CapĂ­tulo 5

Announcement Pt 2

P.O.V Scott

The morning dawned calm and pleasant warm, a normal day of the beginning of summer; the few sounds that were heard are the hands of the clock through the passing minutes and the morning birds. This morning I woke up early to the enthusiasm that emanated from my body since Cassie would come to spend the weekend with them, which meant that today I would tell the news. God, he longed to see her face when he heard that she would be an older sister.

Last night we had announced Hank and Janet, it was better than I had expected; I remembered the little conversation with Hank, another reason for my enthusiasm.

After the brief hug with Hank, I put my hand on his shoulder. 'With regard to marriage, I want to propose it to you.' I whispered so that Hope could not hear.

'Scott, I'm very aware of your feelings towards my daughter, I should not remind you that I've been in the middle of that; You have done the impossible to bring her to life. I know you'll make her happy, you already do ... 'He said in a low voice, we both looked in the direction of the mother and daughter hugging each other. 'You have my consent'.

I smiled knowing that I had a green pass to plan the proposal, I wanted it to be perfect and mainly to say yes.

"Why is that smile?"

My eyes were fixed towards the origin of the voice; her green eyes flashed in amusement even as she frowned, her lips curled into a small smile as she watched me leaning against the frame of the kitchen entrance. I shook my head, unable to answer; not wanting to reveal but I had caught not only thinking about my future proposal but also in its natural beauty; In my rapture, I noticed the first physical change that pregnancy is causing.

"My eyes are up, perverted." I speak laughing.

"I'm sorry." I apologized, smiling and looking at his eyes again. -"The pregnancy is getting noticed."

"Yes, it's painful." He expressed while looking at her breasts. -"It is not the only thing that is being noticed; not only do I have nausea, I also suffer from dizziness, I urinate every ten minutes, I feel tired, which causes me to sleep twice and not talk about my appetite." She expressed, enumerating every change she noticed as she approached my side. I started laughing, turned on myself, started looking in the cupboard and refrigerator, the ingredients to make pancakes. -"It is supposed to increase the appetite but I must force myself to swallow a mouthful."

"Not all pregnancies are the same. It will be regulated." I spoke as I poured the mixture into the pan, then leaned toward her and kissed her temple; she smiled at me, wearing her adorable dimples.

"You know, you still have not answered my initial question." She said, taking a raspberry from the set of ingredients, sniffing it.

"Today Cassie will come." I informed him.

"Oh ... that means ... you will tell her." She finally bit into the raspberry while nodding and twirling the pancake in the air.

"Of course you will be there. I'm one hundred percent sure I'll want to hug you." I reported looking at her out of the corner of my eye, seeing a small smile on her beautiful face.

We had breakfast sharing that tranquility that was transmitted from the outside; Occasionally interrupted by our laughter or simply the laughter of Hope. Today is Saturday so without conditions, we stayed together on the sofa after breakfast; occasionally paying attention to a movie but invariably we ended up strangers to it and conversed, from time to time, complete with lost kisses.

Cassie appeared at our door at two in the afternoon; He joined us in the living room, talking about his school week. It was still difficult for me to see her as a teenager and to be attending high school although we were still catching up since there were some things that she avoided due to her age but she ended up telling me some things, like for example, her first date.

"So, we started laughing at that stupid drawing Eva had made. At first our teacher did not notice but the more we were tempted between us, the more we heard the laughter in the middle of the room, then the teacher looked at us."

"Oh, dear, no." I speak Hope, next to me.

"Yes, Eva told me to stop while she was still laughing but we could not stop weighed that everyone was looking at us as if we had gotten a screw until finally the teacher scolded us and we had to go to detention." She finally conclude his story.

"Simply why you went to detention?" I asked funny.

"Yes, with Eva we think that the teacher grabbed us a mania to scold us." Cassie expressed as she shrugged and nibbled a red velvet cupcake, which I had bought in the morning before making breakfast. "And you, something new to comment?"

"Indeed, yes, we have something to tell you." I spoke ecstatically. Hope slid her hand and entwined it with mine, and shook it; giving me strength but just when I was going to give the announcement, Cassie interrupted me.

"Are you going to get married?" She asked, jumping excitedly on the single sofa. I smiled and watched Hope, noticing her frown.

"Do not. You will have a little sister." I announced returning to address Cassie still smiling while watching her reaction; his eyes and mouth were open, and in barely a minute, his face burst with happiness and he sat up to throw himself into our arms from our places.

"Congratulations, I'm so happy for you." Cassie spoke once she distanced herself from us.

"Thanks, Cass." Hope thanked her smiling and slightly tightening my hand.

"Wait, is it a girl?" Cassie asked with a slight twinkle in her eyes; I felt Hope's eyes, scolding me.

"You should stop saying it's a girl, it could be a boy."

"No, it's a girl." I shook my head. It is a feeling that I have and that has convinced me immediately that I would be a girl; I could already imagine with a small Hope and with a small mixture of me, running around the house and laughing.

"Do not you want a boy?" Cassie questioned with a mixed expression of confusion and amusement.

"I would love a boy but ... it's a girl."

Both women laughed and shook their heads at my stubborn persistence; Hope settled into my side, hugging my arm where she still held her hand.

"If it's a girl, you'll be surrounded by women." Cassie said, picking up the muffin that she had left aside after we told her the news.

"Yes, surrounded by my girls."

They both smiled at me, Hope leaned over and kissed my cheek tenderly, I smiled at her when I saw her watching me with a smile and I went around her shoulders. We continued talking about various topics, laughing and before we realized it had already been done at night; Hope got up to prepare something quick for dinner. I leaned forward so that only Cassie could hear.

"There's something else I want to tell you. I plan to propose marriage." I murmured, she smiled immediately. Cassie had always been my buddy to tell her some important things and vice versa; I was surprised when he gave me a word of impulse to a certain fact I should do, his faith in me had never left his being despite those five years of distance that had been taken from us. I always assumed that it is part of his personality and it is a trait that made me proud.

"Oh, Dad, that's amazing!" Cassie murmured enthusiastically, trying her best to keep her voice low. -"When will you do it?"

"I still do not have a specific date. First I want to plan it and make it perfectly."

Cassie smiled at me and nodded and then hugged me once more during the day. -"I'm so happy for you, dad. She can not be more perfect for you."

"Thanks, Peanut."

We held each other until we heard Hope return to the living room, carrying a tray of sandwiches and snacks; I joined to help her. We cozy up again to watch a comic action movie.

I could have this simple and cozy joy during all the days of my life since creating this kind of memories with "my girls" is my new favorite activity.