Fallen Angel of the Swat kats

Chap 1 leaving home and meeting the Swat kats

My name is Winterfell I am an ordinary angel in heaven just like you and me I am an honest person but to my family except for my father this is evil so they banish me from heaven my dad taught me how to fight and told the master's of a Dojo in Mega Kat city all about me. so while all of this was going on I landed. in the Scrap yard of Mega cat city where the Swat Kats find me and fell in love with me when they find me but with my wings badly damaged they had to be removed in order to save my life since I had no place to go the Swat Kats invited me to stay with them so on with the story.

My cries as a baby entered the world and I was handed to my mother who was called Rose she said " Nice to meet you Winterfell hope you are bad as us my little one".

Just then my father came in and held me smiling at me he somehow knew that I was going to be good but he held me like any proud father would so he said " I bet she will be just you my dear I will let the others in come in you guy's".

She smiled at this soon I was introduced to my big brothers for a few moments before they headed home to give us some time to rest.

Soon several days later I was taken home by mum but she quickly became her real self once she got home so dad was the one who raised me along with his new girlfriend named Xena and they both raised me without my real mother knowing but to myself Xena is my real mother who is also a fighter

17 years later

I was walking home, when my family decided to jump me but I was ready and knocked almost all of my family out cold until Rose knocked me out the reason for this was that when I was growing up I was so nice and many friends who liked me a lot but hated my family and vies versa my mother finally had enough of my niceness my family was with her on this except for my father who secretly trained me from the time I could stand and talk and secretly packed my bag in case of something terrible happened to me.

Mother stepped forward with a large knife slashed my wings and did the same to my body so my older brother carried me to the edge of heaven they saw a salvage yard then mum said " Toss her she is worthless always has been".

I was flung from heaven and plummeted down unaware that the light an angel gives off would catch the Swat Kats attention who are called T-bone and Razor but their real names are called Chance and Jake who were working on a car when they saw the light then they saw me and hearts were in their eyes they pelted towards, me. but I crash landed onto the ground sending feathers everywhere seeing the state I was in Chance said " Come on Jake let's get this beautiful woman of our hearts to the hospital quick get her backpack and let's go".

At the hospital

I was rushed into the surgery with the doctor making the bad boys of my heart wait outside to hear the results so Jake said " I'll go and get us something to eat Chance if the doc comes back out while I am away care to tell me when I get back bud?."

Chance's Pov

I nodded at my best friend for life I was a secret Swat Kat and so was Jake so Jake went to the canteen to get some food meanwhile in the A & E the doctor was shaking with Rage at what he found he said " We had no choice we have to cut off her wings to save her life either that or let her die from sever internal bleeding and that's that take it or leave it now let's get to work".

Soon the doctor was outside the A & E telling me as I was in tears that they had to remove her beautiful wings and I was in anger that she had been beaten up very badly soon Jake was back and he was howling the place down totally angry and both myself and the doctor could hardly blame him I asked " How is she?."

The doctor smiled and said " Well we managed to stop the internal bleeding but in order to do that we had to remove her wings beautiful wings they were but what anger's me was that she was also beaten up very badly I will ask her when she comes round and what her name is I don't know when she will wake up it is anyone's guess but I must say this who ever trained her did a very excellent job she is the most stubborn fighter I have ever seen in my life so see you boys later.

With that the doctor left we headed home but before we could get into the garage alarm siren sounded making us snarl angrily at this and we hit the receiver and Mrs Callie told us what was happening apparently the past master was back and causing trouble alarmingly close to the hospital where our angel was recovering so we got into our gear and in the TurboKat sent the Past master packing back to where he came from soon we heading home hoping our angel will wake up.


Winterfell's dad who is named Zander was telling the master's of Ryozanpaku all about me to the elder to say " anything for you my old friend I will be waiting outside of my dojo when she notices it and is wondering what is behind these door's so Zander headed back up home where Xena was in a right state Winterfell wasn't home so Zander filled her in to Xena to cry into his arms horrified about what happened to me but grateful to the people who helped her daughter to get better.

So next chap will be when Winterfell wakes up and meets the Jake and Chance who invite her to live with then to her accepting the offer.