I'm not trying to copy anyone, but here's the turtle's reactions to stories that we have read. I won't give out names unless it is a compliment because I really do want you to know about how I feel towards some really great authors...

Mikey gave out a blood-curdling shreik that rang out into the lair. Donnie, Splinter, Raph and Leo all rushed into the living room.
"MIkey? Mikey what is it are you okay?" Leo asked.
"No he isn't"April said while looking at her laptop. The team looked at Mikey, who was sitting next to April and frowning.
"He looks okay to me" Donnie said.
"NO I AM NOT FINE! this story-this story is SOOOO good" Mikey sniffed. "But it doesn't have a satisfactory ending. It just ends when the four brothers are plunged into the darkness!"
"What brothers?" Raph asked.
"WHAT?!" the turtles all rang out.
"Yeah. On our last mission I found a Kraang USB thing that had what they called "TMNT fanfiction" on it" Mikey said.
"So the Kraang really admire us. Adorable" Raph smirked.
"Oh no the Kraang didn't write them. It came from an alternate dimension where were in a TV show" April said. "SO, um, what's this one about?" Donnie asked.
"It's about you getting shot while saving Raph"
Donnie suddenly grew silent.
"it's called "The love of a brother" by penname Deana. IT IS SO GREAT. All it needed was an ending" Mikey sighed.
"did I survive?" Donnie asked.
"well that's the thing it ended in a cliffhanger so noone really knows" Mikey said.
"oh yeah you were in sooo much pain and Raph was sooo guilty. They seemed to have misspelled your name a few times but otherwise-"
April burst into tears. "All it needed was an ending!"

AN: If you wish to read THE LOVE OF A BROTHER I favorited it plus we have the oh-so handy search!
I loved this story, but like Mikey and April said, it needed an ending. Requests are allowed!
(not that I'm short on stories we must discuss, but you know)