Bad to the Bone

Chapter 19 – Make or Break

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"I'm rotten to the core."

The group attracted attention as they moved across the green field towards the benches in the shade of a large oak tree. Whispers followed them, stories of the recent events circulating through the grape-vine.

It was the smallest member of the group that broke the silence, his fingers curling through the short hairs on Dude's neck as he lowered himself onto the bench, "That could've gone better."

Jaz couldn't help but scoff as she dropped onto the bench, the other female VKs doing the same on the other side of the table, "You can say that again."

The daughter of Jafar dropped her head onto her arm, her mind replaying Aziz' expression on repeat. She couldn't bring herself to analyse the expression and the feelings it brought up in her. Carlos leant towards her, Dude tucked away as to not hit her.

"I saw you kiss Aziz." He commented lowly so only she would hear, "Do you wanna talk about it?"

Jaz shook her head, her eyes squeezed shut as she attempted to force down the uneasiness in her stomach as the adrenaline left her system, "Yeah well that's all over now isn't it? After tomorrow none of it matters and we're done with this place. We can burn it to the ground for all I care."

Cruella's son frowned, resting his head on her shoulder, "Are you okay?"

Jaz shrugged him away, swallowing the lump that had built up in her throat and straightening her spine, "Of course I am; I always am, aren't I?"

Carlos opened his mouth to argue but chose to stay silent as his eyes landed on an approaching Ben. The teen smoothed down the lapels of his jacket as he stepped up behind Mal.

"Are you all okay?" the soon-to-be-king asked, resting his hands on his girlfriend's shoulders. He frowned as the group remained silent, avoiding eye-contact with him.

"Look," he paused for a second to swallow and compose himself, "It's going to be okay. They'll learn to understand; they just need to get used to you being around. Just wait, okay?"

Jaz resisted the urge to roll her eyes and bit her tongue to hold back from responding. Mal shrugged beneath his hands, her own jaw tight to avoid answering.

He sighed softly, "I have to go, but I'll be back, okay? Just be patient and they'll come around; I promise." He pressed a gentle kiss to Mal's cheek before straightening his blazer and walking away.

"How much more time do they need?" Jaz spat, her hands clenching into fists beneath the table as Mal starred at the table-top in silence.

The VKs heard snickering coming up behind them, the leader's shoulders tensing further as they recognised the sound coming from Audrey and Jane as they passed, their arms linked together.

"How long does she think that's going to last?" Audrey sneered loud enough for the surround tables to hear, her pretty face contorted into malicious smirk, "Mal's just a bad girl in a bad situation."

"Yeah," Jane scoffed, although her voice lacked the cruelness that Audrey's held, "He's never going to make a villain a queen."

Having said what they wanted, the pair moved away, laughing between themselves. The VKs watched as Mal's expression darkened and she began flicking through the pages of her spell book. Worry settled in the teens' stomachs, Jaz reaching out to place a hand on the purple-haired teens arm in an attempt to placate her anger.

"Mal." Jaz' voice was soft but held a warning that the teen in question brushed off, having found the spell she wanted.

"Beware forswear, undo Jane's hair." The spell was met by a scream as the brunette hair returned to its original state.

Jane's eyes widened in panic and upset as her so-called 'friends' laughed and pointed at her misfortune. The VKs locked their jaws, turning as one in their seats to glare at the Auradonians.

Mal made a show of tucking her spell book under her arm, eyeing the other teens with a look of distain, "There's a lot more where that came from."

Audrey scoffed, foolishly stepping closer with her arms crossed over her chest, "Excuse me. Who do you think you are?"

Mal laughed humourlessly before sobering and levelling the teen with a glare that would make grown men cry, "Do I look like I'm kidding?" she arched a brow, shrugged and opened her spell book.

Panic spread through the princes and princesses and they turned and fled, throwing fearful glances over their shoulders at the VKs. The villains' children straightened their spines.

In frightening synchronisation, a tactic learnt and refined from the Isle, the group rose from the table and all moved to rally around their purple-haired leader. Their chins raised powerfully, the air around them crackled with warning and danger, they may have felt doubts but the reactions from their peers gave them another push closer to the edge.

Mal exhaled through her nose, pushing away her feelings as she straightened her spine and pursed her lips, "I'm really looking forward to tomorrow; let's grab that wand and blow this Popsicle stand."

They moved as a unit through the school, reminding everyone around them that were not to be messed with; not now – not ever. They fell into formation – with Mal in the front and the twins at the back acting like guards – walking with perfectly terrifying timing.

They managed to reach the girls dorm with no altercations, letting out a collective sigh of relief as the door clicked shut. With a cry, Mal launched her spell book across the room, slumping down the door. Jaz dropped down next to the teen, her brother and best friend following suit. Evie lowered herself carefully, folding her skirt over her legs before drawing Mal into her side.

Mal sighed, taking comfort in her family for a few quiet moments before squeezing Jaz' hand with another sigh, "Okay. Let's go through the plan for tomorrow."

Evie spoke first, her fingers carding through the curls on top of Carlos' head, "You and Ben go by carriage to the ceremony – grabbing the wand once it's unveiled."

Jaz spoke next, her shoulder pressed to Jay's and her hand in Carlos', "Jay and I find that limo and get it to the front of the building."

"Evie will knock out the driver with that spray. I'll make sure we can get to the barrier, and open it when we get there." Carlos fought to keep his gaze off of a certain teen as he detailed his part in the plan.

"Be prepared for anything tomorrow and our get away needs to be as smooth and fast as possible." Mal sighed, roughing a hand through her hair, "This has to work out so go get rested."

Evie pulled the group into a hug, holding her family close for what felt like the last time. Mal was the first to pull away, standing and moving away from the group, her back to them. Jay stood, pulling Evie up with him.

"It's gonna be okay; we've got this." Evie offered them a tight smile as she leant carefully against her dressing table

Jay leant down to pull his sister up, Carlos standing as Jaz brushed off her skirt.

"I'm gonna hang in the guys room tonight – at least until after curfew. I'm not in the mood to deal with Megan tonight; not after today." Evie nodded, reaching out to squeeze her shoulder as she passed on her way to the bathroom.

Mal turned back to the teen, her forehead creased in a frown before pulling Jaz into a rare hug.

Jaz hugged the teen tightly, turning her head to whisper to her, "We can do this. We're finally gonna make them proud."

She pulled away, flashing a small but genuine smile, before leaving the dorm with the boys, with Dude trotting faithfully behind, blissfully unaware of the thick tension hanging in the air.


Jaz watched, her heart heavy in her chest, as Carlos absentmindedly ran his fingers through Dude's fur, starring into space above Jay's head. She knew once the villains overtook, he would have to suppress his true feelings and would not only lose his chances at happiness but would also lose Dude when his mother eventually killed the dog. She knew the smallest VK would be trapped as his mothers slave – probably stuck in that fur closet until Cruella died.

She promised herself that she would protect the smaller teen to the best of her ability but she knew she couldn't get her hopes up; she'd fight tooth and nail for his safety but to do that she had to survive her father.

Jaz fought to hold in a sigh, her thoughts turning to her twin brother.

He sat in the window, his face no doubt turned to the tourney field, his hand resting on his tourney trophy – from his first match as a member of the team. He would also be forced to hide his true feelings once their parents held power again as well as losing his team and newfound beliefs. He would be forced to turn his back on the team and return to a life of stealing for his fathers gain. There was little doubt in Jaz' mind that her father wouldn't send his son after the family that had played a role in Jafar's denouncement and banishment from his home in Agrabah.

She felt her heart break for the pair.

Aware that this train of thoughts would get her nowhere, she forced those feelings down, pushing herself up from the foot of Jay's bed, her jaw locked to keep her lips from trembling.

"I'm gonna go speak to the others; won't be long." Neither boy acknowledged her, not that she had expected them to, and she left the room without another word.

Her feet stilled by the window, watching the students milling about on the grass below. She knew that they'd lose everything they loved once the wand fell into the hands of Maleficent.

Everything they'd ever known would be gone and there'd be no chance for them. Villains would seek revenge on those that had wronged them and it wasn't as if the Heroes would be able to fight back – not with how long the villains had been planning their revenge for. Jaz knew the children of the Isle had thicker skins, making them more resilient than the Auradonians.

A small part of Jafar's daughter hoped there would be a fight against Maleficent but she was aware of just how powerful the evil fairy was even without magic. Maleficent had been stewing over her anger for years and would be unstoppable.

But Jaz knew she had a role to play and that thinking about the unprepared heroes would weaken her resolve. She refused to be the one to let her family down, and that's what the group was; a family connected in every way but blood.

She brushed away any thoughts of the Auradonians, carrying on towards Mal's dorm. Inside she found Evie making last minute adjustments to their gowns for the ceremony.

Evie lifted her head as Jaz stepped into the dorm, the click of the lock seeming louder than normal, "Your dress is finished."

Jaz nodded her thanks, stopping by the desk to run a finger over the sewing machine, "I'm sure you're out done yourself again."

Evie ducked her head, choosing to stay quiet, before moving to her bed. She covered her legs with the comforter, looking silently to the ceiling.

Out of the five of them, Evie would most likely have it the easiest when the villains were freed from the Isle; her mother may have treated her like a puppet on a string, but the Evil Queen still cared for her only daughter and treated her well.

Evie had always been well-fed and had the best clothes. But Jaz knew she wouldn't be happy; she would have to say goodbye to Doug in order to marry a prince of her mother's choosing. She'd be just a pretty face and her battle of brains over looks would have been a waste of time.

As Jaz focuses back on the other teen in the room, she notices Evie had been watching her, "If you wanted to speak to Mal she said she was going for a walk, but she took her spell book so I'd try the kitchens."

Jaz nodded, spotting what looked like a test paper resting on the teen's lap and feeling her heart grow heavy. She felt bad for the girl but knew she could take care of herself.

Weariness settled over Jaz, her footsteps feeling heavy as she made her way to the kitchens in search of Mal. She found her stirring a bowl of what looked like cake batter, with it being smoother than the cookie batter they'd made a week prior.

Jaz noticed the dry tear tracks on Mal's face but decided not to mention them.

Jaz forced what she hoped was an easy smile on her face as she hopped onto the counter next to Mal, "Whatcha making?"

Mal shrugged, attempting to subtly cover up her spell book with a tea towel, "Just some cupcakes; apparently baking is calming so I thought I'd give it a go before tomorrow."

"Bullshit." Jaz shot her friend an incredulous look, tugging the tea towel away and discarding it over her shoulder, "Anti-love potion?"

Mal's eyes closed as she sighed, her shoulders drooping slightly, "Having Ben still be in love with me, when all of this is over, seems unnecessarily cruel." she sighed again, shrugging her shoulders, "And at least this way, he'll be too mad at me for tricking him that he won't come after us until it's too late."

Jaz nodded, knowing better than to argue with her.

Jaz knew that Mal would have it the hardest when it was all over; by her mother's side she would be forced to rein terror over the people she had begrudgingly grown to care for. She would be forced to turn her back on Jane and hurt Ben in the process and would continue to live in her mother's shadow.

Mal would always be the most feared villain kid but would never meet her mother's expectations and would probability never make her proud like she so desperately wanted. She'd spend the rest of her life being compared to her mother.

"I believe in you, you know that right? If anyone can do this it's you." Jaz reached out to squeeze the teen's shoulder, her voice never wavering.

Mal offered a shaky smile in response as she spooned the mixture into cases, "Thanks."

"The plan's pretty much fool-proof and we can do this." Mal nodded, moving to place the tray in the oven, with Jaz taking it as her cue to leave.

Jaz tucked her hands into her pockets, her feet carrying her towards the boys dorm, her mind reeling. Tomorrow was their make-or-break moment and would be the start of the rest of their lives.

She felt conflicted as she pushed open their door, the sight of Carlos and Jay curled up together in the make-shift bed on the floor net helping.

She just wished they had a chance.

She closed the door quietly, heading to the courtyard instead. Cool air greeted her, pushing away her worries. All she had to do was follow the plan and she had faith in their group.

When they took over it wasn't as if she had to stay with her father; she'd have the power to leave and be her own person.

She found herself smiling as her voice carried out into the cool night air;

"We've got this."

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