As the moon rose high the dark lord gathered all his followers to him.
"The shards of her line shall be restored as she carries the once hero's blood newly fleshed as evil. This in turn binds her to the first darkness and second darkness," said a heavy voice.
He smashed the crystal ball into his hand. "What Line!" he yelled now bleeding.
"She is just a muggle-born what is she needed for," asked Rudolphus murmuring to his wife. Unfortunately the dark lord heard him. "Lestrange-he cooed then smacked him with the broken pieces of the crystal causing Rudolphus' face to bleed- the girl could be useful in destroying Harry Potter."

He heaved a breath that was of fire. In so doing he called Nagini to him. He healed his hand, pulling out the crystal's pieces. She slithered towards her master. He held as if she was a precious child with his unnaturally long fingers stroking her head whilst she whispered disdainfully to her master three little words; Count Dracula; Valerious.
He patted her head meaningfully "Nagini has given me the last piece of the puzzle, we will resurrect Count Dracula tonight soon there will be no one to stop us from taking this world and the next. We will attack the Weasley and Delacour Wedding taking the girl. Severus do you have the book?" He hissed. "My lord and my fellow death eaters I give you the Book of Arcane," Snape said. "My most loyal servant you have done well," Voldemort smirked belittling Lucius' self-esteem. Narcissa looked from her husband to her sister and back to the dark lord. She was so scared for her son's life, her husband's and her own life.

A few moments later "I have only some of the materials we need my lord." Pettigrew said interrupting Narcissa's thoughts. "Crucio! Pettigrew this is the last time I'll tell you this we're at WAR! You only have some why not all!" he was about to strike Peter again when he saw Snape stand. "Do not waste your magic on him sire you'll need it when you kill the Potter boy and as you did not know I carry the rest of the materials indeed needed to bring this Dracula to life and flesh again." He raised a dark eyebrow. "Give me the Elder Wand Severus and the last of what we need." "Be obliged to do so my lord, but Draco is the one who killed Dumbledore not I so ask him to hand it to you." he shoved Draco into the arms of Lord Voldemort. "Here you are my lord." he said bestowing the Elder Wand to the dark lord.

Voldemort took it and glanced at its mastership he laughed. He took his new wand whisked and aimed it at Peter's chest. "Expelliamus!" Snape closed his eyes tightly but nothing came out of Elder Wand.
"Well I could use my old wand perhaps." He shrugged, "But I will need this wand ready when I face Harry Potter."