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"Hurry up you two!" Mina called upstairs as she waited impatiently with Rei and Ami by the door.

"We should just leave without them." Rei said while flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"That wouldn't be nice." Ami frowned as she glanced down at her watch once again.

Serena and Makoto came running down the stairs, minutes later, huge grins on their faces.

"I'm gonna be meeting Duo!" Serena squealed as they finally left the house.

"And I'm going to meet Trowa!" Makoto drooled as hearts appeared in her eyes.

"All of you have to promise me you won't leave me alone with Relena." Mina shuddered just at the thought of the girl. The girls nodded before taking off down the street. It was only a few minutes, before Serena started to whine.

"I'm not dressed to run!" She whined as she tried to keep up.

"None of us are, Odango Atama." Rei snapped.

"I am!" Mina grinned. And of course, she was, being the only "male". She wore a pair of black baggy shorts that went down a bit past her knees, a red tank top, and black sneakers.

Serena on the other hand wore a black dress with cherries on it that went down to her knees, and platform flip flops with a three inch soles.

Rei wore a white scoop neck tank, pinstripe pants with cuffs, ria hat, and ridgemont sneakers.

Makoto was dressed up wearing a black tank top with a fishnet t-shirt over that, a green stretch miniskirt that went down to her knees, with a green star belt wrapped around her waist twice, and mostro sneakers.

Ami, the only one who wasn't all that dressed up, wore a denim miniskirt, a black t-shirt with a crossover back, and vans quincy sneakers.

"How much further?" Ami ask as they ran across a crowded street.

"Just a bit further." Mina said as they weaved their way through a crowd of people.

"I'm tired!" Serena whined. Not looking to where she was going, she smacked into a stop sign. It took her a second to regain her balance, and when she did, she bowed and muttered a quick apology, thinking it was a person, before racing off after her friends.

Rei, seeing this, began to laugh at her clueless friend.

"What's so funny?" Serena asked as they finally saw that they were near the club.

"You just apologized to a stop sign!" Mina and Makoto began to laugh at hearing this, causing Serena to blush and look away.

"We're heeeerrreee!" Mina sang happily as they stopped in front of the club. There were two bouncers near the entrance, and in front of them, was a very long line of people.

Serena's eyes bulged at seeing how many people were there, and began to whine yet again. Rei smacked Serena, which started a raspberry war. Makoto and Ami were trying to stop them, while Mina wandered up and down the line.

"Kyo Aino?" One of the bouncers asked as he looked at Mina.

"Huh?" Mina looked at him, and without realizing it, took a step back.

"Come on in." He moved out of the way, to let her in, which surprised her.

"Hold on a sec." Running to where her friends were, she grabbed Serena and Rei by the hair and dragged the two into the club with Makoto and Ami following closely behind.

As they entered the club, they were surprised to see it wasn't all that crowded. The people that were in there, were the kind of people you usually see in expensive dresses and clothes, who usually bragged about how much money they had. Needless to say, the five girls felt out of place. Glancing back outside, Mina frowned at seeing all the regular dressed people being kept outside.

Relena waved to them from a table, where the five band members of Paranoid Euphoria sat. Relena was wearing a white dress that went down to her knees, tights, and matching white shoes. The guys looked very uncomfortable wearing their dress pants and cashmere shirts.

"I'll be right back." Mina whispered to her friends before going back out to where the bouncers were. "Anou...can you let these people in?" She asked as she looked at the two of them.

"Relena Peacecraft said to keep them out." One replied, while letting another nicely dressed couple in.

"Well she said to let them in." Mina smiled, hoping that it'd work. The two looked at each other before back to her. "Really she did, she told me herself." She watched them move out of the way, letting the people in. Some of them smiled and thanked her before going on in.

Going in herself, she found her friends at the bar ordering drinks. Walking over to them, someone grabbed her arm, and she turned to see Trowa standing there. She was about to ask him what he wanted, when he nodded towards where Relena sat. Looking at her friends, she sighed and followed the tall boy towards the table.

"Kyo, I'm so glad you came." Relena said as she shoved Duo over to make room for Mina to sit down. Before Mina could even say a word, Relena suddenly saw all the "ordinary" people in the club. "What are they doing in here? I specifically asked that they were kept out." She said in her usual snobbish voice.

"It doesn't matter that they're here, right?" Mina asked, while looking at the girl.

"Of course it does! I don't want to be mixing with such...people." She said the last word with obvious distaste.

"Well then, since you don't like "such people" then I shall leave you alone." Mina happily jumped up from her seat, only to find a pair of arms wrap around her and pull her back down. Letting out a yelp in surprise, she suddenly found herself against Relena.

Before she could even try to pry the girl off herself, a familiar voice greeted her. Looking she saw Ami standing there, a small smile on her face.

"Ami!" Mina jumped up and hid behind the girl who just laughed.

"Kyo, the others were starting to wonder where you went." She said, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "But, if you're busy-"

"NO!" Mina yelled, clinging to Ami. "Ami, this is Relena and the band." Ami smiled at them all before being dragged away by Mina.

"If only we could so easily walk away." Duo muttered. The others, minus Relena, nodded in agreement.

"So Mina, when are you going to introduce us to the band?" Serena asked as she looked over at Duo.

"Serena are boys all you think about anymore?" Rei growled as she looked at her friend.

"No!" Serena pouted.

"Hey Mina, let's dance." Makoto grinned and grabbed her friend's hand, dragging her out onto the dance floor. The music wasn't all that good, causing the two girls to frown.

"Hey Ami! Can ya do something about the music?" Mina asked as she saw her friend approach.

"Sure." Ami left towards where the DJ was, and after a few minutes of talking to him, she took over and began to play some music that was louder and faster then the previous.

"Yeah!" Mina and Makoto began to dance together, totally out-doing everyone else. When the song ended, people clapped for them, and that was when they realized that they had formed a circle with them in the middle.

"I need some aqua." Mina said as the two headed back towards the bar. When they got there, they were surprised to find Rei behind the bar, mixing up drinks for people.

"Rei, what are you doing?" Makoto asked as she sat down on one of the stools.

"Just teaching these guys how to make drinks." Rei placed two waters in front of Mina and Makoto before going back to mixing a drink.

"Where'd you learn how to make drinks?" Mina asked as she watched her friend in awe.

"Grandpa." Rei blushed causing the two girls to laugh. "You better go get Serena, it looks like Relena's about ready to strangle her." Mina looked to find Serena at the table where Relena and the guys were.

Groaning, Mina slid off the stool and made her way through the crowd towards her friend. Serena had spilled her drink on Relena, who was currently yelling at her. Quickening her pace, she walked up next to Serena who was apologizing to Relena.

"Sere-chan, what's wrong?" Mina asked as she looked at her friend who was on the brink of tears.

"I accidentally spilled my drink on her dress." Serena sniffed, trying to keep herself from crying. Mina glanced at the guys who looked bored out of their minds, before looking at Relena.

"Relena-chan, why don't you go see if you can wash it off in the bathroom?" Mina asked while helping her stand.

"I'll be back." Relena said before storming off in the direction of the bathroom. They all sat there watching Relena leave. When she was out of site, Mina turned back to the boys.

"If you go now, then she probably won't be able to find you." Mina smiled as the guys quickly got up and moved away from the table, trying to blend in with the crowd.

"Hey Kyo, how do you know all these hot chicks?" Duo asked as he smile flirtatiously at Serena who blushed.

"They're my...childhood friends." Mina said, hoping he wouldn't notice the pause. Slinging an arm around Serena's shoulders, he led her towards the dance floor.

"Ah..Kyo, do you know where the bar is?" Quatre asked as he and Trowa came up from behind her.

"Yeah! I'll take you there." Smiling at them, she led them to the bar where Makoto was sitting and talking to Rei.

"Hey Kyo! You should see Rei work here, she's better then the bartenders." Makoto laughed at seeing the bartenders glare at her and Rei. Remembering her promise to Makoto, a grin appeared on her face.

"Mako, Rei, this is Quatre and Trowa. Guys, this is Makoto and Rei." Trowa and Quatre sat down at the bar to talk to the two girls, and Mina went back into the crowd to find Wufei.

Right when she spotted him, Relena spotted her. Looking around, she tried to find an escape, but luck didn't seem to be with her. Just when Relena was about to get to her, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her into the crowd of dancing people.

She watched with a smile at seeing Relena get lost in the crowd. Turning to thank the person that saved her, her breath caught in her throat as she looked into a pair of Prussian blue eyes. Heero pulled her farther along into the crowd, and when she turned to see why, she saw Relena nearby.

"Ah...thank you Heero-san." Mina smiled happily, but Heero just grunted and walked away. Not wanting to let him go, Mina went after him. Grabbing his arm, she was surprised when he turned around quickly and snatched his arm out of her grasp. "Heero-san, can we go somewhere to um...talk?" She asked hopefully.

He just glared at her, before turning and walking away. Growling at the fact he blew her off, she searched the crowd for Relena. Finally spotting her, she grabbed her arm and began to march off in the direction that Heero went. Her plan was to throw her at him, because it was obvious that he hated that girl.

Before she had taken anymore then five steps, she found herself dancing with Relena. She tried to escape; yet each time Relena caught her and dragged her back. 'The universe is against me.' Mina cried silently while dancing with Relena to a slow song. A commotion at the bar caught her attention, and she turned to see Rei and Wufei yelling at each other.

*Minutes earlier*

Rei was still showing off her skills at making drinks, when Wufei came up and sat down at the bar. A small smile appeared on her face as she walked over to where he was. "Wufei, right?" She asked, causing him to look at her.

"What do you want onna?" He growled.

"I just want to talk to you, shonen." She smiled at seeing him glare at her.

"Why?" He questioned, suddenly suspicious.

"Because!" She yelled, causing a few people nearby to look at her. "So, what kind of stuff do you like?"

"Why do you care?" He arched a slim black brow at her, causing her to grow even more irritated.

"I'm just interested, that's all!"



"I like...music."

"That's it? Okay. Well what's your favorite song?"

"You wouldn't know it."

"Well, why don't you tell me so I can play it at your funeral."


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