Well wow it has been awhile, hasn't it? *Tosses old ocs out window* Well! I won't go deep into what has happened but hey!I'm still here! Still uploading!

Donnie: "Oh crap"

Me: Ohhh yess

Mikey: *gaspu* Wat'd you say?

Me: *ahem* nothing. Anyways!Today we will be judging *Love And Lies* by Dovepaw. Boys?

Mikey was perplexed. "Guys? Aren't we supposed to be reading a story about me?"

"Nah we will soon enough" Raph says.

Mikey huffed.

"So! This is 'Love and Lies' by penname Dovepaw?" Leo says. "hm. I'm being shipped with an oc?"

By the end of the story, each turtle was smiling affectionately.

"well, that wasn't so bad actually" Mikey said.

"Well, I mean, I didn't really know who the characters were but it was good-HOLY WAT"

Then, out of nowhere appeared Pyrin, The fire person on my profile picture.



(Well that was really short and random. Eh, Dunno)