Taste of farewell

Warnings/notes : Trowa/Quatre, Trowa pov

Disclaimer : I don't own Gundam Wing.

written at 9th march 2003, by Misura

written after watching the episode in which Trowa tells Quatre his name. don't know its title.


My life has been saved by an angel.

I still find it hard to believe.

Why would someone like him bother saving something as worthless as that?

I think he would tell me all life is valuable, worthy of caring.

That must be the reason why he fights this war I know.

In his heart, the angel is a peaceful person.

I know his name too, though I haven't told him mine yet.

His name is Quatre.

Quatre Raberba Winner actually.

Quite a mouthful, isn't it?

His hair is golden, like sunlight.

His eyes are kind, yet wise.

When they look at me, I feel like they can see straight into my soul.

Like there is nothing I can hide from them, from him.

It should bother me but it doesn't.

There is nothing I would not want him to know.

Rather the opposite ; I want him to see what kind of person I really am.

To stop caring about me.

I have no idea how much he has discovered about me in the short time I have been with him.

Too much. Not enough.

I will leave him. I will never return to him, to soil his purity with my dirty hands.

I will never forget him, and carry his image with me in my heart always.

Walking away, I can't keep from looking back one last time.

He is there, of course.

His beautiful eyes look sad today.

Did I cause that? A good thing I'm leaving then.

Eyes like his should never be filled with sadness.

I don't speak, tearing my gaze away from the boy in the window.

The picture of him will be preserved.

"Don't you have a name?" he calls out.

So, he didn't find out that much about me. Good.

I don't want him to remember me.

And yet....

"If you have to call me by a name, you can call me Trowa. Trowa Barton." I hear myself replying.

I can't refuse him anything.

It's such a small thing, even though with it he can discover a lot about the person I have become.

His eyes light up at my words.

A little anyway. Enough to make me feel warm inside for being the cause of it.

"Farewell then Trowa. Take care of yourself."

I don't answer.

"I hope I'll see him again." I hear him say to someone I can't see.

I can't hear the reply he gets, only see him return his gaze to me again.

I should leave now. I already stayed too long.

Farewell Quatre, angel.

I hope I will never see you again.

Because I love you.


~OWARI [I think it is anyway]~