The Harry Potter Monologues - Expectations

Okay – well – the basic premise is this is a set of dramatic monologues given by each of the main characters of HP based at the time of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". There are 5 monologues in each "chapter". They are not in any deliberate pattern or order but there are some phrases and themes which recur throughout the monologues. The most obvious is of course - expectations, expectations people impose on others, or characters impose upon themselves. Please review it - all your feedback, praise and criticism will be greatly appreciated. Also - ask as many questions or give as many suggestions as you like.

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He doesn't care, doesn't even like me, even though I do my best to impress him. I've always tried to follow his lead, and set an example befitting my station. Instead of making friends, I made minions. Is it my fault those two imbeciles couldn't care less about respectability? I tell them what to do, they do it, surely that's enough? But no. Apparently two minions just doesn't gain credit. They're thick as two short planks. The most stimulating conversation I ever had with them was about my nimbus two thousand and one – what kind of friendship is that? He doesn't care. I've told him the closest friendship I have is with them, and still he sneers and arches his eyebrow "If you behaved as you should you would have plenty of friends by now." What else have I been doing?
He says I am a disgrace to be constantly beaten by a muggle-born, but who is he to criticize? He watches every movement of the Ministry just to make sure he won't get raided, he runs in fear of Arthur Weasley as if Weasley were an executionist, and yet stating he is above such things. 'Show due respect' he says 'beware of what you say' – all the while telling me of You-Know-Who's 'brilliant' exploits. What's the point of having a Death Eater for a father if I can't even tell anyone?
To be honest, I sometimes wonder at the 'brilliance' of killing defenseless people. Muggles don't have too many resources for fighting back – how brilliant is that? It's like kicking a baby. Though I suppose it is a good way of creating fear, and with fear comes power. And power is the ultimate objective. If I commanded half the respect of him, I would use it to good effect. People world-wide would know my name – not just people in the Wizarding world. But no – apparently it is too risky. 'Don't do that, son. How many times do I have to tell you?' But you told me that to be part of a long chain of pureblood Wizards made me worthy of everything – all the time reiterating I was worthy of nothing.
If I could, I would forget about it all. Name, honour. What is the point? I spend half my life talking to brick walls, studying and gaining small glimpses of happiness from tormenting others. What kind of life is that? I blame him. He made me – he moulded me – and he will regret he did when I become what I become.

End I.

II *I'd just like to point out this is a different speaker *

Am I a spiteful, bitter, horrid person in your opinion? Good! All is as I intended. Do not simply judge me on first appearances, though, as you may find yourself in quite a conundrum. What's that you say? I frighten you? Fear was not my intention. I merely want you to respect the fact that not everyone you meet in life will be kind, sweet and generous. On the contrary, I think you will find, so few people are genuinely benevolent. My compassion is far more sincere than others'. There has to be boundaries. Some people don't listen to common sense, but spend their lives disobeying orders and breaking rules. People like this need to learn a valuable lesson. If they will not learn it on their own, I will teach it.
I will tell you right now that there are two sides in this world. Good and evil. It would be prudent to make your decision at an early age. I speak from experience, believe me when I tell you this. Do not follow those who appear to be stronger, follow those with the worthier cause. Whilst easy and quick power may seem attractive, it is quickly diminished by responsibility and responsibility is something you will live with for the rest of your life. I have paid my price for my stupidity, I warn you not to pay your own.
If I make you sad, or anger you, then think first what it is about me you dislike. I am strict, mean spirited and unjust you say? Then you're starting to get an idea of justice. I am kinder to the other students? The ones you state are horrible? Perhaps you do not realise I am doing them a disservice, luring them into a false sense of security? I may not joke around, or delight you with tales, or even appear to like you, but I do teach you the difference between wrong and right. It is not easy, always keeping balance, noticing what some of the others are too foolish to see, but as the old adage goes, someone has to do it. I am what I am.

End II.


I don' think I've bin any prouder. He's a champion all righ'. Ever since I was a youngun I've had ter put up with some who wouldn't know a good'un if it came up and bit'em on the bum. Harry – he's always believed in me. Always helped when I were in a spot o' bother. Ain't no finer lad than Harry, that's for sure. An' Hermione an' Ron – always by his side, always helpin' out, always actin' in everyone's best interests. Yeh couldn't find two better friends than Ron an' Hermione. Course – they're always squabbling, but that's what kids are like, aren't they? Always findin' something to argue about.
Me, I've only had a few people who've stayed with me through thick an' thin. Those three are probably my best friends, save fer Dumbledore. Dumbledore has always bin there fer me, he's a brilliant Wizard an' that's high praise in the Wizarding world. Course – he's worried at the moment, he can tell somethin' bad's comin', can't he? Know's everything, that Dumbledore – a keener eye you're not likely to find on a man a quarter of his age. We're all goin' ter have to be strong. Yeh know, we're goin' to be alrigh' in the end with the likes of Harry, Ron and Hermione on our side. I've never met three braver kids.
An' just think of all the things I'm goin' ter have ter do! It's a bit worryin' really – all the responsibility I've bin given. I'd do anything ter stop You-Know-Who an' his supporters, though. That Malfoy an' his horrible friends deserve ter pay fer all they've done. I won't say anything against Dumbledore, but rubbish like their children's got no place at Hogwarts. I hope Dumbledore realises that before it's too late, they're trouble, them.
Anyway, I better be on my way – I've horses ter tend to and grounds ter keep. I only hope I can do what's needed when the time arrives. An' it's comin' soon, even a fool can tell that.

End III.


Don't you want me to sign your book? Oh, of course you do – don't walk away. It's "Roaming Through Rose Bushes" – quite reasonably priced – and look, plenty of pictures to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at. Oh – I know it's not Vampires or Werewolves – but I discovered I'm quite the horticulturalist. Not only that, but I seem to have lost the ability to fight them quite like I used to. Don't tell anyone, but I can't even remember the last time I came across a banshee – let alone banished one.
Of course – there's been no travelling for me for a while - my life has been hectic all this year – what with the booklaunch and everything. I sometimes wish I was back teaching Defense Against The Dark Arts. Hogwarts is lost without me – I get a letter every month from students asking me to come back. Poor Harry Potter is obviously in need of my well versed knowledge and expertise. Have you read the articles about him? Quite a disgrace. Still – he always was a very strange child. Always said he didn't like the limelight – who was he kidding? I can't go back to Hogwarts of course – It was generous enough to spend a whole year teaching something that comes so naturally.
Most of the letters are sent by girls, of course. They're probably slightly more interested in my new range of haircare products than my tales of adventure. Who can blame them, my products do wonders on dull, limp, greasy and lifeless hair. I'm officially launching my range within the next month – but I sent a few samples to Hogwarts as a special treat. I sent one of my best products, extra sparkle conditioner, to the Potions master there, but he didn't seem to appreciate the gesture – he sent it back with a warning of tainting my private batch of haircare products with Veritaserum! I'm not worried, of course, I've nothing to hide! It's strange though. I remember getting along so well with everyone there. Each to his own, I suppose.
Oh – want me to sign it for you? My pleasure! What's your name? Lovely. That will be five galleons. What's that you say? Keep it? No, come back – I'll read to you from "Gadding With Ghouls". It's one of my earlier works, you know, considered one of many of my best works. No? Tuh, things just aren't as they used to be.

End IV.


I know I shouldn't worry, but can you blame me? My babies should be safe at Hogwarts, but is Hogwarts safe with them? The twins only increase my fears. A joke shop! Dear me, how will I ever convince them there is more to life than laughter and entertainment. I've always hoped Bill and Charlie would set a good example for Fred and George, but they encourage the little blighters! Percy of course, just gives the twins a reason to rebel against sensibility, but he means well. I don't think I've met anyone as ambitious as Percy, and I'm likely to never meet anyone who rivals him in the future. I only worry to think what would happen if Percy didn't get as far as he wanted.
Ron, well, I'm not so concerned for him. He's a good head on his shoulders, has Ron. Made friends with Harry straight away, and you can't get more sensible than that. Harry is like another son to me. Just as long as he stays away from the twins, Ron will grow up to do well I expect. I can picture him following in Percy's footsteps and being a prefect. Of course, I doubt he'd be as strict as Percy was. I wish I could provide Ron with a better time at Hogwarts, though. The way his face fell when I showed him his dress robes. It was tragic. Poor Ginny, as well, always having to have hand-me-downs. Why is it always the sweet ones who get all the bad luck.
Arthur enjoys his time at the ministry so much, I feel hard-hearted when I suggest that he bottle up his enthusiasm for Muggles, and try and get a promotion, but it seems whenever we get more money it disappears again. I wouldn't be surprised if the Ghoul in the attic wasn't responsible for some of the disappearances, or maybe it's the Gnomes? The devils are always wrecking the garden.

End V.