged Mal in her side pulling the purple haired girl from her reading, as Jaz stepped into the room followed by Jafar. Mal lifted her eyebrows when she saw the rag Jafar had pressed against his jaw.

Carlos spotted the bruise on her neck and Jay felt him tense next to him.

"Hey, Jaz where's your stuff?" Jay asked his sister as he noticed she didn't have a bag in her hands.

"Dude you've got it. I shoved it in your bag before dad and I… talked." Jaz said as she tugged her jacket tighter around herself so it covered her neck more.

Jay shrugged and readjusted his beanie.

A car horn beeped and the VKs shared a look. Whatever happened in Auradon they knew they could rely on each other. I mean how bad could it be?

"Let's blow this popsicle stand."

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