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To most, today was an ordinary day.

A day where they'd continue with the well established routines of getting out of bed, breakfast, go to work, lunch, back to work, leave work and head back home, dinner, then sleep. Some of them might go to yoga class. Others may decide they'll try out that donut with sprinkles today. A bunch may decide to cycle or walk to work or wherever their going. While a couple more may think it time to give that jackass upstairs who was playing loud music all last night a piece of their mind.

But for a certain few, today was a whole new day.

It was the first term of the school year. And that 'certain few' I spoke of earlier? They were excited to go to school, it was the day they had been waiting for. For you see, they were the future defenders of Remnant. Huntsmen and Huntresses-in-training.

Well, a majority of them were excited to go.

Aboard one of the several airships that would take these future defenders of Remnant to their long-awaited destination, Beacon Huntsman Academy, one young man was less than thrilled.

"Ugh, why am I being made to suffer?" The young man said as he looked through the glass windows of the airship's observation deck and down to the forests that covered the ground far beneath him with tired eyes. They possessed a slim build, pale-white skin, short white hair and white eyes. He wore a dark grey trench coat over a white shirt, with grey pants and knee-high brown boots, and brown leather gloves. A cloth mask covered his lower-face and neck. Sheathed at his side was a sabre designed to resemble a liuyedao. He had other weapons, but they weren't on his person right now.

The young man could easily pass off as a regular human, if it were not for moderately elongated and pointed ears.

He was an Elf. His name? Faen Tatharion.

Faen shook his head and sighed deeply. He was tired. Very tired.

Being forced to stay up until five in the morning, and waking up at six thanks to your roommate could do that to you.

Arms sluggishly wrapped around his neck, and he felt the weight of someone resting their head on his shoulders. The person who had decided to invade his personal space spoke to him in a feminine voice. "Could you stay still for the next five minutes? Last night was a wild one."

Faen turned his head slightly and sent a tired glare at the person holding onto him.

It was a young woman about his own age, with tan skin, unkept grey hair with light brown tips, yellow eyes, and a faint scar over her left cheek. She wore a tan short-sleeved jacket with its right sleeve torn off, a grey V-neck shirt, grey shorts that stopped above her knees, and sandals. At the sides of her hips, a pair of sheathes containing six long claw-like blades. Over her forearms she wore a pair of gauntlets. On top of her her head was a pair of wolf ears, grey fur covered her forearms and lower-legs, her nails were claws, and her canines were fangs.

Was this young woman a human? Most definitely not.

Was she a faunus? Nope.

What was she?

She was a werewolf. It was easy for her to be mistaken for a Faunus, but she most definitely wasn't one.

The werewolf was Faen's friend. Close friend. Best friend. Her name was Grey Ulric, and she was the roommate that had forced him to more or less stay up all night. At least she too was tired as hell thanks to the ruckus she caused last night.

Faen tried to shake Grey off of him, but the young werewolf had locked her arms around him in a vice-like grip, and would not budge from her position. After spending about thirty seconds trying to pry himself out of the firm hold of Grey's arms, Faen gave up and just let her stay where she was.

"Bloody moon-howler." Faen grumbled as he made one last attempt to shake Grey off of him. Failing again, he gave up and decided to just get comfortable.

"What's wrong?" Grey groaned, pressing the top of her head against his left cheek.

"The both of us wouldn't be tired right now if you hadn't turned into a wolf last night." Faen grumpily complained. If he could sum living with a werewolf up in a few words, it was like living with a wild dog and a regular annoying roommate all rolled up all into one really annoying person. At least, that was his idea of what it was like.

Grey responded with a wide yawn, showing off her fangs as she did so, before saying to the elf. "You know we can't control ourselves. And besides, its not my fault that we ran out of coffee. You drank all of it two day ago."

Faen sighed, knowing that she was right. Werewolves had no control of when they could turn into 'The Wolf'. Hell, there wasn't even a way to properly predict when they would transform. Randomly transforming at least once every month, and not even when the full-moon was out. Oh, and Grey was right about how their lack of coffee was his fault.

"Tch. You know why I drink so much coffee." Faen shot back at her.

"Yeah? Why?" Grey questioned the elf.

"To help deal with you everyday." Faen responded. The werewolf snorted at his response, and nestled her head into the crook of his neck.

It was friendly banter between the two really. He had another response in mind, but he decided against saying it. Not wanting to piss off the werewolf that had her arms around his neck, and be thrown through the glass window in front of him and go splat on the ground that was several kilometres below them.

As they stood there, Faen could hear the conversations of the other passengers around him and Grey. Plenty of them were excited to be here and on their way to their destination. They had spent the last six or so years training in Combat School to get here, so it was understandable. A few others were blithering on about things that made Faen silently scoff.

Some spoke about the latest fashion. Others talked about video games. And some were yakking on about memes.

Deciding he'd heard enough, Faen tried to ignore the conversations of the others in the deck. Kind of hard when you have a naturally heightened sense of hearing.

Faen didn't like people. Well, people who weren't his friends, and boy, did he not have a lot of those. So he didn't really like having to be cooped up in an airship full of people from Combat School that he barely knew and complete strangers he didn't know or really give a fig about.

A good thing, in Faen's eyes, that everyone seemed to prefer to stay in their own little friendship groups for now. He really did not want to have to deal with people whilst still trying to stay awake.

Speaking of the others in the airship, Faen took a moment to glance over to his left and right. All around him he could see his fellow passengers bearing traits that made them separate from Humanity and the Faunus. They were Demi-Humans. All the passengers and crew of this airship were Demi-Humans. Demi-Human being the official term used by Humans and Faunus to describe the collective races of elves, werewolves, and many other such folk that they, until recently, considered to be naught but myth and fairy tale.

But how could this be? Why was this so? How could creatures from folklore and legend walk under the same Sun and breath the same air as them?

The exact origins of Demi-Humans, like their cousins in Humanity and Faunuskind, were mysterious and the truth unknown. Why they were here now was because, during the last years of the Great War of Remnant, Grimm activity had been at an all time high. Humanity and Faunus were too caught up in their war to deal with the Grimm properly. And that's when the Demi-Humans came into the picture.

When their secret enclaves came under increasing threat, the Demi-Humans finally decided after centuries of secrecy, to reveal themselves and joined the Great War on the side of Vale and Vacuo. To say there was great shock across Remnant at the revelation that creatures from their world's mythology were in fact real would be an understatement. When the Great War was won by Vale and Vacuo, the Demi-Humans joined the global scene and contributed to Remnant's recovery from the War.

Though, the acceptance of the Demi-Humans into the wider world of Remnant was a whole other matter.

But, we're getting sidetracked. Back to current events.

The airship began to descend, and a message over the speakers announced that they were nearing Beacon.

Faen and Grey, the elf and the werewolf, exited the observation deck and headed to the primary passenger area. Around them were all kinds of Demi-Humans. Among them, Faen saw a Satyr, a Nymph, a Naga, an Arachne, and the elf could have sworn he saw a Vampire. There weren't many of them really, only a couple dozen. But they, and he, were here right now. Didn't matter what or who they were.

He and Grey, while still a little tired, were able to shake a some life into their tired limbs and eyes, and stood up straight a little. Faen taking a moment to turn his face into a mask of cool indifference. Looking to his left, he saw Grey let out one last teeth-filled yawn.

They could feel the airship turn rather quickly as it landed at Beacon's cliffside docks. After a full minute of waiting, the doors opened and the Demi-Human first-years to Beacon were given their first sight of what would be their home for the next four years. Beacon Academy for Huntsmen and Huntresses.

Stepping out of their airship and setting foot on solid ground for the first time in six hours, Faen and Grey looked around and took in the sights and smells of the place. The main complex of the Academy was a long distance away from them, a long and wide paved avenue leading from the docks to the Academy. Faen groaning in annoyance at the prospect of having to walk all the way there.

The elf could hear Grey take several sniffs of the air. This was typical and expected behavior of werewolves. If you introduced them to someplace new and different, they'd take a moment to adjust to any new smells around them or identify any that they recognized. At least Grey had the decency to not do it to people. Well, not when they were looking.

Remembering back to around the time that the two had first met. Faen remembered with a good deal of clarity how he had caught Grey sticking her nose in his family's laundry basket. More specifically, sticking her nose into his clothes. That was an odd thing to witness.

Still, better than how he'd heard other werewolves acted. Some had no concept of the idea of privacy, or even decent table manners.

"C'mon Grey. We should get moving." Faen suggested to his werewolf friend. Grey silently nodded and walked forward, continuing to familiarize herself with the new scents that pervaded all around her.

As they walked, Faen took a moment to look towards the other airships that had arrived at Beacon. Among them were the airships from Vale, Vacuo, Mistral and Atlas. Then there were the airships from Avalon, his and Grey's home, and Shangri-La. Avalon was a Demi-Human enclave situated on an island south of the continent of Sanus, while Shangri-La was an enclave hidden in the western regions of the mountain range of northern Anima. There were other enclaves, but Avalon and Shangri-La were the largest and most influential of the ones still standing to this day.

He wondered just what kinds of Demi-Humans Shangri-La had sent. And wondered how they would fare in a fight.

As he and Grey walked down the long avenue and approached Beacon's large courtyard, a certain red-hooded girl and white-haired heiress were engaging with each other in a 'civilized conversation'.

"What are you, brain-dead?" The bratty heiress rudely berated the red-hooded girl, in her hand a vial of Dust and began to shake it in front of the other girl's face. "Dust! Fire, water, lightning, energy!"

The red-hooded girl, not exactly one who excelled in social interactions, and finding it hard to answer the heiress properly due to all the Dust that was leaking out of the vial and onto her face, could only stutter back at the heiress. "I... I know..."

"Are you even listening to me?" The heiress continued to speak, obviously not listening to the red-hooded girl. "Is any of this sinking in? What do you have to say for yourself?!"

More and more Dust was being thrown at the red-hooded girl's face. The Dust irritated the girl's nose to the point that she sneezed, with explosive results.


Hearing the explosion, Faen and Grey turned around and looked at what had caused such a loud explosion, and here of all places.

"The fraggin' hell?!" Faen muttered in confusion. Some distance away, Faen could see a small could dissipate and in it, they could make out the forms of two girls with rather petite frames. One girl had her hair set in a white ponytail and the other wearing a red hood. The girl with the white ponytail yelling something at the other girl. Approaching them was another girl wearing a black bow on her head and carrying a book in one hand.

"Huh, that sounded exciting. Wanna see what's going on?" Faen's companion asked, becoming slightly more lively and awake.

"We got nothing better to do." Faen shrugged his shoulders and started to walk with Grey towards the three girls in the distance. As they walked towards the three girls, they saw the girl with the white ponytail storm off in frustration, the girl in black and white walked off in another direction, while the red-hooded girl lay on the ground.

As they drew closer to the red-hooded girl, Faen and Grey were able to hear her say despondently to herself. "Welcome to Beacon."

Faen stood back and tucked his hands into the pockets of his pants. As was mentioned before, Faen wasn't a 'people person', and let Grey take the lead.

Grey, admitted far more sociable and a better conversationalist when compared to Faen, stepped forward, her shadow falling on the red-hooded girl. She extended her hand towards the girl on the floor, smiled a teeth-filled smile, and said to her. "Hey there, little lamb. Saw that little spat between you and that girl with the ponytail. The name's Grey Ulric, and the bundle of laughter beside me is Faen Tatharion. You alright?"

'"Little lamb"? Seriously?' Faen mentally groaned.

The girl, who looked a bit young for a Beacon student, took Grey's hand and meekly replied. "Ruby."

Grey easily pulled Ruby up onto her feet with one hand, despite her tired she was. Once she was on her feet did Ruby start to notice the unique features that both Faen and Grey bore. Her eyes widened in realization at what exactly the two were, instantly followed up by awed fascination. Before anything could be said, a boy around his own height and age in a black hoodie and wearing white armour over his chest and shoulders stepped into the picture.

"Uh, hey. I'm Jauneā€¦ Jaune Arc. I was gonna, y'know help you up, but you... uh... yeah. Hi!" The blonde haired boy, Jaune, awkwardly introduced himself.

Faen gave Jaune one look and, though he hide it well, was not too impressed by the boy. He seemed a bit... average. Unremarkable. The elf would most likely forget about him before the day had ended. Quickly glancing at Grey, Faen saw that her give Jaune a quick once-over, he couldn't tell what exactly the werewolf thought of Jaune, but, she seemed to like his boyish features. Not to the extent that she might feel some sort of attraction to the boy, hopefully.

It was then that Ruby pointed at Faen and Grey, yelling at the top of her voice. "Oh my god! You're an elf! And you're a werewolf!"

"We're right here. No need to shout." Faen grunted, irritated with Ruby's sudden outburst.

"Ya hit the nail on the head there, little lamb. Though, I didn't think you'd actually get what I was three seconds after meeting me. Most people think I'm a wolf faunus." Grey responded, ignoring Faen's words, and smiled at the smaller girl.

Ruby nervously chuckled and began to boop the tips of her index fingers against each other, before saying. "Oh, well... uh... I read a lot of books about Demi-Humans, and I really wanted to meet a werewolf one day. You guys sound so cool!"

"That's what all people say before they actually meet one." Faen whispered under his breath. Ruby and Jaune had not heard him, but one of Grey's wolf-ears twitched, and she sent him a sideways looks. The elf returned her gaze with a daring look of challenge.

Grey shook her head and smiled at Ruby, continuing her conversation with the red-hooded girl. She seemed to like this human girl.

Faen, meanwhile, had decided that they had stayed standing where they were for longer than he liked and raised his voice to say. "We can talk on the way to the main hall. We're already lagging behind the other first-years."

With that, the elf walked past the other three and further down the courtyard. Behind him Grey, Ruby and Jaune followed after him, though they had to pick up the pace for Faen was quite the quick walker for someone who claimed to be not quite fond of walking in the first place. Once they had caught up with the elf, the three began to converse with each other.

Faen payed little attention to their conversation, and continued walking on past a statue in the middle of the courtyard. But, that didn't mean he couldn't hear what they were saying, and turned his head ever so slightly when he heard the red-hooded human girl, Ruby, mention how the boy, Jaune, had vomited on her sister's shoe while they were on their airship and nicknamed him 'Vomit Boy'. Jaune quickly retorting by calling Ruby 'Crater Face'.

Then, the conversation went to another subject. One that was initiated by Ruby. She asked the others about their weapons, unfolding her scythe-sniper, Crescent Rose, with some pride. Faen had to admit that the weapon was rather impressive. Jaune meekly showed of his sword and shield, Crocea Mors. The shield was capable of turning into a scabbard for the sword. It wasn't extraordinary like Crescent Rose, but, Faen liked that there were others attending the academy that used much simpler weapons that required less maintenance.

When Jaune was done showing off Crocea Mors, Ruby turned to Grey and asked. "So, Grey. Can you show us your weapon? Is it those gauntlets you're wearing? Can you show it to me? Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseleasepleaseple-?"

Faen was a bit concerned about Ruby. Who got excited about weapons this much? Jaune sharing in Faen's concerns for the red-hooded girl. Grey smiled at the excited and pleading look on Ruby's face, and decided to grant her request.

The werewolf raised her arms, the gauntlets covering the entirety of her forearms including her hands, and without warning three claw-like blades, each one 20cm (7 inches) in length and razor sharp, emerged from the gauntlets. Ruby's eyes turned as large as dinner plates and a wide smile was present on her face. Jaune jumped back in surprise at the blade's sudden emergence from Grey's gauntlets.

"Think that's it? Watch this." Grey pointed the front of her gauntlet towards the grassy soil of the courtyard, and, with a press of a button on the underside of the gauntlet, one of the blades shot from its slot. Ruby and Jaune looked on in amazement at this. In a flash of grey steel, the blade shot through the air buried itself a quarter way into the soil.

Grey walked over to the blade and, both gently and carefully, pulled it free from the ground and returned the blade into it's slot.

"That's incredible!" The red-hooded girl squealed. It almost looked like she was about to faint from the sheer amount of excitement she was experiencing.

Grey sheathed her gauntlets' claws and turned to Faen, and, with a wink, said. "Faen? You gonna show them yours? I showed them mine."

Faen had an uninterested look on what little of his face they could see. But, he silently complied and unsheathed his sabre from its scabbard. It was simple in the way that it didn't transform into anything else, like Jaune's sword. It's guard and pommel were made of silver, the grip was wooden and wrapped in leather, the 91cm (36 inches) steel blade was single-edged and moderately curved, and caught the light of the sun in its keen edge.

"Well, at least there are people like you guys who appreciate the classics." The Ruby girl spoke up as she admired the sword's craftmanship.

Faen, glanced over to Jaune and gauged his reaction. The blonde boy seemed to be a bit uplifted upon learning that there was someone else using a weapon that didn't have a crazy alternate form.

"Yeah. I suppose so." Faen muttered in reply. The elf prepared to sheathe the sword into its scabbard, but a voice suddenly called out to the group. More specifically, to Faen.

"Nice knife, freak!"

Faen's head snapped towards where he had heard the voice come from. It belonged to a tall boy, taller than him really, with a large mace at his side, wearing silver-grey armour and orange hair.

Faen had limited contact with humans, only a few ever come to the small town he and Grey came from. They were not bad, but this human was something else. He'd heard of humans acting discriminatorily towards Demi-Humans before, but had never been a victim of such actions himself. That didn't mean he had no experience in dealing with assholes.

"Couldn't believe the Councils decided to let monsters like you into the Academies." The boy continued. Sneering at Faen and Grey, putting emphasis on the word 'monsters'. "You should've stayed on your island. Those Faunus were bad enough, now we got monsters like you walking all over the place."

Faen's eyes narrowed and his brow furrowed at Cardin's words. His sabre in hand, Faen took a step towards the human and snarled in a low voice. "If you have a problem with my being here, I suggest we resolve this issue in an arena."

The human snorted at Faen, and shot back. "Pfft. What can a knife-ears do to me? One hit from my mace will be enough to break your Aura, and your spine."

Faen's eyes glinted with a spiteful light, and his free left hand slowly clenched and unclenched. A pair of hands, Grey on his right and Ruby on his left, took hold of his arm and tried to pull him away from the human teen.

"C'mon Faen." The elf heard Grey whisper into his ear. "Ignore him. Remember-"

"Stay out of this, dog." The human interrupted Grey before she could finish. Faen felt Grey's grip on his arm tighten. Grey hated being called a dog. He could only imagine the face that she was making right now.

"Hey!" The small voice of Ruby yelled from Faen's left, everyone looking towards the young girl when she spoke. Ruby stepped between Faen and the human and stood defiantly against the latter, an angered look on her face. "Back off right now and leave us alone!"

The human looked down at Ruby, a contemptuous look on his face as his indigo eyes stared back at Ruby's silver ones. Faen was slightly annoyed that Ruby had gotten in his way and that a girl as little as herself was standing up for him, but he had to admit that he found it admirable that she would do such a thing.

"Go on ahead to the main hall, girl. This is between me and the freaks." The tall human said to Ruby as his gaze refocused on Faen and Grey.

"Whoa, guys! I don't think there's a need for us all to get into a fight." Jaune tried to defuse the situation, but he went largely ignored.

The air was filled with tension. And it seemed that to everyone watching that a fight could break out in any moment.

Faen began to raise his sword-arm, Cardin started to reach for his mace, while Grey readied her clawed-gauntlets. Ruby reached for Crescent Rose, while Jaune stepped away from the coming confrontation. But, they were stopped when a stern female voice cut through the air.

"Ahem! What, may I ask, is going on here?"

Everyone looked to the source of the voice and froze at the sight of who the voice belonged to. Stood a small distance away, and quickly approaching the small group, was a tall woman in a greyish-brown three piece suit. A white clay mask depicting the beauteous and impassive face of a woman, was worn over her face, cyan eyes staring out from behind the mask's eyeholes. Her most striking feature, however, was the writhing tangle of hissing brown snakes that existed where the hair on her head should be present. She was a gorgon, but more then that, she was Professor Kallisto Taupe. The appointed supervisor and administrator of all things related to Demi-Humans in the Academy, and a skilled Huntress back in her time.

Faen and Cardin stepped away from each other. The elf and Grey went on to stand up straight and bowed their heads to the approaching woman, respectfully addressing the gorgon woman. "Professor Taupe."

"Yes yes, I know who I am." The professor brusquely responded to the two Demi-Humans' words. As soon as she came within a few paces of the Beacon first-years, she planted both hands on her hips and assumedly, no one could tell under that mask of hers, glared at them all. The snakes on her head staring at them all unflinchingly. "Now, what is going on here? Weapons are not to be raised against other students unless permitted by a professor."

"Nothing was happening." Cardin grumbled, refusing to look at the gorgon's eyes and that of her snakes.

Surprisingly, it was Ruby that spoke up again. Gesturing a hand towards the orange-haired human, she said. "He started it. He called Faen a 'knife-ears', Grey a 'dog', and-"

Professor Taupe rose a hand to stop Ruby where she was. The face of Professor Taupe's mask turned to each of those present. Scrutinizing each of them closely and thoroughly. An alarm rang from the masked professor's pocket. She fished out her scroll from her jacket and turned off the alarm, before turning back to the first-years and saying. "You all have five minutes until the Headmaster's speech. I recommend you hurry over to the main hall. But know that this matter will be dealt with in time."

"Yes, Professor." The five first-years said in unison, though Cardin spoke through closed teeth. The first-years walked off in silence towards the main hall of Beacon, Professor Taupe watching them go.

Faen, Grey, Ruby, Jaune, and the other human walked into Beacon's noisome main hall. The orange-haired human walking off and away from the other four. Faen would remember his face, and was determined to get back at the human.

"C'mon Grey." Faen muttered to the werewolf as he turned and strode to a vacant space amongst the crowd.

As Faen left the three behind, Grey shook her head and followed after him. She took a moment to turn her head and wave goodbye to Ruby and Jaune. "See you guys later, and sorry for dragging you into that thing back there. Take care little lamb!"

With that, Grey hurried after Faen.

"Uh, see you later, Grey!" Ruby waved the werewolf goodbye. As Grey disappeared into the crowd of students, a girl with a mane of blonde-hair and a pair of impressive bracelets emerged from said crowd and called out to Ruby.

"Ruby! Over here! I saved you a spot!"

"Oh! Hey, I-I gotta go! I'll see you after the ceremony!" And with that, Ruby was off. Leaving Jaune all on his own.

"Hey wait!" The blonde boy tried to stop Ruby, or at least talk to her some more. But the red-hooded girl was already gone. Slumping his shoulders and letting out a despondent groan, Jaune continued to speak. "Ah, great. Where am I supposed to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to?!"

Jaune walked off to find somewhere to stand once he finished speaking. Unbeknownst to him, a certain red-haired champion watched him with an interested glint in her eyes.

In another part of the hall, Faen and Grey stood together. Faen's arms was crossed and his eyes were fixed on the main hall's stage. Silently, he embedded the orange-haired human's face into his memory and began to contemplate what he would do to him.

"Not even a day in Beacon, and we nearly get into a fight with a human. I suppose you've got some plan to get back at the bastard." Grey sighed as she stood beside him. Incidents like this had happened before. Faen or Grey was insulted, and the elf would take it to a personal level and hold a grudge against the person. Eventually, he'd find ways to repay the insult.

People said that he took his little vendettas against people too far, or that he was being petty. He didn't care. Insults were insults, and he would not stand for insults against his person.

Faen turned his head slightly, and responded, saying. "He insulted me, you, and our peoples. For insulting me, I'll beat him in combat. For insulting you, I will humiliate him. For insulting our people, I break his weapon-hand."

The werewolf rolled her eyes. She had cooled off, but Faen remained in a state of simmering anger, and said. "That bastard's a fangless flea. All bluster, no bite. And besides, what should his opinion matter?"

"Formless words or not. He still did us insult. And for that, he suffers." Faen sharply responded, his eyes narrowing as he finished speaking.

Grey shook her head in disapproval, but decided not to argue any further. She and Faen had gotten into arguments about his tendency to take insults poorly. None of them went anywhere or changed anything. Changing the subject to something else, Grey huffed and said. "Heh, at least our confrontation with that jackass allowed us to see Professor Kallisto Taupe."

Faen thought about what Grey said and supposed that she was right. Kallisto Taupe was one of the first Demi-Human Huntresses of Beacon, and had earned a good deal of fame when she was active in the field. Becoming something of an icon amongst Demi-Humans with others such as Aurelius Aquila, and Surtr Brann.

Faen let out a tired sigh, before proceeding to pinch the bridge of his nose, and said. "I suppose you're right about that. But we were bound to see her sooner or later. She's a professor here, remember?"

"Of course I'm right, ya downer. But we got to see her sooner." Grey cut in with a smug grin on her face. "Never mind all that. Let's just appreciate the moment right now. We're here. We're finally in Beacon."

"Huh. Yeah, we're here." Faen replied, having calmed down.

"This also gets you away from my family." Grey added. Faen's face returned to the expression of icy irritation he'd worn previously, with an addition of a 'are you serious' look in his eyes. Heedless of Faen's change in attitude, Grey continued. "Mom wants to skin you alive for accidently breaking that vase grandmother gave to her. And dad still wants to suck the marrow from your bones, his words, for accidently setting fire to the kitchen and living room. And my sister wants to castrate you for some reason. Hopefully they'll have cooled down once we get back home."

Faen and Grey stood and looked at each other in silence for a long moment. The silence between the two broken when Faen said to Grey, his right eye twitching. "I. Hate. You."

The two Demi-Humans noticed movement on the main stage of the hall. Looking over to the stage, they saw Professor Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon, standing before a microphone, while Professor Goodwitch, Beacon's Combat Instructor, stood beside him. The Headmaster came closer to the microphone so that his mouth was only a few centimetres away from it, and began to address the assembled first-years.

"I'll... keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge, to hone your craft and acquire new skills, and when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose, direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."

And with that Ozpin walked away from the microphone, Goodwitch quickly taking his place and said into the microphone. "You will gather in the ballroom tonight. Tomorrow, your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed."

Faen and Grey silently watched Ozpin leave the room. The elf then went ahead and turned to face the werewolf, saying to her. "And you called me a downer earlier."

Right, first chapter done. Hoped you enjoyed. Below will be a small list of what the certain names or parts of names of certain OCs mean, and of course, the before mentioned information on the Demi-Humans of Remnant.

Faen Tathation: Faen means 'Radiant, white'. While Tatharion means 'Son of Willow'. Derived from the Sindarin language created by J.R.R Tolkien.

Grey Ulric: Grey is grey, no idea why I should say this. Ulric means 'Wolf-Ruler' in Middle English.

Kallisto Taupe: Kallisto means 'Beautiful' in Greek. Taupe is a greyish-brown colour.

A Guide to Demi-Humans by David Silver

Elves: Nearly completely identical to Humans when it comes to physical appearances. Elves differentiate from Humans through their distinctly elongated and pointed ears. They possess an acute sense of hearing that is beyond that of a human's, and rivals that of a faunus. The same goes for eyesight, and in some cases, their sense of smell. Contrary to their common portrayals in folklore, Elves do not live forever, nor do they live lifespans longer than Humans.

Of the many Demi-Humans I have encountered, the Elves were among the least receptive of me and even less forthcoming in information about themselves. Preferring to live in small groups, Elves often live apart from even other Demi-Humans, and may appear guarded towards those that they are not familiar with them. Some Elves live among others not of their kin, but even then it takes time for one to become regarded as something akin to a friend in their eyes.

Gorgons: Gorgons can very in their appearance. Some may possess snake like scales for skin, while others may have leathery bat-like wings. The one trait that is common among Gorgons is the snakes that exist where hair would normally be in humans, faunus, and other demi-humans. Whether they are as horrible to behold as common myth and legends makes them out to be is unknown. For all Gorgons wear clay masks that depict the beautiful faces of men and women.

Surprisingly, Gorgons are rather amicable and generous hosts to guests in their homes or places where they feel at ease. But this takes a turn when they leave such places, and often appear stern as stone.

Werewolves: The appearance of a Werewolf is surprising to say the least. At a first glance, a Werewolf may be assumed to be a Faunus, but the two are most definitely different creatures. Werewolves can be identified by extra pair of tall wolf ears on their heads, canines as sharp as daggers, fur-covered forearms and lower-legs, with claws in the place of nails.

Werewolves were one of the most dangerous of the Demi-Humans I had the fortune to encounter. The possibility of them turning into 'The Wolf', as they refer to their transformed state, ever haunted me while I stayed with them. Unfortunately, I would be witness to one such transformation, but thankfully, their familiarity with me allowed me to come out of the encounter without any bodily harm.