The Chosen One

"Ani! Ani!"

I hate that name. I looked up, she smiled down at me. I couldn't help but sigh and smile back, "yes mother?"

Shmi Skywalker groaned, "Ani...did I do something? Are you upset with me?"

I blinked, "no! Of course not!"

"Then why don't you call me mom anymore?" Shmi asked, obviously hurt.

I sighed, "I...I just thought since I'm older now I should probably stop talking like a child," I gulped, praying she believed me.

She groaned, " know you don't have to grow up that quickly yes? You can still be kid Ani..."

"I know..." I replied looking away from her and the small meager hole in the wall we now called home. The twin suns overhead burnt me down, I began to sweat profusely, and the sand, God I hate the sand. Woah...sounded a bit like the real Anakin Skywalker for a second…

" careful today, you understand me my big strong man?" Shmi smiled as she ruffled my hair and checked the backpack I carried, "I'm sure Watto has a lot of work for you today, so remember to stay hydrated, do you understand? And remember-"

A flash of memories came through my head, memories of Anakin's life before I came into his body. "-Don't talk to strangers, yes mother, I know," the memories told me so. They also told me what Shmi would do next.

She leaned forward and placed a sloppy kiss on my cheek, I flinched a little, the physical contact feeling odd, "please don't''re embarrassing me."

"Well tough," Shmi grinned like a cat as she ruffled my hair once more, "now go on. And be careful!"

"Right...bye," I waved at her and walked away, pulling my backpack closer as I made my was to...what's his name again? The flying bug thing? Blue...smells funny...oh right! Watto! That's his name!

My memory of the movies came sparingly but my memories of Anakin Skywalker's life...well, that was far more prominent.

I woke up in this...form, a few days ago. Apparently 'Ani' had a high fever, caused by overworking. But as Anki went in...I came out.

I honestly don't remember much of my own life, whatever did...this, caused my own personal memories to be jumbled. It took me a day to understand this wasn't my normal body, another to realise just whose body I was in.

I was...well, I was shit scared.

The implications alone...Anakin Skywalker...Darth Vader...the Chosen One, the man without Fear. I was him, he was me. And...fucking hell it's hot here! Damn, I swear I can roast an egg on the sidewalk!

I made my way to the dusty town I was living in, it was apparently actually a city called Mos Espa, but anything this small and shitty can't qualify for a city ranking. At least in my books.

I made my way through the market of the main city and moved to the edge, where I approached a large junkyard that was both amazing and terrifying at the same time. Amazing because off all the spaceship parts just lying around, horrifying because of who those parts belonged to.

"Hey! Ani! You are late!" the mocking voice of Watto my….employer called out. I looked up at him with narrowed eyes, the bug flew out of small workshop at the front of the junkyard, his form matching his smell, both disgusting.

"Sorry...I was still feeling a little down," I replied.


I felt his slap sting my cheek, it had hit me hard enough to send me back. I looked back up and glared, "what? You going to do something?!" the bug asked, laughing as he did.

Of course...I could do nothing. Thought I wanted too. I so wanted too. I wouldn't usually react so..poorly, but right now I was in the body of a seven year old child...a child. And his slave master just struck him.

If I was older, in another body and saw this situation happening again...I doubt the bug would be alive.

"Get up!" Watto cried as he buzzed around, the stench alone enough to force me to my feet, "get inside and start working! I got some new power converters that you have to fix up! Do it before lunch, or no lunch!"

"Yes Watto," I replied monotonously as I entered the junk shop and went to my small work station, a small table filled with broken tech and other random garbade.

I placed my bag on the table and got on top of a stool and looked down at the machinery before me. I gulped, they all looked so...complex. I don't even think I ever saw a machine come in that form.

I was hesitant to even touch these things, but before I could even think I was hit up the head, hard. "What are you waiting for?! Get to work!" Watto cried out as he flew overhead, "I lost three good days without you! I won't have a waste of space here! Work or get out!"

I glared at the bug. Did people honestly think he was a representation of jewish people? I know jewish people, they might like investing and being careful with money, but they were never ever cruel to me!

Wait...I remembered something! I blinked as I realised the new memories flowing into my head were more pictures and recollections than actual memories. It was like seeing a picture of a painting or a movie. Bauge but...still there.

I think I remember seeing a jewish person before but...I don't remember who.

"Ani! Work!" Watto cried out as he threw something at my head again. This time though, I knew it was coming, ducking to the side to avoid the coupling that he threw at my head. Honestly, so predictable.

I sighed as I turned back and glared at the bug, who was already outside, drinking something vile looking out of his cantin. God how I hated him.

He seemed to have noticed me staring as he turned and glared, "what are you looking at!?"

I turned away, the anger still present. I sighed and slowly let it go, it was obviously not important. For now...I need to figure out how in hell I'm going to fix these...power converts was it?

I picked them up and looked them over, a long cylindrical flask with a donut shaped ring around it. It was big, clunk, something was jinggling inside, probably the zeta wave transmitter, meaning I would need to change its internal system to get to work. Hm, I think Anakin left some spare weld tools in the back and….

What the hell was that?

One moment I was totally confused,the next I knew exactly what I was holding and what to do to fix it. Did I...not just get Anakin Skywalker's memories but also his knowledge? Anakin Skywalker was an engineering genius, he was...he built a robot from scratch, could I do the same?


This time, I felt the hand coming to slap me. I didn't know how, but I knew it was coming for a third person view of behind my head.

And so I ducked, avoidin his fists. I tuned, Watton was stunned and slowly my eyes winded, "shit!"

"You brat!" he slapped me this time, hard enough to knock me off the stool. He flew down and spat on my clothes, "filth! This'll teach you to try and fool your master! Get back to work! And I swear if I see you slacking off again, I'll blow your head off!"

He flew away, grumbling under his breath. I pulled myself up, fear of the threat lingering. I was his property, he could do that. But...but...what was that?

The first time he threw something at me, I heard him grunt before he threw it, I knew he would try something and I heard the heavy machine fly threw the air. But now?

Now it was just pure instinct...or rather...oh my god. Anakin Skywalker...the Force! The fucking Force! I have the Force!


"Right! Right!" I called back, returning to the work at hand, grabbing the tools needed to fix the stupid junk on my desk for Waldo. But as I did, I realised something. This world I was was just a part of a galaxy...a galaxy far far away and a long time ago.

Sith, jedi, lightsabers! Holy hells please tell me this isn't a dream! Though from the pain in my cheek, it wasn't.

I watched Gatto from the corner of my eye and saw him walk around trying to gain customers and failing. Obviously, nobody liked him, and for good reason.

According to Anakin's memories he was rude to people, greedy and very very lazy. Anakin did all the wonder he said they couldn't work while I was out sick, he literally couldn't.

He was a drunk and a gambler, a bug and scum of the worst kind. And a slaver.

I need to get out from his grasp. I need to be free. And...I suppose Shmi as well. I can't just let that poor woman continue to be a slave. I can't imagine why Anakin ever left his mother the first time around, what a brat!

But then again, he was just that, a child. He was so impressionable, he wanted to be a jedi, one of the legendary jedi. He wanted to be a hero to protect his mother, not realising he had to give her up in the process.

I didn't want either of those things….I guess...I just want to be

I looked at Watto, until I could figure a way to be free, I would be stuck with him. So for now, I'll be quite, focus on the damn stupid power converters. So I did just that, looking down at the machine before me and trying to focus. What even was this?

And the answer suddenly came to me. It transformed various types of electrical current into a different charge. This unit converted energy into a type 2 charge, which is used in minor machines like droids and other such units.

And I began to work. Almost tirelessly I worked with my tiny little hands, trying to figure out how to go about this the right way. It was difficult, this body was only 7 years old, but I think...I think I was managing it.

It took me four hours, I'm guessing, to finish them all up. By then I was hungry, beyond hungry. I had stayed rooted in one spot and worked, actually...going into a sort of trance as I did. I smiled, was this the Force? Was it really that simple to access it?

Honestly it made me excited, the Force. Damn, what an amazing thing! I doubt I actually used the Force consciously right now, I mean, wasn't the deal that you had to meditate or something? Either Way, I was done, meaning I could finally get something to eat.

I walked up to Watto, who by now, since it was mid day, had taken to sleeping away in a corner, cuddled up into a ball.

"Hey Waldo, I'm going for lunch," I told him in a soft tone.

"W-what?" he blinked away his sleepiness and looked around, spotting me and immediately glaring, "what are you doing?! I told you, no food until you fix those stupid converters!'

"They are fixed," I pointed at the machines on my table, now looking cleaner and looking far more efficient, "now, can I eat?"

The bug scoffed, "fixed? Already? Don't lie to me Ani, I know it would take at least a day to fix these model, these droid converter are tricky things," he flew over and checked them out, "why I myself would have taken-what?!"

His eyes widened as he examined the fixed devices, turning back to me and then the machines. He took them apart and checked the insides, looking shocked that they were actually fixed.


I shrugged, "I'm just that good. Anyway, can I eat now? I'm starving," and I was. I wonder, if I go around will I see a cantina? Oh! That would be so exciting to see! A real hive of scum and villainy!

"!" Watto suddenly cried out.

I blinked, "what? Why not?"

"Ah-a new order just came in! Very special! I need you to look into them and fix them quickly. Only you can do ti Ani, they require your special skills!" Watto took out a box of junk and placed it on my table, smiling a greedy little smile.

I raised an eyebrow and looked into the box, it was filled with...junk...just junk. Some of these would never work...unless I made them work. There is potential here, don't' get me wrong. But they just seem too much of a hassle.

"This is a special order?" I asked, my disbelief clearly shown.

"Oh yes! Yes it is! And they asked especially for you! Now doesn't that make you feel special Ani?!"

I blinked, was he seriously trying to trick me with such a stupid lie. I opened my mouth to object, but before I could say a thing, Watto grabbed the power converts I fixed up and flew out of the junk shop.

"If you don't fix everything inside that box by the time I come back, you can't have lunch!" he took out a remote and pressed a button, causing the grill gates on the shop's windows and door to come down, lokcing me inside.

"Hey! You can't do this!" I cried out slamming against the door with my foot, "let me out!"

"Work hard Ani!" Watto cried out as he laughed, flying away on those beady little wings of his.

I growled as I slammed the gate a few more times to no avail. I sighed and turned around, sitting down on the desk and looking at the box before me.

I didn't have a was do or die. So I pushed my hunger down, something Anakin's body was used to do, and pushed ahead.

I unloaded the box and looked inside. Junk, junk, junk...interesting junk….junk and...oh, what's this?

I sighed how did he expect me to fix all these? I sighed and pushed the box away and sighed at the junk before me, leaning back and staring off into the distant, bored outta my mind.

Anakin Skywalker...I was Darth Vader...or rather the man he as before he fell to the dark side. Would Sidious try and turn me? Would it work? A jedi...Obi-Wan...Padme Amidala...woah….I might get to fuck Natalie Portman!

But as I let my mind wander to the amazing world I was now a part off, I grew curious. The Force...could I even use it?

I looked down at the junk before me and grew curious. I had done this little trick so many times in my old life. Tried to pull the remote from across the room by holding out my hand and focusing. This time...would it actually work?

I held out my hand towards a cylindrical piece of junk. I think it was some kind of lever, btu if one used a bit of childish imagination, they could imagine it as the handle of a lightsaber.

I focused, narrowing my eyes and the desire for the object filled my thoughts. 'Come on...come on...come to me...'

And then, it shock.

I was so shocked I jumped off my seat and approached it. I observed it carefully, I looked at every single inch of the thrown out object, it had moved just an inch.

Growing boldend and filled with a look of awe I stepped back and stood feet apart, my entire focus on the object.

I held out my hand. I focused, I did nothing else, my breathing being the only distraction. And happened.

It flew off the table and immediately my fingers closed around it as I rested in my hand. Immediately I took a step back and held it with both hand, the thought of a blue blade spouting off the end filled my mind as I smiled.

'I have the Force….holy shit, I have the Force!' my smiled would have seemed almost manicaish to anyone else. Thank God I was alone.

I needed to see more of this, I needed to do it again. I immediately placed the cylinder on the table and stepped back, further this time.

I held my hand otu, the object rolled off the table, neared the edge before suddenly zooming out into my hand.

The next time it didn't even move. I was confused why, I did all the same things But then I quickly realised why, I wasn't focusing, I was distracted. I needed to focus. So I closed my eyes and tried again, this time, it flew.

One time it landed on the ground and I had to pull it up with the force alone. Then another time it began to hop around, moving kettle over bell before it flew into my hand.

I lost track of time, I was just so enchanted by the mere process of the rod moving into my hand. Slowly, I began to feel something, something small, in the back of my head, a small pull. A small...something.

I think it was the, I know it's the Force. A small sensation that obeyed me, but like a cat, stubborn, resilient. I had to push it to work for me, the longer or stronger my request was, the better it worked.

And then, after probably the hundredth time I did so, I looked at the rod and wondered, could I do the opposite? A Force Push I think it was called...Hm...I looked at the rode, put my hand up and held the rod with the tips of my fingers.

I focused on the object, and closed my eyes. The feeling of being pulled, I reserved it. It was difficult, but I think I could do it, it was like reading a word backwards, it started out slowly at first, but the more I repeated, the easier it came until-


My eyes flew open as I saw the rod had flown out of my hand and into the wall, sticking out like a broken support beam in the structure. I gulped, of God… THAT WAS SO AMAZING!

I held out my hand and begged the rod to come back, and slowly it began to wiggle.

'Move...' I whispered, 'come on...move...move...MOVE~'

It shook and suddenly it came into my hand, pulling the wall apart. It slammed into my hand and I failed to catch it.

It fell to the ground, I grunted in pain, stupid thing. I picked it up and rubbed my hand. Maybe next time I should be more gentle.

An hour later:

I held the rod in mid air, my hands wide apart as it slowly spun around an imaginary axis, slightly tilted to the right. I was sweating hard, it was...difficult, pushing and pulling it at the same time.

I think I was doing something wrong, it shouldn't be this hard...should it? Anakin's is supposed to be the strongest Force user in the history of the Jedi and Sith….was it because of me? Is it because I'm not really Anakin? Because I'm someone else?


I chuckled, my stomach was rumbling, I looked out the window, it was already night time. The whole day went by and I was hungry but...I think Anakin's body was used to hunger, it didn't hurt that badly.

But I was hungry, still hungry. I sighed, closing my eyes to push away the hunger and suddenly I heard the sound of metal hitting the floor.

I groaned, the rod had fallen down. I sighed and picked it up and looked it over. This whole was a difficult process but...I think it's just a steep learning curve I have to worry about, nothing else. I smiled, a jedi huh...I think that might be a pretty decent future.


The door flew open as Watoo flew in carrying a box of what looked like another set of power converters. "Ani! We got another order, you have-" he stopped abruptly as his beady eyes landed on the hole I had accidentally made in the wall with the first time I pushed the rod away.

"What did you do!?" Watto dropped the box and turned to me, fury in his eyes. "You stupid child! I leave you in here for a few hours and you do this to my shop!?"

"I-I, it was an accident," I gulped. I was so focused with my new power that I didn't realise what I had done. The amazement of being able to move something with my mind it distracted me from the thoughts of what I actually did.

"You stupid boy!" he cried out as suddenly a flash of pain was felt across my face.

The next thing I knew I was on the ground, my cheeks in pain. He had hit me, hard.

"You think you're special because you are good with machines?!" he grabbed the rod I was playing with and brought it down, hard.

The dull sound of flesh being beaten rang out over and over again. I curled into a ball, holding my head, trying to protect any vital parts.

"You forget that I'm your master boy! I own you and your whore mother!" again and again the hits came until after what felt like an eternity they stopped. He threw it away, I heard his disgusting voice pant as he flew over me.

"You will learn to treat my property with the respect it deserves boy," he spat, the liquid staningin my head, I could feel it seep into my hair, it felt disgusting. He flew away, I peeked from behind my hands and saw him sit down on his seat and pant.

"You're disgusting," he growled as he took out a glass pipe of some kind. He took a deep breath of the vapour inside and puffed it out, "you know...I think I should teach your mother a lesson too. Just so that I know you will learn."

And then, images and memories from the deepest parts of Anakin's memories resurfaced. The child that had this body didn't understand the noises he heard from his mother's room at night. He didn't understand the sly smile Watto would always send his mother wasn't of contempt, but lust.

Shmi Skywalker gave up so much for her son. Anakin must have suppressed these memories, or he just didn't realise what they meant. But i did. Oh...I did.

I was on my feet before I realised I was moving. Watto noticed me move and raised an eyebrow, "hm? What boy? You want more?"

I hated him, I hate him, I hate him. She wasn't my mother, I knew that, a part of my brain understood that perfectly. But fuck that, and fuck Watto. A woman was being rapped by this thing before me, it had to go.

I wanted him dead, I raised a hand, I'll crush his head, I'll break it apart. I focused on the idea of pushing him back, of making him suffer.

"What are you doing you stupid boy?" Watto grumbled, "did you become retarded?"

And I pushed, but what came out wasn't a force of will.

Using the Force was like pushing a water out of a pipe, the harder you pushed, the stronger it came. But if you push it hard enough, if you pushed your emotions into it, it came out….twisted.

Instead of a wall of telekinetic energy, I pushed out a stream of electricity.

I came out like a blaster bolt, so quick I didn't realise what had happened until it had already struck Watto.

"ARGH!" the bug started to scream in pain as he fell down his seat and land head first into the ground.

Every second he screamed, memories of Anakin's mothers being abused by this monster came into my head. He made her suffer, he made her bleed. And she took it all, and she smiled, just to make sure Anakin grew up with a loving mother and not a hateful shrew.

She was a good person, and he was not. So I made up my mind, the scales of justice were broken, I would fix them. And I would begin with this monster before me.

While at first I was afraid of the idea of using such a dark abblity, now, I didn't care. Killing him would be too quick, letting him go would mean justice would not be served. But this, the pain...oh the pain was just.

I focused on my focus on him, I gave him everything I had, the anger, the fury of being helpless, everything. And he screamed.

The lightning that I threw out grew to a slowly pale colour, from dark blue to a almost teal colour. And as I kept the pain up, my brain started to struggle to give reasons to keep the anger alive.

Hadn't he suffered enough? Hadn't...hadn't I done enough? No...I haven't….he needs to understand pain, he needs to understand that the people he hurts have feelings too.

My heart became lighter, the anger going away, but the desire for justice remained. And slowly, with my change of heart, the lighting too began to change. It grew from a teal shade to a bright yellow.

The pain filled screams were muffled now, he didn't feel as much hurt as before, but I could see it still hurt him.

The lighting covered his body like a cloak. Sparks flew as the lightning hit the ground, it burnt his skin thought, hurting him badly. And then, it struck the pipe he was smoking.

Anakin's mind quickly understood what will happen, the lightning would have ignited the systems inside, causing it to explode. I was going to stop before that happened, but I slowly realised something, he hasn't suffered enough.

I kept at it, now focusing almost all energy at the pipe and then suddenly.


The sound was deafening, and immediately the flames came onto Watto's body. "KRAA!" the screams were loud and pathetic. I watched as his body spasmed, the lightning hurting him and the flames burning him.

I watched him burn, I looked around, the junkyard was huge, this workshop was in the middle of it. No one will hear him scream and even if they did….who the fuck would care about this scum?

"HELP! HELP ME!" he began to scream. I watched him cry out in pain. I sighed, he suffered enough. I walked to the far wall where he kept a quick freeze spray, basically a quick acting and powerful fire extinguisher.

I took my time, taking it off the wall and pointing it at him. I released the spay and immediately the scream were muffled.

I threw the empty can away and watched his withering burnt form on the ground. His bac was burnt, his wings were nothing. His skin leaked an unholy mixture of blood and the aroma of burnt flesh.

And then, the panic set in. What was I thinking? I was dead. If people heard a slave tried to burn his master alive….oh God...the bomb.

Anakin's memories came in now, the memory which told me why slaves were so obedient. Each of them had a implant in their neck that their owners can use to blow their heads off their body. Like a galactic version of Suicide Squad.

And I just tried to kill mine. I can't kill him, no...I won't kill him. He should suffer with that burnt and whole body. But...if he recovered, he would kill Shmi and I without regret.

I need to find the remote, I closed my eyes and focused, the memory came quickly. The device was a remote, it was small, around the size of my fist. I ran to Watto's body and searched through his pockets, pushing away the burnt clothes and trying to control my vomit from touching his burnt skin.

In the satchel pocket on his chest, I found it. I ripped it out, he groaned, trying to reach and grab it. Hm, I may have underestimated him, in so much pain, and yet he tried to get revenge. No wonder jedi mind tricks don't work on him.

Watto never hide it, he always waved it around like a magic wand to intimidate Ani to work and...I think forcing Shmi to service him. He knew Anakin, the seven year old child would never even think of stealing it. But not me.

I sat down on my table and looked it over. It took me seconds to figure out how it worked. The personal slave codes of Shmi and myself were imputed inside, I opened the back and searched through the scraps of junk around the room, finding a powerful magnetic coil.

I placed the coil on the now exposed motherboard of the remote and connected a small battery to supercharge a magnet. I stepped back and watched as suddenly, the remote began to spark, frying out.

I smiled, the personal slave code could not be copied or replicated in any form. It was only ever found in the remote of the slaver, hence it was impossible for some other slaver to steal your slave away. That's why smart slavers never displayed their remote to their slaves, but Watto was anything but smart.

I threw the now useless remote aside and walked to Watto's body, he looked up at me and I squatted down before him, my eyes meeting his.

"The remote is gone," his eyes widened, "I see you know what that means...tell me Watto...if you were me, and your mother was defiled by a pathetic insect….what would you do?"

"Kam," he whizzed, his throat had been burnt, his voice box had been hurt, badly. His eyes were tearing up, "my-mercy."

I smiled, it must have hurt him so much to say that. Both physically and to his person. I couldn't help chuckle, "mercy? From the boy whose mother you raped? Isn't that a little too much? I won't spare will die. But..." my brain began to spin, coming up with an idea that made me smile like a mad man, "depending on what you give me...I can make it easy or," I pushed the Force out in the familiar feeling I came to associate with justice, sparks flew out between my fingers, yellow lightning arced through my fingers.

"A-anything," he croaked.

I smiled, "everything," I looked around, "I want all of this. When you die...I want to be free. Give me everything, or you will spend the rest of your life screaming in pain."

He nodded, "yes," he looked around, his eyes landed on a metal safe in the corner of the room, I immediately knew what he was thinking.

Anakin remembered Watto bragging about owning this junkyard, how he won it from a gambling match a long time ago. Ani was so curious and eager, Watto had shown him the deed to the entire place, he kept it locked away in the safe.

I walked over and looked over the safe, it was locked with a digital pad up front. I turned, "code."

"222," he croaked, gasping out, "321."

I inputted the code and inside I found several expensive objects, thousands of credits, both lactic and basic and the deed for several things.

I brought them all to Watto and placed them before him. He struggled to type on the deed, his fingers leaving bloody prints on the tad and he worked on changing the deed to the shop. He gave up ownership and pushed it to me.

I reached down and inputted my fingerprints onto the deed's main screen and in minutes my entire bio data was inputted. Every single thing Watto owned was now mine.

"Please," he grunted.

I looked down at him and smiled. I took the several deeds and put it back in the safe, "you kept your promise...and I suppose I should keep mine," I wanted to torture him some more, break my promise and make him hurt. heart wasn't in it.

I wasn't fucking evil...I was just me. I moved to the safe and grabbed a blaster that Watto kept for self defense. I aimed it at his head and without a word fired at him.

The sound was deafening, and then silence. I was alone, his wheezing had stopped...the only thing that remained was Waldo's burnt body which had a giant hole in its head.

The blaster fell to my side, I looked down and for several seconds I just looked at the body bleeding out onto the floor of the workshop. I had killed someone...and I don't know which is worse, wanting to make him suffer some more or killing him at all.

Was I evil now? I used Sith Lightning, that means I was evil right? No matter what colour it was...was I evil?

And I realised something...I didn't honestly care. Shmi was being rapped by this creature, Anakin was being slapped around, he deserved death in the worst ways possible. So what if the jedi hated me for it? Did they ever solve slavery in this world? Did they ever care?

Damn them, they can't judge me, they had no right. And damn the sith, those selfish bastards would destroy the world for their own petty reasons. Fucking fools the both of them. When I woke up in this body...I wanted to be a jedi, I won't' lie.

I wanted to be Anakin Skywalker and kill Sidious and be a hero. But I'm not a fucking jedi, I can't just push away my own emotions, I can't...and I'm not selfish enough to be a Sith. I'm...I am me.

Let the chips fall they may, for now, I need to focus what I see before me right now. And right now I see a dead bug on the floor of my workshop. Tatonnie was filled with scum, they wouldn't care what happened to a dead man, but I would need to play it safe.

I focused on his body and lifted the thing into the air. It was lighter than I thought, I was able to easily pulled it towards the junkyard where I found an incinerator, the kind we used to melt down old metal to reuse it for new projects. And now, I would be using it on him.

I tossed him inside and watched him burn. No screams, no yells. Just the burning smell of his flesh turned into ash. In the end, nothing remained and I was alone.

I went back to the junkyard, I grabbed a bag and put the deeds for all of my properties into it. I strapped the blaster to my side and walked out into the dark streets of the rural city.

I gripped my bag, my eyes darting to every which corner to make sure no one knew what I carried. I spotted a few rough looking are they? Wait...Rodians, Anakin's memories helped me fill in the name. Damn those things look weird.

I managed to make my way back to the slave quarters of the city, the place where only the slaves lived. Without knocking, I walked in.

"Ani? You're just in time honey! I made some fresh macare soup for you!"

My stomach growled, I was hungry. But right I couldn't eat. I walked into the dining room, which was the same as the living room and the half of the kitchen. And there was Shmi setting up a small dinner for the two of us, a smile on her face the moment she saw her son.

"Ani, did you work hard today? Did you...Ani...where did you get that blaster?" Shmi's eyes widened as she spotted the comically large blaster on attached to my small hip.

"I took it from Watto's safe," I told her as I unstrapped it and placed it on a chair, "that's also where I found these," I took off the bag and placed it on the table, opening it up to allow the deeds for everything Watto owned to come pouring out.

Shmi's eyes widened, "Ani! What have you done?! If Watto found out you did this he'll kill you! You have to go back and put away! Quickly! Before he-"

"-He won't notice," I shot back, "he won't care."

Shmi's face turned from shock and fear to confusion. "Anakin...what do you mean?"

"He hurt you mom," the word no longer foreign to my tongue, after all I had killed for this woman, "he hurt you and said he would do so I made sure he won't hurt anyone ever again."

Shmi gasped, "Anakin...what did you do?"

"I killed him," I replied, cold, emotionless. I slowly poured my heart out, "but not before freeing us from his control, destroying his remote and then transferring every single thing he owned into my control. And then, I fired a blaster bolt between his eyes and burnt his body..."

I looked down and away. She probably hates me...I would hate me. I turned her son into a killer at the age of 7, not even Sidious can claim that achievement. I could probably run...those credits Watto has, it should be enough to get me to Coruscant, to the jedi. I'll warn them and then...and then...what do I do?

But as I made my plans to run away and hide, crying for meaning in this confusing world, I felt a pair of arms wrap around me.

"Oh sweet Ani," she whispered into my ear, "you didn't have to do brave boy."

"Y-you don't hate me?" I asked in total shock.

"Anakin, I can never hate you," she replied as slowly I released all my fears and hate. I cried into her arms as she held me tight. I think I cried myself to sleep, Shmi tucking me into bed. But as I slept that night, I didn't feel alone. I felt connected, like something was out there, calling out to me, comforting me.

The Force was with me. Always.

The next day Shmi came to Wato's-I mean, my junkyard and examined everything.

"I'm surprised he is actually gone," he picked up the broken slave remote, "and we're… free… finally," tears in her eyes flew freely as she wiped them away.

"Are you okay?" I asked her in concern.

Shmi nodded, "I am now Ani," she threw the remote into the trash as we both sat down next to each other, "now, show me what you got from Watto."

I nodded as I took the data pads out and laid them out before her.

"The deed to the shop," she looked through them all, "his house in the Frekaree district," it was a well to do area just West of here, not a palace, but better then where we live right now, "the deed to our home, the deed to some sort of ship and a debt collection deed from...Nato Kryze?!"

I blinked, I went through Ani's memories but couldn't recall the name, "who is he?"

"A local crime boss..." Shmi's hands were shaking, "that must be why Watto never got into any trouble for his trades. He must be holding this over him."

"How much money?" I asked her.

"A hundred thousand credits, and if he knew what happened to Watto...he would celebrate. And then I suspect, kill us to prevent paying the debt back. We have to make it seem like Watto is still alive, at least long enough to prevent Nato from killing us."

I groaned, "I could say Watto's gone off planet but...I doubt people will believe me."

Shmi turned to me and nodded, "yes...oh what do we do?"

I groaned as I looked at the deed, the name, the, I got an idea. "Mom," she turned to me, "do you trust me?"

Without wasting a second she nodded, "with my life."

"Then I have an idea...but you might not like it."

An hour later:

"You're right, I don't like it," Shmi and I were dressed in robes as we managed to sneak into Nato's cantina. It took twenty credits to bribe the gaurd to let us in, but now we were.

The cantina were filled with so many shifty looking people, each at one point or another gave us a look of curiosity and observation. Shmi shifted uncomfortably form some of the looks, I could tell she found them unnerving.

Her hands palmned the blaster strapped to her side, since she was a better shot, she got to use it. Not that I would need a weapon, I had the Force after all...I hope.

We looked around and got a drink, two glasses of blue milk. We looked around and Shmi spoke first, "there," we looked over and there was the man we were searching for.

He was human at least, wearing a brown overcoat honeycomb like armour plates underneath his coat. His hair was cut short into a mohawk and he had a scar running down his right eye. He was old, maybe older than Shmi, greying hair and many lines running along his face.

He threw back his head and laughed, the people around him joined him, laughing happily. He had a green skinned reptile like woman in one arm, the woman licking her lips in excitement...I think. God this is so weird.

"How do you know it's him?" I asked her.

She motioned to his armour, "Nato is a mandalorian, it can't be anyone else. Stay here And, I'll be right back."


"-Stay," she then left without another word, carefully approaching the group of thugs and mercenaries. I grew panicky...should I just let her go? She's an adult, she should know the risks….fuck it, that woman is my mother, it'll be a cold day in hell before I let her just go in there alone.

But I need a weapon. Maybe I can use the lighting as a last minute thing but I need a proper weapon. I looked around and found several people in here with weapons, it was a cantina after all.

I scouted the area and then landed on a large green skinned...something...God, not even Anakin's memories knew what that thing was. But whatever it was it was big and had a blaster on it's side.

It was facing away from me and I saw it's holster had a simple button to keep it's blaster at bay. I had a chance, I needed to take it.

I focused on the latch for the holster, closed my eyes and pulled with the Force. It came off immediately, bearly a sound made. I smiled, I was getting better at this.

I waited for a moment, to make sure the green thing didn't notice it's holster was unlocked now. I looked over Shmi had made it to Nato's table and was talking to the man, showing him the deed she had.

Nato groaned, motioned for his thugs to grab it, pulling it out of Shmi's hands. I growled, bastard. I turned and pulled the green thing's blaster out of the holster with the Force. It flew into my hand and thanks to the practise I did yesterday, it didn't hurt when I grabbed the speeding object.

I got off my seat and moved, carefully hiding the blaster as I did. The group of thugs laughed out loud suddenly, Shmi flinching back, I suspect she tried to do something they found amusing.

I approached them and hide behind a pillar, balster at the ready. I listened and heard Nato's voice ringing out clearly.

"So you're telling me, you're willing to give up a hundred thousand credits just so that I don't try and pull something with you? Are you stupid?" Nato laughed.

"I-I just don't want any trouble," Shmi replied weakly.

"What happened to Watto?" a fat looking slob of an alien with a trunk for a nose asked, "did you kill him?"

"Y-yes," she replied.

"Really?" Nato's voice sounded suspicious, "you don't look like you have the stones…."

"I did...he threatened my son," she whispered.

"I see...well...I wish I could help you Shmi dear, but you see, you're a slave," he sighed as he stood up, I grew tense and from the way everyone's attention fell on Nato, I suspect they all knew something was going on.

"I'm no longer a slave," Shmi argued, "Watto's remote is gone."

"Maybe...but you see if I let one slave get away with killing her master, that might give the others the same idea," he motioned to his guards who immediately grabbed Shmi, "so I'm sorry my dear, but I can't let you leave here alive."

"No! Please!" two brutish men grabbed Shmi and held her down as Nato took out a blaster. In that moment, rage took over me.

I turned to two chairs in the cantina, they were occupied, but I didn't care. I reached out with the Force and pulled it, the emotional request didn't seem to take any time to fulfill as suddenly the two chairs, along with the people on them, flew threw the air.

The guards holding Shmi were knocked down and the woman fell on her back in surprise.

"Who did that?!" Nato cried out as he drew his blaster.

I aimed and fired the blaster I stole, aiming for his chest, but only managing to clip his shoulder as three blasts went out, and one hit.

"Get them!" the men next to Nato cried out as the creepy lizard lady attended to the hurt Mandalorian.

I moved into the shadows and waited as the men all ran out, searching probably for some big thought gang. Not a 7 year old.

The moment they left I ran out from my hiding place and ran to Shmi, who by now was back on her feet.

"Ani!" she cried out.

"Come on! We have to get out of here!" I told her as I grabbed her hand and pulled to leave, but suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by at least ten men, all pointing their blasters at us.

"You shot me?" I heard Nato's voice call out as he got back on his feet. He displayed his shoulder, the blaster bolt hadn't even dented his arm, which was surprising to me. Did he have some kind of special armour?

"Yes, I did," I replied as I looked around for a way to escape? Maybe I could fire my way out? Maybe I can use the Force to push them all back? I never tried...maybe I could. Maybe I can use lighting to fry them and run, use Watto's ship and fly away.

"What are you? Five?" Nato scoffed.

"Seven," I replied, glaring at him.

"Anakin, what are you doing?!" Shmi cried out, "you should have run!"

"I won't leave you behind with these monsters," I replied back, not taking my eyes off the Mandalorian.

He smirked, "so this is your son huh? Nasty little bugger isn't he? Tell me kid, what exactly was your plan here? Come in, shoot everyone and then leave?"

I shrugged, "worked for Watto." Everyone gasped, suddenly whispering as even Nato looked curious. Shmi looked horrified, trying to shut my mouth, but she didn't move, too afraid to do so.

"You killed Watto?" Nato asked slowly.

"Yes...I did," I replied.


I needed more time, more...everything. I need to stall him. "I rigged his smoker," I lied, "when he used it, it exploded in his face. I watched him burn and then forced him to sign over everything he owned. And when he did that, I fired a blaster bolt between his eyes."

That caused the people to really start whispering, the words 'balls' and 'crazy' were thrown around easily.

Nato raised an eyebrow, "you're not joking are you?" I shook my head and he whistled, "damn. That is ruthless kid...tell me, how would you like to work for me?"

"I killed my last master, what makes you think I eager for another one?"

He snorted, "true...alright then kid, I guess there's only one place for you," he moved to draw his blaster, but suddenly.


A blaster bolt struck the place over his head as Shmi ran and tackled him to the ground. She pointed the business end of the blaster at Nato's head, snarling, "you won't harm my son!"

Everyone moved, nobody fired, I ran to Shmi's side and we were back to back as I aimed my stolen blaster at the guards, who looked like they wanted to rip us apart, but stopped since Shmi had their boss at gunpoint.

"You shot me?" Nato sounded surprised, "did you seriously just shoot me?"

"Yes, and if you don't drop your blaster I'll shoot you again!" she yelled, none of her doubts or fears present. I blinked, honestly, I was impressed.

Nato blinked, "okay...alright, fine, boys, put them down," he dropped his blaster and put his hands up, slowly his men obeyed. He then spoke to Shmi directly, "alright...what now?"

"Now?" Shmi blnked, I don't think she thought this far ahead. She looked around, all of us were looking at her, waiting for her next words. She licked her lips and continued, "now we do business. The debt you owe Watto, you owe us now. Btu I'll willing to forgive it provided you give my son and I protection."

The man raised an eyebrow and smiled, "a hundred thousand credits for protection… hm...okay. Why not. But I have one request."

"What's that?" Shmi asked.

"Answer me a question."


"Are you single?"

Shmi blinked, "what?"

"Are you seeing someone? Some slaves are...unless Watto prevented you from having fun…"

I raised an eyebrow, "are you hitting on my mother?"

"Yes," Nato nodded, "so? Are you seeing someone Shmi?"

The woman stammered, "n-no."

The Mandalorian grinned, "perfect! Consider yourself protected! Everyone! The next rounds on me!"

"YAH!" the entire cantina cheered as they all raised a glass high. The same people who once tried to blast us into dust now celebrated with us. I honestly could say, this Galaxy was fucking crazy.

Two months later:

"Thank you! Come again!" Shmi smiled as the last customer of the day left the shop. She closed the door and turned to me, "are you almost done cleaning up Ani?"

I nodded, "yes mom. You can go ahead and close things up," I told her.

"Great, oh and 3PO, can you make sure the catalog for the junkyard is up to date?"

"I will certainly tend to that immediately madam," the black plated droid nodded as he began to wobble away to do just that.

I built the robot a few weeks ago and already it was an irreplaceable part of our lives. He did so much meal labour, it freed up both mine and Shmi's time. I honestly don't know why Watto didn't build them himself...oh wait, I do. He's a shit machnic, no wonder he prefered child labour.

After we gained Nato's protection Shmi and I reopened the junkyard under out ownership and so far, we didn't get any trouble due to our status as previous slaves. In fact people didn't even blink an eye at that fact.

A few days later Shmi and I got enough cash to remove the explosive devices in our necks through a simple but expensive surgery. Now chip free we could move about more confidently in society.

I spent most of my time these last two months fixing up and selling machines to the people in the city. We were still getting our footing in the market, but now that that's done I think I can personally focus on other things, like building another droid.

I had already began, this one was fixed together like pieces from a broken jigsaw puzzle, the legs were short and stubby with wheels and the body was like a trash can, hollow inside. It had strong arms for lifting and a decent enough system, I'm hoping this robot would be useful in storing and carrying heavy objects. Perfect for working in a junkyard.

I think I'll call him… Bobo.

As I continued to work on the new droid through the door opened up, "sorry we're closed, please-" I looked up and stopped, I sighed, "really Nato?"

The man stood in my doorway with a bunch of desert flowers in his hand. He grinned, "what? She likes them. Where is she anyway?"

I sighed and pointed out the back, "in the back," he nodded and walked away. Since that day in the cantina, he and She had It was frankly disturbing, but she needed someone and...well...being the girlfriend of a mob boss would protect her from danger.

I watched him walk to the store's back and noticed the shiny new blaster he was carrying. I narrowed my eyes and held out my hand, causing it to slip out of his hand and fly into mine.

I looked it over, it was new alrigh. Top of the line in fact. A TX-120, I think. It's impossible quick and also hard to miss thanks to its anti-recoil grip. I think I have a thing for pickpocketing people using the Force...I should probably be more careful.

I examined the weapon carefully, using tools to open up the shell to see what was inside. Like usual, I was so absorbed with examining the new tech I didn't notice time fly by, or notice the fact that Nato was standing right before me.

He cleared his throat, breaking my focus. I looked up, he looked amused, "you really do have to tell me how you keep doing that. I didn't even see you take it this time."

I smiled, "practise," I closed the lid on the blaster, "it's cool. But be careful, it can't keep much charge."

"Yeah, I know, ten shots and then it needs a new pack," the man snorted as he picked up his weapon, "I tell Karros to try and upgrade it, but the bastard is always too stubborn to try."

"Language!" Shmi cried out from the back, Nato and I rolled our eyes, God the woman is uptight sometimes.

" know, if you want I could try and fix it for you," I offered with a shrug.

Nato blinked, "what do you mean?"

"There's space inside for an additional fuel choke, I could put one in and double if not triple the energy capacity," I replied.

"Can you really do that?" he asked surprised.

I shrugged, "I can try."

He gave me back the gun and I began to work. A few minutes later I handed the blaster back to him and he looked it over. He took aim and moved the gun around, "it's a little heavier but...I think I can manage."

"Want to check it's range?" I asked.

He agreed and we walked out. We approached a large scrap pile of junk and he took aim and began randomly firing off the blaster over and over again. And sure enough, instead of ten bolts, thirty five came out.

"Amazing!" Nato cried out, "kid, you are a genius! Do you think you could work on other weapons for me?"

I groaned, "I don't like weapons but… if you can promise extra security for my mother and me and pay, sure, I don't mind."

Nato nodded, "done. How much for this?"

"Actually...I was hoping for payment in some other form..."

He raised an eyebrow, "kid, last time someone said that to me I ended up spending a week in a senator's private beach resort babysitting his children. Which is embarrassing enough, never mind that he tried to bed me three separate times."

I chuckled, "nothing like that….I want you to teach me to fight Nato."

The man grew silent, deathly so. If we weren't in my junkyard and if he wasn't in love with my mother, I would be worried being alone with this man.

"Why?" he asked.

"You are a Mandalorian, the greatest warrior in the universe. Why wouldn't I-"

"-No kid," he snapped, "I'm asking why you want me to teach you in the first place. Why now? Why do you want to fight?"

"To protect myself and my mother," I replied, "and….to become strong." And because since the jedi will in no way accept a child they can't brainwash, since I wasn't really an impressionable little child, I will need to fight in some other way.

"Is that it?"

"I live on a planet of degenerates and monsters. It's leaders as crime lords, no offence-"

"-None taken-"

"-and I am a 7 year old with no form of protection. Other than you. So I would like it if I could protect myself."

The Mandalorian was silent for a long time, thinking to himself. I think...I think I could feel his thoughts in his head. It was an odd sensation and one I only discovered recently when Shmi first grew angry with me over a week ago.

I had tried to mess around with a thermal bomb, she was pissed. And I could feel her anger before she even said a thing. And right now I felt doudt from Nato.

" you know why I, a Mandalorian, is doing all the way out here in the middle of nowhere?" he asked.

I nodded, I had heard this story before from Shmi herself, telling me a rumour she had heard. This was when they just started courting, so she still wasn't totally comfortable being around him.

"You were sent out of your clan," I looked at the insignia on his left shoulder pad, it was a Blue Spade with a circle in the center, "they say you did something...unforgivable."

"I murdered my brother," Nato admitted, "because he tried to kill our I killed him first. And for that, I was sent out of my home, my planet. I am sorry Anakin...but no matter what, I am still Mandalorian, and I cannot train someone in our ways unless he is proven worth."

"How?" I asked quickly, "how do I prove that I am worthy?"

"Well...I suppose if you can someone give me a reason to train I could. Show me a reason why you would be worthy of the title of Mandalorian."

I groaned, "like..."

He shrugged, "that, is up to you. Now, come, I am sure your mother is worried about you." I nodded and walked back inside with him, though in my mind I wondered, what can I do to prove myself worthy?

A week later, I got my answer.

A new speeder that had recently broken down was brought in, a client had hired us to fix it for him. I ran my fingers down it's side and felt the tear marks on its surface.

"What could have done this?" I asked aloud.

"I believe these marks matched the ones made by a Krayt dragon," 3PO replied, "a large carnivorous reptile, though they are rare since people killed them for the precious pearls found in their bodies. Judging from the size of these markings, I would wager the greater krayt dragon made them."

"How big do they grow?" I asked.

"I believe well over forty feet sir," 3PO replied, "why do you ask?"

I looked back at the newly made Bobo droid I made along with the newer one I had plans to design. "No reason, 3PO, get the location of where the speeder was ambushed out off it's system. I want to know where this...dragon was found."

"May I ask why you require this information sir?"

"To prove myself," I replied simply.

A month later:

Shmi wished me a good night and closed the door behind her. I waited for ten minutes before getting out of my bed and sneaking out through the backdoor.

I traveled to the junkyard and snuck inside. I moved the back where I had stashed everything I would need already. I had spent a month preparing for this, and now I was.

I had researched everything I could on the Krayt dragon. I had learnt their movements, what they were made up off and most importantly how to kill them. And now I think I was ready.

I moved to the back of the junkway and removed a large tarp that covered a speeder and cargo lifter that was attached to the former.

I started the speeder up and checked the engines, everything was good to go, the coordinates from where the Krayt dragon was seen last was inputted into it's memory banks.

I went into the workshop and approached my workstation where I had laid out all my tools for this mission.

Attached to a leather belt was modified blaster that allowed for a single shot, but would be enough to blast a boulder in half. I also have a pair of night vision goggles that I built from scratch, a couple of grenades, some first aid supplies and one very very powerful flash grenade.

But this wasn't what would win me the dragon, no, that was the six feet tall droid standing still next to the table.

I took out a remote and activated it, it whirled to life as it looked down and bowed, "what is thy bidding my master?"

The droid was made from the very best parts I could find from my days here. It had strong powerful legs, a blaster and plasma coated blade attached to its arms and a torso that was armed with a small bomb. It was black and shiny with a single circular disk of light in it'er center.

It was modeled to look like Iron Man's suit, what can I say? I love that suit. And the best part? Well…

"Alright Vader," I smiled as I strapped the tool belt on me, "let's move." That's right, I named him Vader.

I got on my speeder while the Vader droid got on the turbo lifter. I then took off, zooming out of the city and into the vast desserts, ready to prove myself to be a Mandalorian.

I know it was kind of reckless, but I had a plan. I knew how to destroy it and more importantly, I needed to be trained. Because whether I did end up as a Sith or Jedi, I was the chosen one, and I needed to protect myself.

I reached the location after a two hour journey. It was a large expanse of sand with nothing around, except a rocky mountain jutting out in the middle with the entrance for a cave etched into its side.

I stopped the speeder and got down. I looked around, there were marking on the wall of the cave, claw marks. I narrowed my eyes, it was here.

I unloaded Vader and we both approached the cave. "Vader, Killer mode," I todered.

Immediately it's right arm transformed into a large blaster and it's left into a sword while a shoulder planted heavy duty blaster swung out and took aim forward, "ready and waiting master."

It took the lead as I followed behind, drawing my blaster just to be sure.

We traveled deep into the cave and after five minutes of walking I had Vader stop. We were deep enough that our own footsteps began to echo out. Perfect.

I reached into my belt and took out a vacuum sealed bag and placed it on the ground. The cave's ground was large with lots of space to move about, even several stalagmites lying around to provide for cover.

"Vader," I took out several thermal bombs and handed it over, I pointed to the stalagmites on the ceiling, "plate them around the structurally weak areas. Be careful, they aren't armed, but they are expensive."

"Yes, my master," the droid nodded and did just that, using the metal studs on his boots to climb the wall and do as I ordered.

I unsealed the package I had and poured the contents out, extremely automatic Baku meat. Extremely delicious and very expensive. And more importantly, very potent.

I placed the flash grenade right before the meat pile, face front. By now Vader was finished, I ordered him to hide behind a stalagmite with me as we now waited.

It was twenty minutes later when we felt a shockwave. A small tremor that grew bigger and bigger. And then, I heard a growl.

I took out my night vision goggles and looked at it and for a moment, I wondered if I should have just given up and run for the hills.

It was huge, maybe forty feet, maybe bigger. It wasn't a dragon, no, it was more like a giant fuckin croc with horns on its head similar to a dragon. It had a scales large as my entire torso running down it's back and a pair of glowing yellow eyes.

It came slowly towards the meat I left for it. Sniffing as it did. I looked at it's massive limbs from behind my cover, they were huge and rippled with muscles. But also stubby and frankly, I doubt they were built for speed.

The monster bent down and began cowing down on the meat before it, licking the food up in seconds, gulping it all down.

I took out two remote controls, I turned to Vader, "when it's incapacitated, attack," the droid just nodded. And then, I pressed them both and closed my eyes.

There was a flash of bright light that came through my shut eyelids. That was the flash grenade. "KAY!" the dragon cried out.


The entire canyon ceiling shock at the explosion of my medium range grenades. Suddenly the ceiling began to collapse down hard. Luckily I was further away from the excitement so I wasn't affected, but I could feel the entire ceiling around the dragon collapse down on top of him.

"Attacking commence," Vader spoke as I felt him leave my side and activate his blaster.

A few seconds later I opened my eyes and saw the dragon pinned down under a huge pile of boulders while Vader plunged his blade into its eye, blinding it.

"KYAA!" it cried out, only it's head was free, the rest of its body was pinned under the debris. Vader plunged it's blade again and again into the dragon while firing into its mouth.

The dragon tried to fight, swinging its head violently to one side to knock Vader away. It then tried to free itself, the rocks beginning to shift away to free it. I knew I had to do something. Vader was still getting back on its feet.

I threw my hands forward and pushed out the familiar feeling of the Force out, beginning for the power to stop the dragon. Yellow lightning came flying out, striking it hard, the dragon crying out in pain.

Vader began to attack it again, but the dragon's open mouth spat out a wad of acid on the droid that melted it's blaster arm off. It continued to scream in pain from my force Lightning, but I knew it was resisting it.

So with no other choice I cut off the Force and drew my blaster. "Vader!" I called out, throwing my blaster at the droid. Immediately it understood, I was proud of the superb programing I had installed into its system.

It transformed it's sword arm back to normal and grabbed the blaster. I aimed at the dragon's head and pulled the trigger.


Half it's neck was blown clear off.

That morning:

I came into the city just as the sun was rising up behind me. The people were just waking up and the first thing saw when they did was...well, it was me.

Vader was driving the speeder into the city with the half dead dragon on the lift behind it. And on the corpse of the dragon was me, standing tall and proud, my kill below me.

We drove to Nato's cantina and as I arrived Nato and the people inside came rushing out, obviously someone had told noticed and told them about me. Which was exactly why I wanted this.

Nato's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his skull, "kid?"

"Does this prove I'm worthy of being Mandalorian?" I asked him with a cocky grin.

He looked down at the bleeding dragon on the lift, it's blood was actually highly acidic, I had to use special coating to prevent it from melting through the lifter. He gulped, "y-you did this, just to prove you were worthy?"

I nodded, " What do you think?"

"I think...I think your mother is going to kill you kid." I blinked, shit...he was right.

One year and ten months later:

Two years had passed since I came into Anakin Skywalker's body and things had changed. The junkyard Watto had once owned was now called the Skywalker yard and we specialised in collecting and repairing old tech or creating and upgrading tech for special customers.

I sat in my workshop, pouring over a blaster, some custom made monstrosity that had enough energy to fire over 5 miles and still blast a person's arm off.

"So? Can you fix it?" a bird like alien by the name of Waoo, a bounty hunter, asked. He was the client for this gun and he was a regular.

"Yes...but it won't be cheap," I replied tapping it's core, "its energy matrix is out of place. To fix it I would need to change the whole thing."

"Why not just, I don't know, put something in to bring it back into place?" he suggested.

"Because the only way for an energy matrix to be out of place is for the entire unit to break in half and shatter beyond repair. Meaning if I do just shove something in there to fix it, the next time you fire it, it will take your head off."

The man grumbled, " much?" I wrote the amount down on a piece of paper, he looked at it an winced. He sighed, "you're lucky you do such good work kid."

I smiled, "I know..." he handed me the amount and I got to work fixing his weapon for him. He left five minutes later a happy customer and I was richer.

He was just the newest in a long line of high priority clients I now got. The junk selling and buying business was taken care off completely by Shmi and the many many droids I had built for her over the months. While I handled the more...darker side of things.

After working for him for a while, Nato had started sending me customers that required special orders, and I was happy to oblige. The clients grew to respect my skill and this junkyard grew to be seen as a sort of neutral ground for everyone, once you were at Skywalker Yard, you don't raise your blaster, ever.

I remember one time a human bounty hunter refused to pay. He tried to threaten me, but Vader, who was now upgraded to a superior weapons' system, shot him dead. They all got the message from then onwards.

I was aware there were rumours about me, about how I killed a Krayt dragon while I was only 7, how Nato was training me to be a Mandalorian, and how I was secretly a monster reborn as a child. The last part might just be rumors, but the other two weren't.

True to his word Nato started to train me. And it was...difficult to say the least. He made me run to build stamina and several body and floor exercises to help with my growth. And so while I was currently just nine years old I was 4 feet 8 inches tall, very tall for my age and I don't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

I had my haircut short, I refused to have that stupid mushroom cut Anakin wore in canon. I also wore grey cotton robes that were well maintained. I can't wear leather or anything fancy due to the weather, be this was the next thing since they looked shiny clean and was also very breathable.

Nato also taught me hand to hand combat as well, including the Mandalorian style of martial arts which was a mixture of fists and weapons. He did however refuse to teach me to use anything other than blasters, hell he even denied teaching me how to use a jetpack, said I was too young and reckless.

Honestly, that man, just because he and my mother got married doesn't mean he was my dad.

Speaking of which, Shmi was now officially Shmi Skywalker-Kryze, the wife of Nato Kryze and she was expecting a child in the next three months. That's right, I'm going to be a brother. We lived with him and his gang, all of whom treated us like family, though they still thought I was weird.

I sighed as I got off my stoll and walked around the shop. During the remodel Shmi and I classed up the place, making it look cleaner and more professional. I had glass cases installed that contained valuable items and even a listing of all the junk material we had on standby.

After I brought the dragon into the city, and Shmi yelled at me for hours for pulling such a stupid stunt in the first place, I began stripping ti apart for anything and everything I could use.

The hide of the dragon was made into a giant cloak, one for Shmi and one for myself with the rest put into storage and since it was a large dragon, there was plenty left over.

The dragon's acid was sold off while I kept a few vials for myself and it's teeth and claws were kept for myself. However the main prize wasn't any of that, but rather what I found inside it's gullet.

Since the food the dragon eats is usually very hard, it had stones present inside to break it down. These were Krayt dragon pearls. And they were very, very precious.

I found five of them inside the dragon's gullet. Five perfect pearls. One was shaded bright pink, I gave it to Shmi as a gift and an apology for being reckless. It didn't work as a bribe, she still grounded me for a month, but she took it anyway.

The second was a luscious green that I made into a necklace that I placed around my neck along with several of the dragon's teeth. It was my most prized possessions and proof of my great achievement.

The third and fourth were a bright blue which I sold off for money and the last one was a searing golden yellow that I gave to Nato, a Mandalorian tradition of a student giving their master a trophy from their first kill.

I took out the necklace and smiled at my reflection, I really have come a long way since then. I put it away and turned to Vader, "I'll be inside the Locker, if anything happens, inform me."

The droid bowed as I went to the back and locked the door behind me. I then pushed away the carpet in the middle of the room revealing a trap door. I reached out with the force and opened the mechanical lock, something only someone with the Force could do since there was no external dial one could interact with.

I pulled the door open and went down the ladder into a small chamber I had built a year ago to help me with my Force training.

The room had several candles, several data pads on Jedis and stories surrounding them and a cushion in the middle of the room.

I walked over and sat down on the cushion, taking a deep breath and letting it out. I clapped my hands and turned the light out. I closed my eyes and focused, the silence and the darkness allowed me to slip into my meditation easily, allowing my mind to reach out and speak the Force.

Like the call of a familiar friends, it answered promptly. I couldn't help but smile as I felt it approach me call, hugging me and comforting me. I wanted to be able to float in the air, to rise up and feel the Force completely, to not be restricted by the cushion I sat on, and I slowly felt it happen.

I was lifted into the air and I felt my Force cover me wholly. I felt the entire room around me, I felt them and I knew them all. I pushed outwards and felt the Force obey as the objects around me, the data pads and candles, flew into the air and orbit around my meditating form.

I felt the krayt dragon pearl around my neck slip out and float before me, my focus slowly shifting to it as well. The pearl represented a great achievement of mine, meaning it held great value for me. And through the Force, I could feel the echo the Krayt dragon inside it.

I meditated on how much I grew to learn, even without a proper master. I could summon and push away objects without a second thought. The yellow lightning I could summon was more force than electricity, but it was strong enough to stun a person temporarily, I know, I once tried it on a nasty customer that tried to steal from me.

I didn't know where to move on from here, I could try and make myself stronger and faster using the Force, hm...maybe there is some potential here. Maybe after this I could convince Nato to finally teach me something useful, like using a jetpack.

But as I let my thoughts wander through the Force and my choices, I felt something...shift. Was this a disturbance in the Force? It certainly felt like it. A sheer disturbance unlike anything I ever felt.

I reached out and like looking at something from underwater I got an unclear image in my head. Two figures, both...nice, warm, like a blanket filled with feathers. They shined through while the area around them were duller, unstable.

'Be careful master, something feels wrong,' one voice called out.

'I feel it too, be careful, don't let them send any transmissions,' the other replied.

"I won't," the voice sounded like it was coming from right next to me, "may the Force be with you Master Qui-Gon."

"And you my padawan."

I cut the Force from my grasp as I landed on the cushion once more, the candles and data pads landing with me. I opened my eyes and reached out, letting the pearl drop into my hands. I grinned, they were here...about damn time.

I climbed out of the chamber and walked back to the workshop, "Vader, how long was I gone?"

"Around two hours sir," the droid replied.

I groaned, I must have been a deep trance for that to happen. I shook my head clear, "fine...I have a mission for you. Go out and keep on the look out for three people, a young girl, an older man with hair till his lower neck and a gungan. An annoying gungan. Oh, and a R2 unit. If you spot them, follow and make sure you aren't seen."

"Are they targets for eliminations?" Vader enquired.

"No, the exact opposite actually. They are clients. If they are lost or get into trouble, assist them. But don't ever let on to the fact that I am expecting them, understood?"

Vader bowed and left the junkyard. I sat on my workstation and leaned back on my seat, sighing. Qui-Gon Jinn, a jedi. A real jedi...and Natalie Portman, hehe. Boy am I eager. But more than her looks...I was curious about her. Who was she? The movies never went into detail. Maybe...maybe I should test her…

I began tinkering with a new weapon I was working on, something I knew I would need soon, since the Phantom Menace was in progress. It was in the shape of a torch light back on Earth, the heavy duty kind that security guards used. But there was more to meet the eye.

By the time I was done, the door to my shop swung open and I felt the Force call out to me, hummin as the vision from before became clear.

I looked up and saw Qui-Gon enter with R2, Jar Jar and behind them was a young Natalie Portman looking innocent and yet very beautiful...wait, was I a pedophile? I mean...I am a child...but not mentally.

I sighed as I shook my head, not the time man.

"Hello," the jedi master smiled at me, "we're hoping you can help us. Where is your mother little one?"

I raised an eyebrow, "may I ask why sir?"

The man nodded, "certainly. We are in need of spare parts and we were told Skywalker yard was the place to obtain them. Is this true?" I noticed Jar Jar look around touching and poking things randomly. God he is annoying.

I smiled, "yes, it is. And you are in the right place. But, my mother is away, much to do and all that. But I'm sure I would be competent enough to help you."

The man looked surprised while the girl simply raised an eyebrow. He cleared his throat, "very well, we wish to acquire a hydrive engine for a J type Nubian shuttle. Do you happen to have one on hand?"

I nodded, "yes, we do," I looked over my shoulder at the engine in question, "top of the line and very well maintained, if I do say so myself."

The man grinned, "perfect. How much?"

I looked him over, "depends on how much you are willing to pay."

"I have twenty thousand republic credits," the man replied dutly.

I raised an eyebrow, "Republic credits? Does this look like Alderaan to you? We don't accept that here, it's virtually empty metal here."

"We don't have anything else, but," he waved his hand before me, "Republic credits will do fine."

For the first time in my life I felt a unfamiliar touch in the Force try and influence me. But, the Force was mine, my friend, my ally. Jinn's mastery was...pathetic. His heart wasn't into it at all, I doubt he wanted to actually brainwash a child after all.

I snorted, "no it will not."

The man looked taken back, "Republic credits will do fine," he waved his hand again.

I rolled my eyes, "no master Jedi, it will not."

Jinn's eyes widened in shock and Padme's in surprise. The girl took a step back as Jinn moved to protect her, "how?"

I shrugged, "just a lucky guess actually. Didn't think I would be right. I must say, you are the first jedi I have ever don't really live up to the legend huh?"

Jinn couldn't help cracking a smile, "well things aren't always what they appear as little one."

I nodded, "indeed...anyway, that mind trick won't work on me. As I understand it, it only works on the weak minded and I assure you I'm not stupid. I hope," I chuckled, even Padme seemed to relax for a moment.

"I see...tell me little one, what is your name?" jinn asked curiously.

"Anakin, Anakin Skywalker," I replied, "and yours?"

"Qui-Gon Jinn and this is Padme Amidala," the man motioned ot the 'handmaiden' who bowed, "and we are on an important mission for the Republic, so please, just this once, can you not make an exception?"

I looked at them once over, my eyes landing on Padme, I smiled, I might as well see why people looked to her as such a great leader, because I honestly never saw it.

"Okay...I'll sell it to you," they both smiled, relieved, "under one condition."

"Which is?" Jinn asked.

I pointed at Padme, "I want her."

"Mesa say what now?!" Jar Jar cried out, only to suddenly trip and fall backward, crashing into some part droid parts I had lying around. Sigh, stupid thing.

The girl gasped. The jedi stepped between her and me, "absolutely not. Slavery has been abolished by the Republic, it is-"

"-Republic laws hold no meaning to this planet," I waved him away, "nor does it matter in any way or form. But, if you want that hyperdrive, I will only except her in exchange. A trade. The life of one girl, in exchange for...whatever secret mission you have going on."

"Never," Jinn hissed.

I raised an eyebrow, "it's not up to you master jedi," I turned to Padme, the girl looking stunned, "so? What say you? Are you willing to give up your life? Sacrifice yourself for this mission?"


"-I'll even sweeten the deal," I shot in, "you don't even have to pay me anything else. Just you and, if they bring back the hyperdrive to me safe and sound, I'll free you. Basically, you are simply liability. Well…?"

"No," Jinn intervened as he reached down for his lightsaber only for a blaster bolt to fly over his head. They turned around and found Vader aiming his gun at them both.

"I wouldn't do that," I told him, "my droids are very protective….now Padme...what will it be? Is your life worth it? I can tell you right away no one else in this system has the drive you are looking for, it's too rare. I am your only hope. So...what will it be?"

I took out a data pad and began typing away as Jinn glared at me and Padme had a confused and lost look in her eyes.

When I was done I turned the pad around and displayed it to them. It was a contract I am made on the moment, it stated exactly what I said, Padme in exchange for the drive and when it was returned, she would be free as well. But until then, she would be my servant.

Jinn looked furious, "this is the most horrendous thing I have ever-"

"-I'll do it," Padme replied.

"Girl, what are you doing?" Jinn cried out.

"What I must to insure my people live," Padme replied as she signed the document, "the queen will see to it the senate knows what happened to Naboo and all you have to do is come back and return the drive and I will be free. Right?"

Jinn looked at her and sighed, "you are wise beyond your years little one," he turned to me, "and you...I cannot even begin to describe you."

I took the contract and looked it over. She had signed it...I was….impressed...hell, I was in love. Without a second thought she had signed away her freedom, just so that her people could be free. Damn...what a woman.

I smiled, "very well Padme...glad to have you onboard. Your first assignment is simple. Go with the master jedi over here and make sure the hyperdrive I sold comes back in one piece. Think you can manage that?"

Jinn's fury suddenly vanished and so did Padme's fear. Both replaced with confusion. "W-what?" Padme asked, unsure if she had heard me right.

I smiled, "I said, go with master jedi and make sure he brings back the hyperdrive in exchange for your freedom. And remember, you can't return unless you bring it back with you, understand?"

Padme blinked in confusion again, "I'm sorry...but are you really just letting me go?"

I nodded, "of course, I trust my employees, especially such a beautiful one like yourself, to be able to perform a simple task such as this. But...I mean, if you feel you aren't up for it..."

"No," Jinn cut in, "she is...thank you young Skywalker."

I shrugged, "why do you thank me? I'm just a slaver," he looked ashamed, not that I blame him. suddenly the windows started to rattle, I looked out and saw a sand storm brewing, "hm...looks like a big one. Are you parked far?"

"Yes, a ten minute walk," Jinn replied.

"Then you won't be able to carefully carrying the drive over to your ship," I told him as I got up and sighed, stretching my limbs, "you can stay with me tonight, I'm sure my mother would love to see a jedi up and close."

"I thank you, that is most kind," Jinn replied, bowing his head.

I waved it off, "think nothing of it. Come, we should hurry," I looked at my battle droid, still armed and ready, "relax Vader, they're friends now, you can stand down."

"Affirmative," it replied, disengaging it's weapons.

Jinn looked him over as he, Padme and Jar jar, followed me over. R2 beeped and followed along the way, I smiled, "interesting droid. What's his name?"

"R2D2," Padme replied.

In response the R2 unit beeped loudly several times. I chuckled, surprisingly after spending so much time around droids, I ended up picking up a thing or two, "sure R2 sounds a lot better. I'm Anakin, but please, call me Ani R2." In response, the droid beeped happily.

"May I ask what that whole salver act was back there?" the jedi master asked as we walked through the town, approaching out home which was located in the nicer part of town.

"Simple, I wanted to test your resolve," I replied with a casual shrug, "I wanted to know what you jedi were made out off, that's all. And I'm surprised to find the girl has bigger balls than you," I sent Padme a wink, the girl chuckling at the now grumbling jedi's expense.

"So where is wesa going now?" Jar Jar asked.

"Our lovely friend here offered his home to rest for the night Jar Jar," Jin replied.

"Oh, that be it very nice nice of him!" the gungan replied with a happy grin, "why once mesa have a friend who like this! He was Jar Jar good good friend hesa is! Mesa remember he," and on he went, over and over again.

I groaned, "is he always like this?"

Jinn nodded, "unfortunately."

"Word of advice, next time, leave him on ship. If you don't want him to be killed," I narrowed my eyes at a few criminals that glared at Jar Jar. They noticed me looking at them and backed away, afraid of either me or my step-father.

I looked over, Jinn looked at me, "they are afraid of you."

"My stepfather is a crime lord," I shrugged, "so I have a few perks."

"You're father is a crime lord?!" Padme asked out loud.

I nodded, "step father, and yes, he is."

We entered the home just as the storm began to roll in. The house was nicer then the shit hole Shmi and I lived in. It was Nato's personal home and a fortress in the middle of the richest district in the city.

We entered, the inside was luxurious and well kept by the small army of droids I had made for my mother.

"Mom! I'm home! And I brought some guests to stay for the night!" I called out as I motioned them to follow me in.

"You what?!" Shmi asked shocked as she walked into the living room and blinked at the strange party I lead into our home, "Ani...who are these people?"

"A jedi on a mission for the Republic," I pointed at Jinn, "a droid named R2D2," the droid beeped hello, "a annoying motor mouth," Jar Jar gasped, "and the beautiful girl over there is my new servent."

"What?!" Shmi cried out.

I winced, I now realised I probably shouldn't have lead with that.

Some time later:

I sighed as I rubbed my head, it was sore from Shmi hitting me several times, "I can't believe you kept hitting me even after I explained she wasn't actually a servant."

"I can't believe you would ever do something so vile!" Shmi yelled back as she served me a slice of bread and some chicken.

After the...minor disciplinary actions Shmi felt I needed, we all gathered around the dinner table and had dinner. Nato sat at the head with Jinn and his party to his left and Shmi and myself to his right.

"Why did you something like that kid?" Nato asked as he sipped his drink.

"Because I wanted to see what a jedi would do," I replied with a shrug as I looked at Jar Jar who stuck his tongue out and sucked his food in like a frog, "Jar Jar, if you ever do that again I will staple your mouth close. You are in public, act decent."

"Mesa very sorry Ani!" the gungan cried out, picking up his fork and looking at the foreign object. I sighed and palmned my face, may the Force have mercy.

"So, you're a jedi huh?" Nato turned to Jinn and narrowed his eyes.

The man nodded, "yes...and I take it by your armour you are mandalorian?" Jinn motioned to the wall behind him where Nato's old armour was displayed proudly as a sort of totem. In fact the entire wall of the dining room was filled with hunting trophies, something Shmi could never get Nato to remove no matter how hard she tried.

"Yes I am, jedi," Nato spat back.

Padme looked worried, "is something wrong sir? Did we offend you?"

"It's nothing," I told her, waving away her concern, "he's a Mandalorian, basically his race is obsessed with war and like to be the greatest fighters there ever was. But as you know, jedi currently hold that title. Basically it's a giant dick measuring contest-"


"Watch your mouth Anakin," Shmi narrowed her eyes.

I grumbled, "Force you're cranky these days," I looked at her stomach, the six month fetus growing inside of her was obvious, "it's all your fault you here? The first thing I going to do when I see you is tickle you to death little brother."

Padme and Shmi chuckled while Nato just smirked. "Why do you think it's going to be a boy?" Jinn asked me.

I shrugged, "just a feeling," actually it's because when I meditate I see images of a boy running around with Shmi's eyes and Nato's copper hair.

"I see…." Jinn locked me over, a piercing gaze and I think I know what he was thinking.

"So, jedi," Nato began, "what exactly is your mission?"

"The trade federation is trying to form a blockade around Naboo," Jinn explained, "we need to get to the senate to get help from the Republic."

Nato snorted, "unlikely. Those fat useless slobs would rather sit on their behinds and do nothing that risk upsetting their precious traders. Save yourself some time, go back to Naboo and fight your way through them, that's the only way you will achieve anything in this world."

Padme looked frightened, "the senate will help...they must!"

"Little girl, the senate don't care about you or your planet. They only care about one thing, lining their pockets," Nato snorted.

"Nato..." Shmi trailed off.

"It's true Shmi," Nato replied back harshly "I sympathise with the girl, I do. But this is the truth and she needs to hear it."

"While the senate may not be willing to volunteer their services, at the very least, we can gain help from the jedi council," Jinn argued, "we should at least try." The jedi masters words seemed to fill Padme with hope once again.

"Then may you have all the luck in the world master jedi. Me, I trust my blaster and my men over any senate or a bunch of stuck up robes wearing monks that would rather separate from the world than live in it," Nato argued.

Jinn snorted, "I cannot blame you for that….what is that?" Jinn looked at the skull of the Krayt dragon I killed that now hanged on the wall over Nato's head.

I had the skeleton mounted in the house. It's jaws wide open while it's spine was curled all around the dining rooms' inside, almost like it was ready to pounce and kill any offending intruder. Hm...maybe this is why people thought I was a demon reborn.

Nato smirked, "that is the skull of a Krayt dragon. The most dangerous and deadly creature on this planet. They are hunted for sport or as a test of courage, some even kill them for their pearls," he motioned to his necklace and Shmi's, "they are quite valuable."

"I see, it must have been quite a feet. I don't know many mandalorians who can boost such a feet," Jinn praised.

This was where Nato's smile grew feral, "you misunderstand master Jinn, I did not kill the dragon. The person who slayed this beast was Anakin. And he did so when he was seven years of age."

They all turned to me, eyes wide open in shock and more importantly disbelief. I reached under my shirt and pulled out the green pearl I had as a necklace and smirked, "it's nothing."

"You killed that?!" Padme pointed at the skull, "h-how?!"

I shrugged, "you can do a lot of things is you only use your brain. I had Vader, my droid kill it while I used thermal bombs to bring a cave down on it. It's nothing too amazing actually."

"Why would you ever do something so irresponsible?!" Jinn asked in shock.

"Oh help me," Shmi rubbed her eyes at the answer coming.

"Because I wanted to be trained as a Mandalorian and Nato said he wouldn't' train me unless I did something impressive," I shrugged.

They all turned to Nato who shrugged, "I meant like building a new machine or religious exercising, not going after the deadliest creature on this planet and dropping a mountain on it." I chuckled, the disbelief and away on their faces made me blush red, but boy was it worth it.

After a few more questions on how I found it and how it died, we showed the guest to their rooms for sleep. But knew that was the last thing on their minds.

Case in point after an hour of when they were supposed to be in bed I found Padme standing in the balcony and looking up at the stars. The girl was so immersed I didn't even have to sneak my way over.

"So, can't sleep?" she flinched in surprise but calmed down when she noticed it was just me.

"Oh...Anakin," she blinked, "yes I...I couldn't sleep."

I smirked, "why? Are the beds now as soft as they are on Naboo?"

"No, not at all. The beds are lovely, thank you for your hospitality," Padme bowed.

I chuckled and waved her away, "come on Padme, relax. I was just joking….but seriously, what's the matter?"

"I….I am worried about my people," she replied as she looked up at the stars, "I'm worried for them."

"I'm sure they'll be fine...after all, they have a woman like you as their queen, how could they not?"

Padem was shocked, she turned to me, eyes wide open, "w-what did you call me?"

I smiled, "I called you their I wrong?"


I shrugged, "the jedi aren't the only one who can use the Force to give them visions," I held up a hand and suddenly the both of us began to float into the air.

"H-how are you doing this?" Padme asked as she flapped her hands around frantically.

"Relax Padme, I have you," I reached out and grabbed her hand, the girl stopped fidgeting as she looked at me.

"The Force is kind of cool," I said as we began to spin, her hands tightening around mine as she held on for dear life, "is this the first time you have seen a Force user lift something?"

"Y-yes," she replied, gulping in shock. She looked down, we were now six feet off the air, she pulled in close and held me tight.

I could feel her fear, it was so obvious. "Padme," she didn't look away from the ground, "Padme," I hissed louder, she turned to me. I smiled and turned upwards. Slowly, she did the same.

And there, blanketing us was a field of stars that seemed to expand forever. She blinked, I doubted she has ever seen them so...bright before. That was the problem living in a city, the stars just seemed to die away before your very eyes.

I eventually did bring us back down, Padme now a lot calmer. She looked at me and blinked, "why did you trick me?"

I leaned on the barrister and sighed, "I have lived in this planet for my whole life. My idea of a leader has always been a man of violence or means. I was a slave till I was seven, my leader then was a slaver. When I was free, I answered to Nato, and while he is now a father to me and kind, he gained power through fighting…

"They say Naboo's leaders are the pioneers of democracy. I wanted to test the resolve of the one they would elect to rule them all," I smiled as I bowed deeply, "and you earned my respect when you selflessly wrote away your own freedom for the sake of your queen."

Padme blushed, hard. "P-please stop bowing," I did, "and don't...don't tell anyone. Please, they can't know, if they do-"

"-Don't worry, I won't put you in harms way," I winked, "after all, you are my precious property."

She blushed, "oh...right. I suppose technically I saw a vision of me? T-through the Force?"

I nodded, "yup. You were wearing a red robe and looking out desperately into the city before you. I think you were being I close?" I asked her. The details I supplied were actually images from the movie, not a vision.

Padme's eyes widened, " are. I wore those robes before the jedi came to see me...amazing. So...are you a jedi yourself?"

I shrugged, "no, not really. I need to be trained from a younger age to be one. I'm I suppose." I then felt something shift in the Force, I looked to one corner and there was Qui-Gon Jinn, standing in the shadows looking shocked beyond belief.

"Look Padme it's been a long day. I can answer all your questions some other time. Why don't you go to bed? I'm sure by now you should be exhausted," I smiled kindly at her.

The woman blinked, "yes...I suppose. I am tired...I guess after flying one tends to be exhausted," she chuckled, "good night...Anakin."

I smiled back, "please, call me Ani," I waved to her as she left, going back to her room. As the moment she did, Qui-Gon came out of the shadows. I sighed as I leaned back and raised an unimpressed eyebrow, "you know, when one is trying to hit on a Queen, they don't need an audience."

Jinn smiled softly, "one should also not be hitting on the Queen period I think that might just be a crime in some systems."

I shrugged, "this is Tatooine. I doubt anyone will care. So...what now?"

"You have the Force," he stated. It wasn't a question at all.

I nodded, "yes, I do. And?"

"How long?"

"The day I killed my slaver and threw his corpse into a incinerator," I explained without blinking.

Jinn's eyes widened, "w-what?"

"When I first discovered the Force I was happy. So very very happy," I smiled fondly, "I played with it, using it to move and push away objects. But...I ended up breaking a wall in the result." Jinn was surprised, "and then, my slaver...Watoo. He beat me, he hurt me..."

"Anakin...that is no reason..."

"And then he threatened to rape my mother like he did every other week since the day he bought us," I finished, shutting Jinn up, "is that reason enough master Jinn?"

The jedi was silent as he contemplated what I had said to him. He slowly nodded, " is...I am sorry Anakin, this is twice that I hastily judged you. I….I am sorry."

I shrugged, "it's not your fault...the one responsible for it is already dead."

"Anakin..if you are so gifted in the Force, you need to be trained," Jinn began.

I held up a hand, "sorry, but no. I refuse."

"Why is that?"

"Because my emotions are not a weakness," I replied. He was silent so I continued, "the jedi believe that emotions are a weakness, that they should be hidden away, yes?"

Jinn nodded, "yes, that is the belief of the council, yes."

"Then that is why I cannot be trained as a jedi," I replied, "and I can also not be a Sith, they are far too selfish for my tastes."

Jinn was surprised, "what do you know of the Sith?"

"The darker version of a jedi, yes? They crave power while the jedi craved control...frankly I think both factions as morons," I snorted.

"And why is that?" Jinn asked, now very curious.

"Imagine if they both died," I replied, "I mean, the Sith are dead, so let's imagine the jedi died as well. Does that mean the Force is dead? No. Does that mean good people are no longer possible? No. It's just a name and a religion. Eventually, manybe after a hundred years, a new order of good will rise, and along with them a new order of the dark. I don't need to be a jedi to be with the Force, no one does. And if I do, I'm going to have to wear those stupid ugly ass robes and not to mention I can't have sex ever again."

"Pfft," Jinn snorted, holding back his laughter before throwing his head back and laughing hard, "Anakin! Just when you began sounding like jedi master you end up talking like a hormonal teenager!"

I shrugged, "hey, it's true. What's the point of being an amazing and awesome person if you don't have anyone special to share that with? It's totally unfair."

Qui-Gon Jinn chuckled as he nodded, leaning on the balcony barrister next to me, "you are correct little one. I too have my doubt when it comes to the jedi bring up valuable must be trained in some way."

"Why?" I asked him, though I suspected the answer.

"Because...there is a prophecy," he replied, "a story of a child of the force bringing balance to it. And through his actions...peace will reign and the jedi will finally defeat the Sith."

I raised an eyebrow, "aren't the sith dead?"

"Some say so...I don't believe that is the case," Jinn replied promptly.

"I see...well, you know, that prophecy is kind of messed up."

"Why is that?"

"The Force doesn't choose sides master jedi, it just is. So to bring balance to the may not be the insignificant numbers of the Sith that must go, but rather the predictable and frankly disengaged jedi who have turned from spiritual monks into the Republic's attack dogs. Wouldn't that be true balance?"

I walked away, the moment I finished speaking those words Jinn's face turned from horror to contemplation. I knew then this conversation was over. I left him there and went to my bed, intending to get some sleep, it had after all, been a long day.

The Next Day:

We woke up early the next day and went back to the shop. There I loaded up the hyperdrive they needed onto my turbo lift and we were off, walking back to the cruiser which was parked in the outskirts of the city.

Padme, R2 and Jar Jar, the insufferable moron, took the lead, gently pushing the levitating platform forward allowing Jinn, Vader and myself to bring up the rear.

"I thought about what you said," the jedi began.


"You were right...balance does not mean the destruction of the Sith...but rather true balance," Qui-Gon sighed, "the jedi aren't what they once used to be...and I myself have had many doubts on their...credibility. And if you are the chosen one...then maybe your destiny is truely to bring balance to the Force."

"I'm curious, why do you think I am the chosen one?"

"I spoke to your mother...I asked about your father...your true father..."

"Ah, I see. I suppose being immaculately conceived might be a good enough sign for being a prophesied saviour of all," I chuckled.

Jinn smiled at me, "very true...tell me Anakin, would you like to be trained as a jedi?"

I smiled, "it's been my dream since childhood," I admitted freely.

"You are still young Anakin, still a child."

"When you are a slave such luxuries grow old fast and more importantly, end quickly," I sighed, "I grew up...I asked myself if the jedi are truly servants of all life, how could they ever allow...slavery to exist in the galaxy?"

"There are some things even the jedi cannot do," Jinn admitted.

"Then that is what I will do as the chosen one," I shot back, "I dont' give a damn about the Sith and the Jedi's battles. They are so focused on killing each other they lack to see the true purpose of the gifts we have been granted."

"Which is?"

"To protect those who are too weak to protect themselves," I replied easily enough, "that is what jedi are meant to do, but failed because they focused on the societies needs rather than the individuals."

"But isn't that what a democratic system should be about?" Padme asked, she had slowly moved back to listen in, allowing Jar Jar and R2 to carry the hyperdrive forward, "shouldn't the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?"

I chuckled, Padme Amidala quoting star Trek, who knew. I shook my head, "in a perfect world, yes. But when you have something like the senate, which are made of a few rich and powerful individuals, their voices are louder than the people they serve. All people are equal in a republic, but some people are more equal than others."

Jinn friend, "that's...a very pessimistic view on life Anakin."

"But nonetheless true. Take the Hutts for example. Their entire empire is built on crime, murder and a lust for power. Hell, if they had Force powers they would all be Sith," Jinn snorted and nodded, "the Empire should be obligated to destroy them for such practises. But they don't. Do you know why?"

"No..." Padme replied, looking unsure.

"Because they are protected. Protected through the many senators they bribed or befriended. We have had what? A thousand years, maybe more of genuine peace? And they still haven't gotten around to bring stability and freeing slaves from Outer Rim planets? Come on Padme, don't be fool. We elect people to carry out our wishes, but when those people choose their own desires over duty, that is the death of us all. And that is why the jedi never heard us, because they serve not the people's voices, but the corrupt who misuse the power they have been granted."

Jinn and Padme were silent. For a long time they said nothing. And then the Queen of Naboo spoke, "I didn't think i would ever meet such a person more suited for politics than me in a place like this."

I snorted, "that will be the day..."

"Anakin," I turned it Jinn, "if I train you...will you be willing to listen?"

I blinked, "ah...did you not hear my big speech on how I hate the way the jedi have evolved?"

"What if I was willing to leave the jedi?" Jinn suggested.

I stopped, shock actually forcing me to halt in surprise, "w-what? Why would you do that?"

"I can sense...power in you. Power I have never felt before. I don't understand how I didn't notice it the moment we landed, but I do now," Jinn explained, "but what is more your ideals. I doubt you will be a good enough jedi, and I highly doubt you will be cruel enough to be a Sith. But...maybe that is what we all need right now. I am willing to take a gamble on you young Skywalker...are you willing to trust me?"

I looked at him and he looked at me. For a moment I was lost in thought, wondering all the reasons to say no. But I soon realised, I didn't have any.

I sighed, "honestly master Jinn….I would be honoured," I bowed.

"But master jedi, don't you already have a padawan?" Padme asked.

"Don't worry your highness," Qui-Gon smiled, "Obi-Wan is more than ready to be a jedi knight. I'm sure after this fiasco is over the council will be willing to pass him over. And then, I can take Anakin up as my new padawan...and leave the temple."

We arrived at the cruiser soon. We dropped off Padme and the others and quickly left back to Mos Esspa. We entered my house and found Shmi in the living room knitting a set of baby clothes.

She looked up and smiled at me, and I sighed. This was going to be difficult.

The next day:

It took Jinn and I a whole day to convince Shmi to let me go. I have never remembered her cry so much. Nato couldn't stop her, Jinn's warm words of reassurance couldn't stop it. She eventually ran to her room and locked herself in.

It was then finally my turn. I poked her room and reached out with the Force, opening the mechanical lock from outside. The door swung open and I found Shmi crying in her chair, holding her stomach.

She looked up as I closed the door behind me, "y-you really can be a jedi can't you?"

I nodded, "yes mom...I can."

Shmi cried harder, "it's not fair. It's not fair! After all this time, finally, finally we could be a family. No longer slaves, no longer puppets! We were finally free. I would have raised you, you would have been an amazing older brother, you would have protected him, Nato would have taught you both to defend yourselves, to protect yourselves...and now you're leaving. And to do what? To risk your life?!"

I sighed, "mom...if I can...then I am going to fight for people. I am going to fight for people like us, slaves who have no one to fight for them. I won't be...I can't sit back and just be happy being safe while the rest of the galaxy suffers. I'm sorry...but I can't."

She got up and approached me. She pulled me into a hug and held me tight, "Ani...when I had you...I feared you were a child of...of unspeakable acts. But when you were born, you didn't look like my slave master, you didn't have any hate, you didn't even cry. You looked at me with blue eyes so bright and clear, I have never seen anyone ever possess such beautiful eyes.

"And when I held you, I knew...this was a gift from above...from whatever, whoever is out there, they sent me this gift...and I always knew you were meant for things greater and more important than me...than the child of a slave."

"Mother," I felt myself tear up, she was my mother, for two years she was my mother, fuck anyone else who says otherwise, "you are the most important thing in my life, period. If you don't want me to go, just say the word." The galaxy was better off without me being in it. The chance of Vader being born was already too high.

"No," she replied quickly, "no...master jedi was right. This is your destiny...and I would be selfish to have you all for myself when you can save the lives of so many people...but please Ani...don't die. Because I do not think I can take that...I can't."

I smiled, "I promise mom...I won't."

And so, I finally got Shmi to accept me leaving. Though by then it was too late and Jinn insisted we leave the next day when it wasn't so dark.

But right after I finally got Shmi to sleep, Nato confronted me. He took me aside and we sat down in his room, his personal room where he cleaned and maintained his weapons and planned his criminal empire.

He sat down with me and took out two glasses of what looked like amber liquor. He poured two cups and explained, "in the clan of Kryze, we would celebrate the beginning of a battle with a drink. This is a personal family brew...only members of the Kryze clan are allowed to drink it."

I raised an eyebrow as he handed to me, "then why-"

"-Because you have earned the right to call yourself Mandalorian the moment you brought down that dragon," he replied. He looked down at the pearl necklace I had given to him as a trophy and he smiled, "seven years old and you took down a Krayt dragon...if we were back on Mandalore...they would think you the second coming of the First Mandalore..."

I looked at the drink and sipped it, immediatly I flinched, "Force this is sour."

Nato chuckled, "that it is...listen Anakin...I know you aren't my son and I know I can't be...well, anything to you. But here," he reached over and on his desk was a data pad. He gave it to me, "it's a...a message to any Mandalorian you meet. It's a listening of all your achievements and a request from me to initiate you into the clan of Kryze….it isn't much, but hopefully if you ever need the help of Mandalore, you can use this."

I looked it over and smiled, "thank you Nato...this means a lot, I know….I'm sorry I didn't get much of a chance to truly bond with will make a great father."

He snorted, "I can only hope..." he raised his glass, "to you Anakin Skywalker Kryze. You may not have the clan's name officially, but those bastards would be lucky to have you."

I smiled and tried to drink the liquor again, only to flinch harder this time. Nato laughed, "don't worry, you'll get used to it!"

I spent the night packing. I took what I needed from my room, tools, a few clothing items and my blaster. I left Vader behind, assigning him to protect my mother now, I won't need him now...I hope.

We left at first light, making our way to the Naboo ship. We were right at the ramp when I turned around and looked at Tatonee. I was half expecting Darth Maul to show up, but since we were leaving a lot sooner than the canon time period, I guess the Sith assassin was late. Huh, go figure.

"Coming Anakin?" Jinn asked.

I turned to him and nodded, "yes sir," I smiled at the dessert I called my home and quickly walked inside, the ramp closing behind me.

Jinn lead me into the almost painfully bright white interior of the ship, the first person we met was a man dressed in blue and maroon clothing with a top hat.

"Jedi master," the man nodded, "we have completed the installation of the new hyperdrive and are ready to go. Is you business concluded?"

Jinn nodded, "yes it is. You may proceed captain."

"Very well," he then turned to me and raised an eyebrow, "and this must be the boy who gave us the engine. What is he doing here?"

"He will be coming with me," Jinn replied patting my shoulder protectively, "I intend to have him trained."

"Master?" a new voice came. I turned and saw a young man around twenty with a long braid coming down his right. He wore the ushal jedi robes and had a lightsaber at his side. And judging from his frown, he looked very confused.

"Ah, Obi-Wan, this is Anakin, he is to be trained in the temple...or with me," Jinn informed the padawan.

"Master? Isn't he too old?" Obi Wan argued.

"He is, but I believe an exception should be made," Jinn nodded. I felt the ship suddenly jerk upwards as we took off.

I hurried to one side where I found a window that showed the planet being left behind as we flew upwards into space. I grinned in joy as for the first time I experienced interstellar travel.

"Cool," I whispered as Tatooine became smaller and smaller below me.

"Master...this does not seem like a wise decision," Obi-Wan argued, "we should leave him, he shouldn't be involved in all of this."

"I understand your concern Obi-Wan, but trust in your master, I know what I am doing," Jinn replied. "Anakin, can you come here for a moment? I wish to test your blood's midichlorian count."

"A moment," I replied.

Obi-Wan snorted, "see, he doesn't even listen. How can you expect him-"

"-Zip itt," I snapped, "this is the first time I'm seeing outer space. How ever are you going to be a jedi when you fail to understand a simple thing such as compassion?" I watched as the world seemed to zoom away as we entered hyperspace. I smiled, now that was good.

"He's right you know," Jinn chuckled, "this is the first time he's ever experienced something like this...I suppose you still have a lot to learn Obi-Wan..."

I turned around and looked to him, "that he does. But then again I suppose it isn't his fault the jedi value disciple over compassion."

Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes, "we require disciple to maintain peace."

"Disciple is not peace, it's containment. The only way one can achieve peace through disciple is too shut up and say nothing at all and allow others to walk over you. Compassion is a peace gained through understand and cooperation."

"Jedi do not form attachments young one, you best learn that quickly," Obi-Wan argued.

"Really? Then if you don't understand the galaxy, what gives you the right to govern it?" I walked away, leaving a stunned Obi-Wan and a disappointed Qui-Gon Jinn.

I walked around the ship until I happened upon a handmaiden dressed in red. "Excuse me," she turned and I was surprised to see Padme. I raised an eyebrow, "is this disguise really necessary?"

Padme looked down and chuckled, "I suppose since you know the truth it doesn't matter...but no one else does. So please Ani...don't tell on me, okay?" she winked.

"Sure," I smiled back, "but I wasn't something in exchange."

Padme chuckled, "of course you do. What is it my master?" she said mockingly.

"Do you have a tech room?" I asked her and she promptly lead me to their droid maintenance cabin where right now only R2D2 was present.

I layed down my bag on the table and took out several tools and began working on them. Padme stayed and watched, obviously curious.

"So...what are these things?" she asked looking them over.

I smiled, "something I've been working on." I held up a metallic glove that fitted a person's fist, "this is a grappling hook come knuckle buster," I wore it causing spikes to come out of the gloves and covering my knuckles.

"So...for protection and if you want to reach high places?" Padme asked.

I nodded, "exactly. And this," I held up a cylinder, "is a very important tool."

"What is it?" she asked.

I pointed it at the wall and flicked it on, causing a beam of bright light, "it's a torch light."

Padme rolled her eyes, "funny."

I chuckled and continued showing her other tools I had made. She grew excited, like a child seeing them all with an eager look. I honestly think this was the first time she was every allowed to just be free and happy, which was a sad thought to have.

Eventually Jinn did approach me to check my midichlorian count, and surprise surprise, it was the highest he had ever seen. Shocker.

For the rest of the journey to Coruscant I spent it with Padme, showing her cool things I made or how the Force worked. She loved it when I levitated things, calling it the coolest thing she has ever seen someone do.

But I could see she was still worried, still afraid that the senate would not help like I told her they wouldn't. So I did what I could to distract her from her worries. For a time at least.

And when we finally came out of hyperspace, I was greeted to the sight of Coruscant, the city planet. And frankly...I was disgusted.

Jinn patted my shoulder, "why do you look so concerned young one?"

I snorted, "the planet looks...horrifying."

"Why do you say that?" asked Obi-Wan, who joined us at the bridge to look at the planet as the ship came to land.

"They built on every single surface of that planet...not a single inch is free," I shuddered, "it feels so hollow," I reached out into the Force and felt the same. The entire planet felt empty, except for a few pockets of energy and a massive lighthouse in the middle.

"It is the heart of the Empire...sacrifices have to be made," Jinn replied, though he himself didn't sound convinced.

I turned to Kenobi, "tell me Obi-Wan...would you rather be trained in this place or a planet of nature? Untouched and pure?"

He groaned, for a moment I thought he was going to snap at me again, but instead he replied calmly, "I think...for a jedi it matters not where you learn. True, a planet of nature would be better, but this is the heart of the Republic, hence it is here we must be as well."

I humned, "maybe..."

We came into the atmosphere soon. All three Force users in the ship were in the cockpit, watching as we came down into the city.

"There," the captain instructed his co-pilot, "we land there. Look, senator Palpatine is already waiting for us."

Fear struck my heart so quickly both Jinn and Kenobi noticed. "Anakin, are you alright?" Jinn asked in a worried tone, even Obi-Wan looked concerned.

"I-I am I said, ugly planet," I brushed it off, looking out the window at the figure dressed in blue robes waiting for us on the platform. Hard to believe that frail old looking man is a Sith lord..but then again I myself look like a 9 year old child.

We landed on the platform and slowly we all disembarked. I hide behind Obi-Wan, the padawan looked amused but said nothing as the jedi lead the group with the 'queen' and the handmaid's bringing up the back, guarded on all sides.

The jedi stopped before Palpatine and the small entourage behind him and bowed. I felt sick at the sight, jedi bowing to a sith and they dind't even know it. The jedi seemed to pick up on my disgust and looked amused.

Jinn took me by the hand and pulled me aside, allowing the Naboo group to meet with Palpatine.

"Your majesty, I'm glad you are here safe and sound. After the communications breakdown I feared the worst had happened," Palpatine's flowery words came out so honestly that I almost believe them for a second. Damn he was good.

They then began talking politics and my brain just went dead, I couldn't stand it in the movies and I can't take it now. I understood everything sure, but still, so dull! I looked at Padme, she sent me a smile, she knew how much I hate this talk, force this woman was adorable!

They approached a speeder and I turned back to Jinn, he motioned me to go with them, hm, seems like he wanted me away for some reason. Whatever, that just means I get more time with Natalie Portman.

I followed her as we got into the multirow speeder. Padme got into the middle row, with the stand in Queen and Palpatine in the back and Jar Jar in the front.

I so didn't want to sit with the gungan so I turned to the handmaiden next to Padme, "could you move please? I wish to sit here."

"Why here?" she asked curiously.

I motioned to Padme, "she's mine. So I would prefer to sit with her. Plus Jar Jar is annoying."

The handmaiden was so stunned at the words she didn't say a thing as I moved past her and sat down next to Padme, who was blushing red.

Immediately several other handmaid's giggled at the sight. I heard them whisper something to each other, even the 'queen' looked amused, much to Padme's embarrassment.

"What's wrong?" I asked her, giving a sly grin, "is something the matter Padme dear?"

"Ani," she growled, "you know what you did. That sounded so wrong!"

"What? Are you not mine?" I batted my eyebrow, "I do have the contracts to prove it you know..." que a handmaiden squealing in delight.

"I'm sorry, but what exactly is going on?" the 'queen' asked.

I shrugged, "I don't know what you mean, your majesty," the speeder took off, the 'queen' confused, the handmaid's giggling and Palpatine...oh he looked curious as well.

I turned around and looked at him and he stared at me. He narrowed his eyes and gave a pleasant smile, "what's your name little one?"

"Ash," I replied, much to Padme's confusion.

"Ash?" Palpatine looked confused, "forgive me, but then why did this lovely young lady call you Ani?"

"It's a nickname," I shrugged and turned away, ignoring him completely. Padme was curious as to why I was so hostile, I could feel it and Palpatine...well, I got nothing from him. He was a wall...which only made him so much more dangerous.

We arrived at the Naboo quarters, an entire building delegated for members of the planet and it's many representatives. It was essentially a embassy, but for a planet rather than a country.

We were brought inside. The moment I stepped in I was amazed, I have never seen such lavish expensive things. I stuck to Padme's side as we walked into the chambers, whistling as I did.

"I have to say, I am a little jealous," I admitted, "you all have fine taste in everything it would seem."

Padme smiled, "yes, Naboo art is truly one of a kind."

"And so are its women," I replied without skipping a beat.

Padme blushed and cough into her hand, "Ani, you can't just say things like that..."

I looked at her and raised an eyebrow, "tell me I'm wrong."

"The boy is quite a charmer isn't he?" Palpatine chuckled, "how exactly did you met him?"

"So Padme, what exactly is a swimming pool?" I asked, ignoring Palpatine and refusing to allow anyone else to answer him, "I'm from a desert planet, so the concept is a strange one. You fill a hole with water and then...what? Soak in it?"

The handmaidens all chuckled, even the queen smirked. Though Palpatine glared, hard.

We arrived at the chamber and while everyone else was allowed in, when I tried to enter Palpatine refused entrance. Padme tried asking again, but he insisted it was for only the ears of those born on Naboo.

Which was strange considering Jar Jar wasn't allowed inside as well.

So I was forced to wait outside for them to finish, I waited and waited until they were finally done. I didn't get a chance to talk to them however as the handmaidens and the 'queen' quickly left in one direction while Palpatine left in another.

I was about to follow the 'queen' when Jinn arrived, "how did the negotiations go?" he asked.

"I don't know," I groaned, "they didn't let me listen in….what happened? What did you have to do?"

"I needed to speak with the council gain you an audience with them," Jinn explained, "are you ready to met them?"

I snorted, "ready to meet the most powerful Force users in the galaxy? Sure, why not? Although...I don't see why you ask me to do already know I don't like the way they do things."

Jinn nodded, "true….but I believe as the Chosen one, you must at least try and get integrated with the jedi...try and understand them Anakin. You owe them that."

"So when you said you were willing to leave the jedi..."

"I mean every word," Jinn nodded, "but I am just one teacher. The jedi are many and if you can learn a lot from them as a whole. So I would like to see it that is possible first before...before I leave."

I nodded, "understandable...I can't ask you to just leave everything you know just for me...but before we leave, can I say goodbye to Padme first?"

Jinn smiled, "of course Anakin. Go, I'll be right here."

I nodded and quickly moved to the Queen's quarters. I knocked an a handmaiden opened the door, "yes Ani? Can I help you?"

"Is Padme there? I wish to speak to her."

"Who's there?" the 'queen' asked as she came out from behind a door and looked at me, "oh...Anakin yes?"

I nodded, "yes. Hello."

The woman raised an eyebrow, "it is customary to bow before royalty."

I smiled, "I was raised in a place where the only royalty we had were scum and villains. One doesn't bow to them. So I never really picked up the habit."

The woman looked amused, "really? I suppose so...what do you want?"

"I'm going to the jedi temple, probably going to long day," I sighed, "I wished to tell her good luck in convincing the senate and give advice. Don't trust Palpatine."

"You wish her luck but not me?" the woman looked surprised.

I smiled back, "you are not the queen. Are you?" the handmaiden looked shocked, but the queen just seemed to brush it off. I then continued, "tell her to never trust a word out of Palpatine's mouth...just like the Force revealed to me who she really was, it warned me against the senator...he is vile and dangerous. And I get a feeling of...warning from his person. Tell her to be weary," and with that I turned and left, leaving the two stunned women behind.

Wait...was that looked like her...but the make up...God, no wonder everyone was fooled! Even I didn't recognize her!

I wanted to go back and speak to her properly but I knew I was running short on time.

I approached jinn and we both traveled to the jedi temple in the planet a blank block of concrete and steel with no windows or any such 'distractions'. It did have lovely statues though.

We landed before the temple and climbed to the elevator where Obi-Wan was waiting for us. He looked worried, confused even.

"What's wrong Kenobi?" I asked aloud, "did you forget something on the ship?"

"What? No, of course not," he replied, "I...I was just thinking...nothing. Come ," he motioned to the turbo lift, "we musn't keep them waiting."

We got in and began climbing through the floors quickly. I turned to Jinn, he looked calm and ready while Kenobi looked nervous.

I didn't like it, but I was nervous too. I mean...jedi...Yoda, Windu...this was basically my childhood come to life! Fuck! I'm so excited!

"Relax Anakin, you'll do fine," Jinn smiled at me.

I sighed, "it's not that...I'm just so excited," I grinned, "this is going to be fun!"

"I don't think I have ever seen a child excited to me tested by the council," Obi-Wan chuckles in amusement.

"Hey! I can be different you know!...any tips."

"Treat them with respect and be truthful," Kenobi instructed, "these are the most important jedi in the universe, show them that respect."

"I will if I think they deserve it," I replied.

"Oh? And who would you bow to?" Kenobi asked.

"Force and the girl who was willing to sell herself into slavery in order to ensure her people had at least a fighting chance," I replied as the doors opened up promptly.

Kenobi groaned as we walked down a long corridor, "who is this girl you speak off?"

"I'll tell you Obi-Wan, but first," Jinn stopped before a grand double door and turned to me, "you have to face them alone Ani...can you do that?"

"Do you really think it's wise to have me in there? Alone? Without a buffer?" I chuckled.

Jinn smiled, "Obi-Wan did say they were the greatest jedi currently alive in the galaxy did they not? I'm sure you're questioning won't test them to such a degree."

He gently pushed the doors open with the Force and we walked in. He and Kenobi bowed the the twelve masters in the room before turning around and leaving. Closing the doors behind them.

I grumbled, they could have at least introduced me. I sighed, I looked around and my eyes landed on Yoda who gave me a careful smile, obviously curious while also questioning my existence.

"Hello," I waved looking at them all, "I'm Anakin Skywalker. It's nice to meet you all."

Windu actually cracked a smile, "hello Anakin. I am master Windu, and this is the jedi high council. We will be testing you today...I assume master Jinn has informed you about this?"

I nodded, "yup. So...what do I have to do? Lift a bunch of rocks?"

"More to being a jedi there is," Yoda said, chuckling as he did, "much to advance a skill that is."

I shrugged, "if you say so, that's why your the master, master Green." A few of the masters chuckled while a few others friend, obviously displeased with the lack of respect.

"Very well, let's begin," Windu took out a data pad, "to check for your force aptitude a series of images will be displayed on this tablet, you will have to guess them without looking."

"So this is the only way to confirm my force sensitivity?" I asked.

Windu nodded, "exactly."

I nodded, "okay, sounds easy enough," I hopped a little and gathered the Force under me, allowing me to immediately levitate in mid air like I have done every time I meditated back home, "shall we begin?"

The jedi masters were stunned. Shocked still at the sight before them as I levitated before them, a feet I knew most knights couldn't do.

"Surprise, this is," Yoda replied, a look of amusement and surprise on his face, "tell me, trained in the Force, are you?"

I shook my head, "no. Just self taught. What I can do I learnt myself. Pushing, pulling..." I shouldn't mention the lightning,...never mind then.

"And?" Windu asked.

"And? And nothing," I shrugged.

"Lie you do," Yoda announced, I cursed, I forgot they could sense my thoughts...but then how clearly could they sense me?

I sighed, "yes...I suppose so."

"Why did you lie?"a female master with brown skin and white tentecale like hair aked.

I held out my hand and pushed the Force outwards, an arc of yellow lightning came flying out between my fingertips, "I was told this is a dark ability...yes?"

"Electric judgement," a jedi master hissed out. I turned, he was a...a… Anakin's memories came slowly, but I immediately identified the man's race, Kel Dor I think.

I turned to him, "is that what this is called? I thought it was Sith Lightning..."

" is similar did you come about knowing about Sith Lighting?" the orange thing with a grey face mask asked.

"I studied old texts talking about the sith and jedi fighting," I shrugged, "it described that sith Lightning was the greatest evil skill they could I know, since I could use it, I can't be a jedi."

"Use it first, when did you?" Yoda asked.

I turned to him, memories of that night surfaced. Immediately several jedi masters flinched, I looked at them, they shot me pitying looks. "You can read my mind?" I was surprised, I didn't think they were that proficient at the skill.

"No...but we can see things that are driven through strong emotions," Windu explained softly, " were feeling many a emotion during that time."

"Began as hate it did," Yoda concluded, "lightning, blue it was."

"But it grew to yellow," the Kel Dor jedi master interjected, "and he did it when he confronted his mother's rapist. To be able to keep the idea to justice rather than vengeance shows character."

"What did you do to your slaver after that?" Windu asked.

"I fired a blaster bolt between his eyes and threw him into an incinerator," I replied without skipping a beat. There was no point in lying, they would come to find out eventually….

"Much hate you have," Yoda argued, "too attached you are."

I shook my head, "with all do respect master Yoda, that is not the point."

"Oh? And what is?" another master, one with an incredibly long neck and pale skin asked.

"I have my anger, yes, but I never act on it. I don't lash out at people randomly, I don't kill unless I have to for a reason and I am not a power hungry Sith, if that is your thinking," I shot Windu a glare, he remained stoic.

"You feel too much," a woman with red skin and...wait...I know here. Shaak Ti, I think. She continued, "you cannot let go of anger and more importantly….I sense you dislike the jedi as a whole...why?"

The jedi master all turned to me, curious as to the emotion. Of course they didn't see me as a threat, I doubt any of them saw anything but a child before them. A powerful one granted, but untrained and just a child nonetheless.

I sighed, "it's because you are all so...pathetic." The blinked, obviously not used to the offence, "you sit here in your ivory towers and pass judgement on others while you all are so fundamentally flawed."

"Why say that, you do?" Yoda asked.

"Simple," I replied, "it's because you don't feel all. How can you understand the galaxy's pain and suffering you refuse to be a part of it? You see fear as a weakness, it is not."

"What is it then?" Windu raised an unimpressed eyebrow.

"It is just that. Fear. It's how one reacts to that which matters. You can either run from it or rise above it. And by blocking yourself from all emotions, what else are you doing but running from fear, rather than facing it?"

"So you see us controlling our emotions as a weakness?" Windu asked curiously.

"Not at all, but you don't just control do you? You ignore, you push it under the infinite blanket that is the Force and you pray it never comes out again. And then one day, all those emotions will come back to haunt you and someone who has never dealt with them won't be able resist the Dark Side and will fall."

"Survive for thousands of years we have, survived another thousand we will," Yoda smiled.

I raised an eyebrow, "will you now? I don't think so. Why if I was to wager, if things don't' change, you all will die off, I would say about twenty years, maybe less."

"And why do you think that young one?" the orange-Plo Koon! That's his name! Now I remember! His name is Plo Koon!

"Can't you feel it?" I asked them, looking out at the city and closing my eyes, "I can...this world, this entire city is dead...there are only a few remaining pockets of the Force here. Most are form the jedi while from the Dark Side."

"What are you going on about?" Whindu demanded.

"Close your eyes master baldy," I told him, "look to the senate," I reached out with my own sense and sure enough I could feel the Force shift there, a hint a lingering smell of the Dark Side, hate, decet and more importantly, greed.

"H-how have we not seen this before?!" a jedi master who looked like a white yoda with a missing eye asked aloud, "the Dark Side is so close! It's right there! How have we never been able to sense it before?1"

"Young Skywalker, the answer lies with," Yoda concluded as all the jedi masters now turned to me, waiting for me to speak.

"I can only guess," which was true, "but I believe it's because you have closed yourself off from the Force. You deny your emotions, that is your greatest flaw. my personal opinion, it is the will of the Force, so it's simply that."

"It can't be the will of the Force to hide the Dark Side from us," Windu argued.

"And why is that?" I asked him, "why should the force care who wins or dies? It's the Force, like it would ever care about a group of insignificant Force users like the Jedi and Sith, clawing at each other's throats."

I heard one of the masters growl, I turned, it was Shaak Ti. I raised an eyebrow, "why so glum beautiful? Did you not like what I said?'

"Your assessment of the Force is incorrect young one," master Ti replied, "what do you know of the Force?"

"What do you?" I asked her back, "or do you assume just because you put in a few years of effort you suddenly are a master of the Force? Please, the hubris of that statement alone. The jedi will one day end, maybe it will be by the hand of the Sith, but more likely it is by the hand of the Republic and its corrupt senators. But then again, the true jedi, who fought for justice and truth regardless of the political implications of their actions, died long ago. No you stand in their place...and I don't know what you are, but you are not jedi."

I uncurled my legs and walked out of the door, none of the jedi masters tried to stop me. I found Jinn and Obi-Wan waiting for me outside.

"Well? How did it go?" he asked.

I shrugged, "I'm sorry master Jinn, but I cannot join them...and I don't expect-" suddenly, I felt a great shift. I grabbed the side of my head and bent over as the feeling of fire raced over my senses.

"Anakin?! Anakin?! What's wrong?!" Jinn asked before suddenly he too felt pain, though his didn't last very long.

"Anger," I said out loud, "he's angry..." I turned to the senate building, where for a second the rage originated out off. He was angry about something, frustrated even, but about...I slowly smiled, "that's my girl."

"What happened Anakin?" Jinn asked, "do you know what that was?"

"Yes," suddenly the doors opened and all twelve master jedi walked out, Yoda taking the lead. They stopped and looked at me, panting, I raised an eyebrow, "er...can I help you?"

"T-that disturbance...what is it?" Windu asked, the elected speaker for the council.

"I told you," I looked at the senate, "it's the Dark Side which you have been blinded too….I think...I have a suspicious, and if I am right, then that means that the Sith Lord has failed to grab hold of power," I smiled proudly, "and I'm willing to be our beautiful queen of Naboo has something to do with it."

"Skywalker what are you talking about?" Shaak Ti asked gently, obviously her anger was now gone.

"Sigh, Palpatine is a sith lord, he's been trying to gain power for all his life and today was when he was the closest ever, almost becoming the chancellor. But he failed, thanks to a brave queen," I turned to Jinn, "you noticed something off about him too didn't you?"

Jinn groaned " more than what one would expect from any politician."

"What proof you have, Palpatine be a sith lord?" Yoda asked.

I shrugged, "no proof. But he is a Sith lord and he's trying to kill you. Whether you believe me or not is up to you. But I would suggest you at least try and do something about it now, rather than when he's the senator and arresting him would be impossible."

The jedi looked to each other and then collectively they all turned to Yoda. The green puppet, hehe, meta joke, hummed, "clouded the Force is...difficult to understand. But...young Skywalker's warning gave us vision it did, without it, felt that tremont, we would not. Trust in him...we should...for now."

I smiled, "perfect! Now, listen, just one more thing. This is a sith lord we are talking about, so don't just go at him one at a time. Pour the pain on that mother fucker!"

"Anakin, language!" Obi-Wan scolded.

"Hey! Bite me! I just served up your worst enemy on a silver platter to you lot! The last thing I want is for him to escape because these idiots underestimated him!"

"Anakin, you cannot call jedi masters idiots," Jinn narrowed his eyes.

"I can if they failed to notice a Sith Lord living right under their noses," I snorted.

"Enough," Windu ordered, "we will see what is what and then decide who the idiots are," without another word all twelve jedi masters along with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan moved to the hyper lift.

"Wait up!" I called out as I ran inside, just as the doors closed. The elevator moved downwards, the entire situation tense and awkward.

I looked at the jedi masters around me, they were either meditating with their eyes closed, looking ahead with determination, or in Yoda's case, looking defeated.

" a jedi allowed to have sex?" I asked allowed.

Obi-Wan sighed, "why can't you just keep quiet?"

"Hey! It's an honest question!" I yelled back. I turned it Shaak Ti, "well? Can you have sex?"

The woman chuckled, "no little one. The code prevents us from having emotional connections of any kind."

I groaned, "I see… but what if it was just sex? Like friends with benefits sort of deal?"

"What is friends with benefits?" Plo Koon asked, curiously.

"You know..." none of the masters did, though Obi-Wan seemed to be blushing quite a bit, "it's when two adults agree to sleep together just for carnal release and nothing else."

The white yoda thing with the scar groaned, "no, that would still lead to attachments."

"Hm...I see," I snorted, "so basically everyone in this elevator are virgins. There has to be a joke in there somewhere."

Windhu sighed, "oh Force, don't you ever stop talking?"

I shrugged, "hey, you guys seemed like you could use a stress breaker."

The elevator stopped and we all quickly moved to the speeder. Though before I could board Yoda stopped me, poking me with his wooden stick, "no, too dangerous it is. Stay here you will," he then turned to Obi-Wan, "you as well padawan Kenobi."

He looked pissed, "but I-"

"No Obi-Wan, listen to master Yoda," Qui-Gon urged as the masters left us behind, zooming away on their speeder.

I sighed and tuned to Obi-Wan, ""so we're totally going to follow them right?"

He looked down and glared at me, "you heard him...we must stay here."

"Hm...maybe you have too, but I'm not a jedi...or a padawan," I looked around, "now where are the speeders? Oh! There we go!" I hopped over to the 'parking' lot, so to say, of the jedi temple.

"Anakin no!" Obi-Wan reached out with the Force to try and stop me. I scoffed, it was honestly a weak attempt if i ever saw one. Even my first time ever using the force was twice as strong.

I held up a finger and flicked his pull away, "that was pathetic Kenobi...I doubt that was your best," the padawan looked grim, shame filling him. "Listen...I know you have your orders and all that. But if the jedi are going to confront a Sith, then there will be casualties. And seeing as Palpatine is in Queen Amidala's chambers right now, I know she'll be in danger."

Obi-Wan was silent, for the longest time he said nothing. And then, he sighed, he pointed at a four seating red speeder parked far away, "that's the fastest one we have."

I grinned, "great. I'll drive."


"I know how!"


"You suck Obi-Wan Kenobi, you really do."

We blasted off and flew over to the Naboo embassy building. We landed near the port, the other one the masters used was already here. Obi-Wan and I ran into the building, rushing as fast as we could, though he obviously outran me in seconds. Damn jedi training and damn my short legs.

Suddenly though, I felt a tremor in the Force. As if someone cried out in pain...and was then silenced. And then it happened again and again. And by the third time, I knew what it was.

Obi-Wan ran ahead of me, just further ahead I heard the sound of lightsabers flashing, the beautiful architecture of the building had been destroyed, marked with light saber slashes.

"Master!" I heard Obi-Wan cry out. I turned a corner and saw him pull his lightsaber and rushing into the Queen's chambers, it's doors wide open and shattered, the Queen's protection detail killed and dismembered on the ground.

I ran over to the door and stopped. Padme, not in her true attriver, stood protectively over her handmaidens and boyd double as Shaak Ti and two other jedi masters stood protectively before her.

Three of the twelve masters were dead. And in the middle of the now ruined royal chambers was sidious, with two red lightsabers drawn, fighting not just Yoda and Windu, but Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and the rest of the jedi council.

"You're deceitful ways will end today Sith!" Windu cried out as he pushed Palpatine to one corner with the Force.

Immediately the old man back flipped and landed on his feet, ducking just in time to avoid a jedi master's lightsaber before stabbing them through the heart. Four out of the twelve jedi council members were gone.

The battle was like a dance a dance of death. Windu was the lead, setting the pace that Sidious barely managed to keep up. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon were nothing more than backup while the rest, including Yoda, came and left when they had too.

The dance however slowly grew faster and faster. And then, opportunity struck. Palpatine managed to blast Obi-Wan off his feet and launch him back to the ground with the Force. The padawan landed in a heap and something loud snapped, he had broken his hand and his lightsaber flew away.

Red flashed, Sidious's jumped through the air, saber raised to strike Obi-Wan down. And I reacted.

"No!" I reached out with my hands and pulled the lightsabers away. Sure enough Palpatine blades were jerked to one side and the man landed next to Obi-Wan who rolled away.

I kept pulling with the Force, Sidious grunted as he focus turned to me, trying to cut my connection. But the single moment he spent distracted was enough Yoda to come and almost cleave his head off his shoulders.

He was forced to turn his attention back to the fight and I managed to gain enough ground to pull one of his sabers of off his grasp and fly into my hands.

I held the red saber in my right hand, a single fist holding it up. "No!" Palpatine cried out as he tried to get it back, but the sudden onslaught of Windu and Qui-Gon forced him to focus on the fight, returning to the battle before him instead of gaining his blade back.

I looked at the blade, the handle was small and curvy, like a electric razor from my world. It hummed softly, the red blade glowing powerfully. I could feel the heat it gave off.

"Anakin!" Obi-Wan cried out, I looked up and saw that Sidious had blasted all the jedi masters away, temporarily stunning them. He turned to me and dashed ahead, hand shooting out to send a blast of sith lightning at me.

Immediately I held the saber up and caught the lightning in it's crimson plasma blade. Palpatine laughed, "you would make a fine student Ash! A fine student indeed! No training, but you already hold your own against my power!" I felt him increase the energy he was sending out, pushing me backwards with sheer power alone. "But, you are no Sith!"

He began walking closer, pushing more and more Lightning at me as I was forced to my knees. I cried out, the other jedi tried to move, but for a moment, they all were afraid of what Sidious was truly capable off and that fear feed him, made him strong enough to push them all back down to the ground.

"You can be so much more than just a jedi," he spat as he approached me, standing over me, "the universe can be yours...don't you see boy? They are weak! But you, not even ten and you can hold your own against a Sith lord! One can only imagine what your full potential would be!"

I held the saber with one hand and slowly reached into my satchel, pulling out the flashlight I had shown Padme on the ship. Palpatine was curious, but he didn't let up, trying to force me to give up.

I grunted as I held the lighting back with one hand, the saber humming louder and louder, if I didn't do something soon the energy feedback would cause it to explode.

I closed my eyes and focused. I called it the Force and slowly, it answered. The Jedi gasped as they saw the flashlight in my hand float in the air, slowly unlocking itself and displaying the deep intricate machinery inside.

Immediately, every Force user in the room understood it wasn't just an ordinary flashlight. They all recognized it. Why wouldn't they? It was a sacred artifact for both the jedi and Sith after all.

It wasn't that hard to figure out the design. It was honestly pretty simple to do so. I actually did it seven months after I got this body. But the hard part was a focus, I lacked the proper crystal needed to power it up. And that's where the pearl came in.

The green Krayt pearl around my neck released itself from the necklace and floated over to the the 'flashlight', slowly integrating into the core system, tightening itself together like I did over a hundred times over since I started meditation.

And then, there was a click, Palpatine's eyes widened as I grabbed the black rod with my left hand, the pressure I applied activating the blade, causing it to ignite.

The blade that exploded out was the exact same shade of green the pearl was. Jade, like the rarest grass that grew on Tatooine.

I brought the blade forward and crossed it before Sidious lighting, I growled as I pushed back, the Force almost purring to obey as it came roaring out and sent Palpatine flying back.

I stood hunched over, panting as the dark lord got back on his feet. I raised the red blade I stole from him and opened my palm, sending out a wave of desperation through the force. And it came out in the form of yellow lighting, Electric Judgement.

Sidious was suprised to say the least, he was hit and pushed back, he landed on his feet and flinched. For a single second, he flinched. And then, he fought back.

"Foolish boy!" he roared as she threw his hands out, sending forth a blast of blue lightning that started to fight back, "you dare challenge me?!"

The lighting was like a storm, it was stronger and bigger than my own. I tried to force more anger and hate, but I didn't have it in me.

I looked behind me, I saw Padme's eyes, those beautiful doe eyes. They were wide and full of fear. I couldn't lose, I just couldn't. He could kill them all, he could actually do that, I can't let him!

And so, I stopped relying on hate, and instead focused on my desire to protect this beautiful, brave and amazing woman behind me. I closed my eyes and pushed back and for a second, Sidious was forced to halt his progress.

And then, the Lightning began to morph, transforming from a seering gold, to a deadly pink that seemed to be able to push Sidious' lighting back a single inch before suddenly, I felt a wall of Force launch into me, sending me flying through the air. My grip on the two lightsabers failed as they flew away from me, deactivating the moment they left my touch.

"Ani!" I heard Padme cry out as suddenly the world stopped spinning.

"I have him," Shaak Ti replied as she carefully placed me back down next to Padme, the queen rushing to my side and placing my head on her lap, looking down at me in owrry.

I smiled, "don't worry Padme, it's're safe," I looked ahead and Windu was fighting Sidious again. But the Sith was far too powerful. He managed to push him, Yoda and everyone else away and ran to the window.

He turned to me, I yellow hate filled eyes met mine as he then turned to the glass and sent a Force Push to shatter it and jump out.

"No!" Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon cried out as one, they both ran to the edge and looked down. "He got on a speeder! He won't get far!"

Immediately Windu, Jinn and Kenobi, along with the remaining masters left. Yoda and Shaak Ti however remained as the clipped their lightsabers and approached Padme and me.

"W-what was he?" Padme asked.

"A dark lord of the Sith he was," Yoda murmured quietly, "the reason Naboo is dying, I suspect."

"What? How?"

Yoda turned to me and slowly they all did as well. "He wanted to be chancellor. He arranged for Naboo to be attached to gain sympathy for you and if he could convince you to push to replace the current guy in didn't didn't you? You didn't listen to him."

Padme shook her head, "no...I didn'"

I smiled, "my daddy's the Force. He kind of plays favorites from time to time...hey Padme, can I ask a favour?"

"Anything Ani."

"Do you want to go out for dinner sometime?" I asked. Immediately Padme chuckled, Yoda giggled under his breath and Shaak Ti just rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry Ani, but I think you're a little too young for that," Padme said.

I sighed, "it's fine, one day I'm going to grow up tall and hot and then you'll totally regret not saying yes. Mark my words, you hear me? Hot."

"Yes Ani."

"Like six feet tall."

"I'm sure."

"Blonde hair going down to my neck, maybe a few badass scars."

"Hm, that does sound appealing."

"And do you know the best part?"

"No, what?"

"When I ask you out when I'm older you'll definitely say yes."

Padme laughed aloud at that, even her handmaidens smirked, now finally over the traumatic incident they just faced.

"Great service you did today young Skywalker," Yoda began, "stopped a great evil you did...and saved many lives I suspect."

I looked down at the bodies of the dead Force users and sighed, "yeah, but...I should have done more."

"With the Force they are," Yoda pressed a gentle hand on my shoulder, "weep for them you need not. Happy they would be, such evil they prevented this day."

"One can only hope," master Ti replied as she bent over the body of a friend as a single tear came running down her face. She sniffed as Yoda joined her, both jedi masters sending a prayer through the Force.

It was sad, it was beautiful. But most importantly, it was a promise. A promise to remember them and what they died for.

When the prayer ended, Yoda reached out and summoned forth my homemade lightsaber I had constructed. He inspected it over and opened the shaft, revealing the pearl inside.

"Hm...construct this, you did?" he asked.

I nodded, "yeah...figured everyone needs a hobby right?"

The master chuckled as he looked the design over, seeing the way everything worked before humming, "it is a decent forgery. But a true lightsaber, much more sophisticated it is. More complex. Not last a year, it will."

I groaned, "I figured the energy core was a little...conky but I didn't think it would only last that long."

"A lightsaber is a very private and complex machine," master Shaak Ti explained, "though this is an amazing attempt to copy the design, there are a few missing components."

"The core, what is it?" Yoda asked.

"A Krayt dragon pearl," I replied, "it was a trophy I earned in Tatooine."

"Hm...strong in the Force I sense it is. How did this happen, I wonder?"

"Well, it is from a living creature. And every time I meditated, i used it as a focus," I explained as I got off Padme's lap and stand straight, "it took some time but eventually I could hear the pearl and I knew I could use it as a focus."

"Fascinating," Shaak Ti murmured, "I was unaware of any other element being suitable to be used in a lightsaber. This could change things master Yoda."

The green puppet on the other hand just groaned. "Hm," he reached out and lifted Palpatine's lightsaber. With a wave, he diembolded it, ripping it apart by the screws and throwing the machinery aside, revealing the red crystal inside. It was jagged and slightly cracked, but it hummed with energy.

"Sense this, can you?" Yoda asked, holding up said crystal.

I groaned as I picked it up and looked it over. I groaned, closing my eyes and feeling the crystal, immediately getting a response. "It''s sad. And is almost like the crystal is bleeding. Oh Force, what did he do to it?"

"Cruel the Sith are...feel sorry for it, do you?" Yoda asked with mirth in his tone.

I opened my eyes and looked at him, nodding, "yes...can we do something? Anything?"

The alien master seemed to glow the moment I asked that question. He looked proud and happy, even Shaak Ti seemed to let out a sigh of relief. What was her problem?

"Show you, I will," he closed my hand around the crystal and placed his on top, "close your eyes young one. Focus on the crystal."

I did so and soon I felt the crystal vibrate once more, crying out ot the Force in pain. Now however, I felt someone else with me. Yoda. His Force presence was like a controlled tornado, perfectly structured and gentle while it could easily become destructive as well.

"Focus young one," he whispered as he guided me to the crystal. I felt it and immediately I was assaulted by pain and misery.

Palpatine had shared his pain and anger with the crystal, and using that, he broke it. It was hurt, in pain. And I knew how to help it.

I let Yoda show me the way as slowly we began siphoning away the pain and suffering. It came at us like a flood, I almost felt myself overcome with the energy, but Yoda was there to take most of the impact, like an anchor in a storm.

"Go young Skywalker, fix the crystal, you must," he whispered as I continued towards the crystal.

I held it tight in my hand, I let the hate run outwards. I lashed out at me, trying to break through, refusing to part with the hatred that protected it, refusing to believe it could be saved.

And I let it. I took the brunt of the anger, Yoda was surprised for a moment before he slowly drew away, realizing I now had control over the crystal.

I let the crystal hurt me and I let it wail into my senses. And I listened, I waited and slowly, the pain lessened.

There was a rush of wind as I felt the Force gather around the crystal once more, the pain and anger was cast out into the void, emptying the crystal completely. And then, slowly but surely, it was empty off traces of the Dark.

I opened my eyes, Yoda smiled as he removed his hands from mine. I opened my fist and inside was a pure white crystal, no longer bleeding out, but whole and pure.

"Healed it is," Yoda proclaimed, "great thing you did, young Skywalker."

I smiled, "thanks..." I looked at the crystal, it was pure white, clear, like meth...I probably shouldn't snort it though.

Soon, after we got our bearings, the authorities were called and the details pressed. And by that time, the others had returned. Empty handed and missing another member.

"Escape, he did?" Yoda asked, though he knew the answer.

"Yes...he had a plan it would seem, even if he was to be discovered sooner," Windhu explained, "we lost master Poof...but before he died, he managed to hurt the bastard," Windhu took out a severed arm and in it's tight grasp was Palpatine's other lightsaber.

Yoda humming, "so it would seem the Sith are indeed reborn," he turned to me once more, this time with conviction, "meditate on your apprenticeship we will. Chosen one, you may indeed be. Your power...we will need."

"Forgive me jedi masters, but what about my planet?" Padme asked, "if Palpatine is indeed responsible for the Trade Federation's actions...then could you help fix it?"

Yoda humming, "soldiers, we are not. Buy a plot made by the Sith, we are obligated to end. Assist you we will, Queen Amidala."

"I do not think that will be needed," a man dressed in blue robes with a french beard and of latino like decent walked in. Immediately I recognized him, Bail Organa, the man who raised my...future daughter?

Whatever, this is confusing now as it is.

"Bail," Padme nodded, "what news do you have?"

"Word spreads around fast, everyone knows that Palpatine is a Sith. Every single one of his allies have turned against him and what's more the trade federation is supposedly moving out from Naboo."

"What? How?!" Padme asked, excitement in the air. She was smiling, I felt a little envy at the fact that someone else made her smile but...whatever...I'm not jealous...much.

"Apparently Palpatine promised them power in the senate, but now that everyone is turning him into a scapegoat, they claim he used his powers to force them to form a blockade around Naboo. They have issued an official emergency meeting on the matter."

"I-I will be there," Padme got on her feet and got ready to move. She stopped at the last moment and turned to me, "Ani...I'll be right back."

I smiled and gave her a thumbs up, "go get them my queen."

She smiled and took off, her entourage of handmaidens and a new security force following closely behind. I sighed and turned to the jedi, some of whom had a knowing smile on their faces.

"What?" I asked.

Jinn chuckled, "I suspect interesting times are in store for us..."

"Be them good," Windu narrowed his eyes at me, "or bad."

A few days later:

After Palpatine's scheme had been outed the entire kindling for war had been put out. The Trade Federation no longer had any footing and quickly caved. Padme was busy for a good few days in the senate floor, working hard for a case against the Trade Federation in order to insure something like this never happened again.

And in that time I was allowed to stay in the jedi temple while the council decided on my fate. I was given a spartan like room to stay in though I quickly made it my own with my various tools and machineries lying about scattered.

I was currently trying to build my flashlight into a better lightsaber...woah that sounds so weird….anyway, yes, lightsaber. But I kept running into a wall called inexperience and lack of tools. Yoda and Shaak Ti were right, I needed more experience and a personal jedi touch.

I was also given new clothes to wear, the grey robes I wore now replaced with white ones similar to what Obi-Wan wears. I honestly didn't like them but...what the hell right?

The door to my room opened up and I saw Obi-Wan standing there, now missing his long padawan braid. He had officially been knighted a few days ago and now stood a proud jedi knight.

"It's time," he motioned, "come, let's not keep them waiting."

"Great patients, the jedi must have," I said in a Yoda like voice.

"Oh come on smart mouth," Kenobi rolled his eyes, but I noticed a hint of a smile in the corner of his mouth.

I got up and summoned my homemade lightsaber and clipped it on my belt. I adjusted my new necklace around my neck, tucking it under my robes. Since my pearl was now being used as an official core, I wore the white crystal I had healed from Palpatine's saber.

Yoda decided that I had earned the right to hold the crystal, since I was the one who healed it in the first place.

Obi-Wan and I went through the jedi temple, whose structure I was only just beginning to learn thoroughly. We entered the lift and arrived at the council room.

The doors opened and we were greeted with eight pairs of eyes. Out of the twelve previous jedi masters, only seven had survived. Yoda, Shaak Ti, Windu, Plo Koon and...well three others I don't really know very well. But there was a new addition to the council, one that was added just recently.

Qui-Gon Jinn smiled at me fondly, "Anakin, it's good to see you the robes fit you so well."

I shrugged, "thank you master Jinn, they really bring out my eyes."

Yoda humne, "approach young Skywalker," he motioned as I did just that, standing in the center of the council with Obi-Wan standing near the back, silently watching as the others sat down, surrounding me.

"We have thought much about your...special case," Windu began with narrowed eyes, "you are disrespectful, flighty and disrespectful."

"But you also helped bring down a Sith Lord into the light before he could do much damage, hence proving yourself far more perspective than what we seem to be able to do right now," Shaak Ti argued for me.

"As such, we have come to a conclusion," Plo Koon began before pausing for a moment and continuing, "we will accept you into the jedi order young Skywalker. Though we understand you object to certain core teachings of the jedi, it is the belief of the council that if you truly are the Chosen One, then it will be our duty to change your mind into our way of thinking."

I hummed, "I see...and if I manage to change your mind into my way of thinking?"

"Then something new I will have learnt after living so long," Yoda chuckled, sounding very amused.

"If you truly are the Chosen One that is," Windu put in, his eyes narrowed, dangerously so. "We have decided since you're too young to begin with the other younglings, you will be placed with the ones around your age, initiates that have been learning the ways of the jedi for the last four will have to catch up."

I shrugged, "I can manage it."

"You better hope," Windu warned, "if you pass the trials, only then will you be provided with a Master. We will not give you any special treatment Skywalker. You earn everything you are in this temple."

"Except how strong your connection with the Force is, because that is just genetics," I snorted.

The jedi masters grumbled, Windu in particular rubbed his forehead at the checkmate of logic. Yoda however just chuckled, obviously amused by all this.

"Also, there is the small matter of the...Force powers you displayed against Palpatine," Ti called out, her eyes narrowed, "that lightning, you are not to ever use that ability again."

"But it helped me push back a dark lord," I argued.

"Too dangerous it is," Yoda shot back, "know not it's implications we do. A jedi skill, it is not."

I hummed, "I suppose..." there was no way I'm just going to stop using this skill! I mean come on! Yes, it made me look like a Gay Lord, but it was so cool!

The jedi master looked unconvinced, but they said nothing in response. I was then dismissed and sent out, where Obi-Wan pulled me aside and took me into the lift.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

He smiled as he looked at me, "don't you know? The Queen of Naboo is leaving back to her home today. I thought you would like to say goodbye."

I looked at him with an unblinking gaze, "Obi-Wan're an awesome wingman!" the jedi gave a confused look to the nick name, but brushed it off as something that was simply part of my charm.

We rushed to the spaceport who originally arrived in. And sure enough the delegation from Naboo was waiting there, Padme in the middle, looking around frantically before spotting me and smiling.

I jumped out of the speeder and smiled, "hey there...miss me?"

"Hello Ani," she smiled back, "and yes...I did. How have you been?"

"Well...I'm officially a padawan now, so I suppose that's something new."

"Oh my! That's amazing Ani! Congratulations! Don't go giving them any trouble you hear?"

I chuckled, "hey, they're the ones who accepted me. They have to learn by now I'm not the kind of person who will just roll over and let others trample me. As far as I'm concerned, they invited this onto themselves."

Padme rolled her eyes, "never change Anakin Skywalker, never change."

I grinned, "why would I? I'm perfect," I looked at the delegation, the handmaid's all giggling while Jar Jar waved at me like an idiot. God I wish I could behead and mount that thing...dark thought, dark thought!

I turned it Padme, "you know, you did never actually fulfilled your contract."

The queen was taken back, "what do you mean?"

"The Hyperdrive," I motioned other ship, "you did never return it. So technically, I still own you Padme Amidala."

The woman's eyes widened, "oh...oh..."

I winked, "don't worry, I'll be a kind master. I'll only make you sing for me if I'm bored...or let me use your swimming pool...which I never did get to try by the way."

The woman nodded, "well master padawan, if you are ever on Naboo, it would be my honour to host my ever benevolent master...I'll miss you Anakin. Become strong okay? I fear this might just be the beginning...has the Force shown you anything?"

I nodded, "a war...a large war that will take over the stars...but...I also see a chance for victory...but it's unclear," the future canon was all torn to shreds anyway. "But don't worry, I'll protect you my queen."

Padme nodded, "I'll hold you too that," she bent down and kissed my on the cheek, shocking me still. I watched in stunned awe as she waved at me from her ship's ramp. I watched as she slowly took off into the busy atmosphere off the plant, vanishing at the edge of space, heading back to her home.

I finally reached out and touched the cheek she kissed and smiled, "Force...I'm in love."

"You do know that now that you're a jedi, love is prohibited by the code?" Obi-Wan smirked as we walked back to the speeder to return to the temple.

"Well then...I'll just have to change the code now won't I?" I smiled as the city's various humongous buildings passed by as we neared the jedi temple. I won't lie...I'm so eager to begin my training! Finally, I would be a jedi!

This is something that I worked on a time ago, posted it on my private P account as a gift for those who were willing to support me through this journey and now that it's been some time I guess it's alright for me to post this up over here just to see what you all think.

Just a plot bunny I had going through my head, typical stuff, like what I would do if I was Anakin Skywalker. How things would go.

This will mostly be a one off, if I ever update this it will be maybe after six months or until another year. I do have other stories that's taking my time.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed.