"Don't you dare touch my sister!"

Jonathan pushed Meela away, raising both fists in the traditional Eton boxing pose as Evy gaped at him.


"Get Alex!" he ordered her, a serious expression on his face, "Go and help Ardeth!"

"But Uncle Jonathan- "

"- hate to be the boring Uncle right now kiddo, but go with your Mother!"

As Evy gently pulled her son away, still in shock over the sight of seeing her brother, Jonathan turned his attention back to Meela.

"I don't suppose you'll just surrender?"

"We did it Mom! We did it!" Alex cried out as they raced into the dark chamber.

"You did it sweetie! Now let's go and help Ardeth!"


Ardeth growled as he lunged at Imhotep, forcing the ex-mummy to take a couple steps back.

The fight would have continued, if it weren't for the large golden doors slamming open and a truly monstrous figure scuttled out, claws clicking and a horrifying sneer on it's human-like face.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for Imhotep to crack under the pressure.

"I am your loyal servant!" he cried out in Ancient Egyptian, falling to his knees and clasping his hands together, "I am your loyal servant."

The creature hesitated, before smirking, "We. Shall. See."

Before Ardeth could say anything, Imhotep seized his opportunity, pointing at Ardeth, "But he was sent to kill you!"

Ardeth cursed and ran.

Jonathan felt like he was Frankenstein's Monster, full of life and energy, to the point where he felt like he could take over the world. Hence, him and Meela circling like Eton students in a boxing ring… except with sais.

"Ramses." Meela muttered.


Meela smirked, "Good."

Lunging at each other, Jonathan was amazed at his own reflexes. It was like all the muscle memory and fighting skills from his past life had suddenly been re-awakened, their sais clacking against one another.

"You have remembered the old ways." Meela stated in the ancient language, a smirk on her face as she pinned him against a nearby statue. The smirk was soon wiped off her face when Jonathan's head shot forwards and hit her in the nose, forcing her back a couple of steps.

"That's a little something new!" Jonathan laughed, "Thank you boarding school!"

From there, the fight was in his favour, leading to him slashing her across the cheek.

She ran straight into the dark chamber.

"Oh, come on!"

For a moment, it seemed like the Army of Anubis had been defeated… until over a thousand more could be seen over the sand dunes.

"Oh for fu- "


Ardeth leaned against the wall, panting heavily. The fact that it was a carving of how the Scorpion King was defeated in the first place was more than a little ironic.

"Yes… he would have been useful right about now." He muttered, referring to Rick, the only other man he'd seen with a mark such as this warrior had.

And then he noticed the spear.


At Evy's voice, Ardeth raced out into the open, to see Evy and Alex rushing into the room. Personally, he wished that they'd stayed with Jonathan's… body, but he could understand why they left.

Better to protect the living, than the dead.

"Evy!" Ardeth rushed over to hear, his eyes on the gold stick that was hanging from Evy's belt, "It's a spear." He gestured to the stick, "It opens up into a spear!"

Before Evy could reply, there was a roaring from behind Ardeth, as the Scorpion King scuttled along the walls, before lunging at them, sending them screaming and running away as fast as they could.


Jonathan followed Meela into the dark chamber, both of them stopping in their tracks at the sight of the horrific creature chasing after Ardeth. As one giant claw slammed into the tribesman, sending him flying into the air and landing heavily on the ground.

"Ardeth!" Jonathan called out.

For a moment, Ardeth just stared at him in shock, a frown on his face before he finally whispered, "Jonathan?" Before he could say anything else, he was forced to roll to the side to avoid being skewered, leaping to his feet and grabbing the nearest weapon that he could.

On Jonathan's other side, Evy and Alex were struggling over the golden stick that Evy had been carrying around, arguing about whether or not to twist it or pull on it.

"Come on old mum!" he called out, having spotted Imhotep at the other end of the corridor, the ex-mummy's eyes lighting up at the sight of the spear, "You need to- ARGH!"

Meela suddenly charged at him, her earlier cowardice gone as she pinned him against the wall, the hard stone digging into his back.

He was going to have a bruise there in the morning.

As he struggled with Meela, trying to prevent himself from being stabbed in the throat, he noticed that the spear had popped out, with Alex and Evy clinging onto it.

"Throw it!" he screamed at them in desperation, "Throw it at that thing! We need to send his army back to the Underworld!"

Evy nodded, watching as Ardeth kicked over one of the large vats of fire, prompting the Scorpion King to snarl in anger. Pulling her hand back, she threw the spear at the creature as hard as she could, only to curse as it was snatched out of the air by Imhotep.

"And now…" the ex-mummy hissed, "… the Army of Anubis will be MINE!"

The spear was thrown again.


Diving forwards Ardeth managed to snatch the spear out of the air, much like Imhotep had, causing the ex-mummy to scream in frustration and anger. With the spear in his hands, Ardeth knew that he had to keep it away from the Scorpion King and Imhotep.

One was easier than the other.

Forced to duck and weave as the Scorpion King swiped and slashed at him, Ardeth didn't realise how close he was to the lava. The Scorpion King made one last desperate attempt and Ardeth fell straight towards the lava, thrusting the spear out in front of him.

If he was going to die, then he was taking this thing with him.

"Ardeth! No!" Jonathan kicked Meela away from him, running over to try and catch Ardeth before he could fall into the lava… only to realise that Ardeth wasn't falling.

The spear lodged in the heart of the creature was the probable cause of that.

"Go back to wherever you came from…" Ardeth hissed, "… and take your foul army with you!"

Less than a second later, the creature exploded into a cloud of black smoke and ash, the cloud getting larger and larger until nothing could been seen within the temple.

"Yes!" Rick whooped in glee as the army vanished into a cloud of smoke, "Yes! They did it! They did it!"

The rest of the Medjai tribe cheered on behind him.

Once the cloud of black smoke and ash cleared, the temple started to rumble violently, leaving Imhotep and Ardeth clinging onto the ledge over a pool of boiling lava, skeletal bodies attempting to pull them down to their doom.

"ARDETH!" Jonathan cried out, darting forwards, only to jump back as the ceiling started to fall down all around them.

Hearing the cry, Ardeth managed to pull himself up slightly, managing to catch eyes with Jonathan. "No!" he ordered the other man, clearly seeing his intent, "No! Get out of here! Just get out of here!"

Jonathan's eyes widened as he glanced behind him, clearly weighing his options…. Until a look of determination flashed across his face, and he tensed up, clearly preparing to make a run towards Ardeth.

"Jonathan!" Evy growled, as her grip tightened on her son, "Don't even think about it!"

"Never do old mum." Without giving Evy or Ardeth another chance to protest, Jonathan made a run for it, dodging the pieces of rubble from the falling ceiling.

"JONATHAN!" Evy cried out, before she met eyes with Ardeth, a look of concern flashing across her face. "HANG ON ARDETH!"

Jonathan ignored whatever was said in reply, diving forwards and grabbing Ardeth's hand just before the other man could lose his grip. As he struggled to pull Ardeth to safety, he could hear Imhotep calling out for his own love, desperate for her to save him like Jonathan was saving Ardeth.

She ran.

As Jonathan and Ardeth quickly backed away from the ledge, Imhotep glanced over at them, tears in his eyes and a look of acceptance on his face… before he let go.


"Everything's being sucked into the pyramid!" Evy cried out as they raced up the stairs, heading towards the top of the pyramid, "How are we getting out of here?"

Still slightly in shock, Ardeth started to think to himself furiously.

They couldn't jump down, not unless they wanted to be sucked in along with the pygmy monkeys and jungle.

Going higher was their only choice.

As they reached the top of the pyramid, clinging onto the golden scorpion at the top, Jonathan glanced around. "Great…" he whimpered, "… I was kind of hoping to be alive for a little longer than this!"

Ardeth pulled Jonathan closer, opening his mouth, intending to confess everything.


Ardeth stopped in his tracks, glancing up as the large airship piloted by Rick's friend made a reappearance, with Rick leaning out the side, beaming at the sight of his wife and son.

Confessions could wait until later.