The three of them sat in the living room as Hagane and Shiya questioned Izuku more on his past and other details that they felt they needed.


"35." Midoriya didn't like that he was 35 and didn't even have one girlfriend. Not once.

"Blood type?"

"O Positive. Why would you need to know my blood type?"

"Reasons. Quirk?" Hagane asked as Diana wrote down his answers. "It's Super Power: I have immense strength among other things."

"Like what?"

"I have super strength, speed, Black Whip, levitation, water manipulation, and breathe fire when under great duress." The couple looked at each other when he mentioned Black Whip and jotted down other notes.


"Oh no. Whenever I have alcohol...I just...Well, I don't do well with alcohol." Shiya looked at her silver haired counter part and nodded "Lightweight." They insulted in unison.

"I'm not a lightweight! My body just acts on its own and my mind kind turns off. Almost like a black out of sorts." "Totally lightweight." They said again. "I'm not!"

"Why did you choose to become a bodyguard instead of a hero?" Now that question really hurt him.

"Cause after I graduated from U.A., some things happened and I gave up...I became a hired bodyguard because I still wanted to help people, but not do Hero work."

"So something traumatic happened to you and now your a bodyguard for hire?" "Yeah...I am..." Diana nodded her head as she stood up "Now, let's get you out there so you don't cut yourself anymore, K?" She said it so nonchalantly that he was pretty sure it classified as an insult.

"Alright. Where are we going?" The couple stood up and giggled "What? What're you-" The look in their eyes made his heart stop as he began to sweat "Not that...anything but that..."

"Your gonna gets makeover and fix you up Peter B. Parker!" Hagane quipped as they pulled on his arms and ran out the door, barely locking it behind them as they took him out onto the street of downtown Tokyo.

They first head up to a hair salon, despite Izuku saying otherwise "Guys I don't need this-" "Yes you do." Shiya countered "No I really-" "Do." Hagane finished for him.

"Come on, you look like P.T. Barnum's Man Wolf!" Izuku looked at Shiya as she shrugged "She likes references. I think they're cute." He was the dragged into the salon and was placed onto a black leather chair while being wrapped in a white blanket-like cloth to cover his body from his falling hair.

"Alright, I'd say a 3 on the sides, the bottom here needs to be cut so that we can actually see his neck, and a light trim on the top and back, since he's looking like Chewbacca over here. Oh! And make sure to give him a nice clean shave, he's kinda scraggly."

Hagane told the barber as he nodded his head "You got it ma'am." He took out his scissors and razor as Izuku gulped in fear.

Shiya looked out the window as Hagane stared at her phone, looking at other places to go to for her adopted dad "Then we can make him a diet plan. I mean he looks kinda shabby don't cha think? Diana?" Shiya looked at her girlfriend and rubbed the back of her head.

"Sorry, just thinking about something." "Nah it's good." The silver haired teen then turned off her phone and looked at her pink skinned girlfriend "So, how are you?" "Huh?"

"I mean, you now live with a suicidal guardian, and you saw what his wrists looked like. I wasn't there but the texts made it sound horrible. You want to talk about it?"

"I don't, but I know I will soon enough." Hagane smiles and kissed Shiya's cheek "Just as I guessed." The moment ended when Izuku walked up to them as Diana began to laugh at Izuku.

The barber had taken it upon himself to tie the remaining hair into a short and fluffy pony tail sticking g out from the back of his head. "You look like someone who walked through vape smoke and never hit puberty." She laughed more as her counterpart giggled with her, making Midoriya fluster.

"Come on guys, stop that..." They calmed down and walked out of the salon to their next stop; the mall. "Wait, why're we here? We just went here the other day."

"I know. But now it is time to get some stuff for you. Like better clothes and food." "What's wring with the food at home?"

"Most of it is microwaveable or can be stored in the fridge. Not the greatest way to eat for a bodyguard, no sir!" Izuku grumbled as the two began picking out his clothes.

"Less sweatpants and shorts, more jeans and cargo pants!" They made him try on multiple different pairs and sizes before going onto shirts "Hoodies are for fall and winter, not the middle of spring." Shiya berated.

They made him have long sleeve and short sleeve button up shirts, rolled up the sleeves, tried on watches, did casual shirts, whatever wasn't what he normally wore.

They finished clothes shopping hours later and decided to go for some food, heading over to a cafe for a quick lunch. "So what do we do after this then?" Izuku was exhausted but that wasn't going to stop them from improving his attitude.

"Well after this we take a bathroom break and go sight seeing. Aren't the Sakura trees beautiful this time of year?" Hagane and Shiya sighed in agreement as Izuku looked at his feet.

Diana looked at him and gasped "No!" "I don't see the Sakura trees..." "Blasphemy! Treason! Utter horse crap!" Hagane practically yelled as Diana held her back from killing Izuku.

"Then we'll beat it into his brain as to why he's got to see them every year from now on." They agreed as he mumbled. This wasn't going to be a short trip.

They drank their coffee and did their thing before heading off once more. The greenette didn't understand how looking at nature would better his dark thoughts, but went with it anyway.

And he did it regret.

The bright pink flowers bloomed like an untamable explosion as the many other beautiful plants bloomed as well, the rainbow of color and beautiful smells almost over stimulating him. Almost; the hero training didn't go to waste after all.

The two girls stared in awe as Shiya nudged my shoulder "See, not so bad right?"

"Yeah, I guess it isn't so bad after all." The scene was breathtaking and he wanted it to be another bonding moment, like last night.

"About me quoting my hero work..." She looked at him with Hagane looked off somewhere else "...It has to do with All Mights death. It...affected me to greatly. That Amon other things happening around the same time."

Shiya looked back the breathtaking sight while sighing "I wasn't alive when he died, but I hear he was one of the greatest heroes ever." Izuku nodded as a tear dropped down his left cheek "Yeah, he really was."