Restlessly tossing through the nightmare she was having, Hermione felt cold hands rip her awake. She let out a hellish shriek.

An impish scream soon followed and Hermione's eyes wet with bloody tears that burned her cheeks still healing rapidly focused on the little golden body of her petite guardian. "What the bloody hell Androda?" "You were thrashing about in your sleep. And the sun is down." She retorted flatly.

"I need blood Androda…" Hermione snapped out. "Here, Do you know it's hard to draw blood from a goddamn owl?" Androda thought aloud and ducked as Hermione quickly spat out the blood.
"What? You got this from an owl?"

"Well yes actually the owl gave consent to have me get some."
"What color was it?" "A small Gray one, it said its name was Pigwidgeon." She ducked again as Hermione spoke spilling the blood from her mouth "That's Ron's Owl… That means that Ron and Harry are here." She declared.

"Hermione you haven't seen them in two in a half years they might have changed and not to mention-" interrupted by Hermione going to wash her face and she ran out the back doors. She ran out to the woods.
"Ah," Androda sighed in kind of a screaming fashion. Androda flew after her. As Hermione traveled farther away from the safety of the Manor she felt the heartbeats of young men; one of a youth with brilliant fire for hair and the other with a lightning bolt scar.

"Harry? Mate do you think she's really still alive." Ron's gruff voice traveled to her ears and the reply "I know it Ron. You of all people saw her in pensieve. Right? " They're close she thought. "Lumos." she said quietly.
"Harry do you see that light?"
"No. Ron I do not let's go forward." A hint of mockery played in Harry's voice.
"Well Hell Harry no need to be scathing?"

"Me… Scathing whatever do you mean Ron?"
Hermione drew closer purposely snapping a few twigs with delicate ease of footing.
"My God Harry is it just me or we are just really lost.""They said that beyond the castle the stables hold a beauteous monstrosity."
Androda had finally caught up with Hermione. "God damn Hermione-" she immediately hushed her voice seeing Ron and Harry.
Hermione's heart leapt with joyous harmony but suddenly she and Androda felt a chill of gusty winds from behind them. Lurking in the deep shadows of midnight a malevolent being haunted the wood. All she knew was she had to talk to Harry and Ron.

Though her pocket-sized guardian forbade her from getting closer she had to know what had become of her beloved, Draco. She ran to them but clearly and ungracefully she avowed herself and tripped upon a branch. I needn't be so hasty she thought.

"Harry I feel like something is following us."
"I am not a thing Ronald Weasley." Hermione yelped.
They turned round wands at the ready to attack. They then realized that it was Hermione; the witch they'd been searching for so they lowered their wand.

"Please tell me why you are here?"
"To find you of course isn't it obvious?"
"How did you know I was here?"

They looked at each other,
"Well look who's asking all the questions now." Ron snickered.
"Answer my question Ronald how did you know-"

"Hermione we must get back to the Manor." Androda barked
"What the bloody hell is that?" Ron now asking a question
"It's uhm a dragon…"
The boys laughed "Aren't dragons a wee bit bigger." Harry implored

Androda cleared her throat,
"I am much more than the ordinary dragon, Mr. Potter."

"Whoa it talks."
"Yes she talks and she is my guardian."

As Androda tugged on Hermione's pant leg to warn her he drew closer.
"Let's do as 'your guardian' says let us head back to the castle." Harry said.
He lunged as did Androda. "RUN!" she cried holding Dracula off.
"No. Never. I will not leave you Androda."
"GO!" she bellowed. She ran as fast as they could but still could not escape the fate of the sun

This is the end of us Hermione thought sorrowed by her loss.