Josie was heartbroken since Penelope broke up with her and hounded her like ghost through entire school. Wherever she turned, Penelope Park was there. She would appear out of nowhere and disappear before anyone else would notice her. Lizzie was glad her sister and the other witch were not together anymore because she had undivided attention from Josie once again. Josie was hers and no one could come between them again, or that's what she believed in. When Raphael came she showed interest in him but he liked Josie. After a lot of persuasion, Josie accepted to go out with him and they started dating. He was really nice to her and he cared about Josie and what she wanted and needed. Penelope was still there, lurking from the corners and the dark, but never too near. She didn't speak much to Josie, only when she had to or in class if they really had to interact. She made sure Josie knows she is there and that no boyfriend would ever take her place. Josie was also painfully aware of that. The more time she spent with Raphael, more she craved Penelope. He was really good to her. He treated her good. He made an effort to get to know her and learn about things she liked or loved. He made sure she has time and space to deal with Lizzie. In general, she was happy. She had what she wanted…but not quite. Love with Ralph was simple, easy…not complicated…everything it wasn't with Penelope. She didn't really miss him when he had practice with his pack, she didn't think of him when he was not around. She didn't daydream about him. She just was with him. In public she tried to be cruel to Penelope just as she was cruel to her. She would say very hurtful things to her and parade with Raphael around her just to hurt her. She realized that the other girl still had some feelings for her so she took that advantage and did a lot of things just to spite her and hurt her. She would go crazy when someone flirted with Penelope or showed any sort of interest in her. Penelope was her…no matter they were not together. She couldn't stand someone else close to her or with her. After two months of her relationship with Raphael, everything changed. Girls were going to their dad's office to ask him to let them attend some dance out of campus. They heard their mom and dad argue about something. Girls found out about the merge. Caroline was having argument with Alaric about what should they do since she found out Kai is the solution for their problems. Alaric didn't want that man near his daughters and Caroline was ready and willing to take that risk.

''He killed Joe… He is the reason why you had to carry the girls. I am sorry for not having any thrust in thigs he says.''

''And he can save them.''

''I don't thrust him.''

''I spent four years all over the world trying to find out how to prevent it from happening… I don't know any other way to save the girls. Kai is the only chance we have.''

''You have him in the dungeon downstairs… Caroline, how could you bring him close to the girls.''

''It's either his way or we lose one daughter… I rather hear him out than dread their twenty second birthday.''

''You are insane woman! He will kill them…''

''And if we don't do anything one of them will die no matter what.''

Girls entered the room and their parents realized they heard everything. One of them will die if they don't do what that man wants them to.

''Mom? Dad? What is that all about?''

Now that they heard the conversation, they had to explain it to them. Caroline told them about Joe, about their coven and how on their twenty second birthdays they have to duel for survival and magic.

''Is there a way to avoid it?''

''It looks like there is… Kai knows how…''

''Take us to him so he can tell us what to do…''

Rick got up.

''NO! You are not going to talk to him.''

Lizzie was angry.

''Dad, one of us will die… We have right to know how to prevent it.''

Caroline took them to the basement to see him. Josie's first impression was that he was very good looking with bit evil eyes. Lizzie was scared of him. They stood in front of him only bars separating them.

''So, you are my nieces?''

He looked at Josie…

''You look just like your mother… My poor sister Josette… Too bad I had to kill her.''

''I am named after her.''

''Oh, now nice…''

Lizzie found some courage to face him.

''Tell us how to avoid the merge… How to survive?''

''It's simple… One of you has to turn… Become a vampire…''

Girls and Caroline didn't really expect that.


''That is the only way. By turning one of you loses the magic and there is no need for merge.''

Josie tried to repeat what he said…

''So, in order to avoid the merge and to survive one of us has to die, lose her magic and become a vampire.''


''So it doesn't matter who turns?''

''No, whoever wants can be a vampire...''

''And then?''

''First think about who will do the turning… You have two days until eclipse of the Moon… Then come to me and tell me what you choose.''

Girls left the dungeon with their parents and now they had to make that decision. It was not easy thing to do. One of them was about to give up her life. Penelope noticed how pensive Josie was and that something serious was bothering her, but she didn't know how to approach her and ask. She knew they would argue. Josie tried to talk to Raphael about all this, but he was not really helpful. He didn't say much to encourage her. He just said he will support whatever she chooses. She spoke to MG who told her that transition is not easy, that hunger is sometimes painful and that she might have serious craving of someone's blood if she ever feeds of human. She was pretty sure she didn't want to be a vampire. Lizzie was seeing it differently and she choose to become one. Their parents were not very happy about any of them becoming a vampire and they had pretty clear in their head that vampire Lizzie would be a nightmare…even bigger than she is now. After two days they were back in the dungeon to tell Kai what they decided.

''I'll do it… Can my mom turn me?''

Caroline's breath hitched in her throat. She couldn't turn Lizzie. She couldn't kill her own child.

''No, it gets complicated a little. You need a very particular person for this. Her blood will be the one you have to drink before you die.''

''Is she a vampire?''

''No, she is a witch… Daughter of one of my many mistresses…''

''Your daughter?''

''No, I met her mother when she was five. Her father was a very powerful warlock and mother is one of the most powerful witches. She inherited their ability to do magic and very sweet blood that is solution to many things.''

Alaric was impatient.

''Where do we find her?''

''You are lucky… She is not far from here.''

''Where is she?''

''Here, at your school…''

He gave Alaric piece of paper and he read the name and looked at him. He was surprised to see that name on the paper. It also explained a lot about the girl and her abilities. She came to this school already knowing a lot about magic and using it like it was just simple and casual thing.

''Will she do it?''

''Will she? Oh, Rick… She is one of my subjects… She has to do it.''

He sent Dorian to get her and Josie and Lizzie were very impatient. Lizzie was getting excited to do this. She will be a vampire….forever young…fast, she could compel people and feed of her enemies. She had one person in mind. Someone she would hunt and feed off as much as she wanted and compelle her to obey her. There was a small smirk on her face. Finally Penelope Park would pay! She couldn't' wait. Josie was nervous too. He sister will be a vampire… She knew Lizzie was impressed but their lifestyle and all, but she feared Lizzie had no idea what that life really was like. It was not just so perfect as she saw it. There was pain of turning, guilt of wrong feedings, humanity switch…a lot of things she didn't really think about. They heard steps of someone approaching them. Dorian entered the basement and after him was….PENELOPE? She came to the bars and greeted Kai. Josie couldn't believe what was going on. Out of all people in the world…It simply had to be her.

''Yes master…''

'' Hello my child… You are needed here. Finally that sweet blood of yours will do some good and potentially save a life….or send someone into death…and rebirth…Young Miss Elizabeth Saltzman will drink your blood to turn into a vampire and brake the curse.''

Now Lizzie was not that sure she wanted to be a vampire…Especially after learning that Penelope's blood has to turn her. Penelope had one of her signature smirks.

''Well, well, well…. Queen of mean needs poor old Satan to survive… and not that long ago you said you wouldn't take anything from me even if your life depended of it... How the tables have turned?''

''I am not drinking her blood…No, I would rather die than drink Satan's blood. NO! I will not do that…''

Kai just shrug his shoulders…

''I can't help you if she doesn't drink from Penelope… One of them has to…''

None of the girls said anything. Lizzie was afraid to drink from her because she was scared she wouldn't wake up. Josie's fear was that she would become even more addicted to Penelope Park if she drinks from her. That girl had all of her firsts and now this? She was frightened of the power she already had over her. Kai shrugged his shoulders and looked at Penelope.

''You are free to go honey…''

Penelope was about to leave the room when Josie spoke…

''Wait! I'll do it.''

Penelope turned and she was surprised that Josie would actually be the one turning. Out of two of them Josie had better way with magic and she could have been amazing witch… And now she will sacrifice that for her sister's vanity.

''Are you sure Josie?''

''Yes mom… I'll do it…''

Penelope looked at her with sadness.

''You will not be able to practice magic… You will me just a vampire… Are you sure you want to sacrifice your magic? Think about it.''

''Why do you care?! You have no right…''

''Yes, why do I care?! Like it's not my blood is turning you and about to take everything from you.''

''It wouldn't be the first time.''

''Fine, do whatever you want! Sacrifice once again everything for her.''

''At least I love someone enough to sacrifice for them.''

''And that person proved my point that she wouldn't sacrifice anything for you! You are much better than her in everything and you will just give up because she is to vain to drink from me? Good job Josie! Good Job proving me right…AGAIN…''

Josie lowered her gaze and Lizzie was furious. She was tempted to shout she would do it, but she didn't. She didn't dare.

''Ok, if it is what you really want… Let's do it Miss. Saltzman…''

Penelope took a seat on the desk and took off her jacket. She started unbuttoning the shirt when Rick started feeling uncomfortable. He turned away from her and waited for something to happen. Lizzie was pissed. She wanted to be a vampire but not to drink from Penelope.

''Satan, do you have to strip?''

''Yes, I don't want my favorite shirt stained. You could leave us alone during the feed if you mind my state of undress.''

Lizzie and Rick left. Rick couldn't watch this. It was too painful for him and Lizzie was just being Lizzie and hating on Penelope. Kai sad some spell and it was time for Josie to drink. Moon was eclipsed. Penelope was now just in her bra and skirt.

''Are you ready JoJo?''

''As ready as I would ever be…''

She took her broach and made a cut on her neck.

''Drink JoJo...''

Josie approached her and put the hand around Penelope's waist and the other around her neck. She stood in between her legs and fed of her. It reminded the both of the time when they were together and making out in the kitchen after some party or just late at night when they wanted some midnight snack. Josie was surprised how good her blood tasted. It was sweet, it was addictive and she felt like she could drink from Penelope forever. Kai told her when to stop. Penelope smiled at Josie and gave her a peck on the lips. With her tongue she picked up all the blood around Josie's mouth and winked at her.

''Are you ok JoJo?''

She just nodded. Using Josie's high and confusion by the kiss, she snapped her neck. Josie's body fell on Penelope and she got up from the table and put Josie to lay on it. She put back her shirt and placed bandage on her neck. Josie's parents and Lizzie were in shock when they saw her on the table.

''What have you done to my sister?''

''I had to kill her so she would wake up as a vampire.''

Caroline came to Josie and she stroked her hair.

''I hope this all turns out ok and I don't have to part with any of you. I really love you baby and I wish this works out so I don't have to lose any of you.''

She hoped all would be ok and that finally their problems were solved. She hoped her daughter would live now without risk of being killed. She had so many things to teach her. Now all they could do was wait to see if Kai tricked them or this would really end the curse and prevent the merge. Rick stood at the opposite wall with Lizzie waiting for something to happen. Penelope got to Rick and told him to go and get some blood bags for Josie when she wakes up.

''She will need to feed. You have to get her something to drink.''


He went to the kitchen and got two blood bags and just sat and waited. Penelope sat in the chair at the other side of the room and she was also waiting for things to happen. Few hours later Josie woke up, or more precise snapped out of it. Her throat was burning how thirsty she was. Caroline hugged her and asked Rick for the blood bag.

''You have to feed love.''

She started feeding, but it didn't feel anything like Penelope's blood. Yap, she was hooked on something more Penelope Park. Penelope sat in the corned and watched Josie drink some animal blood from the bag. She was close to finishing the first bag when Penelope came to her.

''Welcome back Jojo… I guess you will be needing this.''

She took Josie's hand and placed a daylight ring on her finger.

''How did you make it?''

''I am a witch from a very poverful line of witches. Making these rings is easy thing for me. I made them with my mom from the age of eight. It doesn't take me long to make one…and you were out for some time… I had time to make you a ring.''

It was time for Caroline to fulfil her end of the deal. She had to let Kai go. As soon as he got out of his cell Kai clapped his hands.

''Congratulations… Your curse is broken and there will be no merge for you… Yaaaay!''

He turned to Caroline and Alaric.

''And congratulations for turning the one who had magical abilities to vampire… The remaining one is epic fail when it comes to doing magic… You just wasted amazing magic from the Gemini coven for that hysterical blond that has no idea how do to basic spells…Brava! Brava!''

With those words he left the basement and school. Josie had to figure out now how will she navigate school and deal with her hunger. Caroline offered her help and support with whatever she needs, but she couldn't be with Josie in her classes.

First few days were a mess. She was thirsty all the time and she wanted to drink from many people. Raphael was surprised with Josie's change and how drown to blood she was now. MG helped her during school hours but he knew that first few weeks are not easy. She was responsible. She had blood bags on her, shew fed every few hours and she didn't attack or harm anyone…even when she was alone without any chaperones. When she managed to control her hunger and was able to really pay attention to anything other than blood, she noticed how people's behavior shifted. All of the sudden she was persona non grata when it came to witches. Even Lizzie was avoiding her and drinking water with vervane…making sure that Josie sees what she is doing. That made her a bit isolated, but not lonely. She had MG to help her and Hope to also help when she needs something. Penelope was also there, but from the distance. She was watching over Josie from safe distance and doing small magic pranks on Lizzie and her mean girls group. They knew it was not Josie doing it but they never had in mind it was Penelope since she had no contact with Josie since the day she turned her. They were blaming Hope and few times even took it to Rick to complain about her. Hope defended herself saying she has never done any of those things and that her pranks would be much crueler than this done to them. Out of pure boredom Penelope made their shampoos turn their hair green, she made their body wash make their body hair grow faster and stuff that were mean but caused no harm to anyone. Their biology teacher organized small bird watching expedition. They would spend two days in nature watching birds. Josie had blood bags ready for the trip and she felt much safer knowing that all was in order and prepared. Icepacks were there to keep it cold and prevent it from spoiling. Hope cast some spell to prevent it from melting and Josie was set to go. She took her and Lizzie's bag to the bus and Lizzie was in charge of the cooler and some other things. As it was expected, she forgot the cooler. Josie realized that when she was hungry and had no blood to feed with. Panic started to kick in. She was anry at Lizzie and her excuse was that she had some important things to settle. After Lizzie left with her friends Penelope appeared out of nowhere.

''Josie, follow me…''

She didn't want to follow her. Especially not after few weeks of not talking at all, but her feet didn't listen to her brain. She followed Penelope deeper into the woods.

''What do you want?''

''You can feed from some of the animals… There are some does and they have enough blood for you to feed and them to survive.''

'' I don't know how to feed from them.''

''I am a witch… I can't help with feeding instructions…''

''I can't believe Lizzie forgot my cooler… She had one thing to do…ONE…''

Penelope sat on the rock and just watched Josie loose her temper.

''Saltzman…this is just one time thing…Do we understand one another?''


She made cut on her wrist and offered it to Josie. As soon as she felt smell of Penelope's blood her fangs were out. She used her vampire speed to get to Penelope and start feeding. Both girls were lucky that Josie knew when to stop and had that amount of self-control not to kill Penelope. When Penelope started feeling a bit weak, she told Josie to stop. She did and Penelope wiped her mouth with a tissue.

''Why did you let me feed from you?''

''You were hungry and not feeling well… This will keep you ok until tomorrow…''

''Do you thik that any of the vamprires here could teach me to feed from the animals?''

''I am afraid they are blood bag gang…That they never had a real deal…''

''What will I do for the rest of the time?''

''All I can offer is to feed from me…''


''Share a room with me and you can feed of me whenever you need.''

With those words Penelope left and Josei remained to sit and think about what just happened. She fed from her… Penelope let her feed of her and she treated it as a normal thing. She was in shock.