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Published: 12/27/2018

Warnings: None

Chapter 1

Fallen Guardian

Tina Branford, in her free time, enjoyed spending time in her garden. Tina was a firm believer in organic goods, and what better way to get them than to grow them yourself?

Besides, there was something special… Something magnificent about the whole thing.

Her hands had wrought so much destruction. Fire was her calling, her strength, her power. Fire destroyed, left nothing but ash in its wake. Fire was warmth. Fire was heat. Fire was life.

Tina knelt, hands splayed, allowing warmth to swelter from her palms around her. Tending the flame, the flicker, the ember of life within the roots.

Then, she heard it.


Not heard…


Felt the echo.

Tina snapped up, spinning about, sparks already cackling on her fingertips. Cackling before they died out as pure shock left her gaping, imobile.

This was impossible.

Impossible, but…

"You. You're… You're dead." Tina struggled to speak. "You died. I saw you die."

A broken gaze met her own before the eyes quickly looked away. Battered. So utterly battered. The familiar armor, the robes, that once adorned him were in tatters. The horned helmet he'd once worn was no more.

His shield, his sword, were gone. All that was left was a man in broken shattered armor, covered in soot, his once glimmering hair a burned mess.

The Warrior. The original Warrior of Light, from the first world. Someone who should he dead and gone and erased, but instead was standing here in her garden beyond all logical belief.

There was no recognition in his eyes. No acknowledgement. Nothing that showed that he knew her. Nothing except the broken gaze of a man, shattered apart a thousand times over. The apathy of eyes that had seen a thousand horrors, seen so many of them that they became numb to the world, numb to reality.

Tina knew that gaze.

She'd had it herself once before. Held it, all those centuries ago when Kefka had made her wear that crown, made her slaughter, made her kill. Her body, moving against her will.

Broken by horrors, forced to watch again and again, utterly helpless to stop any of it. Helpless to prevent anything, helpless to be anything but a victim, a survivor while everyone else fell.

Then, the face twisted in confusion. Confusion as the eyes locked on her, as they took her in. Focus and concentration that Tina recognized.

It was the look of a human, trying to remember something they should have no ability to remember. It had been centuries. A human mind is not meant to remember that long. It simply isn't designed for that. And, whatever the Warrior of Light was now, he had once been human and that was what defines him.

So, of course, he had to prove her wrong.

"Terra?" his voice rasped out. Rasped, as broken as his visage, the word tumbling from his mouth roughly, voice cracking.

That name… She had not heard that name in address to her in a long time. So, so long.

Tina lifted an arm towards him.


Then, an explosion rocked the world. Eyes widening, Tina turned as fire, brilliant and orange and red, began to rise, billowing into the skies. Fire that flared briefly, brightly, before a flicker of azure ripped through it, causing ice to hail down.

As quickly as it had begun, it stopped. Stopped so suddenly, so rapidly that Tina doubted her own eyes, doubted what she had seen. A wave of nausea struck her, causing her to sway.

"It's beginning." The Warrior whispered.

Tina's eyes shot towards him. Wide eyed, fearful, terrified. Terrified, because this was her home, this was where she kept her children, this is where she had always thought they'd be safe.

She should have known better. She should have known.

"The end. It's beginning. This world… Is connected. Tied to the Darkness."

"Sora… Why do you want to build a raft?" Riku could not help but ask.

Because, really, this made no sense at all whatsoever. They already had a way to get to other worlds. Yes, true, none of them could actual summon up a torsion to do so, but there were plenty people on the island who could.

How the hell Bartz managed to do so when Riku could not was beyond him, but Miss Branford hadn't even bothered pretending to be surprised by that particular twist.

Sometimes, Riku was sure there was more to the story than he was being informed of. (Oh, the poor boy had absolutely no idea.)

"So we can use it to go past the ocean and visit other worlds?" Sora shot both Riku and Kairi 'duh' looks. Which, considering the current context, was ironic as hell. "I've already got it half built!" Sora announced with a beaming smile.

"Sora… Your adopted mother literally takes us on trips to other worlds." Riku reminded Sora.

"Percy and Nico spend most of their time here and they're from another world." Kairi decided to add.

"Jason goes back and forth every other week because he's got," Riku's face scrunched in distaste, "responsibilities." he spat.

"So?" Sora waved this off. "That's mom sending us places. That's no adventure! It's only a real adventure if we do it ourselves!"

Riku and Kairi exchanged looks.

Ah hell, what did they have to lose?

With smiles, they turned towards Sora.

"Alright. What do you need?"

Sora grinned.

Which, of course, was when the ear splitting explosion tore its path through the air. The three teens clutched at their heads, looking up as a jagged slash of flame ripped through the skies, cutting forth as a meteor descended, making its oath directly towards the main island.

It smashed with destructive force, causing plumes to ascend into the skies.

Jason Grace would be hard pressed to admit that he'd grown fond of Sabin Figaro over the years. First impression meant everything and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They forever clouded the way you saw someone, forever followed each and every interaction with them, for better or for worse.

Still, first impressions could be wrong and Jason could admit that he'd been wrong about Sabin. The first time they'd met, Jason had just rescued Leo Valdez from a nightmare of an orphanage, and had instantly assumed Sabin was there to force Leo back.

That… Could not have been farther from the truth.

Still, the initial hostile reaction had colored Jason's first encounters with the man to the point where he hadn't really trusted anything he had to say first few weeks that he'd known him.

Well, that, and Sabin had flown them off halfway across the country at sound breaking speeds because he'd forgotten he had a bloody spaceship.

Children are stubborn, though, so it was only recently that Jason had acknowledged that Sabin Figaro might not be so bad. That was an opinion he was rapidly losing as he approached the man's room and heard mysterious groans pouring out of it.

Jason paused.

All of them knew that Sabin was dating Sora's mom. They weren't exactly subtle about it. Jason also knew that Miss Bradford was currently tending to her garden, so she definitely wasn't anywhere near the house right now.

Jason heard the creaking of a bed.

Jason's jaw dropped slightly.


No, no, no.

Surely Sabin wouldn't be that stupid? Surely he wouldn't seriously ruin one of the best things in his life like that? Surely he wouldn't be like… Like…

Like Jason's father, to be honest. Seriously. Jupiter was lucky divorce was not a concept as far as Juno was concerned. Jason was also glad he did not take after said father.

As the noises grew louder, Jason came to the dreaded realization that Sabin did. Alright, so Sabin technically was not a child of the sky god, despite his ability to fly, manipulate wind, and whatnot. Still, Jason was very much reminded of Jupiter right now.

And, it made him furious. Angry. Pissed off. No one deserved something like this, least of all someone as kind and good as Miss Branford. Considering this was a small town, there was also no way in hell Sabin's partner wasn't aware he was taken, and every possibility that it was a close personal friend, which made the betrayal all the more terrible.

With that thought in mind, all sensibility went straight out the window as Jason broke the door down in a moment of rage.


Of all the sights Jason expected, the one before him was definitely… Not it. At all. Jason quickly felt his rage melt away from him, the sparks dancing on his skin fizzling to a ceases as his jaw dropped, because, what?

Jason stood stock still, hand raised, blinking several times. Nope. Image did not change.

What… What the hell.

Sabin looked as surprised as Jason was. Sprawled on the bed, sweat dripping down his brow, skin pale beyond belief, Sabin did not look like he was having a good time. In fact, if Jason was to hazard a guess, he'd say he walked in not on an affair, but an assassination attempt.

Well, who knows, maybe it was both.

Either way, straddled atop Sabin's chest was a withering creature of shadows, a withering creature that had lifted its head to stare straight at Jason the second he'd barged in. A creature with glowing golden eyes baring an impressive set of dripping fangs at him.

A creature that was rapidly lunging at him. Jason's battle instincts had bim tossing himself out of the creatures path and back into the living room, rolling as claws slashed at him. Coming up in a crouch, Jason tossed his hand out, letting loose a blast of wind. He was indoors, so it wasn't very impressive, but it was enough to knock the shadow creature back a bit.

Slipping his hand into his pocket, Jason drew a single golden coin, tossing it in the air as it became a spear, standing to full height and holding it defensively before him.

The shadow creature growled, its knees scrunched below it, seemingly ready to throw itself at Jason with full force. Well, it could come. He'd butcher this thing and then make Sabin explain what the hell was going on.

Speaking of Sabin…

"Wha- GAU, NO!"

The creature paused, titling his head and turning. Sabin entered the room, steps tentative and slow, hands raised in a non threatening manner.


Jason knew exactly what those hands were capable of. There was very little about Sabin that was not threatening.

Still, considering Sabin currently looked so bed ridden and pale that Jason was honestly surprised he could move, the man did look pretty harmless.

Sabin wasn't looking at him. No. His eyes were locked on the monster's. Said monster looked tense and ready to spring at a moments notice, but stood stock still at Sabin's command.

Sabin nodded once to the creature before turning towards Jason. With a pointed glare at Jason's spear, Sabin growled.

"Put that away."

Jason spluttered.

"I will not 'put it a-" Jason began.

"Now." Sabin interrupted, standing to full height, fists clenched at his side.

Jason froze. Alright, so Sabin was normally a teddy bear of a person, a giant teddy bear of a person, but even looking half dead, the glare the man was shooting at him reminded Jason of a gorgon's, able to freeze one in place with a glare alone.

Jason looked back and forth between Sabin and the demon.

Alright. So. Obviously, there was some piece of the puzzle Jason was missing. A very big piece, apparently, and now he had to make a choice. Either he could trust Sabin's judgement and lower his spear, thereby putting himself in danger from being mauled by Shadow the Teenage Claw Boy, or he could move forward and attack, and possibly have to deal with a mind controlled Sabin.

And that was the kicker.

Jason wasn't sure if Sabin was in his right mind. This… Thing might be controlling him. On the other hand, Jason was still missing a piece of the puzzle, and attacking might be the worst decision he could make.

Ah hell.

He'd compromise.

Jason lowered the spear, letting the tip fall to the ground. Regardless, his form stayed stiff, ready to move at a second's notice, small cackles of lightning beginning to form on his skin, tiny sparks dancing along it.

Sabin relaxed marginally before turning back towards the shadow creature.

"Gau." Sabin said, apparently to the demon, "this is Jason. He's a friend. We don't hurt friends, remember?"

Oh gods.

Sabin… had a pet demon. Wait, scratch that, of course he had a pet demon and Jason was a moron for thinking this man had a brain. Moron, moron, moron.

The demon, Gau apparently, turned to look at Jason. It sniffed. Once, twice, then nodded before spinning about and walking into a wall. Or through. Or into. Either way, the damn thing melted into the shadows, fading away.

Sabin sighed, letting his hands drop.

"Man oh man, kid. You seriously choose the wrong times to show up!" Sabin said, scratching the back of his head before laughing loudly.

Jason spluttered again.

"What- you- Sabin- THE HELL WAS THAT?" Jason exploded. He could be forgiven for loosing his resolve. He was standing right infront of the apparent poster man child for crazy.

Sabin's laughter ceased as abruptly you as it had begun. Now the man looked sheepish.

Now that he'd had a moment to calm down, Jason noticed things that he hadn't noted before. Like the fact that Sabin wasn't wearing a shirt. Or the fact that there were angry red stab wounds on his chest. Or the fact that the veins around said points seemed to pulse out, blue and purple and not at all looking healthy.

It became clear in an instant.

Jason felt sick. He actually had to resist the urge to hurl.

"You were… Letting that thing feed off of you?" Jason said, horrified.

"Hey!" Sabin frowned at him, crossing his arms. "Gau is not a 'thing'." Sabin scolded. "Yes, I'll admit, getting turned into a Heartless has made him more… Aggressive, but he doesn't feed on people. If I have to feed him chakra every now and then to keep him sated, then all the better since no one gets hurt."

To this, Jason very blatantly let his eyes trail up and down Sabin's figure. Sabin rolled his eyes, which, seriously, was almost as weird as the demon.

"I'm fine. A bit of healing magic, and I'll be right as rain." Sabin said before looking down at himself then frowning. For a moment, Jason hoped logic would pierce the mind of the musclehead before him, therefore proving himself to be an idiot. Jason never learned. "Crap, I hope Gau got enough energy. That boy's got a stomach as vast as Sora's."

And there went that hope.

"Does Miss Branford know about this?" Jason somehow managed to get out.

Sabin winced.

"This… Is one of our bigger issues. She was reluctant to keep Gau around at first since, you know, Heartless, but I'm not abandoning that kid. That's a concept she's very familiar with."

Considering Miss Branford ran her orphanage as more of a mother than a matron, that was really saying something.


"Heartless?" Jason repeated, unfamiliar with the term.

"Heartless." Sabin nodded. "People, beings, creatures that have had their souls torn out. It's not pretty." Sabin said with another wonder.

Cold realization was seeping in.

"So… That creature…"

Sabin nodded.

"I knew him before he got turned. He was a good kid. A wild child. Literally. I found him in the middle of goddamn savannah, running around clawing at beasts. Ironically the whole 'wild child' part is what's keeping him somewhat stable."

"Somewhat?" Jason did not like the sound of this.

"Most Heartless are wild and uncontrolled. They feed in a frenzy, converting others left and right. Gau, though? He was already used to losing his mind to his inner beast, and never once in that state did he attack anyone he cared about. Getting turned into a Heartless, to him, was the same as going into one of his Rages. Only difference is… He can't exit it. He's stuck."

Jason was about to retort that there was a first time for everything before realizing something.

This was very obviously not the first time this had happened. Which meant… Gau had been on the islands. He'd been here for weeks, months, years. Who knows how long. Yet, not once had there been any sort of attack, and Jason would know if there had. It would have been the talk of the town.

Well, that, and Miss Branford would have smited the kid where he stood.

"Isn't there a way to… I don't know, fix him?" Jason couldn't help but ask, because, really, getting turned into a soulless heart tearing demon made of shadows and darkness was a terrible fate. Even monsters had a better fate than that. It was the worst thing Jason could imagine.

Jason instantly regretted the question as a look of forlorn sadness overtook Sabin's features. Which was why they next words took Jason for another loop.

"There's a way. We'd have to find his body first, though. That, and a Keyblade Master."

"A Keyblade wha-"

Jason was interrupted by the booming sound of an explosion tearing into his eardrums and the sound of every window in the house shattering at once.

"What is this place?" Leo asked, coming up from his crouch.

"The Secret Place. Sora, Riku, and Kairi come over here to make out with each other when they think none of us are watching." Prompto said.

Leo rolled his eyes.

"That again? I don't know how Tidus convinced you of that one."

Leo very much liked Destiny Islands. It sure as hell beat the orphanage back on Earth. Here, Leo was liked. Here, Leo had a place. Here, Leo didn't have to fear his strengths or his powers.

Fire had terrified Leo for so long. Scared him because he knew how destructive it was, how quickly it could consume everything around him. Here, he'd learned to control that gift over time, to wield it.

Yes, it still scared him, but nowhere near as much as it once had.

Leo liked his powers, and he liked Prompto. No one else got into robot building contest with him. Hell, he and Prompto had an ongoing project making a super suit that would be totally awesome and amazing once finished.

Once they got the damn thing to stop blowing up on them, that is.

Prompto turned, shooting Leo a raised eyebrow look that he more associated with Tidus than Prompto, really.

"Evidence." Prompto declared, pointing towards a rather childish drawing of Sora and Kairi sharing some star shaped fruit.

"SoKai for the win." Leo decided, noting Riku had not been drawn in.

Prompto scowled.

"Nope, nope. Not that again. We already had a great shipping war of Destiny Islands. Not another one."

"True. It's time for a new war."

The two teens froze.

Leo spun, fire already dancing on his fingertips. He wasn't quick enough. Ice smashed into his chest, flinging him backwards and slamming him into one of the cave walls, trapping him there from neck to toe. Leo gasped as the rock dug painfully into his back. His head smacked against the rock, hard, leaving him dazed.

Looking up, he was met with the sight of a woman striding into the cave like she owned it. Dressed in high heels, a plaid skirt, and a dark jacket, she didn't look like a monster.

At least, not at first glance. Those cold golden eyes glared at him, freezing Leo in place in a way even the ice could not. She carried with her the strangest weapon Leo had ever seen, and he'd seen strange.

Who, in their right mind, would make a key shaped sword?

The woman turned towards Prompto, who was rapidly backing away and staring in horror at the newcomer. The woman smiled at him.

"Prompto. Good boy. You're here, just as ordained."

Ordained? This woman didn't sound stable. Leo wasn't about to let some random freak hurt one of his friends. Melting through ice should be eas-


The cold hit Leo all at once, causing his head to fall forth as it ripped through him, into him. Not the cold from the ice, no. That cold was irrelevant. The cold from within, a cold he had never felt before, a cold he couldn't comprehend.

His fire, his flames, his warmth, not destroyed, but… Muted. There, Leo could tell, because it was a part of him. There, but locked away, deep inside in a part of himself that he could no longer access.

There was a time when Leo had hated his fire, when he'd wanted it gone. But never had there been a time when he couldn't access it, when he couldn't draw from it, no matter how desperately he tried.

Leo wanted to scream. So he did. Or, at least, he tried. You can't scream when no noise will come out.

"Leo? Leo? What did you do to him!"

Blearily, Leo looked up. Though his system was shocked beyond belief by the sudden cold, he could see Prompto overcome his fear, fists swinging at the woman.

She sidestepped the blow, leg sweeping out, kicking hard against Prompto's shin and causing him to kneel over. Sparks blasted from the blow, dancing along the cave wall.

Lightning. She'd added lightning to her kick. Enough to leave Prompto convulsing, knelt over and defenseless.

"Now, now. The boy is of no concern. No, Prompto… What fascinates me, is you."

The woman knelt, hand darting out and gripping Prompto's chin. Prompto glared at her, or, at least, he tried to. Leo heard the whimper. He didn't blame him. Leo wanted to whimper himself.

"Me? Why me? Who are you?"

"Me? No one important. But you. Oh, you, child? A boy, born and forged to be a daemon… But instead, became a real boy. Tossed aside as a failure, but… No. You were their greatest creation. Those fools merely didn't see it."

The woman twisted Prompto's arm before ripping off the arm bands he always kept there. The haze in Leo's mind was not at all helped by the numbing realization that there was a goddamn barcode printed on his friend's arm.

A barcode Prompto was apparently not aware of as he gaped at it in surprise.

The woman tsked.

"It even followed you into rebirth. No matter. It's time, child."

Prompto looked up at her, unmasked fear in his eyes.

"Time?" he repeated numbly.

"Time." The woman nodded as she rose. "Time to become what you were always meant to be. Time for this wretched world to fall. Time for the end. Time, time, time."

Then, without hesitation, she lifted her strange key shaped blade, and thrust the tip right into Prompto's chest.

Becoming older meant getting saddled with random tasks while big doe eyes stared at you into submission until you gave in and did them.

Which is how Noctis found himself in the local market with Bartz for company getting groceries, of all things. Funny thing was, Noctis had the feeling this wasn't the first time he'd been sent off to fetch food, even though it literally was.

Gods knew Noctis was no good in the kitchen, but regardless he could identify herbs and other foodstuffs by instinct, even if he had no idea how to cook them together to make a satisfying meal.

Noctis idly wondered where Prompto had run off to. Probably somewhere with Leo, yet again. The thought made him twitch. Leo already had a best friend, why did he have to go around dragging Noctis' bestie around?

"You're frowning again. Turn that frown upside down!" Bartz scolded.

Noctis continued to frown. But, to humor Bartz, he decided to do so while doing a handstand.

Bartz twitched.

"Okay, wise guy, look here." Bartz waged a finger at him. It might have been more threatening if the hand doing it wasn't weighed down by ten different kinds of chili peppers. "I-" Bartz began.

Whatever he was going to say next was drowned out by a literal meteor raining down from the sky, popping out of practicality thin air, smashing into the corner of the marketplace in an explosion that tossed the two teens to the ground.

Screams rang all around as the rapid heat quickly cooled, the fire flaring brightly before dissipating. Noctis wasn't sure how he'd ended up sprawled on the ground on top of Bartz, but here he was.

Dizzy, Noctis looked up, towards the source. There, from the smoke and the fog and the broken shards of street, he saw them.

"Ah, good, good. There they are, just like she said they would be. Excellent," a voice drawled.

A voice that caused ice spikes to run up and down Noctis back. A voice that made his heart pound painfully, that made some internal, primal part of him want to get up and run and run and run until his legs stopped working, and then crawl after that.

Anything to get away.

From the fire came two figures, the flames dissipating into nothingness. One giant, dressed mostly in red silks, covered from head to toe with them.

The other… The other…

A memory clicked. Far off, too distant for Noctis to make a clear picture of it, but in his head all the same.

All he remembered was a name. A name that put the fear of God in him and made him want to fight and kill all in one breath.

Ardyn smiled down at him, lifting his arms in the air.

"Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum. My precious little failure. I have waited centuries for this moment, and, at long last, I finally have it. At long last, I may have my vengeance."

Then, Ardyn's face seemed to melt, eyes becoming sunken as black mulch began to drip from his face, teeth becoming jagged spikes that looked like they could tear an adamantite tortoise shell.

"At long last, I will be avenged."

Tina stared in horror.

The darkness… The darkness had finally come here. She had hoped it was at an end. Had believed it was at an end. Other than Gau, she hadn't seen or heard of Heartless in decades.

That peace, it seemed, was about to come to a very violent end.

Tina took a step forward.

"My fault."

Tina froze.

Slowly, she turned.

The Warrior was staring off into the distance, eyes locked in the direction where the meteor had fallen.

"My fault. My failure. My sin." The Warrior continued, seemingly to himself. Then, suddenly, he seemed to notice her again. "My failure. The First. We… We couldn't stop it. We couldn't stop him. We created him."

Tina took a tentative step back.

"Created who?"

"The First. The birth of the Heartless. Creature of shadows and death."

Tina's eyes widened. She had always wondered what had birthed the Heartless. Knowledge was power and, perhaps, with it, they could end the Heartless once and for all.

This was so not the time for this, though. Not when Destiny Island was clearly under attack.

"This… This is my punishment. A thousand worlds, I am forced to watch as they fall. This is my penance. This world… This world is lost." The Warrior continued, his eyes earnest and pained.

"I-" Tina wasn't sure what to say to him. To this broken, broken man that had once been one of the strongest men she'd ever known. There just wasn't enough time. Then, her expression hardened. "This world won't fall. The carnage ends here."

The Warrior gave a mirthless fallacy of a laugh. "Terra… It already has. All worlds fall. All worlds die. And me? I'm condemned, to stand and watch them destroyed, again and again until the universe is nothing more than an empty abyss."

This man would be of no help to her. He was too broken. As callous as it was, Tina didn't have time for him, not if his words were accurate and they were about to experience a world shattering event. So, instead, Tina turned away.

Turned away, and made her way towards the orphanage.

She had children to protect.

Elsewhere, a figure dressed in skin tight red leather glared up at the sky. Shaking his fist, the man growled.

"Hey! I resent that! I am the poster man child for crazy! How dare you give that title to someone else!"

[Really? This is what it takes to offend us? Really?]

{I'm surprised we didn't get triggered earlier. On that note, what is he talking about?}

[Destiny Island, you moron.]

{Destiny what?}

"Shut up, both of you. I can't hear myself think over you two morons."



[ { WE ARE YOU! } ]

"Don't you get technical with me, you pieces of shit!"


Deadpool turned. The kid he was suppose to be bodygurding(and, really, Deadpool had been doing this job for wayyy too long, the goddamn kid grew a couple of feet since the day Deadpool had met him) was frowning at him.

He also looked like he'd just gotten out of bed. Poor kid looked dead on his feet.

[Oh, I don't know, maybe because it's the middle of the night and you've been screaming at the skies like the moron you are?]

Oh, right, duh.

Anakin Solo glared.

"What are you yelling about now? Seriously, how's a guy supposed to nap with you hollering all night long?"

"I'll make you holler all night long."

Anakin rolled his eyes.

"Seriously, Wade. Go to bed. Or at least use your inside voice so I can get more than 2 hours of sleep." Anakin said with a yawn. A yawn that rapidly faded as he gazed up at the sky.

Deadpool looked up.

Ah. There it was.

A star, starting to fade.


Deadpool turned to look at the you. Yes, you, the person reading this right now.

"What? Surprised I'm here? I mean, I don't know why. You should be grateful that I'm presenting you heathens with my glorious presence."

{Glorious? More like apaling, with a face even a mother could never love. Oh, wait, we burned her alive!}

[Wait, what? I thought she died when we were kids.]

{Eh. Depends on the origin story.}

"Ignore them." Deadpool dismissed. "Without further ado, I would like to present… The first chapter of From the Heart II!" Deadpool declared, splaying his arms dramatically before tilting his head. "Which, honestly, shouldn't be out yet since Great Shipping War and Return of Thalia Grace aren't done yet, but meh."

"Wade, who are you talking to?"

"The readers. Duh."

"The- I- okay, you know what, I'm done. I'm going to bed. If you wake me again, I'm Force flinging you as far as I can throw you."


A slamming door was all the response Deadpool got for his troubles. The mercenary shrugged, turning back to gaze at the flickering star.

The end was here. At long last… It had finally begun.

Deadpool turned to look at you again.

"Now. You may all be thinking, what are these two handsome random out of universe characters doing here? Oh my, oh my. What possible relevance could they have?" Deadpool swooned. "I'll tell you, sweetheart, simple, easy peasy. Little munchkin and I are some of the very few survivors of our respective universes and, le gasp, this one is next!"

The door swung open only long enough for Anakin to make do on his promise to fling Deadpool as far as his Force Blast would take him.

"Totally worth it."