Our World Meets Their World By Star Girl

Star Girl: Yeah I know some of you are probably thinking I should be working on one of my other fanfics but I got another curiosity spark so here is yet another fanfic! I am in this fanfic by the way! Along with people I know! By the way below is something you will probably find REALLY interesting!

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTICE: If any authors or readers want to appear in this fanfic please let me know but I am going to need your REAL names or at least names I can work with, okay? And I promise I won't let anyone know! I am really good at keeping secrets! I can say you will at least appear once, but it may be only once! Because this option will probably become REALLY popular! And this option may close towards the end of the story! So let me know soon instead of waiting!

Plus I want to get your opinion on the following things:

Who should teach Middle School P.E.?

Vegeta (Dragonball Z)

Amara/Haruka Tenou (Sailor Moon)

Goku (Dragonball Z)

Gohan (Dragonball Z)

Goten ((older vesion)) (Dragonball Z)

Trunks ((older version)) (Dragonball Z)

Other ((please state))

Who should teach High School P.E.?

Same listing as above

Who should teach Elemntary P.E.?

Same listing as above

Does anyone know Bulma's (Dragonball series) last name she is going to be in the story but I don't know her last name!

If you have any more suggestions on who should teach what please let me know! I will be updating this over time. The polls will eventually close!
Translations to Japanese words that you do not know will be at the bottom of the chapters okay!

Summary: What happens when people from anime shows, books, cartoon shows, and mangas suddenly arrive at a school and start either A) Teaching Classes or B) Becoming students? You get this wacky crossover! By the way the staff is also going to be what is mentioned up above!!!!