First of all, I'd like to say that this is um an AU sorta ficcie. Also, Relena is gonna be somewhat nice in this cause she's Paranoid Euphoria's manager, therefore she has to be somewhat nice, right? But don't worry; she'll be her bitchy self in parts of this. Tee hee.. I have a somewhat weird plot for this, so hopefully it'll turn out ok. I have already paired up the couples, and hopefully everyone will like them cause I sure do. I want lots of reviews for this chapter, like eight or nine before I put up the second chappie, mmk? Good, now read, enjoy, and review!


Mina, Serena, and Makoto all squealed as they pressed their faces up against the store window, and they gazed at the televisions that were showing the band, Paranoid Euphoria.

"Heero is so cute!" Mina jumped up and down a bit, not noticing the glances people were giving her.

"Nuh uh! Trowa's the best!" Makoto squealed yet again.

"What? No way! Duo is the best!" Serena went off into la la land as she drooled over the boy with the braid.

"Come on you guys, we have to meet Rei at the temple soon or else we'll be late." Ami glanced down at her watch again, before looking back up at her three friends.

"Don't get your panties into a twist Ami. Besides, I happen to know for a fact that you think Quatre is cute." Mina turned to look at her friend who was a light shade of pink.

"What?!" Serena turned surprised, and her eyes nearly popped out of her head to see Ami blushing.

"Is that true?" Makoto looked away too and smiled at the look on Ami's face.

"G-Guys we need to go or else we'll be late." With that said, Ami turned and quickly walked down the street with the other three right behind her.

"So Ami, how come you never told us that you liked Quatre?" Serena was walking backwards in front of her.

"Yeah! How come you didn't?" Makoto asked as she got on Ami's right side, leaving the left side for Mina.

"Look at this!" Mina snatched a picture of Quatre out of Ami's bag.

"Mina! Give that back!" Ami blushed furiously as she tried to retrieve the picture from her friend.

"WHERE WERE YOU?!" They all turned to see Rei standing in front of the temple with her arms crossed.

"Uh hi Rei." Mina smiled and waved to her friend who looked as if she had smoke coming out of her ears. Ami managed to get the picture back from Mina who was too busy getting glared at by Rei, along with Matoko and Serena.

"Sorry that we're late, these three were drooling over that band, Paranoid Euphoria." Ami said as she walked over to where Rei was standing.

"I'm not surprised, that's all they do anymore." Rei glared at her three friends for a bit longer before turning and going into the shrine.

"I hate studying." Serena groaned as the rest of them followed after Rei.

*Later that night at Mina's house*

"Serena, Makoto, I have just had the best idea ever!" Mina flopped down on her bed in front of her two friends.

"What is it?" Makoto asked, because Serena was stuffing her face with donuts.

"Well, you know how I want to be a famous singer, right? And how the group Paranoid Euphoria is looking for another singer, right? Well..I know they're looking for a guy and all, but I was thinking that well I could try out!" Mina beamed at her two friends for thinking of such a great idea.

"WHAT?!" Serena had stopped eating and now was looking up at her friend. "Are you serious Mina? What will you do about your hair? And your chest!"

"Ami and Rei wouldn't let you do this, and what about your parents?" Makoto's eyes were wide with excitement and concern at the same time.

"Well you see-"

"What are you going to do about school? What about your clothes?" Serena had jumped up and was peering down at Mina.

"Yeah!" A second later, Makoto was right next to Serena.

"Guys! Come on! I could so pull this off!" Mina smiled nervously up at her two friends. "But I will need your help, besides, if I do get in, I could probably hook you guys up with Duo and Trowa." Mina grinned knowing that she had convinced her two friends to help her.

"We both know how good you are at singing, so I guess the first thing we should do is get you some clothes." Serena said, happy at the idea of them getting to go shopping.

"Yeah, and after that we can do something about you hair." Makoto said sitting down on the bed next to Mina.

"We aren't cutting my hair!" Mina grabbed her golden locks and tried as best she could to keep it away from Makoto.

"If we're not going to cut it, then we'll have to figure out something to do with it." Serena sat down on the other side of Mina, and offered her friends the almost empty box of donuts.

"Well you could leave it down, because Duo has long hair too, right?" Matoko grabbed a donut and took a bite out of it.

"Yeah! That's a great idea!" Mina smiled happily knowing she wouldn't have to cut her hair. "It's getting late, we'll finish talking in the morning." Mina poked Serena who had fallen asleep with a donut in her mouth.


"Now remind me again, why are we getting a new band member?" Duo asked looking at Quatre.

"I've told you five times already, Duo. If we have a new band member, then we'll become 'even more famous', like Relena said." Quatre sighed as he looked out the window into the dark city.

"It's injustice." Wufei muttered from the doorway.

"We can't do anything about it." Trowa looked up from the muted t.v. he was watching.

"Hn." Heero was typing away on his laptop, like usual.

"If we do get a new band member, then it would be safe to not let him be around Relena alone." Quatre said quietly, and the others agreed with him.

"I'm so bored! Why don't we all go out and have some fun? We never get to go out and have fun anymore." Duo turned to his friends and pouted.

"I do agree with you, Duo. All we do is work and it would be nice to be able to go out for a bit. What do you guys say?" Trowa turned off the tv, Heero closed his laptop, and Wufei moved out of the doorway.

"All right! Party on!" Duo jumped up and raced out of the room with the others walking behind him.


"What about this?" Serena held a shirt up to Mina while Makoto picked out some pants.

"Yeah! It'll go great with these pants!" Makoto took the shirt from Serena and handed both the pants and shirt to Mina before shoving her into the dressing room. Mina came out a few minutes later wearing khaki shorts that went down to her knees and white t-shirt that hung about her loosely.

"Um guys? What are we going to do about my breasts?" Mina looked at herself in the mirror and finally pulled out her trademark red ribbon.

"Ta da!" Makoto held out what looked to be duct tape.

"Tape?" Serena asked, confused just like Mina was.

"Yeah, she'll tape them down so she'll appear to have a flat-chest." Makoto said in a matter-of-fact way.

"Ohh.." Serena smiled and nodded.

"What?!" Mina of course, didn't really like the idea.

"You wanted to do this Mina. Besides, it's the only way." Makoto handed her friend the duct tape and her and Serena waited as Mina went back into the dressing room.

"What about her face, Makoto? She looks too much like a um..girl?" Serena was holding up different shirts in front of her as she looked at herself in the mirror.

"People will just dismiss her as one of those pretty-boys." Minutes passed before Mina finally came back from the dressing room.

"Wow! You can't even tell you have breasts!" Serena said feeling her friend's chest. Mina smacked her friend upside the head causing her to stop.

"Makoto, Serena?" The three girls turned to see Rei standing behind them. "What are you guys doing?" She arched a brow as she looked from Makoto to Serena and back. She blinked in surprise as she realized they weren't alone. "You look familiar." Rei walked past the two and stared at Mina.

"Eh.." Mina took a step back, wondering what to do.

"MINA?!" Rei exclaimed shocked to see her friend in boy's clothes. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Well you see..Um.." Mina took another step back and ended up tripping over a chair and falling. Her arms flailed about desperately to grab something, and ended up grabbing Rei's arm and pulling her down with her.

"Hey hey hey! This isn't someplace where you can make out! Take your teenage romance crap somewhere else." A sales clerk glared at Mina and Rei before turning and leaving.

"Mina you have some explaining to do." Rei said as she got up and helped Mina up. Serena and Makoto tried to sneak off, thinking that Rei was distracted. "Makoto, Serena!" The two froze in place and turned to face their angry friend.

"Well you see.." Mina sighed as she began to tell Rei all about her plan.


In case you're wondering what the couples are going to be, here they are:

Minako x Heero Usagi x Duo Makoto x Trowa Rei x Wufei Ami x Quatre