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Chapter 1

It was a normal day inside Cuttlefish's Cabin under inkopolis where Callie and Marie and Agent 3 was hanging out. It was one of the rare days where Callie and Marie had a clear schedule with them being the ever popular Squid Sisters.

Marie was sitting on a chair while checking something out on her squidphone and while Callie was eyeing a certain clothing that Agent 3 was wearing.

"So what's with the cape Agent 3?" Callie asked while she was holding a stifle as she was eyeing the black cloth that was being worn by Agent 3.

"Oh this? Sheldon asked me to test a new prototype he made!" beamed Agent 3. "It allows me to remove my limiter on my specials for a short amount of time!"

Agent 3 proceeded to fiddle with his cape to make it look like it was being carried by the wind, as this was going on Callie couldn't resist anymore and started laughing while holding her stomach and looking as if she was going to fall over.

"It's not something to laugh about!" exclaimed Agent 3 and proceeded to cover himself up with his cape and crouched resembling a turtle hiding inside his shell. "It's cool" he mumbled.

Callie's response was just to laugh harder and is now currently laughing while lying down on the floor of Cuttlefish's Cabin. It took a couple of moments for her to recompose herself and chuckled.

"I'm sorry Agent 3, I haven't had a good laugh like that in ages." Callie said while wiping a tear that came out of her eye while she was laughing.

Agent 3 then stood up leaving his previous turtle hiding in a shell pose "But it's cool!" Agent 3 all but yelled and then looked towards Marie who was still looking through her squidphone and appealed to her.

"Don't you think so Marie?"

Marie then looked up from her phone and gave Agent 3 a once-over, And with a sarcastic smile gave him her answer.

"Yeah, cool as in you look like an edgy kid on splatoween, if that's what you were going for." she chuckled.

"Not you too!" groaned Agent 3 as he gave Marie a look of betrayal, Callie giggled and then walked towards Agent 3 and gave him a pat on the back.

"There, there Agent 3 we're just messing with you!" Callie said. "You look really mysterious with that cape on! you'll probably give a couple of octarians nightmares."

"She's right you know? don't worry Agent 3 the cape suits you." Marie said reassuringly.

"Thanks, but please take it down a notch on the teasing will you guys?" said Agent 3 as he gave a huff while he went and sat on the couch who was followed by the sisters as they sat on each side of him.

A moment of silence came over the three agents. "It's been awhile since we all had some time for all of us to hang out like this." Callie said as she gave him a nudge with her shoulder.

"That's right, It's a shame we couldn't hang out in some public place like a shop since Callie and I will get recognized in a heartbeat." Marie added as she too was getting comfortable on the left side of Agent 3.

"Well, since we're all here why don't we take a picture of us all together?" Callie chimed as she pulled out her squidphone and put her arms around Agent 3's right arm and took a quick selfie.

"Wait wha-"
"Wait Call-"

Both Agent 3 and Marie tried to say but was cut off by a bright flash.

"Callie! You better had not share that picture, all of us will have a hard time explaining that to the public!" Marie exclaimed.

"It'll be fiiine! You worry too much Marie, even I wont be that dumb to post a selfie of us on social media with agent 3, this picture will just be for us!"

"It better be or else it'll cause a lot of problems for all of us!"

As the two continued to bicker about the consequences of the picture, Agent 3 felt his squidphone vibrate and when he opened it he paled and went wide-eyed.

"Uhh girls." Agent 3 said catching the attention of the cousins, and proceeded to show them what he saw on his phone.

It was a picture of them sitting on the couch with Callie having a big smile on her face with Marie and Agent 3 having a shocked look with both girl's arms having their arms locked on both of Agent 3's arms.

To them it was just a picture of three friends enjoying their time together, To other inklings on social media however.

Callie had paled and looked at her phone and saw that she had accidentally had set her auto post on. "Oh carp." she then looked at Marie who had this dark look while looking at Agent 3's phone and then looked at Callie.

"Callie, what were you thinking!" Marie fumed as she took hold of her cousin's shoulders and shook her, she knew someone who sometimes takes videos on her phone upside down will make this mistake.

While Marie was shaking the ink out of Callie, Agent 3 just sat there looking at his phone with a blank look on his face and only one thought.

"This is bad."

Just a short story here. Might be a two shot.

To those who have followed my profile and expected this to be a Not Alone update sorry. I have chapters 2 to 5 up with a total of 10k word count. but every time I want to update I just have these doubts and keep redoing my work.

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