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I'll be honest, I did not expect me to come back and write this but I felt the time was right as my muse for writing decided to come back as something I'm extremely excited to write rather than just another story that was a couple of ideas put together and held by just some tape and glue lazily applied in hopes of it working out one way or another. I have this planned out and I don't actually expect this to take up that many chapters but I've lied in the past about how many chapters there are so do not always trust my word.

This story is indeed a romance story as I loved Grace "Dokkaebi" Nam as a character but I felt all the other operators just didn't pair up with her that well in any ships I had thought of Maverick came close but I decided against it to go with something else like most of thes siege stories tend to be and end up as.

Bringing this author's note to an end, I want to finish with saying this. This story takes place after most, if not all the already canon events. They will be mentioned but probably not written out in this story. The other thing is that there will be one, maybe 2 OC characters. One will be one of my own that will be apart of the ship and as the main character. The other if he/she makes it in is a friend of mine's as they've been with my on this websit since the day I posted the very first time I had posted anything on this website helping every here and there along the way.

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Hereford Base, England


4:30 AM

The sound of a phone buzzed during the morning hours. Mike "Thatcher" Baker groaned and rubbed his eyes before reaching over to look at who could possibly be calling him this early in the morning. His old eyes scanned the screen which read out "Six" before answering the phone.

"What do you need lass? Do you have any idea on how early it is?" He groggily said.

"Mike, you know how we had recruited those two from Morocco approximately a month and a half ago? Well we've got one more that should arrive within the next hour or two." Six replied.

A long sigh came from Mike, "Why couldn't I get a heads up before now so I could have been prepared?"

"I wasn't expecting him either so don't get mad at me. It was a last minute notice that I had been appointed last night. Get ready and stop by my office to pick up his files. After that, do me a favor and go get Sébastien and Masaru. They're the two I know he should get along with then I want you to pick another out that you think he'd fit in with after going over his files."

"All roight, I'll come pick up the files in maybe 15 to 20 minutes. I'm not as young as I use to be."

A small chuckle came from six before replied "The wisdom you have comes from the action you've seen and how long you've been around. It's no wonder you're one of the leaders of Rainbow. Anyways, I'll see you in a bit."

A small click came from the device as Mike set the phone down and got out of bed. Having taken a shower the night before after training, he splashed cold water on his face and put on some deodorant and some actual clothes instead of just his sweats and t-shirt. After a few quick stretches, he left his room and went upstairs to where Six's office noticing the files on a chair outside. "Not even you're use to waking up this early. Hell, you probably went back to bloody bed after setting these out for me." He mumbled.

Mike scanned through the files as he walked to Sébastien's room, intrigued by this new recruit that happens to arrive today. He was a decent size, 6 foot and weighed in at around 180 pounds. He didn't actually come from a military, police force, or militia like everybody else in Rainbow had. Not much was known about his life when he was younger and nobody knew his true name, any rumors spoken about his used the name Ghost when referencing him because there had been multiple occasions across North, Central, and South America where he had beat the professionally trained forces to targets where he got and left the information they needed as well as a calling card to prove he was the one to kill the person. He had actually been doing his profession for around 11 years having started at what they assumed was the age of 19 and he had only been caught because he had gotten into a high security White Mask base in Oregon and was found by the FBI and CIA interrogating one of the leaders we had heard had been killed recently before Ghost was sentenced to prison for mass murder despite it being against terrorists. It had been Six who had heard about him and his capture who bailed him out to work for a legitimate group so he could also have a pair of shoulders to rely on rather than work on his own.

Mike stopped in front of Sébastien's door and knocked, loud enough to wake his Canadian comrade up, but quiet enough to not wake the rest of the hall up resulting in a muffled "Come in" to be heard from the other side of the door. Mike turned the knob of the door and opened it to see a tired Sébastien rubbing his eyes before asking "Is not even dawn yet, why are you waking me up?"

"Me, you, Masa, and one more of my choosing are going to go wait for the arrival of a new last minute recruit. Six apparently let him in last night and he arrives in around an hour and a half. So just get dressed and go get Masaru while I decide who'll be the last person to meet up with Ghost."

"Okay, I guess me and Masaru can meet you down at the entrance in maybe half an hour or so." Sébastien said waving his advisor off.

"See you there mate."

Sébastien and Masaru walked outside to where Mike and a extremely tired looking Ryad were leaning against a fence, Mike with a cup of joe and Ryad some tea to get himself to fall asleep sometime in the next few hours.

"So anything we should know about this dude?" The Canadian asked, taking the files as Mike handed them over.

"He's an assassin, didn't work with any sort of program. Just him and the same targets other groups had been going against except he got the job done no matter how brutal and forceful he had to be without any help. His process was a little slow one day so he was captured and arrested down in Oregon where a supposed White Mask base had been. CIA and FBI got their hands on the poor bastard."

"So he can do his job alone and without remorse or regret? That sounds nothing like somebody Six would recruit to a special agents group where teamwork was a basic necessity." Masaru butted in, "He's gotta be extremely good at his duty to have gotten her attention without any recommendations."

Ryad took a sip from his tea, his eyelids drooping due to his insomnia, "What does he bring to the table? That last two brought some type of airburst and the other these claw things that act like Dom's batteries."

"Some hacking device." Mike responded as he watched the nearby hill where the USSV normally drives over anytime a new recruit gets dropped off. "He could go into his phone and detonate any remote explosive within a 35 meter radius. Was pretty badass but extremely destructive and a risk for unnecessary casualties in civilians and hostile alike. Save your questions for later, he's here." He continued, pointing towards the nearby hill.

A single black USSV Rhino could be seen approaching the base at a decent rate. The four operators split up, two on each side waiting and watching the vehicle as it slowed to a stop in front of them. The door swung open and a younger guy stepped out. He was around 6'0 in height, had dark hair than went up and curled slightly in the front. It looked like he had decent muscles but probably was more fit than strong. He had a black duffel bag with him which carried his weapons. After he shut the door behind him, the Rhino drove off leaving the five there in awkward silence.

"Welcome to Rainbow mate, you must be extremely good at your job alone to have been bailed outta prison by Six. Name's Mike Baker, codename Thatcher. The three with me are Sébastien Côté, codename Buck, Ryad Ramírez, codename Jackal, and Masaru Enatsu, codename Echo. Follow us, we'll show you around Mr….?"


"Lad, could I know your real name? Makes working with you a whole lot easier." Mike sighed as the only response he got was a head shake. "Anyways, follow us."

"The basement contains our base's armoury as well as our own personal gym as well as lockers, showers, and our own ring for sparring matches. First floor has our infirmary, kitchen, and Jordan "Thermite" Trace and I's office. We're basically the ones in charge of the other operators right under Six. For the kitchen, operators take turns cooking so don't worry about it if ya can't cook properly. Others are fine with cooking more than others. Gustave "Doc" Kateb and Lera "Finka" Melnikova are the two who work here most of the time."

The group made their way upstairs but didn't venture far into it. "This floor is just has the briefing room and a recreation room for most of the operators hang out. The remaining two floors have all the operators room, lucky for you we recently constructed one more story which only has one room in use, yours. Six's office is also up here on the second operator dorm room, just bhead straight from the stairs. You're training doesn't start today but rather tomorrow so if I were you lad, I'd go to the next town over and enjoy your tile there for the day before anybody learns that you're here besides us so that you don't feel pressured when it comes to your basic training tests tomorrow morning. The gym, courses, and shooting range are all outside for when the time comes."

Ghost slowly nodded as he took it all in, a place to stay was fairly new for him as he normally had to stay in shady areas with people who could have potentially wanted him dead. Having a team that he could rely on partially annoyed him however. He felt that it weakened his nature of being a lone wolf having to rely on only himself so that he didn't have to worry for others.

"Here, take this." He heard Mike call out, he turned to see a key to be tossed his way, assumably for the room and Sébastien taking his bag with his guns to the armoury as he had no other pairs of clothing. Taking a deep breath, ghost walked into and room and locked the door before laying on his bed, not caring that he was still fully dressed as he slowly faded into a world of sleep.

Hereford Base, England


5:30 PM

Ghost stayed in room, silently working away on his computer trying to work a new program for his phone so he had access to more than just explosive. He wanted it to control enemy drones and any remote weaponry they had as well. He jumped at the sound of a knock coming from his door. Confused, he slowly went up to the down and slowly unlocked and opened it revealing Masaru. "Here are the car keys so you can get to town within 15 or so minutes. Just make sure to arrive back at base before 10 as your training tests start at 6:00 AM sharp tomorrow rookie. Your choice to stay and keep working on whatever that is or to go out and enjoy yourself for a few hours before you'll be stuck at base for a while.

Ghost nodded and shut his computer after detaching his phone from the wire leaving it. He grabbed all his belongings he'd need on a day to day basis before leaving the room and locked the door. Taking a deep sigh, the man walked down the stairs and through the halls with his head down trying to avoid any and all attention from other operators which seemed to have failed as he heard a few different voices try to get his attention. Once outside, he jogged to a nearby black sedan that had unlocked with a press of the button on the keyfob. "Guess I get one more walk of seldom before I'm forced to succumb to this new life I've been given."

The drive wasn't too bad. The streets in the English fields seemed to be brand new as well as the base with a few small buildings and what looked to be a warehouse with it. The town that was nearby was nothing special. It had some houses, a couple shops, a few restaurants, and a bar. Naturally, he went to the bar as it was the only place somebody could hang out at alone and not be questioned, judged, or looked down upon at. Ghost parked on the street just outside the British pub before walking in and sitting down at the bar, his phone in his hand as he scanned what progress he had made with his recent modifications. The bartender stopped in front of him while wiping a cup with a red rag. "Anything I could get for ya mate?"

"Coors Light please if you have any." Ghost mumbled, fumbling around through all the codes his phone had found access in to. Nothing interesting had popped up except for a few older generation phones that didn't have too complex of security systems. The bartender had his drink ready in the matter of only a couple of seconds. Ghost took a couple of sips every once and awhile. He wasn't at all interested in what he could do on his phone so he just watched the tv's behind the bartender while listening to the different conversations happening behind him in the different booths. He noticed one group of what looked to be drunken men in their late thirties pointing at him trying to whisper in their drunken states. Ghost rolled his eyes before chugging the rest of his drink and putting a couple bucks on the counter before walking out of the building. The sky had gone from a bright blue to a dark star covered night as he had been in the pub for a easily a couple of hours.

"Aye, you there, the dirty skinny jeans and hoodie!" A drunken voice slurred from behind. Ghost turned to see the same group of 6 men standing there hardly able to stand still as they were stumbling in place. Ghost ignored them and started to walk to his car as he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder and a huge weight on his back. He jerked around and slammed himself against the car, shattering the window as well as causing his Attacker to shift the blade further into his shoulder blade before letting go. The other men had surrounded him, one with a revolver that looked to or had only one shot in it while the others had brass knuckles prepared.

"You thought we wouldn't recognize you from that crashed yacht didn't you you rat." The one with the gun stated as he took the cigarette from his mouth and dropped it before crushing it with his foot. "Boys, get him. We'll use the bullet after we find out just who he is and who he's working for." The man walked away leaving him with the remaining four since the one that had originally jumped me seemed to have been knocked out cold with shards of glass poking into his scalp.

The first two men charged, both throwing punches his was, managing to block one by kicking the man's leg out from under him while the other managed to land a jab into Ghost's stomach causing him to start coughing. He noticed that the other two from the group had slipped away which he was fine with. Less people he had to fight all while he was slowly bleeding out with a knife stuck in his right shoulder blade preventing him from using that side of his body from the waist up. With a single swift move and immense pain pulsating, he managed to kick the down man in his kneecap causing a snap to be heard as his leg bent backwards and his fist from his bad arm slammed into the other man's temple knocking him unconscious.

Ghost took a couple of deep breaths as he tried to relax from the sudden ambush. He looked around worryingly just moment before a huge force of pressure consumed the back of his skull before the world faded to black.

Unknown, England


2:30 AM

"Wakey wakey you baby bitch." Ghost heard as the burlap sacked was taken off from over his head. "It's just our luck that the White Masks found you here rather than back in the States. You already know that our men overseas are far more aggressive than they are here." A man said from behind him. Ghost was surrounded by multiple different forms of torture. There were a few different knives, what looked to be a loaded gun, a lead pipe, some jerry cans with towels nearby, and a pair of pliers. "Tell us. Who are you, what do you know, and who you work for." The White Mask said as he walked into view.

"I don't work for anybody. I do my work solo. To be honest with you, I do what I do because of the thrill of the kill. It's always fun to kill men like you after what you've done to friends and family of not just me, but others as well."

"Oh is that so? I'm not convinced." The man casually replied as he leaned my chair back and set a rag over his face. "Dimitri, go grab one of the knives. 5 cuts on each leg please while I do this." The can of water echoed off the walls as he shook it. The White Mask began the poor the water onto Ghost face, recreating the feeling of drowning. Ghost felt himself trying to scream as the water began to fill his lungs and suffocate him.

"Tell is the the fuck you truly are! We know you're part of a team, everywhere you went, the FBI and CIA followed!" The man screamed at the coughing operator.

"They arrested me for… manslaughter… I was never apart of … them…" Ghost replied as he gasped for air.

"I still don't believe you, I want the truth." He replied, grabbing the pipe. "If water boarding and deep cuts won't make you talk, maybe this will." He held out Ghost's arm and rolled the pant leg up until his calf was bare.

"Take this you fucking pig!" The man yelled as he slammed the pipe into Ghost's leg until it was left black and blue.

"Tell me what I want to hear damn you!" The man screamed at the top of his lungs as he grabbed the nearby gun, pointing it directly between Ghost's eyes.

In between the pain and shivers that covered the his body, he somehow built up the strength to say "I've told you everything. Might as well kill me since I'm of no use now."

The White Mask growled pulled the hammer into place ready to end the operator's miserable life just as alarms started blaring and a few other White Masks entered the room to get him out safely. He gave his hostage one final look for dropping the revolver and walking out with his comrades.

Ghost sat there alone in the dark room, the smell of blood and death strong. He was barely hanging onto life as his blood dropped from his shoulder and the 10 different cuts on his legs. His vision had already gone from a lack of blood but he could tell there was a massive firefight going on from the onslaught of bullet and explosive that rang through his ears.

Unknown, England


3:00 AM

The group arrived on site of a small house with a barn and what looked to be a cellar on the side. "Looks like Six was right. This should be the place that that recruit said he followed the drunken attackers to."

"Zhere isn't much electrical units being used around here. I'm not seeing anything."

"I don't know. I.Q, go check the barn. There's too many footprints here that go in all sorts of direction for us to know where this lad is being kept. The rest of us will go in the building."

"Yes sir. I'll meet up vith you guys when I'm done. I'll let you know if it's clear via our radio."

Thatcher nodded at his comrade as the German made her way to the barn leaving the four to creep up to the front entrance. The door was unlocked so he slightly nudged it, gunfire erupting after the first creak. "I can deal with it." Buck said, pulling both his grenades off of his vest, fingers in the pins. He kicked the door open and sent the 'nades in separate directions to cover as much area as possible with the blast.

Screams of fear and terror echoed through the building followed by the sounds of two separate explosions. Thatcher peaked in and saw nobody left standing so he motioned for the rest of his men to follow him inside. "Alright, Thermite and I will take the first story. Buck and Jackal, go upstairs. Don't be afraid to tear walls down or to use your footprint scanner to find any White Masks you see. They're all foes and they have a fellow Rainbow Operator of ours in captivity so we shall show no mercy."

His three allies nodded, Buck and Jackal stalking away to find a staircase leaving the two second in commands. "So old man, it's time we get coming hm?"

"Yeh yeah. This room leads one way and that's the way the other two went so I'd say it's safe. Let's go." The Brit responded, letting his guard come back up.

Him and his Texan friend walked into the room, revealing a staircase and two different pathways. To the left, it was a closed door, to the right was a dark hallway that they could barely see through. Gunfire began to ring throughout the building from above them as Jackal and Buck had came across their first batch of White Masks. Thermite took a flashbang off of his vest as he turned the flashlight attached to his shoulder on. The light showed a long hallway with three doors, two lead to rooms to the right and a third straight ahead.

"Room one, then we blow a big fucking hole into the next room before entering final room." Thermite whispered before shooting the lock and kicking the door down before taking cover as bullets flew by. The moment bullets started hitting the wall that they had been using for cover, nearly penetrating it, Thermite tossed a flashbang in. As soon as the bang bursted, the two ran into the room and put down the two Masks that had been blinded by it. Thermite took one of his Thermite Charges and placed it on the wall connecting the two rooms before taking cover behind a flipped table with Thatcher next to him. A small click came from the detonator as sparks began to fly from the charge, eventually blowing up sending shrapnel all through the room. Thermite peaked over, doming a single terrorist who was stupid enough the look for them without having his gun ready. Thermite hopped over the table, slowly moving forward looking for any remaining Masks. Two shots echoed through the room as they dug into the American's bulletproof vest. Before anymore shots could be sent out, Thatcher riddled the man with bullets.

"Last room."

Thatcher backtracked before heading to the last door and kicked it off its hinges. The room was silent. He felt around along the walls for a light switch, illuminating the soulless room.

"Oi, Therm. Rooms empty let's head to the other room we didn't check."

"No need for that, I checked it." A particular German woman said as she approached the two men, "Nothing vas there except this. She handed Thermite something that Thatcher didn't quite see but he ignored it for the time being.

"Come on he has to be here. Just keep looking guys!" Thatcher yelled to the rest of his group.

Buck, Thermite, Jackal, and IQ had all met up on the first floor after clearing and checking the entirety of the house. "Look Thatch, I just don't think that whoever this new recruit is is here. He may of just abandoned Rainbow after using it to get himself out of prison. The only thing we found that could be of some usefulness was some phone that looks like a heavily modified iPhone X."

"For fock's said Thermite. He's gotta be here if his phone gadget thing is here. Have any of you checked the cellar that we passed outside?" The entire group shook their heads before running out to the cellar leaving Thatcher with his face in his hand.

Unknown, England


3:10 AM

The world had gone silent as peace and tranquillity took over despite the pulsating pain throughout Ghost's body. The creek of the door ruined the serenity that he had long awaited for in the last few hours. "Sweet Jesus fuck man." An American, presumably from the south due to his accent. Ghost's eyes shot open in fear, 5 people in front of him. Three of them were operators he had already met while the other two, a man who he assumed was the Texan, and a girl who's had a few strands of blonde hair coming from under her balaclava. The man in the googles took a knife from his thigh and began to cut The ropes that held Ghost captive to the metal folding chair.

"My pocket, please." He cried out, having trouble moving his arms due to them going numb from a lack of movement. Thatcher patted down his thighs before reaching into the pocket. He pulled out a small hypodermic needle, it's needle covered by some sort of plastic. On the plastic portion of the syringe, it read out C17H19NO3.

"Morphine, why do you have this on you?"

"Don't worry. Just please… use it and… get me out of… here. He said in between weak breaths." Thatcher complied and stabbed it into his thigh before injecting all of it and carefully taking the needles out before throwing it into a corner.

"You're gonna probably end up passing out mate but your in safe hands now. Jackal, pick him up and carry him back to the the LZ." Thatcher commanded, "Thermite tell Six that the objective has been secured and to send an evac."


Jackal picked Ghost up and kept his limp body in his arms rather than over his shoulder due to the multiple cuts along his legs, the black eye and bruises on his face, and the knife that's been in his shoulder for what he could assume a few hours. "Don't worry kid, you'll be home soon. Doc will take care of you." Jackal said as he saw Ghost point towards a revolver that was left on the table. He instinctively grabbed the pistol and put it in the man's open hand.

The group made their way towards where they had entered from to encounter a single white mask holding some type of light machine gun. "Leave him here or you all perish. I know none of you can draw a weapon fast enough to kill me before I kill a few of you."

The group nervously looked at each other before slowly putting their hands up. Jackal slowly began to put the nearly passed out Ghost down as a single shot drilled its way into the skull of the man blocking their way. Everybody turned to see Ghost shakily holding up with revolver before dropping it and passing out from the morphine.

Alright boys, that concludes the end to chapter one of my new story. This story in general is one brand new experience to me so I apologize in advanced if it isn't exactly the best thing.

I just want to thank you all for reading and to have a great day friends!