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Hereford Base, England

August 30th, 2019

11:00 AM

"You called, sir?" A worn out Grace said as she entered her boss's office.

"Why yes, I'm glad that you got here so quickly. Please, have a seat. I understand that you've been working day and night, doing everything within your capabilities to get a location on Mr. Ghost and Mr. Maverick for over the past week. I think that you deserve a break, madam. We don't want you to push and overwork yourself as it's easily noticeable that you'll eventually getting to your breaking point. I wanted you to be the first to know - before even Thatcher and Thermite - about our two newest operators, one of which was the one the track down Maverick while he was M.I.A in Afghanistan, she's very talented and could be very useful in the hunt for our operators. The other, he was apart of America's secret service and he was actually recommended to me by Madam Six. I wanted your opinions on the two of them before they arrive in the next hour or so."

Grace let herself yawn, hoping to not come off as rude, because she had lost so many hours of sleep, "I don't know… If they're useful to Rainbow, then I guess they're fine. Newbies to Rainbow is not my forte, it did take ages to have my own boyfriend tolerate me being around him, though we weren't dating at the time. Is there anything else that I should know about them?"

"Remember how you told me that Ghost has mentioned somebody named Nøkk?" Harry asked, Grace nodding in response, "Well, I did lots of research. It's taken a few months as well as thank you to the help of friends and friends of friends and so on, but I manage to track a danish woman down who went by that name, and primarily only that name. I had a phone call with her a little over a week ago, she guarantees that she knows Maverick and what makes me think that she's the exact woman that Ghost was talking about it due to the fact that she's done some work in Canada and swears that the Ghost I mentioned, is guaranteed to not be the one she knows as he was, and I quite, 'A secretive figure, never let anybody know a thing about him. He is what goes bump in the night and is nothing more than mere shadow."

"Sounds like the gal he mentioned. Though what he said was that she was far less talkative, spoke with actions more than anything."

"Times change, I'm sure that was long ago as she wasn't willing to give out anything on your boyfriend. Which does remind me, when he is found, could you please get permission from him to tell me about his past? I would love to know what made him into who he is today. His story is one that fascinates me as he's just so unknown. What everybody besides you knows is what he considered necessary, like his meetings with our operators in the past. Anyways, we're getting off topic. I have one request for you, can you talk to and get to know Nøkk? I'm sure that talking to her would help motivate you and maybe even allow you to learn more about Ghost if you can manage to get her to open up to you."

"I will do my best to, but it isn't a priority for me if that's okay. I'd like to keep most of my focus on finding Luca's signal somewhere out there since if we find him, we'll also find Maverick."

"Very well, I can accept that you'd like to find our two missing operators as long as you don't keep yourself separated from the rest of the team."

"I'll make sure to get out and socialize with the others, I promise." Grace said, pushing her glasses partially off her face to rub the sleep from her eye."

"Thank you, I appreciate it Dokkaebi. I'll be sure to inform Thermite and Thatcher to bring our new danish family member to you after she receives the tour, they won't be presenting themselves like Mr. Mozzie and Mrs. Gridlock did."

"Okay, I'll probably be in Luca's room as normal scouting down electronic signals from everywhere possible. I've found a couple interesting ones might I note, but other than that, I haven't actually found anything that completely aligns with Luca's phone which really does suck. This is almost like that one Malaysian flight from a few years back."

"Indeed it is my dear, but don't lose your hope. This one was a small plane flying at a lower altitude as well as speeds. If they had been knocked out during the crash sending their bodies into a sort, we'll, rag doll form, then their bodies would be much more resistant if their bodies slammed around against the plane due to none of their muscles having tensed up. There's no doubt in my mind though about them both having concussions after an incident of that sort."

Grace sighed, "Thank you for the reassurance Harry… Is that all the information I need to know and may I be dismissed Sir?"

"Yes it is and thank you for your time, you are dismissed Miss Dokkaebi."

"Thanks Harry, I'll let you know if I get any whereabouts of our boys' location."

Harry nodded and grabbed the radio that allowed him to broadcast to the entirety of the building. "Thermite and Thatcher, could you please meet me at my office."

Grace stood from her seat and left the room, immediately heading back to Luca's room as her room is just a vacant extra at this point. She opened the door and walked in, allowing the draft to close the door behind her. A long sigh followed up by a groan released from her as she sat at Luca's old desk and opened her laptop. "Why do I even bother at this point? I've found jackshit at this point and there's still so much to go." She complained, covering her face with her arms. Grace has worked so hard over the last ten days and had made literally zero progress in finding her American comrades. Taking a deep breath, she sat back up and stretched, preparing for another long day of work gone to waste.

An Hour Later

Grace's phone gently vibrated next to her laptop forcing her attention to swap to the smaller electronic device. "I was informed by Harry to escort our new operator, Nøkk, to you and Luca's room so that you could be one of the first to get to know her on a personal level. I'm telling you this in advance so you can prepare yourself and what not as I am not sure what Harry expects to happen between you two. She seems to be a really quiet and reserved individual."

Grace picked up the phone and replied, "Thank you Jordan for letting me know in advance. I guess I'll get ready as I'm not exactly out of my sweats and t-shirt. Gotta throw something a bit more professional on."

"Agreed. We'll be there in a few minutes. Better be ready by then."

The korean sighed and stood from her desk, going to her and Luca's closet to get a nice collared shirt and a pair of black jeans following with her regular black high tops. Not sure about how much time she truly had, Grace quickly threw her hair into a messy bun and called it good enough. Close to thirty seconds passed by as she awaited for her special guest to arrive, a knock on the door got her attention fairly quick.

Grace cracked her neck and cleared her throat as she approached the door. Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat over the last hour, Grace opened the door and greeted her visitors. "Good morning Jordan," Her attention swapped to the woman standing next to him. The woman had short, black hair, eerie brown eyes, and in Grace's opinion, some stunning purple lipstick. "You must be Nøkk, please correct me if I'm wrong."

"You are correct, the name is Nøkk." She said in an extremely monotone voice.

"Grace 'Dokkaebi' Nam, if what Harry has told me is true, me and you are sure to have some interesting conversations." Grace replied, sticking her hand out for a handshake in which the danish woman willingly returned. "Make yourself at home for a while. I'm going to be working while we speak if that's alright with you." Nøkk nodded, "Sounds good then. Jordan, you can get back to your office and do office things."

Jordan shrugged and turned away to leave. "False!" He claimed, "My happy ass is going to go watch some mothafuckin tv today."

Grace rolled her eyes and moved to make space for their new operator to enter the room and shut the door behind her. "Make yourself at home, I've been the only one to use the room recently."

Nøkk sat down at the foot of the bed while Grace sat back down at her desk and opened up her laptop to continue where she left off at. "Did Harry inform you of why he wanted you to speak to me of all the people here?"

"No, he did not. I was only informed about needing to talk to Dokkaebi - you -, and a French woman by the alias of Twitch. That the two of you had information on a certain person that I had worked with earlier in my life."


"That was what he went by but as I told Mr. Pandey, he's been dead for years now."

"Can you describe him to me? Personality, looks, whatever you could give me? Because I was informed that you know Erik 'Maverick' Thorn as you helped find him after two years of him being M.I.A or something, which he is currently M.I.A again."

"Cocky and hard headed are definitely the two they come to my mind. He was bold though, tried always being the good guy no matter the situation he would get himself into. As for looks, I can't actually tell you. He was a decent enough friend of mine over the maybe three or four years of us knowing each other, I never got to see his face. He refused to eat, drink, or anything that required him to take off his mask."

"Black with a skull on it?" No response came from the danish woman. "Guess that answers that question of mine." Grace scooted her chair back and opened the main drawer of the desk. "I guess you are in the right place after all," She said, tossing Luca's mask onto the bed for Nøkk to see.

Nøkk's eyes grew wide and her chest tightened. "Where did you get this?"

"This is his room. The yellow sports car outside, I assume you saw it, is his."

"How long has he been here?" Her voice was dead and cold at this point. Grace could hear the anger building up in her voice as she continued to scan all the different signals throughout various island in the Indian Ocean.

"Almost a year. The FBI or CIA caught him during one of his raids against the White Masks and gave him the option between prison or joining us as they had apparently been documenting his raids for the last like… I dunno, 7 or 8 years. Finally got his ass on the end."

"That's a rude way to say they captured him."

"I'm dating him, he wouldn't mind it. I was actually wondering something. I wanted to make an offer as I don't think you'll be so willing to tell me information unless I exchange some as well. So ask away, just know I expect answers to my questions in return."

Silence filled the room for a solid 5 minutes which didn't bother Grace at all. To fill the absence of sound, she quickly went to YouTube and began playing a LoFi Music stream in the background of her work. "If it makes you more comfortable, his name is Luca Pirelli. First went off the radar at the age of 18."

"I thought he died ages ago. I watched as he bled out from five or six different bullet wounds in a White Mask compound just shy of Baker Lake in the Nunavet of Canada. We executed one of their head generals of the time and were making our escape when they cut us off at a path we didn't expect anybody to be at. All their landed shots except one hit him, the stray hit me just just above my bladder. He forced me to leave him after I killed the four White Masks because he knew I had no chance of escaping if I tried bringing him with me. Returned after we knew the base was cleared and empty. No bodies were left, just the blood stains that covered the area and a dried puddle of blood covering the wall and ground where he sat. I knew him for easily three or four years at the time and it was the first time I had somebody I considered a close friend, die seemingly right in front of me. While his 'death' wasn't exactly my fault, I did put myself in a bad situation as beforehand, I refused to get too close to others personally that I worked with out of fear of this happening. Of course, I had friends who died while we were out in the Middle East. But I didn't grieve for them as I did Ghost. For somebody I had never even seen the true identity of, he was there when I needed him anytime he was in Canada as well as we'd talk over the phone or text every once and awhile."

"And nothing after that? Never tried to get into contact with you?"


Grace spun in her chair to face the danish woman, multiple thoughts rushing through her brain of all the possibilities.

"That phone of his, do you know where hr kept it? Regular pocket or in one of the others?"

"He kept it in his right pocket during our raid."

"Is it possible that it got shot and possibly prevented a bullet from wounding that area of his leg? Knowing him, he'll push through whatever happens, especially if those legs of his were left untouched."

Nøkk gave it some thought and shrugged. "I don't know. I've done my best to forget the scenario over the years. It's one of the many things in my life that I feel are better left forgotten."

"Maybe, maybe not. Here, I want you to see something since I think it'll mean a lot to you after all these years." Grace said, turning back around to pull up a picture that would blow the new operator's mind. "Take a look at this." The picture in question was a selfie Grace had taken a few months back, she her arm wrapped around Luca's shoulder, both of them with a beer bottle in their right hands and goofy drunken smiles covering their faces.

"That's… him and you? How old is this picture?" The danish woman asked, staring at Luca's face.

"Few months old. That was after a successful mission and we were drinking with some of the other Americans that are part of the group and all the Russians, it was a way to calm Luca's nerves. He still has some paranoia that sneaks up on him that began sometime in his early twenties because he was always on the move, running or hiding from something as he did his own work."

Nøkk stared at the picture, scanning every detail of both Luca and Grace's faces with nothing but silence following.

"You know of this paranoia, right?"

Nøkk sighed and nodded.

"Do you know why?"

"I think I do but I don't know if you do…"



"Anything you know that I don't? I'm the only other operator here who knows anything about his time in the Payday Gang." Grace asked.

"I don't think so… He was planning to leave them at the time but I don't know how soon after I guess that time was since he has obviously left."

"Any stories that he told you specifically?"

"Not any I would personally deem worthy or important enough to bring up right now."

Grace crossed her arms and leaned back in the chair, thinking of what else there was to go over. Coming up with nothing, she sighed. "Well I guess that's all we needed to go over, at least for now anyways, you're free to either stay here or go do whatever you please, I do know that you've only met three of the like, I don't know… 46 of us?"

"If it's alright with you, I do think I would much prefer to stay here and leave introductions for a later time. I'm not much of a people person."

"Fine by me, just don't go through stuff without asking if you don't mind."

Asian Pacific Archipelagos

September 14th, 2019

8:00 AM

"Are you sure you're ready to go out and do some shit? I've only been scouting the past couple of weeks to map out the island and where enemy outposts, weapons caches, vehicle storage facilities, etc are. I know you're fully capable to clear out all of the above but that's when you're in your physical prime. You've been taking a shot of morphine daily as well as the locals that have helped aid you informed me that you occasionally pick at the stitches in hopes of trying to go out and explore like I do. Besides, Grace wouldn't like you doing any of that."

Luca looked up from the magazine a villager has donated to him and stared Erik right in the eyes. "Grace wouldn't like anything I've done. That's why I don't say the things I have done. But anyways, I'm heading out tonight actually. One of the local rebellious teenagers got one me a gun from one of the pirate's loads. Rumor has that they've been stealing from the Russians recently."

"Seriously? We're trying to fucking make it out of here alive. Not you drugged the fuck up going around killing anybody who looks at you wrong." Erik said, throwing his hands up in complaint.

Luca just shrugged in response, "I'm not the type to sit around and wait. I'll do anything to quite frankly avoid situations like that. It's why I'm not afraid to do drugs and shit. If I die an early death from em, oh well. I prefer that over dying to a filthy fucking White Mask. You gotta understand man, my standards may be fucked up, but they keep me moving along better than any other sort of motive I have."

"Let me guess, I can't stop you."

"Of fucking course you can't stop me! Ya boy is going to go fuck shit up." Luca shouted, clearing his throat after the statement. "Well, attempt to. I don't plan to die on this island so I'll be having to take some safety precautions and avoiding fight that I know I won't win. The locals said I'll have to wait like a week or two I think it was. His English was severely broken." The American said in a much softer and quieter tone.

Erik shook his head and walked to the desk where he had a map traced out of what he thought the island looked like including various markers pointing out noticeable areas, as well as their current location. "Come here, I'll show you where I know you're able to do something on your own as long as you have a vehicle."

Luca stood up from the bed he had spent a good 75% of his last week on and reached under it to retrieve the stolen PP19 Bizon from underneath.

"I'm ready to fuck shit up."

One of Erik's eyebrows rose at the sight of the submachine gun but didn't question it. "Okay. So this is our location here, the red dot of blood. If you follow the path behind this house, you will come across a patrol that is guarding a path charging the locals cash to get through. Continue following the road and there will be a fork in the road. Go on the right path and you shall come to this dead end here, the blue pedal on the map, coming across one of their small weapon caches. I'll supply you with some bandages, a box of matches, a Walkie talkie I stole, and a single grenade. After killing the pirates at that cache, it's up to you whether you want to destroy the weapons and ammunition, or save it and have me send some of the locals your way so that they'll be able to fight back."

"Do you know what they're armed with?"

"I only saw old worn out AK47s my guy. You'll be fine, I doubt their iron sights are even correct, they're probably rusted to shit and bent or something. You'll be fine. I trust your skills and instincts enough that you'll be back by sunset." Erik opened one of the drawers and took out everything he said and gave it all to Luca as well as a makeshift utility belt to hold anything extra he got his grubby little hands on. "If you're wondering, you have those matches if you do fuck up and end up getting fucking shot. I think you know what the rest of the procedure afterwards. It's nothing that you haven't done I assume."

Luca took everything that his partner had prepared for him and stood up to prepare himself and have the gear sorted out. "So you sure about this?"

"I wish I wasn't."

"Sick, okay. I'll be back soon."

"You remember where I said to go, correct?"

"Yeah of course I do. Go behind our current location, pass those pieces of shit guards, then at that fork in the road, take a right which leads me to a dead end where the weapon cache is. No need to worry." Luca replied, grabbing the Walkie Talkie off his belt loop and spoke into it. "I'll contact you or whoever gets their hands or ears on whatever is listening to me when I've captured or destroyed their gear. Do me a favor, find out whatever you can about Vaas. I want him dead and my shit back."

Erik facepalmed, "Yeah sure whatever. Just go get your job done. I'll talk to the locals who do know English if they know anything. There's some cult or something nearby that has been helping the civies so who knows, I may try and get ahold of them."

Luca returned his Walkie Talkie to his belt loop and gave Erik a nod of thanks before leaving the building.

"Well, I guess he wasn't joking when he said he recommends a to get around." Luca thought as he saw an old toyota truck and three ATVs parked in front of the building. "The truck will be harder to sneak by with but I can take the shit back with me. I could just dump the truck somewhere and go ahead to clear a path for myself… Nahhhh, I'll be good."

Luca hopped on the only ATV that had its keys already in the ignition and began his trek to all the weaponry. For the most part, basically all the roads were dirt and the surrounding areas were all jungle. It wasn't the fact of the unknown of what could possibly be in those jungles that could kill him with ease, it was that he knew what could possibly be hiding in those lands. A shiver worked its way down his spine at the thought of all the possible killer insects that lurkered upon the forest floors rather than anything that could just rip him to shreds or even inject venom into his systems after a harsh bite.

An Hour Or So Later

"How long do you think it'll take your friend to do anything to those men? They terrorize everybody here constantly and we need them gone!"

"Look," Erik said, turning around to face the local, "I can't promise anything. My friend and I aren't supposed to be here. Hell, I'm not even sure how most of you guys know at least some English here on this remote island. We'll help you for however long it takes for us to get off though. We're a part of a counter terrorist unit so you can trust us to do all we can."

"You don't understand how greatful everybody in the village is for you two, sir. We've had small militias formed around the island using guerrilla tactics just doing hit and runs but they just don't have the weaponry. Everything we have is old and brittle. Those guns your friend is after will help us immensely."

"Look, can you stop pestering me bud? Unless you've got something or somebody who can help, I'd rather not spend too much time chit chatting if that is okay."

"Yes yes! I will be back soon. One of the boys had snatched a pirate a few days ago for ransom. I can go fetch him!"

"You actually got yourselves a hostage?"


"Grab him. I'll check in with my friend, he can get information from anybody. Keep men with guns on him though, don't need him doing anything funny."

"Okay sir, I do that now. Be back soon!"

Erik rolled his eyes as the local left, "I really fucking hope we get out of her soon or I'm going to lose my shit. The middle eastern locals weren't nearly as bad." He thought as he reached for his radio to contact Luca. "So, any news? You've been silent for about an hour."

"Go outside fuck face."


"Go. Out. Side. Fuck. Face."

Erik sighed and picked his radio up from the table and walked outside. "Luca, how the hell?"

Luca hopped out of the stolen pickup truck laughing, "They were packing up and getting ready to transport everything that is currently in the truck so I killed everybody except for those two friends of mine. I knocked their teeth out and put a bullet in a knee each just for good measure. Got a few nicks from somebody who got behind me but he only had a switchblade, nothing too serious."

"What did you do with the leftover supplies?"

"Gasoline. Captain Crunch had lots of fuel stored there as well so I dumped it all on what was left and left a trail so set it all ablaze. There may or may not be burning corpses as well but we can pretend that those don't exist if you don't mind."

"This island is going to be your playground, isn't it?"

"Maybe. I'm not a fan of everything that can kill me here, but I'll get over it. Anything I do isn't a war crime if we aren't at war."

"You're a really shitty operator, you know that right?"

Luca slammed the truck's door and tossed his fellow American the keys. "Yeah but you and I get along from patriotism and shit, not how we are at our job. Besides, I need a way to keep myself entertained if we're going to be here. I haven't been the old me in a while, it's a nice fresher from being the good guy. I always did consider myself the anti-hero type. Something like… Fuckin Deadpool, or Wolverine or something. Like, I'm a good guy but I do bad things."

"Stop monologuing please, this is real life and not a fuckin movie. I don't fear anything here except for you losing your humanity."

"I'll be fine. Haven't gone completely apeshit before, you can trust that I won't now. Besides. I give it a month or less until help comes. Gotta remember mate, we crashed in a plane." Luca replied, tapping his head while smirking.

"If we're lucky. Who knows what happened to it's black box. We still haven't found that one Malaysian Flight Luca. For all we know, we may end up like that."

"They'll send Olivier to help find us, I guarantee it. We're some of the most important soldiers out there, there's no way they'll just leave us stranded. Besides. A year or two isn't too bad. Gives us time to think."

"You're just trying to find a positive in this and you want to get the fuck out of here." Erik said, unimpressed.

"I want my cars. They're all in America and I'm stuck here. I'm less than positive. That is why this shit hole is going to be my playground I've decided. I have nothing to lose at this moment because I know Grace and Sanaa are both in good hands. Harry knows what he's doing. You do have a family to worry about back in the states now that I think about it but other than that, I'm not too sure."

"Wow, way to make the situation better. Moving on though, I'll deal with your little package, you have something important to do. There's going to be a group of people following this little Asian man, 5'6 or so, receding hairline, and they're going to have a hostage. He's a pirate. Do whatever you want to him, just extract every inch of information you can so we can do something about this organization."

"Sounds fine to me. What are you planning on doing with the guns, ammunition, and guys?"

"Pull the guys out and do what you want with them. I'm going to organize some form of militia with the locals. They've been doing unorganized attacks so helping them is the least I can do to get them organized for helping us."

"So I can do anything to these guys?"

"Whatever you want to. I couldn't give a damn with our current situation."

"I wish I had your blowtorch right now."

"You're fucking insane."

"Not quite, but I've heard that many times so thank you."

Erik's eyes rolled as he opened the truck's door and dragged the two men out, letting them fall onto the dirt below. "When the local arrives is when we can start doing our own things."

"Sounds good to me. Want me to take these guys inside?"

"Follow the dude I explained earlier. They have a secret room where you can do whatever you want to these fucks."

"Sounds good to me."

15 Minutes Later

"Mister, I am back with three armed men and the captured man!"

"Good. Luca, come outside and drag your two fucks. I know you've been in their messing with them. Just drag them out." Erik shouted, "Do you guys have a leader or something? I'll help them organize and train a militia."

"Yes! We have a leader, she's a wonderful woman, she is royalty here."

"What's her name and can you take me to her?"

"Citra, the warrior goddess of our island. It is not up to me if you are able to talk to her. It would be up to her guardian's decisions of if you are worthy enough."

"Then I guess we'll have to find out, huh? Luca!"

"What do you want?" Luca asked, bringing the two unconscious men out from the shack.

"I'm going with this guy to take me to their 'Warrior Goddess' to try and form some form of militia against the pirates. You'll take the henchmen and they'll guard you and the hostages as well as be your little helpers. Just don't kill them. That is until they talk. Do whatever you please after that. I don't give a fuck how you treat them."

"Sounds like a plan then." Luca replied, turning towards his guardians. "Well my new friends, where shall we be conducting this?"

"Follow. Us."

Luca looked towards his fellow American who just shrugged in response. "Well I guess you can go fuck off to whoever it is you're seeing mate. I'll take care of this nice and tighty."

Erik waved him off. "Well dude, let's go meet this so called warrior goddess chick and see what deals can be made." He told the smaller Asian man.

"Of course sir! Follow me, we'll go to my car and we can go to her temple!"

"Um, okay? Luca, I'll radio you if I need anything."

"Got it. I'll keep ya nearby bud."

While Erik left to go with the oddly excited man, Luca was left with the four guards, all but one carrying a captive pirate. "Lead the way boys, I'm not sure where you want me to go or how many of you know English."

"You'd be surprised," One of the men said, "Most of us know English due to the presence of other Americans nearly half a century back. While we may sound weird, speak it brokenly, or just understand it but can't speak it, you'll be able to communicate with most of us just fine for the most part."

"Seriously? That's actually cool as hell man."

"I guess but don't let that fog your mind up. You have a job to do. What do you plan on doing?"

Without any hesitation, Luca began to say everything he wanted to do to the poor bastards. "Honestly, the two I brought in are grunts. They know jack shit so they're death fodder. I'd scare tactics don't work, I'll be sure to harm your hostage until he squeaks. That reminds me, could you bring me a pistol and a blowtorch possibly? I think those will end up being extremely useful if he's a resilient man. I just recommend staying outside as to avoid seeing everything I'll be doing."

"Go crazy. We do not need scum like them alive and breathing on our island."

"Perfect. That's all I need to hear."

The group were only walking for five or so minutes, arriving at what looked to be another regular village house. "Aldo, get the door." The man who wasn't carrying a pirate took the lead and opened the door for the rest of the group. As everybody entered, the two men Luca had brought in were thrown on to the floor while the remaining captive was forced into a chair and tied down. "In that dresser and the desk next to it has everything you should need for this. We'll go bring you a pistol and a blowtorch like you requested. We'll knock when we arrive with those tools for you to use."

"Shall I get started with my magic then?"

"Of course my comrade. Break this man's will to go on and make sure he feels life is not worth living. Just don't make too much of a mess, we would like to use this place more times than for just today."

Luca modded his head as a mischievous smile grew. "Let's not be wasting any time then. Get me what I asked for and until then, I'll get the job done, partner."

The men closed the door behind them and left to go get the two tools Luca had requested. "Well my friend," Luca said to the blindfolded man, "You already heard the basics of what I plan. I plan on killing you if you don't pipe up."

"Fuck you penutur bahasa Inggeris…" The man mumbled.

"Oh, what's that? Would you like to repeat yourself or a retry to fix your first mistake?"


Luca rolled his eyes at the pirate's response. "First question, and this one is personal. Who the fuck is Vaas? Is he your pansy leader?"

No response.

"Okay okay, I see how it is my dude. You just need a little warming up is all. A bit of buddy to buddy action." Luca went behind the man and unraveled the rag that the villagers had used as a blindfold, throwing the rag at the two still unconscious tied up hostages. "Here, let me give you a little bit of help with you decisions that you'll be making in this here room, I'm trying to make this as easy as possible for you in case you have a family but I can change that real quick, okay faggot?" Luca threatened, turning the chair to face the unconscious men. "Know these two?"

"Saya kenal mereka, my privates."

"So in this chain of command, you're their upper? Ha! How could a pussy like you actually manage to get your way up the ladder?"

"Fuck you, American cunt. You should stay out of our affairs."

"Oooo, somebody seems to be a bit mouthy," Luca said, strolling into the pirate's view. "Look here 'matey,' I am here against my will because of you fucks. You shot our plane out of the goddamn sky and the Vaas fucker took all of my buddy and I's gear. We're having to make do with what you guys and the locals have from imports because of you fuckers."

Knowing he had the free will to do whatever he liked, he grabbed a pair of nearby scissors and began to spin them on one of his fingers. "So tell me, where is your HQ located?"

"I don't know. We have several locations."

"Which is the most important?"

"All. They're outposts."

"Wrong answer." Luca walked up to the man with a smirk on his face. "Would you like to change your answer?" The pirate only glared at Luca, "Well in that case…" The American operator took the scissors and lined them up with the Asian man's left ear. "I guess you don't need this anymore."

The man's screams echoed throughout the building as the scissors went further down the side of his head. A smile flared up in Luca's face at the sound of the man's pain. With the final snip, Luca watched the bloody cartilage fall to the floor.

"You're lucky I don't want you fainting on me, I have answers I still need." He whispered into the remaining ear. Luca took the matchbox Erik had given him earlier out of his pocket and dropped about half of them out to use for cauterizing before putting the box back, "Don't you worry, you won't feel a thing." He continued as he began lighting the matches.

Shrieks filled the room as Luca pressed the lit matches against the man's head, both cauterizing the wound, burning surrounding hair, and melting some of his skin.

"Look. This is nothing so far, I can go a lot further. I don't need to waterboard you because I assume drowning isn't a fear of yours. What are these outposts for?"

"They… they serve as storage for pirates, goods, and weaponry…"

"Is that all?"

The man gave a subtle nod as a response. "Who is in charge of this entire operation?"

"You'll have to ask Vaas…"

"Where is that son of a bitch?"

"Saya tidak tahu… I couldn't tell you, he does his own thing."

Luca paced behind the tied up man, thinking about what else he could possibly get him to cough up that could be important to him and the others they'd be helping while on this "vacation."

"Do you guys have some form of radio communication, like a way to get a hold of the others?"

"Why would that matter to you, you son of a bitch?"

Luca snatched a knife off of a nearby table and jabbed it into the man's thigh, covering his mouth to muffle any sounds of pain that tried to escape. "Because, WE need to get the fuck out of here. My friend and I aren't supposed to be here, we assume that your group is who shot our fucking plane down. Maverick and I both have girlfriends, friends, family in his case, and much more awaiting us back at home. We have been M.I.A for nearly a month because of the group that YOU are a part of meaning that any and all information I can get out of you is useful for everybody who is against you. I am doing you a goddamn favor by interrogating you rather than killing your ass like I've already done to a lot of your buddies. Those two in the corner are in the same fucking boat as you. It's up to me whether I'm satisfied with the information that you have given me and that will be the deciding factor on who lives and who dies between the three of you in this room, do you understand that motherfucker?" Luca glared into the tear filled eyes of his captive, "I said, do you fucking understand! I don't give two shits what I have to do to break you!" He shouted, letting go of both the knife and man to chuck a left hook into the man's lower jaw.

A loud knock came from the door behind the two men. Luca allowed himself to take a deep breath before turning to answer the door. "Did you bring what I asked for?" He asked as he swung the door open.

"Yes, here, a full pistol and a blowtorch. Use them however you feel needed."

"Thank you, it's much appreciated. You guys can do whatever, I'll be done here soon."

"We'll wait outside for you."

Luca shrugged, "Don't question anything you hear inside here. It's all a part of the process, my process."

"Of course, comrade."

Luca turned back to his subject and closed the door behind him. "Now tell me," Luca said as he checked the bullet count in the pistol that was handed to him, "What are your comms like? Do you have anything that can connect to around the world rather than Walkie Talkies and radios connected to local channels? I need some form of communication to the outside world damnit."

The man looked at Luca and shook his head, "Not here you son of a bitch, this is no man's land for the most part so what happens here stays here. Nobody on the outside gets to hear of anything that happens."

"That doesn't answer my question" Luca replied, pointing the pistol at the closest of the two knocked out pirates, "I don't care how far up the chain of command I have to go, is there anybody who even remotely has a chance of having connections to the outside world?"

"Only the big big boss, but you'll never reach him because you'll have to get past Vaas."

Without any hesitation, Luca unloaded six of the twelve bullets provided into his target's head and chest. "I'm going to fucking kill each and every one of you pirate fucks if I need to to get off the fucking island." He said in a dead and serious tone.

"What the fuck is wrong with you! Those two men are hostages! They are defenseless and you and and fucking shoot my man without any second thoughts? You're a goddamn monster!" Somebody get me out of here! Lelaki ini memang gila dan akan membunuhku!" The man shouted and pleaded.

Luca rolled his eyes and aimed the gun at his toy's foot and took a single shot. More blood curling screams and cries erupted and echoed throughout the room. "Nobody is coming to save you, you're not important to anybody. Nobody has even realized that you're missing I bet. I may be nonexistent to most of the world with nothing more than my name and occupation being known, yet classified, but I'll go in history in multiple parts of the world. You'll be forgotten about in less than a week. I can guarantee it. Now, if you want to make it out alive to live and be forgotten another day, all you have to do is cooperate with me. Lose the fucking attitude and drop the god damn façade of you being a tough guy. You're nothing more than a little gypsy who somehow landed himself power over those who are even weaker and more pathetic. Now, will you be a good lad?"

The teary eyed man nodded in fear and shuddered when Luca put the handgun into his waistline, "What did you shoot the plane down with? Some sort of launcher? A turret? I assume the technology you get to work with is decent considering everything I've came across is stolen black market weaponry from Russia and the Middle East."

"I am not sure mister, I was not the one who shot your plane out of the sky. If I had to guess though, it would have to been some sort of lock-on launcher and it was some trigger happy soldier who made the decision to down you."

"Where's the nearest civilization to us that has a connection to the outside world?"

"Twenty or thirty miles away, I'm not sure the direction though."

"Another question, you fucks are pirates. If you're anything like the damn Somalians, you've stacked a US battleship or destroyer. Where's the nearest one if that is the case?"

"We have yet to come across Americans who aren't tourists…"

Before Luca could say anything more, Erik's voice came in loud and clear through the Walkie Talkie in the corner of the room "Luca, this woman would like to meet you. She refuses to talk to me but is willing to speak with you about helping form a much better militia here on the island. I'm on my way back to pick you up so finish up your questioning ASAP."

Luca snatched the Walkie Talkie from the table, "Sure, I'll finish this up. Hurry your ass up."

"Roger that."

Luca set the device back down and turned to the two remaining men. "Well, it was going to end this way regardless, I just didn't expect it so soon." Lucas unholstered the pistol and shot a single at his remaining tied up hostage before turning to the tied up man.

"Tell me, what's your final wish?"


"Don't care, not my problem." He said as he grabbed the blowtorch and a lighter. "All things have to come to an end my friend, and I'd like for yours to be as painful as possible." Luca state's as he lit the propane and adjusted the flame.

Fear filled the man as Luca approached him with the lot blowtorch, "No, don't fucking do what I think you're going to do! Please, anything other than that! Just shoot me!"

"Tsk tsk, fuck off." Luca grabbed the man by the hair to keep his head steady and began to melt the man's lips to prevent any more of the ear wretched screams from escaping. The man kicked and struggled but it was no use as Luca allowed the flame to increase in size and began melting the rest of the skin and hair on his face. Muffled screams of pain came from the man but Luca was unfazed as he watched the flesh begin to drip down the man's face, slowly revealing his skull and cartilage. The noise eventually died down to nothingness, signaling the man's death.

Proud of what he had done, he exited the building and took out a cigarette to keep him busy until Erik arrived."

Asian Pacific Archipelagos

October 21st, 2019


Erik watched in disgust as Luca bent over this table, a rolled up piece of paper up to his nose as he began snorting a line of coke that a local had offered him.

"Do I even want to know how much cocaine you have done since we fucking got here?"

"No, no you would not. But who fuckin care. We've been here for fucking ever with no help. I'm just trying to make my situation better. You've seen how I have been recently, no remorse, no sympathy, no empathy, nothing. Not even towards the people we're helping, Citra's people, hell, I don't even care for the people fucking Vaas has captured. I'm just doing me at this point."

"I don't care what you do if I'm honest. Just don't lose yourself and stay true to what we agreed on. They are providing us with shelter, food, water, a help with leadership and order for all the men and women who want to help us fight against the pirates."

"Yeah yeah I know. The high just allows me to stay sane at this point. Hell, I've even been smoking at least two or three times a week. I normally avoid that but it gives me something to do and can get my mind off shit."

"Just don't get addicted to either. I don't need your will to live to be relying on coke and nicotine."

"Yeah I'll do my best. The cigarettes will be easy to cut out because I can't stand the taste. Coke on the other hand, a nice high is always nice. I used to use it a little bit when I was younger but cut it out when I left my old group. I decided it was better to lay off the drugs because I knew I was alone after that. I needed my mind to be clear. At this point in time though, we've been missing for how long? Over a month or two at this point with no signs of anybody searching for us? Unlike you, I would rather make the best of a new life that I have to put up with. Face it, we haven't been found and won't be found for a while seeing how long we have been here. I would rather just put up with the cards we have been dealt than live like we did beforehand but in a totally new environment." Luca grabbed a nearby cloth and wiped what little excess of the fine powder had remained on his nose.

"Don't you feel like you're losing anything with this though? Parts of your humanity, who you are as a person, you've clearly lost a lot of emotions you once had at least somewhat of." Erik claimed.

"Trust me. I am doing fine. I'm just starting to care what happens to both me and everybody on this island less and less as we stay here longer. This place is a playground for me at this point in time. Whatever happens, happens, okay? There is no point in trying to change what we've already started."

"That may be the case in your opinion but there are more appropriate ways to come to terms with all that's happened. Drugs are not one of them."

"I'd rather you not lecture me buddy. I've learned to deal with problems on my own, and it has normally worked out for the most part. Not always I will admit, but most of the time."

"Then I guess we'll see in due time on how you perform. It's not often I get to see another operator commit to such acts."

"And I'll be sure to make it to where this becomes common. I tend to cross lines but this is one I'd rather not challenge. I've fought addiction once before."

"Then I'll be sure to make that addiction both your first and last. I'm not going to allow you to get hooked on cocaine."

"And I appreciate that. Somebody looking out is always better than a person clinging to your back."

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