Alright, the combatants are set, lets end this debate once for all! It's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEEE!

We see the entirety of Gravity Falls, Oregon broken down and on fire. Eyeballs with Bat Wings turning people into statues as others were trying to run away.

A large green pipe appears on the top of a plain before it vanished as a 5'10 man flew out out of it. He wore a green shirt with a green hat bearing his signature "L" logo. His dark blue overalls with golden buttons sealed the deal. This man's name was Luigi.

Luigi looked around pretty confused. His thoughts drifted back to what had happened less than 5 minutes earlier.


Mario and Luigi were both chasing Bowser, who had once again kidnapped Princess Peach and were both in his Koopa Clown Car, big surprise there. Luigi, in an act of bravery, grabbed a Super Leaf flew up to them to try and stomp the Koopa King. Bowser then saw this and smacked Luigi into a pipe. Sending the poor lad to Rosalina knows where. The last thing he heard was Bowser laughing and both Mario and Peach crying out, "LUIGI!"

Luigi then said after seeing his surroundings,

He then turned and saw a sign saying, 'Welcome to Gravity Falls.'

The green plumber then deadpanned, "Oh."

He then started to try and find a way back home to the Mushroom Kingdom.

However Luigi then saw the people and eyeballs with bat wings. The eyebats noticed him and our hero was about run off screaming, before he saw people were in danger, gathering what little bravery he had to protect them, he jumped and stomped on the bats.

Luigi then saw more coming from a huge floating fortress that looked like a pyramid. Sighing as he knows he had to do the right thing.

He then saw the people he saved giving him odd looks before he realized he still had his Fox tail and ears, the powerup somehow survived the smack from Bowser. Luigi then flew up and saw many monsters and animated objects.

This made our hero mad as he entered the pyramid. Luigi then rushed to find the leader, screaming in fear as Eye-Bats and monsters chased him until he saw the doors close behind him, he turned and saw a yellow triangular figure with only one eye, no mouth, and a top hat sitting on a throne made of petrified humans as he held a cup filled with a cosmic looking liquid.

He seemed to speak as he used his other hand to hold what looked like a script, reading 'DEATH BATTLE: Bill Cipher vs Luigi (Dream On!)' "Ah, I knew you'd be here by now, the script here said so," Bill's hand then ignited the script. He read up to now, knowing he's the winner.

Luigi was confused by what the figure meant by that, but paid it no mind.

The hero then had a look that said, who are you?

The figure said, "Name's Bill Cipher, but you can just call me your new lord and master for all of eternity."

Bill then took a sip of his drink into his eye. This made Luigi look confused and scared by this being, nonetheless he tried to be brave.

Bill laughed for a few moments before saying, "What are you Luigi, a miserable little pile of flesh," Bill then threw his cup to the side as it destroyed the floor, only for the hole to fix several moments later ",but enough talk, have at you!"

This was it, the ultimate battle. Only one of these two fighters would leave alive. Nintendo's Green Underdog or Disney's Dream Demon, which one will be the victo-

Bill then cut me off, "HEY MERCHANT, WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP AND LET US FIGHT ALREADY," confusing Luigi once again before he shook it off.

Sigh* (-_-) As you wish...


Bill then started right out the gate with a laser beam attack from his finger. Which Luigi is struck by, making him loose his fox ear and tail.

Luigi then gets up from his daze and sees Bill's hand has grown to humongous sizes, making him scream before he rolls out of the way. He then pulls out a Fire Flower as his shirt and hat turned white and his overalls changed into the green shade his shirt once had.

An orange colored flame appears in his hand before he throws it at Bill, nailing him in the eye.


Bill then regenerates it only to see Luigi was gone.


Bill looked up to see Luigi was spinning like a top as he glided through the air. Only for the Plumber to then stop and spin forwards in the air before he ground pounded Bill in the eye, but the triangle used a force field to protect himself at the last minute. Blasting Luigi back into the air for a bit.

The nacho looking demon then winded up a punch before hitting Luigi with a mighty strike, sending the green thunder flying outside the Fearamid, loosing his literal firepower in the process.

The Mario Brother then pulled out a feather as he suddenly donned a yellow cape and started to glide through the air. Bill then saw this and suddenly he wore glasses designed for his one eye and a brown wig instead of a top hat as he shouted, "NO CAPES!"

The dream demon then fired a laser from his fingers, knocking the caped hero out of the sky as he landed in the middle of the streets.

Luigi then pulled out a new power up as he suddenly wore an outfit that resembled a Hammer Bros outfit.

He pulled out two hammers before tossing them, they were countered by Bill's own pyrokinetic power. The whipping boy of Nintendo barely had enough time to react as he ducked into his shell, protecting him from the fireballs Bill threw, before he carefully threw a hammer a Bill, nailing him once more in the eye. The triangle then smacked Green Mario away, making him loose the Hammer Suit upon being hit.

Luigi then needed a plan and fast, but Bill gave him an idea.


Speaking of the multiplying power up, Bill then recovered and saw not one, not two, but FOUR Luigis, one of which was holding a cherry with eyes before his attacker fried it with a laser beam, so all four Luigis started running towards a wasteland. Bill then started firing a barrage of fireballs as he gave chase.

They all saw this and started to form a wheel as they all grabbed each other's legs as they rolled away from Bill.

A laser beam then turned all but one Luigi into smoke as Bill approached him, his hand then grew the a monstrous size as he said, "Goodbye forever Luigi!"

The attack then crushed Luigi as this one also vanished into smoke, leaving Bill confused.


Bill then got sent flying by a powerful strike, seeing Luigi with an invincible Rainbow aura.

Luigi pulled out 5 double cherries and used 4 to create clones of him while one held the 5th set of cherries.

The real Luigi then hid as Bill chased the clones, allowing the real Luigi to attack with the mighty Starman as he turned invincible when Bill destroyed the clones.

Bill then stopped time as he duplicated with one Bill suddenly wearing a blonde wig with the a green headband that had a triangle on it, the other as now in golden armor and had red eyes, a clock symbol instead of a bowtie, and lost his hat.

The armored one then created multiple arms on each side before shouting as he hit Luigi once, "MUDA!"

He then took a deep breath before hitting Luigi with a barrage of strikes in frozen time.


The red eyed one then vanished as the real Bill, still wearing the wig and headband, dropped out of the sky with a streamroller... oh wait, I'm sorry it's actually a-

Bill then shouted, "ROAD ROLLER DA!"

Clearly you have watched WAY too much anime Bill.

"Hey! At least I'm not like you and have been put off a certain crossover fic between a game with a toxic fanbase and a American anime where nearly everything is a gun over some crappy DBZ x DC fanfic that you only just finished!"

...Touche, now carry on or I'll ignore you too.

He then said with a know it all look, "You probably won't considering this is already out since the reader's reading it."

...Oh just shut the f#$k up and get on with it Cipher...

"You're no fun," Bill pouted as the steamroller finally crushed Luigi as Bill then jumps off it and snaps.

The flow of time resumes as the steamroller explodes, leaving a thick cloud of smoke.

However, our hero is unaffected, the power of the Starman keeping him temporally invincible before he hit Bill away as the power vanished.

Bill needed a plan if he wanted to win, this guy was starting to push him around.

He then hit Luigi away and into a bubble of pure madness and follows him inside.

Luigi is suddenly looks, more 2 Dimensional and was, literally, paper thin.

Luigi then folded up into a paper airplane and flew around Bill, who was trying to hit Luigi with fireballs. However, Luigi then unfolded and charged up a super jump as he jumped out of the bubble and into another.

Luigi was now a bit more... retro in his appearance. His color scheme seems to look like modern Fire Luigi, and was much more tan, his gloves even being a similar shade of tan. He started to run towards the left from Bill but and invisible force stopped, causing him to go right.

"It's Game Over for you Luigi!" Bill shouted as he threw a bunch of 8-bit hammers at Luigi, one hitting him and knocking him out of the bubble.

He then jumped out and triple jumped into a new madness bubble to hide from Bill. But Bill chased him anyway into it.

This Luigi now has an odd-looking stare and a hunched-over posture. It honestly gave Bill a chill before the demon knocked him out of the bubble and into the final one.

Bill then found himself in space as he saw a huge robotic Luigi head with Luigi inside the hat, dressed in a black engineer suit with grey boots and a green neckerchief his hat's "L" flipped with the white becoming black. Followed by a black mask covering his eyes. This caused Bill to facepalm at how stupid this looked as Mr. L shouted, "Prepare yourself Cipher, for he might of the Green Thunder... MR. L!"

The meat dorito then pulled out a small alien squid, fed it some chocolate bars that were passing them for some god forsaken reason, and starting shooing at it, defeating it as it blows up, sending Mr. L/Luigi flying out of it. He landed on the ground on his back.

Bill then decided to try and invade Luigi's mind as he flew away into the huge cross shaped crack and back into the Nightmare Realm. Meanwhile, Luigi then started to feel tired and instantly fell asleep, unaware he was about to continue his battle with Bill.

Dream World/Mindscape

Bill then entered Luigi's mindscape and found himself in what looked like a distorted, greyed out version of Peach's Castle.

He then turned and saw the plumber approaching him, walking with a look of bravery as he had his hammer in hand, ready to fight Bill in their element.

Bill then looked like he could smirk if he had a mouth, unaware that he was not staring at Luigi, but Dreamy Luigi.

"Thanks Winged, now I know."

And knowing is half the battle.

"G.I. JOE!" We both scream, though Dreamy Luigi only heard the demon shout, he shook his head, slowly growing numb to his shenanigans.

The dream version of Luigi then got into a battle pose as he gained a green aura, he and Bill then stared at each other, ready to continue their brawl.

Luigi started by jumping on Bill's head, not even dazing him before a barrage of Luigis fell from the sky. Stomping on Bill.

Bill then created a herd of clones to counter Luigi, who summoned a large amount of Luiginoids as they formed a ball that Dreamy Luigi rode on as he approached the Bills before kicking it into them, sending some of the clones into other clones.

Luigi then dodged a spike that Bill created in the ground, only for Luigi to create another ball of Luiginoids and chuck it at Bill, who was hit, once again, in the eye. Bill then turned Red and as he scream in complete anger.


Bill's form then changed into a red and yellow monstrous form with multiple arms.

Luigi then screamed as he tried to run, only for Bill to smash him through the floor and into Dream's Deep, Bill chased after him.

The green thunder awoke and saw Bill was about to kill him only to be stopped by multiple transparent Luigis that are only green outlines some were spinning, some were running, some even jumped with no hope of landing... but all of them were talking and Bill heard them all.

"Big bro!"

"Let me help!"

"I'm not clumsy!"

"Big bro! I can help!"

"Don't leave me!"

"I can fight ghosts!"

"Wait for me big broooo!"

Suddenly Bill saw two big round eyes, a set of eyebrows, a nose, and a familiar mustache, all of which, when they were put together, resembled Luigi's face.

"Take me with you!"

The face then flew harmlessly past Bill who was confused, but realized all of the info here could be useful.

"How does it feel Luigi?" Bill started, his body returned to normal, showing various moments of him being overshadowed by Mario and left behind, even one of his shoe being grinded on Mario's shoe "Knowing that you've been put under your own brother time and time again."

Luigi stopped and started to think, "Think about what you could become Luigi. You're one of the seven star children. You deserve better than that. Come on, let me give you power to overshadow your brother."

Bill then held out his hand as it started to glow with blue firey aura.

The green thunder stopped and started to think, his hand slowly reaching for Bill's...

But before he reached it, Luigi had flashbacks of him and Mario, showing every time they had each other's back...

Whether it was fighting a bean witch and her right hand mad bean scientist when they were in the Beanbean Kingdom...

Fighting alongside their baby selves against an alien threat...

Going with their arch enemy when they were trapped in his stomach to fight an enemy from their past...

Or even going toe to toe with said arch enemy and a dream vampire when the duo was on Pillo Island...

They always were together. Even though Mario left him in the dust, he really does care about him.

It didn't take Luigi long to realize Bill was trying to sell him snake oil and was telling only half-truths and lies.

This made him a bit angry at Bill, who noticed Luigi back away and shook his head.

Bill then returned to his red and yellow monster looking form, "You will regret that Luigi. You forget, this is my world."

Suddenly Luigi summoned forth a large amount of Luiginoids started to fly into Luigi's body.

"I have to protect my bro!"

"Big bro is in danger!"

"Big bro!"

"I need to save my bro!"

"I gotta help!"

Giant Dreamy Luigi formed as he pulled out his hammer. Bill then rushed at him and attack with a huge laser that Luigi jumped over.

The giant green thunder then stomped on Bill, actually hurting him, which took Bill aback.

The meat nacho chip then attacked with a laser beam, which Luigi blocked with his hammer, but was pushed back.

The giant Luigi then jumped into the air and spun like a top as Bill tried to block the attack, but Luigi pierce through it and spun the opposite direction before hitting him again, then Luigi did the same thing as he turned to opposite direction AGAIN and then stopped.

The demon then dodged an uppercut from the Green hero, only to be grabbed and throw before being hit by a twister of pain caused by Luigi spinning like a tornado.

The green thunder then grabbed Bill out of the air and threw him up before backflipping into the air and kicking him upwards.

The meat Dorito then threw a fireball sending Luigi flying before a barrage of hits strike Luigi.

The green plumber was sent flying into a wall before he used the green missile in conjunction with the Thunderhand and hit the terror of Gravity Falls away, sending him flying into the air.

They kept countering each other with different moves, every time they tried to do something, the other would just retaliate with an attack to overcome the other, only for the other to do the same and so on.

Bill started to get fed up with all this bullcrap and then tried to erase Luigi from existence, nothing happened, Bill then pulled out a golden gauntlet with 6 different gems in it and then snapped his fingers.


...Still nothing happened... Why wasn't he making Luigi not feeling so good?

Bill started to look confused as his arm started to shake.


Bill started to feel an emotion, one he never expected to feel before.

Genuine Fear.

Fear for the green warrior who, despite being a coward, stood up to Bill, equeled hi- no... SURPASSED him and his reality warping.

The coward who proved to be stronger in the dream world than him...

Luigi then started to approach Bill, who found he was falling to the ground in his normal form, though his size didn't change.

"P-Please, I can give you anything, MONEY, FAME, POWER, YOUR OWN GALAXY!"

Luigi frowned at Bill, knowing better than to almost fall for the same trick twice, before the green Mario Brother crouched down and super jumped high into the air as he grabbed what looked like a giant Starman. He then jumped from the Dreamy Luigi as a Luiginoid took his place.

Luigi felt the giant version of himself throw the star at Bill, who saw this and refused a graceful defeat as he tried to stop Luigi with a huge laser, that he steered out of the way from, he then dodged the other blasts Bill fired.

The demon then saw the Star was fast approaching his eye, but he could hear something Luigi made sure he heard.

"Bye bye," he said and waved goodbye.

The star then pierced through Bill's eye as he looked dumbstruck before he started to glow, shouting his final word.


The terror behind Gravity Fall's Weirdmaggden exploded as he vanished from Existence. Leaving Dreamy Luigi all alone.

Luiginoids that made up the giant Luigi started to fall from the air and disappeared far before they even got close to hit the ground.

The victor of the two dream fighters sighed happily. He then started to feel himself wake up as he eventually vanished from his own mind.

The skies of Gravity Falls turned blue again as all the monsters that Bill summoned and the weirdness Bill made vanished. Everyone then saw Luigi get up, before he jumped up and posed victoriously. Everyone then started to cheer, it wasn't the Mushroom Kingdom, but it was something and that's all that mattered.

Mabel see Bill's physical form, which is now still and looks like it's made of stone, and pulls out a mop and wipes it out of existence before giggling to herself/Meanwhile Luigi is back in the Mushroom Kingdom telling Mario and Peach, the latter of the two being carried by the former, what happened as he now wore a gold colored medal that said, "HERO," on it. The older brother gave him a smirk and a pat on the back as Luigi smiled happily while Peach seemed happy for Luigi.

...I'm gonna get hated on by a lot of, if not all of, you Gravity Falls fans aren't I? Well before you all start attacking, please at least hear me out.

So yeah, at first glance this fight seemed like Bill Cipher should be the one taking the win almost effortlessly, I honestly thought so too at first, but after looking over their feats and abilities, surprisingly no, that was far from the case.

First let's talk about their overall Power.

Bill Cipher, killed the Time Baby in one attack, Cartoon Fight Club has calculated that this is 750 megatons of force, so let's use that as his maximum as we don't see any impressive feats. However in the Super Mario Galaxy 2's final battle, Luigi knocks Neutron Stars into Bowser's face to damage him. Neutron stars can weight a LOW-END of 780 septillion tons or 780,000,000,000,000,000,000 (780 quintillion) megatons, Bill Cipher's feat in tons is 750000000 or 75 million for those who are wondering. So Luigi is actually stronger than Bill Cipher.

Next up, their Speed.

Luigi can keep up with Bowser, who reacted to the Massively Faster than Light Starship Mario, meanwhile, we never get a good estimate of Bill's speed, but he probably can go at light speed, slower though in the Mindscape, he can go at any speed he wants thanks to his reality warping, and this carries over to the real world thanks to gaining a physical form. So I guess, the speed edge goes to Bill.

As for the two fighter's Durability.

Bill has the impressive abilities to regenerate and summon force fields, though any forms of natural durability is kind of hard to pin. Luigi meanwhile has a few that might overpower Bill. In SMG2, he gets within the event horizon of a massive black hole, you know the things that consume all matter and light. He also can survive punches from the massively sized Bowser in the same game as well, and Bowser was consuming celestial matter like stars and planets. So advantage, Luigi.

Now let's talk about their abilities.

Bill Cipher's reality warping abilities is pretty impressive. However, Luigi was not as far behind as one might think and could keep up with Bill thanks to his impressive amount of Power Ups, weapons, and his natural abilities like the Fire Flower, Poltergust 5000, and Thunderhand.

But let's get down to the real question. Dreamy Luigi or Bill Cipher, who was the better master of the Dream World/Mindscape?

Well the obvious answer would once again seems to be Bill, but once again, Luigi takes the lead. Bill's reality warping and nightmare inducing powers was easily countered by Dreamy Luigi.

First off, Bill was nearly defeated by two kids and a manchild who had all just learned that they can bend the dream world to their whim just as much as he can. So Dreamy Luigi, who also can not only create an unlimited amount of Luiginoids and use them to form Luiginary Attacks, but also possess and manipulate various objects Ghost Trick style using his Luiginary Works, as useless in a fight as most of those are, can not only match Bill in the Dream World, but also surpass him.

Now let's talk about their personality and intelligence.

Bill Cipher was smarter, there's no doubt about that for many reasons, but Bill is also very cocky and wouldn't take the fight against Luigi seriously because... well it's Luigi, Bill should naturally have knowledge on him since he knows everything and everyone, however that knowledge wouldn't really help him the long run, it's this same cockiness and arrogance that actually led to his canonical demise at the end of Gravity Falls.

Luigi meanwhile was a coward and would fear Bill, but he has overcome his fears before to save someone he cares about. He also has dealt with powerful beings like Bill Cipher before, like Antasma, another Nightmare monster. Not to mention Bill's eye is an obvious weak point that Luigi would go for when he can.

Now, I'm sure a lot of you may be wondering about Bill and his deals. The most obvious deal he can make with Luigi is about his brother and will try and exploit his jealousy of Mario. However, no matter what, even when he's jealous, he still cares about Mario a lot and will always look up to him, just look at the Dream's Deep/Luigi's subconscious area and Dream Team as a whole for proof.

Finally, the biggest questions of them all, who was more likely to kill first and who had more options of taking victory.

Don't get me wrong Bill Cipher can take this win in certain scenarios like tricking Luigi into a deal or having Luigi fight without his power ups, which is really unlikely in the case of a Death Battle, but more often than not the Green Thunder takes the win.

Cipher's best bets of victory were making a deal, waiting for Luigi to exhaust his power ups, taking Luigi's power ups and weapons altogether, or even taking Luigi's body altogether and using the Poltergust 5000 to capture Luigi's spirit.

Luigi meanwhile could easily trick Bill Cipher back by using his Poltergust 5000 on Bill when he goes for the Green Hero's mind, Use his more OP power ups like the stars, turn Bill Cipher into gold with a Gold Flower, , or even just destroying Bill in the Dream World as Dreamy Luigi.

Bill Cipher may looked like he was going to win, but in the end, Luigi was the true Superstar

The winner is Luigi.

Luigi (Winner)

+Dreamy Luigi was better than Bill Cipher in Mindscape

+Better Hax (Especially as Dreamy Luigi)

+Surprisingly stronger

+Likely more durable

+Better options for victory

+Would take the fight serious from the start

+Resisted being erased from existence by Dreamy Bowser, meaning Bill couldn't just simply erase Luigi from existence.

+Has been heroic even when he's scared

=Both were much more powerful in the Dream World/Mindscape.

+-Vast arsenal of Power Ups and weapons could keep up with Reality Warping, however Luigi would run out eventually, leaving him with only his natural abilities like the Thunderhand.



-Not as smart as Bill

-Didn't have any insight on what he was dealing with at the start.

-Bill could've won in the right circumstances

-Was vulnerable to Bill's manipulative way

-Bill Cipher could also possess Luigi's body if given the chance.

Bill Cipher (Loser)

+-Vast arsenal of Power Ups and weapons could keep up with Reality Warping, however Luigi would run out eventually, leaving him with only his natural abilities like the Thunderhand.


-Luigi was a coward.

-Smarter than Luigi.

+Had insight on what he was dealing with at the start.

+Could've won in the right circumstances

+ Luigi was vulnerable to Bill's manipulative way

+ Could also possess Luigi's body if given the chance.

=Both were much more powerful in the Dream World/Mindscape.

-Dreamy Luigi was better than Bill Cipher in Mindscape

-Worse Hax (Especially when compared to Dreamy Luigi)

-Surprisingly weaker

-Likely less durable

-Not as many options for victory

-Wouldn't take the fight serious from the start

-Bill couldn't just simply erase Luigi from existence as Luigi resisted being erased from existence by Dreamy Bowser.

-Luigi has been shown heroic even when he's scared.

Next Time on Death Battle...

A city is under attack by a large monster.

It then shows a kid wearing a green sweater with a single yellow stripe and a heart locket, they were holding a knife with a glowing red aura. They were about to destroy the monster, only for it to suddenly explode as they see a certain bald superhero who killed it with a single punch. The kid then looked confused by him before closing their eyes and smiling. The hero remains stoic as he stares at the genocider.

"Hmm, your the one who destroying everything aren't you? Well I'm supposed to kill you according the Hero Association."

The child then spoke, "You must have misunderstood..."

The bald hero raised an eyebrow, only for the child to open their now red glowing eyes.


The strongest hero only looked at them with a blank stare and said, "Ok."

Howdy, I hope you enjoyed this season finale for the year, next year, I'm gonna upload a new chapter for said "American Anime x Trash Fandom" fic that Bill mentioned earlier. Now then, I'm just going to go and hide in my bunker from all the Gravity Falls fans I've pissed off while I write, goodbye.