San Francisco, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, increased in beauty due to the diverse earth colors that decorated it, thanks to the incomparable autumn; the leaves wandered to the beat of the wind through the streets of San Francisco. The serenity of the city is cheerful to hear but immediately interrupted by the sounds of four cars at high speed; three of them chasing a gray car, the latter appeared and disappeared with completeness.

Inside, an adult woman was driving the car, frequently observing rear-view mirrors, analyzing the movements of her followers. A man of the same age as the woman, next to her, informed her of the route she should take while holding a cell phone in her ear, trying desperately to contact a person. In the back, a couple in the third age, both driving laptop, which managed hastily despite the abrupt movements of the car.

"Oh, come on! Answer!," the companion shouted to the person with whom he was trying to contact. The driver looked at him automatically, her eyes showed a desperate worry and her breathing became ragged.

"We must go to look for it," the driver spoke too quickly, stepping on the accelerator, shrugged the car and suddenly turned to her left, without fear that one of the cars that were in the other hand, will step on them. The companion continued to call by phone, repeatedly dialing the contact he wanted to contact while his desperation increased and that feeling was transmitted to those who accompanied them in the car.

The three cars continued following that gray car but its driver was undoing them with small traps that caused tiny accidents; They arrived at their destination after a quarter of an hour, the four passengers left and ran towards the house, finding it disorderly, noticing the backpack of a teenager in the lobby. A sound caught their attention and they ran to where it was coming from, finding a disturbing scene in which they came immediately.

Chapter 1: Positive

In the aftermath of resolving the chaos caused by hand - or rather, the crack - of Thanos, each person taken away from this effect, returned to the arms of their loved ones and for a day, the streets of the whole world were empty; delighting the whole feeling, however, people began to perform their usual tasks with speed and naturalness as if the previous events had never happened even though they were internally aware of them. With dedication, they began to clean up the products that caused the click.

A week after what happened, Scott Lang; one of the heroes who had restored the effects of the snap; he enjoyed the day with his daughter, Cassie, playing various board games that caused endless laughter. A knock at the front door interrupted the game of hide-and-seek, the adult went to her and when she opened it, her light green eyes flashed at the sight of the woman in front of him, Hope Van Dyne; both smiled in complacency. Scott allowed him to enter the house without taking his eyes off them; he had missed her when the click had made her disappear into the dust.

The teenager came over and greeted Hope, both had become close since the father of the girl began to go out with the woman; the young woman excused herself to go see a movie and allow the couple privacy. They both watched as the teenager left the room, when she was no longer in sight, Scott walked over to Hope and circled his arms around the woman's waist, both smiling with pure love. Hope placed her palms on Scott's chest and stopped to examine in depth the various shades of green in her partner's eyes.

"Hey." Scott murmured as he observed every particularity of the woman's face with pure devotion.

"Hey." Hope answered, widening her smile, dazzling her tender dimples on each cheek. Scott can not help it anymore and he leaned quickly towards her, planting his lips on his girlfriend's, allowing her eyes to close to enjoy the multiple feelings. When they distanced themselves, they both smiled with delight.

"How about your day?" Asked the man still smiling and wrapping the woman in his arms.

"Regular, I was with mom and dad, and we talked about that since they do not pursue us anymore, we could restart with Pym Tech."

"Wow, that's a great idea." Scott eluded enthusiastically.

"I know, I hope we can reconstruct it," spoke Hope, her look hopeful and somewhat distrustful.

"Of course they can, all three are very tenacious, brave, strong, reckless..."

"Well, stop, enough adjectives." Hope interrupted, grabbing the lapels of Scott's shirt with her hands and drawing him lightly to her.

"Well, for you they are very short. You are beautiful, incredible, resplendent, stunning, intelligent..."

Hope's laughter interrupted Scott's compliments, he shook his head at the grace of his partner and before Scott continued, he leaned toward him, sealing his lips with abundant sweetness and truthful love. Subsequently, they joined with the teenager, resumed the game left behind.

The months for this couple passed in the same line, sometimes there were adventures, challenges, action but love always stood out but seven months after the chaos caused by the crack, a new challenge had knocked on the door with symptoms directed towards the woman, Hope.

The cough due to the nausea that announced a late vomit, echoed the bathroom, followed by a couple of moans. Hope, who had been kneeling in front of the toilet, sat up to the nausea; she went to the sink and wet his hands, followed by his worried face, knowing what that morning symptom might mean. She closed his eyes as he rested one of his hands on the edge of the width of the sink and his other hand on his temple; trying to find an alternative contrary to what he believed but all the symptoms were directed, especially one in particular. She distanced himself from the sink and placed his free hand on his waist, walked along the bathroom to his alteration. Without further reasoning, she left to go to his car and go to the only place that dispensed from the object that would affirm or deny his restlessness.

When she finally had that object and was in his home again, she just had to do what he had to do.

Two lines. Positive.

His gaze remained fixed on the result for a few unknown minutes, incredulous. Under the object, finally, she caught his lower lip between his teeth, blinked repeatedly at the urge to cry; again observed the object between his hands, not believing it.

Wanting to announce it to someone, she looked for his cell phone and phoned his partner.

"Hi, honey." Scott greeted with his classic sympathy.

"Hi... Scott, could you come?" Asked with a broken voice before a number of emotions that had hit her.

"Are you okay?" Questioned Scott worried, joining his site of the security company. He ran to the door and stairs, desperate to get to his girlfriend.

"Yes... I just... need to tell you... something," Hope stuttered, turning her gaze back to the tablet.

"I'm heading there," Scott said, surprised at Hope's attitude as he got into his car and put his phone down. Soon he was already in front of his partner's house, he hurried to the entrance and entered; He looked for some sign of Hope. He found her in the living room, reclining on the sofa with one arm over her eyes, at that sight he ran to her.

"Hope? Are you okay?"

"Yes." He mumbled as he removed his arm from his eyes, revealing the tears.

"Hope, what's wrong?" He questioned as he knelt next to her and extended one of his hands to her face, and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"I'm ... I'm ... pregnant, Scott." She gestured as one of his hands gave her the pregnancy test she had been holding and contemplating since she had returned from the pharmacy. Scott looked at Hope without expression and then looked at the test, noticing both red lines, his gaze returned to his beloved girlfriend and a smile emerged, and without thinking he rushed towards her, kissing her.