I always thought there should be this ending to cast away. (in case you don't know who jimmy is that's the person grandpa sent the volleyball too.the volleyball that turned out to be Wilson) (I don't know if his name really was jimmy but for my intents and purposes it is)

Jimmy and his mother were walking down the beach. His mother was saying "Don't stay mad at grandpa, it was four years ago that he didn't send you a birthday present"

"But it wasn't that he didn't send it mom, it was that, well, he lied and said he did. He called me ungrateful. Stupid grandpa." Jimmy kicked the sand.

Then Jimmy looked up he say a white thing bobbing around in the ocean, "Hey what's that?" He pointed.

"I don't know, leave it alone. Jimmy! Jimmy Come Back!" But jimmy had already run out into the waves. "It's probably diseased.! Come back!"

Jimmy came running back with a volleyball, it had a face painted on it. "Wowwwwwww. Looket!"

Jimmy's mother curled her lip, "that's realy gross, what's it painted with?"

Jimmy looked closely at it, "hey you know what it lookes like? Im my favorite movie 'the attack of the fingerpainting vampires from mars', the blood looks like this!"

"Blood! I told you it was diseased! Put that down right now! AIDS! AIDS! MY SON JUST GOT AIDS!!"

The Gay Mens choir that happened to be passing by jumped out and sang, "we know where your coming from (we know, we know) AIDS is so terrible (it is, it is) Our lead bass singer died from it just now (we miss you bob!)"

Anybody else on the beach with in earshot gave jimmy mothers weird looks. Then they put bandaids over any open wounds when they thought nobody was looking.

the gay mens choir hummed while jimmys mother sang a solo in more or less perfect harmony "I must get my son to hospital a hospital I need my son has become ill, from a fatal desease oh my what will the neighbors thiiiiiiinnnnnnnk?"

the mens choir clapped, wiped away tears, and comented on each others shoes.

jimmy built a sandcastle.

Jimmys mother grabbed jimmys wrist and the diseased volleyball (so the doctors could conduct scientific experiments on it) then wondered, "how will we get to the hospital?"

Again the choir broke into song, "da Da da Da DAAAAAAA! Gay Mens choir to the rescue! Come with us!

in our bus! Gay mens choir to the rescue!"

A short thin man stepped forward and sang, "I am bob! Leader of the choir! Follow me!"

"I thought that bob just died" jimmy said

"we are all named bob!" bob sang. Jimmy gave him a weird look. Bob saw this and continued singing, "but you may call me big bob to eliminate confuuuuuuusion."

Big bob led jimmy, his mother and the rest of the choir to the bus. En route to the hospital, they all sang 'shall we gather by the river', 'the phantom of the opra', and big bob's personal favorite, 'I've got a lovely bunch of cocoanuts'.

Then the earth exploded. And everybody died.

Ok so that sucked. I got tired of writing it. My SWAT Kat's fanfiction needs some attention ok? But it's the thought that counts. Not like cast away was that great a movie. Oh yeah, I don't have anything against gay's or people with AIDS. That's just where this monstrosity I'm calling a story led me. Sorry I can't spell, and I'm too lazy to use spell check.