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Summary: B'Elanna and Harry have been through hundreds of close death scenarios, will this one be for real? And when everything is all over and Janeway, along with her crew, must face court-martial, what will happen?


Chapter Nine:

Dumb Luck

**Voyager, Bridge**

Weapons fire continued to rock the ship as Voyager continued to fire their own weapons at them. "The Kindingburg's shields are buckling. I have their weapons targeted."

"Fire." The red beams hit the Kindingburg.

"The Kindingburg is disabled. The Stemtum's shields are now at twenty-five percent. Targeting their forward phasers."

Voyager suddenly took a sharp turn, as Tom had to initiate a maneuver to avoid a photon torpedo. Tuvok disabled the Stemtum's weapons as well.

"Captain, the Stemtum and the Kindingburg are retreating at full impulse," Tom announced.

"Good, let them go," Janeway replied. Then she looked at the only other ship out there. One third of the people aboard this ship, including the tactical officer, serve aboard her. They all know people on there, and could be endangering them at that very moment.

"The Philadelphia's shields are down to forty percent."

"And ours, Tuvok?"

"Shields are at ten percent, hull plating is holding."

"Target the Philadelphia's shielding emitters. Then take out their weapons," Chakotay ordered.

"Aye, sir." Tuvok did as he was told, but when he went to fire, he hesitated. A second's decision reminded him that it was logical to fired upon them and that he had to no matter how much he didn't want to. So he did.

After two torpedoes and three phasers hitting the phaser emitters, Tuvok announced, "The Philadelphia is disabled.

"Good, now let's get the away-" But she was knocked out of her seat before she could finish. The Kotec ship exploded in a brilliant ball of fire. The wave hit Voyager and rocked her hard to starboard.

Everyone starred at the debris of the ghost ship. Their friends were on board. Now they were dead because they could act swift enough. Because they were too slow. Because-

"Captain, someone's hailing us," the Ensign at Ops said.

"On screen," Janeway said in a muffled voice.

The screen turned from the destroyed ship to Harry and B'Elanna in a ship. "God that was close. We barely got off of that alive. What was the hold up?" Harry stated, the way he said made him sound like he didn't care about the fact he almost died.

"Harry, B'Elanna, never scare me like that again!" Janeway threatened. "But I'm glad to see you, alive."

They smiled. "Uh, Captain, I think we might need a tow."

"No problem. Tuvok, grab hold of them and bring them to the Shuttle Bay."

"Aye, Captain." The shuttle slugged its way into the Shuttle Bay, allowing the Bridge crew to let out their held breathes.

"What now, Captain?" Tom asked from helm after a moment of silence.

"There are too many charges against us to just run. I wont make everyone aboard this ship a fugitive. Doctor, release the antidote into the population," Janeway said the lat part into her communicator.

"Aye, Captain."

"Chakotay, Tom, Tuvok, come with me. Tom, see that B'Elanna and Harry are attended to and join us. Doc, meet us at Transporter Room Two, we're heading down to Earth," Janeway ordered.

**Earth, Starfleet Headquarters**

"You'll have to face a court martial, all of you, you know?" Admiral Paris asked all of them. They had beamed down, the Doctor too with hyposprays of the antidote in case someone hadn't been exposed to it. They were discussing what was going to happen to the after they had done all that they did.

"We understand that, sir. All I ask is leniency for my crew. It was my idea and my orders," Janeway replied.

Paris nodded and said, "I'll try." Then he turned his attention toward the Doctor, "I thought your Mobile Emitter was destroyed."

B'Elanna shied away and Admiral Paris looked at her. "Ok, so I lied. Wouldn't be the first time." She smiled sweetly at him. It had been a year since she had seen him; only family and Janeway had the ability to go and see the Maquis at the colony.

"You just didn't want Starfleet to tamper with it, I understand."

"It's twenty-eighth century technology, of course we didn't want you to get a hold of it," Harry added.

Admiral Paris sat down and got back to the matter at hand. "You four realize that if you're found guilty, which you are, they will probably strip you down to Ensigns?"

"Yes, we knew that before hand. Admiral, don't think this wasn't thought through. We all knew the risks both way, we just didn't like them the other way," Janeway retorted.

"And for that, we're all grateful. You're dismissed for now. But, Kathryn, wait! I want to apologize for my behavior and some of the things I said about you."

"You weren't yourself, Owen. I understand." Janeway flashed a smile and walked out.

**Federation Court**

"You are faced with the charges of disobeying direct orders, repeatedly, breaking out a Federation prisoner, the theft of Doctor Robert Picardo, assault on three Starfleet officers, resisting arrest, the theft of the Voyager, the destruction of a potential ally ship with all hands lost, the damage to three ship; the Philadelphia, the Kindingburg, and the Stemtum. How do you plead?"

The courtroom was silent as everyone listened to the charges. The entire Voyager crew was there even though the lower ranking officers were given the opportunity to stay in the cells. But they chose to support Janeway and Chakotay. Even Lieutenant Huss, Lieutenant Jecok, and Ensign Tyrell had joined them. Those three were put up on charges of aiding and abetting criminals.

So now they were all in the large, white courtroom that probably hadn't been changed at all since Captain Kirk stood in the same spot. Only there were a lot more people there now then then.

"Guilty," Janeway said flatly. "But may I say something about the charges?" The judge nodded and she continued, "We did not steal the Doctor, he came with us willingly and the Philadelphia, the Kindingburg, and the Stemtum attacked first, we were just defending ourselves."

The judge nodded and said, "That may be true but the jury has found you guilty of those charges...along with additional ones. You saved the planet from an unknown enemy, you acted in a way no one would dare do, and you stood up for what you believed in. All that demonstrates great courage and loyalty. "

Everyone in the room was shocked to hear all of what he just said. But the judge still looked like he knew something they didn't. "And for that, I am giving leniency. Your 'crew' will have the charges dropped. For Chakotay's deeds, he will have all charges, including those he sustained as a Maquis, dropped and he will be freed. And for all the former Maquis have done, they will no longer be forced to live on their colony; it is open for you to come and go as you wish."

Then he looked straight at Janeway. "You must understand, that as the Captain or mere commander of those on board a ship, you take full responsibility for their actions. Which means, you take into your hands all of what they have done. I cannot drop the charges from you so easily."

Janeway nodded; that was the main thing you learned about being a Captain. "Yes well, you are a being reduced to the rank of Captain and given full command of the U.S.S. Voyager. Court dismissed."

Everyone rose as the judge left the room. They were all shocked. That was it. For everything they had done, all the criminal charges, Chakotay was out of prison, the Maquis were not bond to stay on their colony, all charges dropped from the crew, and Janeway was made Captain of Voyager?

**Starfleet Headquarters, Admiral Paris's Office**

"You can have anyone in the fleet to serve as your crew. Name them and they're yours," Admiral Paris purposed to Janeway. They were discussing the details of her command of Voyager.

"I want my old crew."

"Alright, we'll have them transferred from their ships," Admiral Paris said, hesitantly.

"No, I want all of them. The Starfleet crew, the Maquis, Chakotay, and Doc," Janeway demanded.

"But Chakotay and the Maquis are not Starfleet they don't know Starfleet-"

"They do to. At least good enough to keep a ship running for seven years without a space dock," Janeway interrupted.

"Alright, you can have them all back. But make sure they know how a Starfleet ship in the alpha quadrant runs."



The turbolift doors opened and Captain Janeway walked through. She smiled and looked around. Again, she was not sparred the, "Captain on the Bridge," call and everyone stood.

She had asked the Maquis before hand, how many wanted to leave their colony and serve a board Voyager. Many had said yes to coming but a few remained behind. Mostly it was the ones who weren't real interested in being on a Starfleet ship in the first place.

She had become so accustom to the faces she saw on Voyager in the deltas quadrant that she almost forgot some were Maquis and others were Starfleet. This was another one of those times. She just forgot who was who and walked to her seat.

"At ease, it's not crunch time yet," she said jokingly to the Bridge.

Then she looked to the person sitting next to her, Chakotay smiled back at her joke and said, "Just like the old times, ah, Kathryn?"

"I hope not. There were too many giant bugs and aliens that tried to kill us. No, I'm looking forward to spending ten minutes aboard Voyager with you guys without the need to fret about such things."

Janeway smiled and looked away. She had meat all that; who would want to do some of the things they had in the delta quadrant? But when she said that she hoped things would be different, she wasn't talking about the adventures and missions they were sent on. No, she was talking about something else.

But that was for another time. For now, they were heading to get replacements for the people they couldn't replace; a.k.a. the ones who chose not to come and the ones who died.

"Course, Captain?" Tom inquired.

Janeway smiled and said, "Three stars to the right and straight on till morning."

"Aye, Captain," Tom replied with a smile and off they went.


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