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Summary: An unpleasant Christmas Holiday changes the course of Hermione's life. (SS&HG)

Author: Tiian


A short rape-scene. Nothing graphic.

Towards a Brighter Future

Chapter 00:


Pain comes with the light

It was dark. And cold.

The cool air caressed her naked skin and her nipples tightened uncomfortably. She was cold and pained. Her wrists were close to bleeding. Her lips still stung from brutal kisses. Her breasts ached. But the main source of her discomfort was between her thighs.

She knew she must look terrible. At least that was what she felt.

Stained. Impure.


She had cried already enough during the past two days and her eyes were sore. Not that she wanted to keep them open, she had already seen enough or perhaps too much. Now there was nothing to see. The darkness covered all and she was happy about it. The light meant pain. It meant suffering once more.


She was a Gryffindor. Her brave heart had placed her there and she was very happy about it. She had wished to be selected to Gryffindor almost immediately after she had learned of the houses. Ravenclaw had been on second place because of her endless yearning for knowledge. Her courage had assured the Sorting Hat that Gryffindor was for her and she had always taken pride in her house. Always.

Before she had bathed in her self-pity and pain, closing herself from the world. But then her foolish Gryffindor pride had pulled her out of the dark waters. She was a Gryffindor, friend of Harry Potter and the most intelligent student in Hogwarts, no matter what a certain Potions master thought. There was no way she would just lay back and accept her fate. She would fight herself out of this mess.

Those thoughts gave her strength when everything else failed.

The light of torches invaded the room as the door opened. She could see the light even from behind her closed lids. She was tired and weary but still forced herself to raise her chin and look at the man.

She knew that soon she would once again be stained, used to satisfy brutal lust. She had often wondered, why her? She was a muggle-born witch. A mudblood. Why her when status was so important to him? Why her when he obviously disliked her kind?

His steps echoed in the stone room as he stepped closer. She could see him clearly now as he sat on the red satin sheets.

She stared at him as his hand cupped her breast and the lust shone from his eyes. He didn't meet her eyes, his were too busy stocking information and images of her body. His hand was almost lazy as he moved it across her skin.

It was a cold hand fitting for the man.

She could not understand why he did not hit her or hurt her more than he had to. He was only brutal when she fought. When she lay silent, he was also calm. Except for his burning lust to satisfy himself using her body.

He pushed her onto her back and started stripping. She chose not to look.

She didn't resist when he moved above her covering her with his large form. Not even when he invaded her. She would need the strength later on.

He pumped into her with frantic speed, seemingly wanting this over as soon as possible. She was happy about it. She almost sighed in relief when he came and it was over. He never took seconds right away. It took hours or almost days before he travelled here again.

He clothed in silence and she lay where he had pushed her. He left with his cloak flapping behind him.

She had already noticed before that the door was locked with a simple lock. All she had to do was to get rid off the bonds that bind her to the huge bed and find something to pick the lock with. Then she would get away from this place, one way or another.

He would fail to break her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hermione Granger sat up in her bed. Her heart was pounding fast and her breathing was ragged and almost pained.

"Not again..." she mourned silently, carefully avoiding waking her roommates. It was still dark in the bedroom and she was happy about it. Nothing bad happened in the dark, it was the light she had to look out for. It was then that the pain came...

She had learned to hate sunrise and love dusk.

The dreams she still often had were a very clear remainder of her past that was not so far away. And also a remainder of what had been left behind.

She had not dared to open her mouth and tell others what had happened. It would change nothing and would only serve to make them worried, angry and perhaps a bit uneasy in her company. So she stayed quiet. Not a word of what had happened left her lips to reach ears.

And so no one knew.

She hid herself behind books and sleep. She was not openly avoiding them, she just made sure that her hands were filled with work every time they asked something of her. Visits to Hogsmeade were definitely out of bounds for her now and so she had to come up with more and more interesting stories of interesting books and own special projects she wished to discuss with teachers about. She was working harder than ever and so she was often tired.

Her new habit of constant working was not the only thing that left her tired.

The consequence of that time was becoming clearer and clearer.

She had noticed the signs already sometime ago and a smart girl as she was, she could easily count that one plus one was two.

She was pregnant.

Not something she had wanted or dreamed of. She wanted to continue studying and knew what a hard obstacle a child would be. Still, despite the fact that she didn't want the child, despite the situation that had led to this, she could not kill it. Or part with it.

She desperately needed something to live for, some future to look to. She found an answer, the child.

She was now already past four months. The baby had grown and with it her stomach. Earlier, in the fall before the school had started, she had bought a little bit too big robes that were useful now. She could easily hide her growing belly. She didn't eat more than she had used to no matter how hungry she was. It would raise suspicions.

She was glad that there were only two months left of the school before she would graduate. She could hold on till there. She hadn't informed her parents of this for she knew what their reaction would be. And since they would definitely inform the staff about it.

Her mother would accept the child if she could name the father, which she could not. So her mother would be extremely disappointed.

Her father had always stressed the matter of having children only after marriage and she knew that he would be furious.

To be honest, she had no idea what she would do after the graduation. She knew that her parents would be less than pleased should she walk to them with the child. They would be disappointed that she had not had an abortion. They would tell her to give the child away, which she could not do. Her future was the child and she lived only for it.

She sighed and walked to the bathroom. She knew that sleep would be beyond her now that she had already awoken. She took her robes with her and locked the door with a complicated charm she knew her roommates would be unable to break.

She brushed her teeth like her parents had instructed her to. She slipped out of her huge nightdress and dressed in the robes.

She didn't have to worry just yet, her belly was still quite small though one could see a bulge should he know what to look for. She would make sure that no one knew. No one.

She was aware that she should be taking strengthening potions and such, but there was no way she could get her hands on those. The ingredients themselves would blow any cover she would put up and she had no intentions of telling Madam Pomfrey, Professor McGonagall or Headmaster of her current condition.

Snape had the ingredients and he would know how to make the potions, but he was definitely out of picture. He would take pleasure in humiliating her in public like he had done with Lupin when she had still been on third grade. She would be unable to bear all the questions and clever remarks she would be getting. Or the disappointed looks she would be getting from the teachers. Cross out Snape. And Filch. They would be filled with glee along with all Slytherins.

She stepped from the bathroom to find that the sun had risen and the room basked in its light. She didn't like it, darkness and shadows were better. At least then she didn't have to look and see.

The future was quite bleak before her.

End of chapter 00.

Continued in chapter 01.