Bad to the Bone

Chapter 3 – Wand Hunting

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"I'm rotten to the core"

"And here you are." Doug said stopping outside a dorm where music could be heard playing through the thick wooden door, "If you need anything you can come find me in room 203, just at the end of the boys hallway."

"Cool. I might take you up on that some time."

Doug shot her a small smile and turned back down the hall the way they had come. Jaz yawned and pulled her beanie off to run her fingers through her hair. She stuffed the beanie into her pocket and knocked twice on the door.

The music shut off before the door was pulled open by a brunette. The brunette leant against the doorframe and ran her eyes over Jaz.

"And you are?" the other teen asked, before blowing a strand of hair from her face.

"Your new roommate. I'm Jaz." Jaz' roommate nodded and pushed off the door frame.

"Oh. Come on in then." She said stepping into the room, "I'm Megan, daughter of Megara and Hercules."

She pointed to the bed on the left side of the room, "That bed's yours and your wardrobe is the one next to it." she waved her thumb towards the other door to the side of the room, "there's the bathroom. We have one desk to share and I'll move my stuff so you have room later."

Jaz nodded and dropped onto the previously mentioned bed and cast her eyes around the room and its decoration, "It's pretty pink."

Megan ran a hand through her hair as she dropped onto her own bed. She let out a sigh, "Yeah. I've asked to have it changed and Fairy Godmother said she'll get around to it. That was a year ago, so."

Jaz ran her fingers through her hair before starting to braid her hair, "Why don't you just do it yourself?"

Megan shrugged, "I'd never thought of that. Maybe I will."

The Auradonian tucked her legs underneath herself and noticed the lack of bags with the VK.

"Uh, where's all your things?"

"Oh yeah, my brother has them."

"Do you need to go get it?"

Jaz shook her head, "Nah, I'll get it tomorrow. I don't even know where he is so."

"I could help you find it." Megan offered, moving her hair over her shoulder.

"Nah, it's cool." Jaz said tying her bobble around the end of her braid and pushing off the bed, "I'm actually going to go scope the place out."

"Cool. Don't forget curfew is at twelve and Fairy Godmother may seem sweet, but if you're caught out of bed she's not so sweet." Jaz nodded before stepping out of the dorm and closing the door.

Jaz heard Megan move around and then the music started up again. She tugged her beanie out of her pocket and pulled it on her head before starting down the hallway. She lifted her hand to scratch her forehead as she turned the corner and collided with a solid chest and landed on the floor. She swatted away the hand held out to help her up and glared at the other teen.

"Hey, uh, sorry about that." He said as Jaz pushed herself up and brushed herself off.

"Just watch where you're going next time, jackass." Jaz growled before shoving past him and down the corridor.

Jaz scowled as she turned around another corner and swore as she collided into another chest.

"For fucks sake. Does anyone watch where they're going in the damn school?" Jaz grumbled as she pushed herself back upright, she lifted her head to see Ben, "shit! Prince. Oh my god. My fault. I didn't see you."

"No Jaz, I assure you its fine. Let's agree it's both our faults and leave it there." Ben said with small smile, "You headed anywhere specific?"

"Uh no, not really. I was kinda hoping to run into jay, but you know just wandering really." Jaz shrugged and tucked her hands into her jacket pockets.

"You don't know where his room is?"

"Nah. They all disappeared before."

"I can always show, if need be?" he offered, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yeah sure. Lead the way your highness."

"I take it you've met Megan then?" he asked after a few minutes of almost awkward silence.

Jaz nodded as they stopped outside one of the dorm rooms, "Here you are."

Jaz nodded before knocking twice on the door. After a few seconds the door was opened and Carlos popped his head around.

"Your highness." Jaz nodded to the prince before stepping into the room and shutting the door behind her, leaving Ben stood in the corridor.

"Finally," Mal drawled from one of the beds, "What took you so long?"

"How was I supposed to know what time to be here? Especially when you all fucked off, leaving me not knowing where I was going."

Mal pushed off the bed and stepped closer, "You should have found us earlier, it's not like we were hiding. What have you been doing all this time?"

"And how was I supposed to do that?"

Jay moved between the pair and pushed them apart, "Mal back off."

"Make me." Mal sneered, crossing her arms across her chest as Jaz dropped onto one of the beds.

"That's enough." Evie said with her hands on her hips, "that doesn't get us anywhere. Now Carlos have you found that place yet?"

"Yeah, it's a few minutes away."

"Let's go then." Evie slipped her mirror into her purse before walking out of the dorm followed closely by Carlos and Mal.

The twins bumped shoulders before following. Jay draped his arm over Carlos' shoulders as they caught up.

"What's your room like?" Carlos asked and Jaz ruffled his hair.

"pink." Jaz said with an eye roll and nudged the smaller teens shoulder with hers.

"And your roommate?"

Jaz shrugged and readjusted her beanie, "Eh. She's got a pretty decent taste in music though."

Carlos shrugged and wrapped his arm around her waist. Jay pulled his arm from around his shoulders and jogged to catch up with the girls. Carlos sighed quietly and rested his head on Jaz' shoulder.

"Come on then, Littlelegs. The quicker we get there, the quicker we get that wand and the quicker we get back."

The white-haired VK nodded and allowed Jaz to grab his hand and pull him along.

"We're here." Jay announced rather unnecessarily.

Jaz squeezed Carlos' hand before letting go and moving to stand by Jay. The group peered through the small widows on the main entrance, as the security guard watched all the CCTV cameras. Their eyes landed on the spinning wheel sat on the podium, a sign reading 'Maleficent's Spinning Wheel' sitting on the base.

Jaz snickered and covered her mouth her hand, "That's your mother's spinning wheel?"

"It's kinda dorky." Carlos snickered and Jay elbowed him in the ribs.

"It's magic, it doesn't have to look scary." Mal scowled.

"Sure." Jaz mumbled to Carlos, who bit back a laugh.

Mal sighed and flicked through her spell book, "Magic spindle do not linger, make my victim prick a finger."

The guard swivelled his chair around, gaze locked on the spindle, before shaking his head to clear it and turning back to the monitors.

"Impressive." Jaz snickered.

"I got chills." Carlos muttered sarcastically, bumping shoulders with Jaz.

"Okay, you know what." Mal exhaled through her nose and angrily flicked through her spell book again, "Prick the finger, prick it deep, send my enemy off to sleep."

In a daze, the guard rose from his chair and trudged to the spinning wheel. He pressed his finger down on the needle tip before yawning a lying down on the base of the podium, fast asleep.

"Not so dorky now huh?" Mal said with a smirk before pulling the handle to find the door was locked.

Jay walked backwards, "Stand back then."

Mal flicked through her spell book again as jay prepared to run up to the door, "Make it fast, make it quick, open up without a kick."

The doors flung themselves open as jay leapt up to kick them. Jaz held back her giggles by covering her mouth with her hand as he landed on his back.

Mal hummed before stepping over the teen, "Let's go then."

Evie sighed and followed after her as Jaz held out a hand to her brother.

She hauled him up and brushed off his arm, "That went well, huh?"

Jay huffed and followed after the girls. Jaz and Carlos rolled their eyes at each other before following into the museum. Jaz tucked the smaller teen under her arm,

"Let's blow this popsicle stand."


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