Author's Note: Ok, so this is my first try at a Voyager fic but I have a lot of other stories so I don't suck at writing or anything. This story takes place two years after they get home and I have a brief bio of everyone before the story starts. But they often refer back to a make-belief mission that I made up. There is no story about it, you just have to piece it together from the flashbacks. If you're ok with all this, then read on. Also, I don't think I've put any real spoilers except B'Elanna's baby.

I am my own beta-reader, so if you see any mistakes...blame my computer. I have to thank my sister because she helped me get a few ideas and reads everything to see if it's any good and I don't embarrass myself.

Just for your knowledge, I have so major issues with Seven of Nine. As far as I'm concerned, she don't exist and they amazingly still got home the same way. She is not in this story at all. No mention of her, no use of her character.

Summary: Janeway, B'Elanna, Tom, and Harry were captured and tortured by an unknown race. That was three years ago. Now their back in the alpha quadrant and that race has come back. But what's their plan?


Characters and Brief Bio: (These are all the characters I used in my story that were given a name. The top are characters from Star Trek, the bottom are my characters I made up for my story)

Admiral Kathryn Janeway- Desk job at Starfleet Headquarters

Chakotay- Federation Penal Settlement near Auckland, New Zealand for another thirteen years

Commander Tuvok- 2IC of the Philadelphia

Lieutenant Harry Kim- Works as Ops Officer on the Philadelphia

Doc- Working at Starfleet Medical

Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres Paris- Living on a remote planet colonized by the Maquis

Miral Paris- Two years old, raised on Maquis colony

Maquis- Living on Maquis Colony

Starfleet Crew- 1/4 serving on the Philadelphia, the rest were scattered around

Captain Porter- Captain of the Philadelphia

Admiral Thomas- Admiral in Starfleet; diplomat and takes part in most official first contacts

Talic Mento- High ranking commander of the Kotec's flagship

Artex Grizmore- Second in Command under Talic Mento

Tineach Kitmere- Third in Command under Talic Mento

When Bad Things Get Worse

Chapter One:

Old Acquaintances

He blinked a few times as he awoke. His head hurt and he was disorientated. The room was very dark and he couldn't see anything or move. He could feel that his hands, feet, and head were strapped tight onto the chair he was sitting in. He tried to fight the restraints but with no success.

That's when he saw out of the corner of his eye, that an arm with a shot attached to it was getting closer to his arm accompanied by an eerie noise that scarred him to death. He tried to inch away from it and keep it from touching him, but it won. He felt the needle puncture his skin and he whimpered in silent pain at it.

The room became a blur to him but he held onto consciousness. Gradually, it became nothing but blurred colors and shapes. He started to feel a sharp pain in his side before...

Harry's eyes snapped opened with a fear that could shake even a Vulcan. His breathing was harsh and he was covered with sweat. That nightmare had plagued his sleep for as long as he had known the memories; almost three years.

The comm. chirped and he answered with a groggy, "Yea, um, Lieutenant Kim here."

"Lieutenant, report to the bridge. We have a...situation," Commander Tuvok ordered.

"Yes, sir," he mumble and got out of bed. He ran a hand through his hair and quickly got dressed.

With little enthusiasm, Harry walked through the turbolift and headed to his station in an unconscious action. Finally, he noticed that Tuvok was starring at the screen with a pale look on his face, he seemed as though he had just seen a ghost. Harry followed his lead and look at it. What he saw gave him the same spooked feeling.

The ship was eerie the way it seemed to hover in space. The thing was huge and looked like a flying saucer. It was ugly and definably well armed and well defended. It was the kind of ship you saw and never forgot. Not in person and not in your dreams.

For Harry and Tuvok, that was exactly the case. They remembered it. They saw it every time they closed their eyes to sleep. But now they stood face to face with each other and that was by far more terrifying.

"They're hailing us, sir," the Comm. Officer told Captain Porter.

"Open a channel," he replied.

The view screen turned from the view of the ship to a very exotic alien. He had brown skin and long tan hair that went half way down his back. Where his chin should be, he had tongue-like tentacles. His eyes were large and completely black.

", Commander...of...the...Geticular. We...are...the...Kotec." His voice was monotone and the pauses he took in between words gave him just as an unnatural sound as his ship looked.

"You speak English?" Captain Porter asked.

"We...have...studied...your...races. Your...Federation."

"Of course you have," Harry mumbled. His eyes were burning into the image of Touson.

"Lieutenant," Captain Porter hissed at Harry. "I apologize for him."


"Well, if you're the representatives of your people, we can take you to our headquarters. It is not our decision to make."


The screen went blank and Tuvok immediately turned to his Captain. "Captain, Lieutenant Kim had good reason to speck out when he did."


"We have had... an encounter with this race before. They are ruthless and untrustworthy. We can not assume that their intent are what they say they are."

"I respect your insights and opinions, Commander, but the truth of the matter is that's not for us to decide here. Helm, set course for Earth." Tuvok looked back at Harry and gave him a silent look saying that this was going to end in disaster as the Helm Officer punched in a course for Earth.

**Earth, San Francisco**

Admiral Kathryn Janeway strolled down the walkway and she inhaled the sent of the beautiful garden. She let herself be caught up in and absorb the scenery. It was just the break she needed at that moment.

But of course, that could not happen. A poor, clueless Ensign ran up to her and handed her a PADD. He told her it was from Starfleet Headquarters and, after she thanked him in an uninterested manner, he left her to read it.

It said that she had to report to a ship called the Philadelphia. "That's the ship Tuvok is First Officer of," Janeway mumbled to herself. As she read on, it said something about a race they met and are talking about allying themselves to the Federation. Tuvok's ship is in Earth's orbit and she was being asked to come aboard.

"So, what do you need me for?" Janeway asked as she walked into the Philadelphia's Observation Lounge. When she looked at everyone else in the room, Captain Porter, Admiral Paris, Admiral Thomas, a very unhappy looking Commander Tuvok, and three aliens, she froze.

She awoke with a splitting headache, but she was not injured any other way. She tried to think back to what had happened but came up with nothing. When her foggy mind cleared, she could remember trying to land on a planet but they crashed.

She saw that she was strapped tight in a medical chair. Her arms and legs were bounded tight to the sides while her head was strapped to the headrest. It hurt and was extremely uncomfortable, but that was not her main concern.

She tried to look around and, though the room was dark, she could make out four other chairs like hers with occupants she assumed to be her crew. They were just starting to regain consciousness and Janeway could hear their moans as they must have felt the disorientation and headache she had.

Suddenly, a mechanical noise sounded and an arm that branched off the chair started to move closer to her. On it was a needle or shot of sorts. Slowly, it inched toward her until it punctured her arm. She grimaced in pain and felt the liquid enter her body. She began to feel light headed. But soon, the void of her unconsciousness took over.

"Admiral Janeway," the sound of Admiral Thomson's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. "These are the Kotec. Talic Mento, the commander of their flagship, his Second in Command, Artex Grizmore, and his Third in Command, Tineach Kitmere," he introduced with an enthusiastic flare. All three appeared the same height and weight. They all had the same raven black hair and full black eyes. Also, they all had the same black, bulky uniforms with only their insignia to help distinguish them

Talic Mento gave her a lop-sided smile and said, "Welcome, Admiral...Janeway." The computerized voice sent shivers down her back. Her eyes burned with an intense fear and anger for she had not forgot them in her dreams either.

She then gave Tuvok a questioning look before turning back to Mento. Her face was quickly changed to one that was more diplomatic and neutral. With a forced smile she said, "It is a pleasure. Uh, what did I miss?"

"We...are...a...peaceful...race. Federation. you," Talic Mento explained.

"We have seen some of those technologies and they are...amazing," Captain Porter stated in awe.

'I haven't forgotten,' she thought bitterly before saying, "I can imagine." By then she had worked her way over to the table and had sat down in the chair next to Tuvok.


For everyone's knowledge, Talic, Artex, and Tineach are ranks. Talic means Captain, Artex is Commander, and Tineach is Lieutenant Commander. Just for anyone who didn't guess that.

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