Side: Head Tail


I've heard this pronouncement once.

Love is strange, isn't it? Such a fleeting emotion can turn into something with wide intensity. A simple affection has the capability of everlasting change. And perhaps, it exists to create the illusion thirst of need.

But for me, it was a little bit different.

Love isn't strange, it was quite predicted. If I had to choose one word to describe love, then the fittest word for it was powerful. Yes, love is powerful. Not only love will alter the horrid to beautiful, it also will change the beautiful to horrid. Not only will it bring the goodness out of the worst, it will correspondingly bring the immorality from the noblest. Not only will it be the purpose for a living, it will also befit the cause of death. Truly, love is powerful. Powerful enough to control everyone, everybody, without a single exception.

However, love comes in different kind of forms.


This story is going to be divided into two sides: head and tail.