fallen angel of the Swat Kats

Chap 11 new arrivals round 1

Jackson and Callie were at the doctors having a check up on the babies which were going to hybrids and Winterfell's new father Doctor Mark was more than happy to have a look and see how the babies were doing.

So Callie lay on the bed and the Ultra sound was awesome they could hear the little heart beats and 3 little ones showed up on the screen making Jackson eyes well up with tears to Callie holding him and he heaved stuff off on Callie which he had never told anyone including Winterfell so Callie saying " I don't care about your past my love all I care about is that you do you fell better now that all that past you have revealed is healing your heart?."

Jackson looked at her and kissed her and said rather huskily " God my queen you are an angel that was sent to me to love me for what I am I love you for eternity Callie my love".

So they headed back to the other's with the photo to everyone squealing with happiness while in the realm of the gods Ray and Anubis were watching Jackson and Callie happiness with smiles on their faces.

So nine months passed and on January 23rd Callie's water's broke and she was howling the place down so she was rushed into hospital she noticed Jackson had decided to wait outside and she knew somehow it was to give her the privacy she needs and phones everyone who came rushing in and Jackson was explaining everything when Callie's yowl made them all jump out of their skins then two seconds 3 little yowls followed suite making them all smile.

So they all headed into the room and there lying in the bed was Callie and the little ones 2 girls and one boy who looked exactly like Jackson so Jackson climbed into the bed along with Callie so he asked " What are you going to call them my lovely Queen?."

Callie blushed like an angel and said " For the little boy how would you feel about Raihan?."

Jackson nodded and she said " For the two little girls Athena and Xena".

Soon it was time to leave so they all left leaving Callie and the little ones to sleep but while they were asleep Rai and Anubis appeared beside the bed and the cribs and Rai whispered to the little ones " I will be watching over you little ones and here a gift for all of you"

She gave them some necklaces and put them around their necks then both her and husband vanished back to heaven.

So what will the future be for all 3 of Callie's little ones well come and find out in the future episodes