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Chapter 1:  No Vacation for you!                     


    Scene 1:   (yes, I will do this every time…) In the Forrest

     Hiei is resting peacefully in his favorite tree, when a loud, bubbly voice startles him from his nap.

     "Hiei!"  Botan called.  She was standing at the base of the tree, her oar slung over her shoulder.

     Hiei, glaring his signature glare, merely "Hn"s, and jumps lightly from the branch to the ground.  Crossing his arms, he asks, "What do you want?"

     Botan is not put off by his cold stare, and excitedly tells him that Koenma has asked to speak with him ASAP. 

     Hiei's eyes narrow, but, being bound to his service, grunts, and reluctantly heads off in a flash.  Botan sighs, and heads off towards town.

    Scene 2:     In Town                        

     Botan arrives at Kurama's house after not too much time, and waits in the tree by his window for him to return home from school.  Needing action to keep her going, Botan finds the wait boring, and falls asleep before Kurama makes it back. 

* Most likely an hour or two later *

     A certain red-haired teen walks up the sidewalk and, unlocking the front door, enters his house.  Kurama grabs a drink from the refrigerator, and heads upstairs to start on his homework.  But as Kurama sets out his books on his desk, he spots something out of the corner of his eye, outside the window. 

     Curiously walking to the window and opening it, he sees Botan asleep in his tree.  Kurama sighs, not wanting to startle her, and carefully steps onto a branch, carrying her inside. 

     While still in Kurama's arms, Botan stirs.  She looks up at him with big blue eyes, and smiles.  Then, realizing this was real, eeps, and jumps to the floor, startled. 

     Kurama just smiles that smile of his, and offers her his yet-unopened drink, and the desk chair.  She sits and takes the drink, looking a bit embarrassed at nearly cuddling him a moment earlier. 

     Sensing her discomfort, and being his ever-polite self, Kurama decides to break the slightly awkward silence.  "So was there something you needed…?"

     "Yes!  Yes of course, why else would I be here?"  She chuckles slightly, looking a little red.  Kurama smiles and she quickly continues, putting down the now distracting drink.  "Yes, Koenma wishes to see you, as quickly as possible."  She nods slightly, proud of herself as she completed another errand. 

     "Of course," Kurama responds.

     Botan smiles and the two head for Koenma's office in Reikai.

    Scene 3:   In ReiKai 

     Inside his office, everyone's favorite toddler sits, furiously stamping "important" papers.  The big blue ogre behind him clears his throat.  "Uh, Lord Koenma, Sir, Botan and Kurama are here."

     Koenma looks up, and greets the two as they enter the room where three other people are standing in front of his desk.  One of these, of course, was Hiei, who arrived much more quickly than the other two.  The tall one was Kuwabara, and the dark haired boy beside him was, naturally, Yuusuke Urameshi, Spirit Detective.  This one looks at the two, amused.

     "Geez, Botan, Hiei's been here for over an hour, what took you and Kurama so long?" he winks at them, smirking. 

     Botan blushes, managing an, "Eh heh…"

     Kurama though, calm as ever, simply replies, "Some of us do not skip school daily," as he walks up to join the others.  Botan quietly slips out of the room.

     Kuwabara points at Yuusuke, and laughs.  "He sure got you, Urameshi!"

     Hiei snorts.  "He was referring to the both of you, baka."


     Yuusuke ignores them, and turns back towards Koenma.  "So, what's the deal this time, Big Guy?" He asks, almost sarcastically. 

     Koenma looks at them all.  "Actually, Yuusuke, I don't have a mission for you."  Before they can exclaim all at once, he continues, "There has been a lull in troubles lately, and it seems that it may be a while before you will be needed for another errand."

     Kuwabara, dense as always, asks, scratching his head, "So, what's that mean for us?"

     Koenma nearly groans, as this should have been obvious.

     "It means we get a vacation, right?"  Yuusuke interjects before Koenma can respond.

     Koenma nods.  "Yes, you and Kuwabara are on "vacation" as of now, for a yet-undetermined period of time."

     The two yell in excitement, and immediately run out of the room, happy to be free for a while.  That leaves Kurama and Hiei still standing in front of Koenma's desk, looking at him expectantly, as they were not included in the vacation announcement.

     "As for you two…" Koenma begins. 

     "Let me guess," Hiei interrupted.  "No vacation for the demons?"

     Koenma looks a bit indecisive.  "Well, Hiei, while you and Kurama have certainly earned a break as much as the other two, I just can't run the risk of letting the two of you roam free, no matter for how short a time."

     Kurama narrows his green eyes, "What are you saying then?"

     Hiei listens intently, and Koenma sighs before responding.  "I cannot run the risk of you –especially you, Hiei—getting bored, and causing your own trouble."  He receives looks from both of them.  "Ahem, so what I want you both to do for this period of time, is go out and get jobs for yourselves.  Something to do, to keep you occupied."  Koenma looks quite proud, having thought of the idea himself.

     Koenma receives silence as a response, with Kurama looking pensive.

     "Now Kurama, I know you have school work to keep you busy, but I cannot allow Hiei to suffer different terms than you, so you both must do this."

     Hiei glares at Koenma.  "Hn."

     Koenma raises an eyebrow slightly, and responds, "Or perhaps you would like to be returned to your ORIGINAL punishment?"

     Needless to say, Hiei and Kurama reluctantly agreed to go out and get…gasp…jobs!


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