We start with the elovator kiss...

"We should go to my room" Said nick as he carried jess into the loft

She agreed as she nuzzled her head into nicks shoulder

No one was home and the were caught up in the moment

The next morning jess went to the bathroom and realized something jurrastic

Nick heard her scream and quickly ran to the bathroom

"Whats wrong sweetheart" He asked her

Suddenly with no explanation, she ran out of the loft yelling "ive gotta get a pregnancy test"

Nick quickly ran after her and drove her to the drug store

Finally she explained herself anf insisted they pick up Cece on the way home

When they got back to the loft jess and Cece went to the bathroom

"What if it's positive Cece then im gonna have a baby" Jess said "and then what if its negative then i will have gone through all the fuss for nothing"

"Jess it sounds like you wany it to be positive" Cece suggested

Nick pased outside the bathroom as the girls came out

"Babe why are you crying" Nick exclaimed as jess showed him that she was pregnant

He had secretly wanted that all along but didnt show it

Cece was just excited that it was possible that their babies could be born on the same day

When winston, schmit and ally found out they were extremely excited

Nick and jess snuck out to go baby shopping but nick took jess somewhere different

He said "jess since the moment i saw your face i was in love with you and i wanted to do this yesterday but i couldn't find the right time but when i was with caroline i didnt beleive in soulmates but then i met you and immediately fell in love i know that you are my soulmate i souldve never let you go and now that ive got you im not gonna so ( kneels down) will you make me the happiest man in the entire universe and marry me."

"Oh my god yes yes yes" jess exclaimed

He lifts her up and kisses her as they stand there looking across the beach at the sunset

The end