"Alright, grandchildren, this is it!" Said The Conductor. "we're gonna have a load of fun here at the Arctic Cruise!" His grandchildren could only cheer in excitement. "Hewwo siw. Hew is yo map. Just go to da wobby to check in and get yo woom keys." Explained the adorable seal pup. The Conductor and co., after waiting a while, finally got to their room.

Once everything was all set up, they could go and have fun. First was the casino. "Now kids, some of the drinks and games are for grown-ups, OK? So you can only play video games." Explained The Conductor. His offspring's offspring nodded contently. They then headed off to the casino. After a short while, The Conductor decided to get a drink and take a spin at the slot machines. "I'd like One o' yer Sunken Ship on the rocks please." Asked The Conductor.

The Conductor was served a round of S.S. Feeling content, albeit a little drunk, The Conductor the tested his luck on the slot machines. Believe it or not, he did fairly well. Spending some of the money he won on more drinks. "Don't have too many mistew. Ow yo going to have a accident." Warned the Bartender. "Ah, peck-it." Mumbled a half-drunken The Conductor. He then put more of his money to the test. Eventually, all was lost.

He had no money. Zero dollars, zero cents. This could have been worse if everything wasn't already paid for. So The Conductor decided to shrug it off. "Come on kids, let's go back." Said The Conductor. As they were heading back to their cabin, that S.S. started to work its magic. "Oh no. Not again." He said. His children kept suggesting they went to the pool and swim.

At the cabin, the only bathroom was occupies by The Conductor's grandchildren, which it wasn't too fun to wait on a near-full bladder. Before he had the chance, The Conductor was rushed by his grandchildren to take them to the pool. On the way there, they passed by the center room which was equipped with a large, gushing, watery fountain. Seeing all that water made The conductor need to go even more.

Finally, they got to the pool. The Conductor didn't have the time to change, but now with the way he feels, he doesn't need to swim. Nor does he need to engage in watching his grandchildren constantly splashing around in the kiddy pool. "Aye, you there in the tall chair! Ya think you could watch me grandchildren?" Requested The Conductor. "Suwe thing mistew. I'ww keep a extwa eye on da wittle ones." Claimed the seal pup lifeguard.

"Oh yer a lifesaver, laddie." Moaned a now full-bladdered The Conductor. As he rushed towards the nearest bathroom on the map, he came to a surprise: It was a pay toilet! And he had no money to get in. "These peck-neck pay toilets! Always teasin' the poor!" Mumbled The Conductor. The required price was luckily just 50 cents. All he needed was to find that amount worth of coins and he would be good to go. Literally.

The Conductor searched the casino, but came up one cent short! "Just one penny will be the key to relief." Said The Conductor. He had been avoiding searching in the fountain for obvious reasons, but in this situation, he had no choice. Whilst no one was looking, The Conductor reached in the fountain, hearing and feeling nothing but the worst feeling ever, he easily found a penny.

Running back to the restrooms,The Conductor was both surprised and unsurprised that a line had formed. "Come on, laddies. Keep it movin'." He mumbled. After a leg-crossingly long time, the conductor inserted all of his available coins and came the demise of a stuck zipper. "This can't happen now! I'm on the brink of makin' a pair o' wet trousers here!" He moaned. The Conductor tugged, pulled, and even tried to manually pull down his pants, but it wouldn't work!

The breaking point was when someone else using the restroom was skilled enough to wash their hand-like body part. As soon as the faucet was activated, his bladder opened up, no hesitation. "Noo... so close, yet... so far..." Whined The Conductor after making a mess. "The kids'll get a laugh at this." One of the seal pups saw The Conductor and a spot in his trousers that seemed darker than the rest of his clothing. "Psst. Mistew. I see you had a accident. I feew vewy sowwy." Whispered the pup. "Yeah. The darn zipper was stuck." Explained The Conductor. "I can buy yo a pair of twousews and undewwear dat wook exactwy wike dem. Ouw wittle secwet." He suggested.

Once the deal was sealed, The Conductor came back to his grandchildren just in time for dinner. "Cmon kids, time's up. We gotta eat if we want to play tomorrow." Said a now-dry The Conductor.

That's the end of my story.