Varsity Drama
By: Haruka-chan

AN: Hello it's me again with another long term story that I'll take forever to finish, but this has been killing me for the last few days that I have been sick. Anyway for summary it's like this. Kagome, Rin, and Sango work at a popular nightclub. Inu-yasha, Miroku, and Sesshoumaru are rich big time medical college students. What happens when Kagome, Rin, Sango go to the same med school as the guys? And they have a crazy teacher pairing people up to live with for a term. It could be your best friend or your worst enemy. Sorry it has to be this way but my word doc doesn't support special lettering and formatting so please cope with me.

Warning the first part will be very cheery and corny and boring, but will get better with time and chapters!

Chapter 1: NO WAY!

It was times like this that the youth of the universe all got together drank and committed the biggest mistake of their young lives, so to speak went home with the wrong girl. But that wasn't the case with out three main heroes of this story their problems was they had the right girls but they were crazy bitches and why not they meet them in none other then club Shikon the place for crazy psychos to have a good time.

"Hey Miroku, why did you drag me here?" asked a very annoyed young man with long sliver hair and golden eyes.

"Cool it Inu-yasha I have a reason for it, and I'll show you. Plush you need to get out more, your gonna like this place" said Miroku.

"Yeah if it's another pretty girl then I'm gonna bitch slap you, and I do get out" said Inu-yasha.

Miroku scratched the back of his head "How did you know?"

Inu-yasha sighed, slapping him on the back of his head, he said "God Damn it!"

"She must be very special if you called me," said a deep smooth voice.

Inu-yasha turned to see ALMOST a replica of himself, "Sesshoumaru."

"Hello little brother" he said with a sly smile.

"Well I can tell you that she's hot, but I haven't yet made the move on her," said Miroku.

"That's a surprise," said Inu-yasha.

The three walked slowly inside in to the loud and fast music and neon lights, crowds of people dancing. Sesshoumaru growled, this kind of places was his least favorite places, to many people, loud music and most of all drunks and weirdoes', and people, and people. To Inu-yasha and Miroku how ever this was what they did every weekend. Sesshoumaru found a 'clean' and people free table and sat down, followed by Inu-yasha and Miroku.

"This club is the best," said Miroku.

"To you any place is good as long as there is a girl you can feel up on" said Inu-yasha.

Miroku's eye changed when a girl with long dark brown hair tied up in a high ponytail with small hair on each side hanging and brown eyes, she was slim in a pair of jeans with pink top with a club logo apron over it. She came towards the group.

"What can I get for you guys?" asked the girl.

"Sango darling, just you would be fine" said Miroku. The girl he knew as Sango glared at him, "On second thought a Pepsi is good."

"I'll have water," said Sesshoumaru.

Sango gave him a look "Ok" she said then turned towards Inu-yasha.

"I'll have a sprite spike it," he said.

Sango nodded and walked away. Sesshoumaru looked around, the stage had local bands playing, the club was nice and clean, and the waitresses seemed fast and smart not to mention good looking.

"Not a bad place eh?" asked Miroku.

Sesshoumaru shot him a cold glare before looking down at the table in fascination.

"What about you Inu-yasha?" he asked.

"Not bad, looks good and has good music," said Inu-yasha.

Miroku smiled even wider when another girl came towards him. She had light brown hair tied up in a bun, she had amber eyes, She had on a denim skirt that came up to her knees, with sneakers and she too had the apron with the logo of the club.

"Hey Miroku" she said in a cheerful voice.

"Hey Rin" he said as his hand made it's way slowly towards her ass.

"Don't even try," she said as she placed their drinks on the table.

"Here is your water, trying to stay sober that's good" she said looking at the group weird "Pepsi, and spiked sprite" she said as she looked at the young men. "I don't think I've seen you before," said Rin closing in on Sesshoumaru's face.

"He's new, and so is Inu-yasha," said Miroku.

Rin nodded "I'll leave your bill open, who knows maybe who ever order water, might want something stronger" said Rin and winked. Miroku and Inu-yasha smirked while Sesshoumaru glared at her.

"Hey how come Sango didn't drop of the drinks?" asked Miroku.

"Miroku your so stupid for a smart guy, she didn't want you to feel her up, if you like her then just ask her out, and if you didn't know that kind of exclude touching OTHER girls" said Rin.

Miroku sweat dropped, "She really doesn't like me?"

Rin shrugged "I don't know, you're a good looking guy, with a problem. Then again so is all guys" she said looking at Sesshoumaru and walked away.

Inu-yasha smirked while Sesshoumaru glared. "Well isn't she a ray of sun shine."

Miroku nodded "You haven't seen the other one, the trio of goddesses."

Inu-yasha took a sip of his sprite. "Trio?"

"Yup, Sango, Rin and Kagome the three hottest waitress here at Club Shikon" said Miroku.

"You come here often for them I assume" said Sesshoumaru.

"I met them at the ice cream parlor in 5th avenue" said Miroku.

"And what from there you just started to stalk them?" asked Inu-yasha.

"No, well sort of, no" Miroku looked at the table.

Inu-yasha shook his head "Your such an ass Miroku"

The lights flickered catching everyone's attention.

"Something wrong with their light?" asked Inu-yasha.

"I believe they are trying to tell us to look towards the stage," said Sesshoumaru. Miroku, and Inu-yasha turned towards the stage and saw and heard Rin.

"Everyone enjoying themselves so far?" she asked, getting loud cheers from the crowd. "Well it's time for Kagami to take the stage!"

All the lights went out, and the music stopped for about a minute.

"What the hell is wrong with their lightings now?" asked Inu-yasha.

"Nothing, the next band is going up," said Miroku.

"O" said Inu-yasha and sweat drooped --' "I knew that."

Sesshoumaru shook his head and Miroku sighed.

When the lights came back on the stage had 3 girls, and a guy with auburn hair they were to far to see the color of his eyes, he was in a pair of faded baggy jeans, black converse, and a black t-shirt. Inu-yasha noticed that Sango was on the drums; Rin was on the bass, the other girl he didn't know was on the guitar. She had black hair and he couldn't see her eye color but she was hot, and the weird looking guy was on the keyboard. The chick he didn't know started to talk.

"Hey guys! Were back again, but for the new comers I'm Kagome, Rin with bass, Sango with drums, and Shippou with key board, and were Kagami" she said.

"Kagami interesting name for a band" said Sesshoumaru.

"I know I wanted to know why they named it that," said Miroku.

"Maybe you could ask Sango or that chick Rin," said Inu-yasha. Miroku nodded.

"All right were gonna sing one of our favorites" said Rin.

"Yeah it's called Mama Mia," said Sango.

"For all those guy and girls that can't get over that special someone who has left" said Kagome.

Miroku turned toward Inu-yasha. "Hey maybe you could ask them to play that for you personally" he said,

Sesshoumaru grinned while Inu-yasha glared at him. The computerized music started first and then group. Kagome moving her hand quickly over the neck of the guitar, Rin's fingers moving down the bass gracefully, Sango hitting the drums like crazy while keeping measure, and the Shippou played the key board like a rock star would, shaking his hair like he was doing the commercial for L'Oreal shampoo. Inu-yasha smirked when he thought of the motto 'Cause your worth it' but his head turned to listen to the lyrics that were now sung by according to Miroku the 'Goddess trio'

I've been cheated by you since I don't know when
So I made up my mind, it must come to an end
Look at me now, will I ever learn?
I don't know how but I suddenly lose control
There's a fire within my soul
Just one look and I can hear a bell ring

One more look and I forget everything, o-o-o-oh
Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you?
Mamma mia, does it show again?
My my, just how much I've missed you
Yes, I've been brokenhearted

Blue since the day we parted
Why, why did I ever let you go?
Mamma mia, now I really know,
My my, I could never let you go.
I've been angry and sad about things that you do

I can't count all the times that I've told you we're through
And when you go, when you slam the door
I think you know that you won't be away too long
You know that I'm not that strong
Just one look and I can hear a bell ring

One more look and I forget everything, o-o-o-oh
Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you?
Mamma mia, does it show again?
My my, just how much I've missed you
Yes, I've been brokenhearted

Blue since the day we parted
Why, why did I ever let you go?
Mamma mia, now I really know,
My my, I could never let you go.
Mamma mia, here I go again

My my, how can I resist you?
Mamma mia, does it show again?
My my, just how much I've missed you
Yes, I've been brokenhearted

Blue since the day we parted
Why, why did I ever let you go
Mamma mia, now I really know
My my, I could never let you go

The techno and the music came to an end, the crowd cheered and yelled with some yelling of

'That's my woman you're looking at'


'Kagome will you got out with me'


'Rin you so cute'


'Sango don't beat me up, but you're hot'

Kagome, Rin and Sango smiled at each other. "Next one is called The Wreckoning, Shippou is helping us out on that one" said Kagome with a wink. While Shippou covered his face with a hand in embracement. Again the music started, and Kagome started out singing.

I came I saw I kicked some ass
The pain I cause it makes me laugh
'Cause the way I do my thing is strange

I just inject myself into your veins, yeah
Can't run can't hide
There's no way out
The sun will rise and it's about
Time for the wreckoning
Time time for this girl to sing

Damn if I thought that you would change
And my life would stay the same
When you don't even care about me
You know, you don't give a damn
Well things will come and things will go
And one thing I know for sure is that

You don't give a shit about me
And so I'm walking out the door. (oh yeah)
Can't move can't breathe it's gettin dark
The beast has come to steal your heart
So you better practice your scream

Well you may not live your dreams
Things will come and things will go
And one thing I know for sure is that
You don't give a shit about me
And so I'm walking out the door.

The wreckoning
The wreckoning
The wreckoning
Oh, it's time

The wreckoning
The wreckoning
The wreckoning
Oh, it's time

Damn if I thought that you would change
And my life would stay the same
When you don't even care about me
You know, you don't give a damn

Things will come and things will go
And one thing I know for sure is that
You don't give a shit about me
And so I'm walking out the door.

The wreckoning
The wreckoning
The wreckoning
Oh, it's time

The wreckoning
The wreckoning
The wreckoning
Ya don't give a damn

And I'm running from my problems
I got my funny face painted on
And then I'll think of what you said to me
And then I'll think of what you did to me
I'll think of you and probably laugh

And then I'll think of you and probably laugh
And then I'll think of you and probably laugh
You're the one I'm running from
Damn if I thought that you would change
And my life would stay the same

When you don't even care about me
Ah no, you don't give a damn
Well things will come and things will go
And one thing I know for sure is that
You don't give a shit about me

And so I'm walking out the door.
The wreckoning
The wreckoning
The wreckoning

Oh, it's time
The wreckoning
The wreckoning
The wreckoning

Oh, it's time
The wreckoning
The wreckoning
The wreckoning

Ya don't give a damn
The wreckoning
The wreckoning
The wreckoning

I'm walking out the door...

The crowd went wild from the song, they yelled and cheered.

"Thanks everyone, but that has to be our last song," said Rin.

The crowd gave 'aawwe'

"We'll be back tomorrow night, and we'll play longer" said Kagome.

Sango hit the drums to confirm what Kagome said with a wink, "Until then see you guys."

Miroku sighed "She's so fucken hot!"

Inu-yasha looked at his brother then at his friend, "Umm, yeah. Miroku why don't you listen to that girl Rin and ASK her out?"

"No, not yet because then she'll think I'm desperate," said Miroku.

Inu-yasha sweat dropped "Stupid you are desperate."

Miroku sighed once more.

"Hey guys! Are you ready for another order?" asked the girl known as Kagome.

"Aren't waitress here the ray of sun shine" said Inu-yasha.

Kagome's eyebrows twitched but she smiled through clenched teeth. "Miroku, you brought some pleasant friends didn't you?" asked Kagome. Miroku nodded. Kagome looked at Miroku with concern. "Miroku you ok? I mean I have been standing next to you for a WHOLE minute and you didn't try and grope me" said Kagome.

Miroku did an anime fall and sweat dropped.

"Oh don't worry he's just really in to your friend Sango" said Inu-yasha.

Kagome laughed and waved her hands in the air like a crazy bitch. "Oh, so you still didn't ask her? Man and here I thought you had guts" said Kagome.

"Where did you get that idea?" asked Inu-yasha.

"Well you have to have guts to get slapped and beat up by a girl for groping and still try it," said Kagome.

Inu-yasha's face took on a thinking one and he shrugged "I guess in that sense your right" he said.

"Come on guys leave him alone" said Rin coming towards them.

"Hey Rin your leaving already?" asked Kagome.

"Yeah I came to say bye to you and Miroku, Shippou is giving me ride home. Our new term starts tomorrow and I wanna be there ON TIME," said Rin.

"O! That's right!" yelled Kagome.

"Don't worry Kagome you always on time" said Rin.

Kagome's smiled disappeared "This is just fucken great!" she said.

"Wow she has mood change in seconds" said Inu-yasha.

"Miroku just ask her, and I'm sure she'll be nice" said Rin.

"Nice? What you say means she doesn't like me so she has to be nice?" asked Miroku freaking out.

"I have a question," said Sesshoumaru.

Everyone turned towards him.

"Why is your band called Kagami?" he asked.

Inu-yasha and Miroku did an anime fall while Rin and Kagome had a blank look their face considering the question had nothing to do what they w ere talking about.

"It's called Kagami because it means scared mirror, kind of like the band nirvana, it holds a special meaning for us" said Kagome.

"A mirror that is more then just a looking glass" said Rin.

"The true reflection of one's self" said Sango coming towards them.

"We actually took on that name when we were still really naive so our songs doesn't really go with the name, but it stuck with us" said Rin. Sango and Kagome nodded in unison.

"Deep stuff" said Inu-yasha.

"Really" said Miroku.

"The name suites" said Sesshoumaru.

"Thanks!" said the three.

"Rin if you wanna rid, your ass better get here" yelled Shippou from the door over the loud music.

Rin looked at everyone. "Well it was nice meeting you all, but I gotta get going," said Rin. "I'll see you two later at home, k bye" said Rin and ran off.

"Maybe I should go home to, we start a new term tomorrow and I forgot about it" said Kagome.

"Don't worry about, well go to bed early...hopefully" said Sango patting her friend on the shoulder. Kagome nodded.

"There you are Kagome, I have been looking all over for you" said a small timid voice.

Kagome turned to see Hojou standing behind her and Sango. "Ahha...umm...I have to...What can I get for you?" asked Kagome.

"Kagome I was wondering if you would like to go get a cup of coffee later" said Hojou looking down at his hand.

"Sorry Hobo but Kagome has to turn in early new term" said Sango.

"It's Hojou, and oh how about tomorrow for lunch?" asked Hojou.

"Tomorrow is not good for me...I umm...have to...visit my grand pa" said Kagome.

"Oh tell him I said Hello," said Hojou.

"Umm sure" she said looking at the guys for help.

Miroku caught on and butted in. "Sorry Hojou, but Kagome is currently seeing someone," said Miroku.

"She is? Who? How she was signal this afternoon" said Hojou.

"I asked her out this evening" said Miroku.

Sango and Kagome looked at him. "Yeah Hojou, I told Miroku that I would go out with him" said Kagome placing a hand on Miroku's shoulder.

"Oh you did? Well when your free give me call," said Hojou.

"Like that will ever happen," said Kagome under her breath.

"Huh?" he asked.

"I said sure, defiantly" said Kagome.

Hojou smiled "great, I look forward to it" said Hojou and walked away.

Inu-yasha busted out laughing.

"What the hell is so funny?" asked Kagome.

"That little 'mama's boy' asked you out? I thought for sure he was gay," said Inu-yasha.

Kagome's forehead vein popped out "Well guess what dog-boy I don't think it's funny at all!" said Kagome.

Inu-yasha jumped up from his chair. "Dog-boy! Where the hell that you get that shit?" he asked.

Kagome pointed at his ears "I don't know maybe those on the top of your head! They are a dead give away you know!" she yelled.

Sango who was now standing next to Miroku looked on as her best friend and some guy fought over nothing.

"Do you think we should stop them?" she asked.

"No, wait until she insult him some more" said Miroku.

Inu-yasha turned towards Miroku "Hey I heard that! I thought your suppose to stick up for me" he said. Miroku smiled and shrugged.

"I bet you heard him, and who would wana be on your side?" asked Kagome.

"Listen bitch! I don't know what the hell your problem is, one minute your happy, the next you yelling at my face. I'm sorry that your PMS-ing but you sure ass hell don't need to take it out on me!" yelled Inu-yasha.

Kagome had smoke coming from her ears now. "PMS-ing? What the fuck would you know about that, you fucken dick head?" asked Kagome.

"I know a lot more then you think" said Inu-yasha.

"Yeah I bet, I'm sure you just like us ladies" said Kagome.

"Lady? Who you?" asked Inu-yasha.

"Maybe I'm not a lady, but your no gentle man either, more like a fucken pig!" said Kagome.

"Does it look like I weigh 200lb? and I am a gentle man with ladies! something that you need to learn about" said Inu-yasha.

"Shit you could have fooled me! and I need to learn? If it's any body that needs to learn it's you! Why don't you go home, and watch the big purple dinosaur! maybe then you'll learn at least how to talk to people!" said Kagome.

"You got some serious issue!" said Inu-yasha.

"I have an Issue! What world you living on?" asked Kagome.

"Now do we break it up?" asked Sango.

"Yeah, I think if we let it continue we'll have to call emergency," said Miroku.

"Kagome calm down" said Sango pulling Kagome away from Inu-yasha's face.

"Inu-yasha calm down, come on now, she's upset about the bobo guy," said Miroku.

"it's Hojou" said Hojou popping out of nowhere.

"Who the hell cares!" yelled Sango, Kagome, Miroku, and Inu-yasha in unison.

"Kagome you know, you don't wanna hurt him" said Sango.

"You wanna bet?" asked Kagome showing her pearly whites.

"You're just stressed, plush you don't wana lose your job," said Sango.

Kagome sighed "I guess your right, I don't" Kagome said.

Inu-yasha smirked "Looks like I won this round" he said.

"Oh you bet there is gonna be another round, and that's the one that's gonna send you to the hospital" said Kagome.

Inu-yasha snorted.

Kagome smiled at Miroku. "Thanks Miroku" she said.

"Hey Sesshoumaru you didn't say anything through the whole 'Hoho' fight" said Miroku.

Hojou pops out of nowhere "It's-" before he could finish.

Everyone yelled "Who the fuck cares!"

"Kagome why don't you get a drink, I'll take care of this table" said Sango.

Kagome nodded walking away giving Inu-yasha death glares.

"What the hell is her fucken problem?" asked Inu-yasha.

"Well, you did provoke it" said Sesshoumaru.

"I didn't do shit" said Inu-yasha.

"You know what! What ever! what the hell do you guys want to drink?" asked Sango frustrated.

"I have some things I need to take care of so nothing for me" said Sesshoumaru getting up.

"You're leaving already?" asked Miroku.

"Unlike you I have other things much important to do," said Sesshoumaru.

"I'm sure" said Inu-yasha.

"Oh and I should remind the to of you that the new term starts tomorrow and being in class early will help" said Sesshoumaru.

"What? The new term already for us to?" asked Miroku.

"I liked the old term," said Inu-yasha.

"Yeah, maybe this term we'll have more cute girls in our classes" said Miroku.

Sango stood annoyed "You know I have things to do" said Sango glaring at Miroku and Inu-yasha.

"I better get going" said Inu-yasha.

"Yeah so should I" said Miroku.

"Wait let me get this straight you made me wait here for five minutes, and now your not going to order?" asked Sango.

"Sorry..." said Miroku.

Sango looked ready to kill. "You guys want to know what I hate more then to wait is to wait on self centered mother fuckers" yelled Sango.

Inu-yasha looked at Miroku. "And this is the girl you wanna go out with?" he asked.

"Arrghh!" said Sango slamming her order pad on the table. "Never mind just forget it!" she yelled before she started to push people out of her, not caring if they lost an arm or leg.

"The so called Goddess trio needs anger management" said Inu-yasha.

"Let's get the fuck out of here before she comes back with a stick" said Miroku.

While the whole scene with 'the order' was going on Sesshoumaru had slipped outside. Where he found the third pissed of goddess.

"Shippou you ass wipe you told me that you got your car fixed!" yelled Rin.

Shippou was under the hood, trying to fix it. "Rin calm down. I said I would give you ride" he said.

"My ass would have been fucken home if I walked!" said Rin.

"Then why don't you?" yelled Shippou.

"Because I'm tired and my feet hurts!" said Rin.

"Well then shut up and wait!" said Shippou.

"Arrgghh!" said Rin and started to slowly walk home.

Sesshoumaru had to smile as Rin mumbled curses towards her friend.

"Damn car! Had to ruin my 1/2 hour of sleep" said Rin under her breath.

"Hey Rin what you still doing here?" asked Miroku noticing her slowly walking figure.

Rin turned her faced lit up. "Miroku can you give me a ride home?" she asked.

"Sure where you live?" asked Miroku.

"In 2157 Geraniums street" said Rin.

"Hey isn't that where you live Sesshoumaru?" asked Inu-yasha.

"You do? I never seen you in that apartment and I know almost everyone" said Rin thoughtfully.

"Sessy here likes to keep to himself" said Inu-yasha.

Sesshoumaru let out a growl in the use of 'Sessy'

Rin nodded "Anyway I need a ride" said Rin.

"Well why don't you go with Sessy?" asked Inu-yasha.

Rin looked at him with hopeful eyes. "Please!" she said.

Sesshoumaru sighed and opened the door to his BMW Z4 and let her in. Rin smiled and cheered her thanks. Sesshoumaru nodded and told her to stay quite to which she object but soon shut the hell up considering it was his car. Sesshoumaru turned on the radio where they were playing a song called 'The Anthem' by good something.

"I love that soon!" yelled Rin as she turned up the loud punk rock.

"It's a new day, but it all feels's a good life that's what I'm told!" Rin sang with the music. "but everyday is just the same to me" said Rin.

Sesshoumaru stared at her as she kept up with the song and bopped her head to the music, and her voice was pleasant to listen to.

"This is the anthem throw all your hands up" said Rin. They stopped in corner at the red light. Sesshoumaru thought all his reputation was slipping away with every minute that the loud music was on.

"Don't wanna be you" sang Rin as loud as she could. the other cars that were they were all cheering her on.



'Go shorty'

"Can you be quite please" asked Sesshoumaru.

"Oh sorry, sometimes I get carried away" said Rin.

The light changed and soon they were on their way. Rin looked towards Sesshoumaru and the back to the passing scenario.

'Man he's serious how would think he was young?' thought Rin. She looked back once more. 'He could pass for a woman...ahaha' thought Rin looking back. She looked back once again at Sesshoumaru. 'He could pass for an evil granny, or just a plain granny...ahaha' she thought as she started to giggle.

Sesshoumaru noticed the many times Rin looked and some and turned away and how she started to laugh.

"Is something interesting on my face?" he asked.

"No I was just laughing at a personal joke" said Rin.

Sesshoumaru growled. 'I am going kill Inu-yasha for this' thought Sesshoumaru.

'Maybe he's gays guys get drunk...who orders water at a club?' thought Rin as she started to giggle again.

Sesshoumaru growled. "What's funny now?" he asked.

"Man your not a people person are you?" asked Rin.

"I like it own my own and perfect example would be now" he said.

"Man do you have a girlfriend? I see that your really depressed, is it because girls don't talk to you?" asked Rin.

Sesshoumaru sent her glares as he started to drive faster.

"Or maybe your emotionally mest up. Then again what guys isn't" she said out loud.

"Can you just shut up!" yelled Sesshoumaru.

"Fine! You don't have to be a jerk about it" yelled Rin and crossed her hands over her chest.

"I should have went with Miroku, or maybe this is my punishment for being a bitch with Shippou" she said as she did a dramatic anime tearing TT

Sesshoumaru pulled up in front of a huge building. "We are here," he said.

"Really? Wow that was fast," she said as she got out. "Thanks a lot for the ride, if you ever need to borrow anything, like a mirror, comb, lipstick let me know k, even though I don't think you need to borrow condoms from me, you probably don't run out" said Rin and winked.

"Thank you but no thank you" he said.

"Thanks again. I'm at 6G k" said Rin and went through the glass door.

Sesshoumaru would have banged his head against his car but there were number of reason why he didn't. First his hair, second the roof of the car was down, third he didn't want to display such behavior in front of public, fourth his hair. He made his way inside and noticed Rin standing in front of the elevator door pressing the button; he came and stood a foot away from her.

Kagome and Sango walked out and saw that Shippou was trying to fix his car.

"What happened?" asked Sango.

"My car broke down" he said.

"Where is Rin?" asked Kagome.

"She went with the dude with the white hair" said Shippou.

"Who?" asked Sango.

"He means Sesshoumaru, Inu-yasha's brother" said Miroku.

"She actually trusted his brother?" asked Kagome.

Inu-yasha glared and Kagome glared back.

"Can you two calm down!" yelled Sango.

Both Kagome and Inu-yasha looked away.

"Since we don't have a ride, do you think you guys could give us one?" asked Sango.

"NO WAY! We'll walk" said Kagome.

"Kagome we don't have time for that!" said Sango.

"Then well catch a cab, a guy delivering take out, anything" said Kagome.

Sango sweat dropped, while Miroku and Inu-yasha's eyes contrasted to dots.

"Kagome calm down I don't mind giving you a ride" said Miroku.

"No but I do" said Inu-yasha.

"Get in where do you live?" asked Miroku.

"In 2157 Geraniums street" said Sango.

"So you guys live with that girl Rin?" asked Inu-yasha.

"Yeah were room mates" said Sango as she got in the back seat of the car.

Kagome sighed and got in next.

"That's where we live too on the 5th floor" said Miroku.

"Huh? What apartment?" asked Kagome.

"Apartment 5G" said Miroku.

"Hey that's right below us" said Sango.

"O so you're the chick upstairs that don't know when to shut up" said Inu-yasha.

"And your the idiot who thinks he can sign in the shower downstairs" said Kagome.

"I do not" Inu-yasha said blushing.

"Oh yea, the other day you were singing the theme song for that show with the rats" said Kagome.

"They are not rats, they are hamsters" said Inu-yasha.

Kagome smiled "My point proven" she said.

"I feel so much better," said Kagome sitting back.

"Hey if your 6G then Sesshoumaru is right above you he's in 7G," said Miroku.

"Hey is he the guy that order water?" asked Sango.

"Yeah Sessy wants to stay somber when he gets home" said Inu-yasha.

"Is he gay?" asked Kagome.

"No he's straight," said Miroku.

"He just doesn't like people, put it this way he doesn't like anyone but himself," said Inu-yasha.

"Wow talk about ego" said Sango.

"Yup Sesshoumaru is what you call pure male pride" said Miroku.

"You mean half male, he could have fooled me" said Kagome.

Miroku and Sango busted out laughing.

"You shouldn't be talking, with a perky gay bitch after you" said Inu-yasha.

"Aren't we in a bad mood making fun of poor boys" said Kagome.

"What is your problem bitch?" asked Inu-yasha.

"What's with calling me bitch? Do I look like am on all four barking at you dog-boy?" asked Kagome.

Inu-yasha growled.

"I can't believe we start the new term I wonder which goof ball were gonna get this term" said Sango changing the subject.

"Anyone is better then what we had last term," said Kagome.

"Yup" said Sango nodding.

"What school you guys go to?" asked Miroku.

"Wow you don't know that yet?" asked Sango.

"Huh?" asked Miroku.

"Well you have been stalking us for so long, I thought you already knew what we slept in already," said Sango.

"What do you sleep in?" asked Miroku.

"Nothing that you need to know about" said Sango.

"Hey Sango why don't you and Miroku go to the fair that's going to be in town next week" said Kagome.

"Huh?" asked Sango looking at her friend.

"I mean Miroku is a nice guy, besides the fact that he likes to grope every girl he sees," said Kagome.

"Thanks a lot Kagome," said Miroku.

"Why are you stabbing in the back?" asked Sango.

"I was just suggesting it," said Kagome.

"Come on Sango I'm not really a bad guy" said Miroku.

"Damn you could have fooled me," said Inu-yasha.

"Fine only if you come along" said Sango.

"If I come along then I'll be in the way," said Kagome.

"So?" asked Sango.

"Then you two won't get to 'know' each other," said Kagome.

"What ever you're coming along and that's final," said Sango.

"But I have to help Rin" said Kagome.

"With what?" asked Sango.

"With what ever report she's going to get that weekend" said Kagome.

"Would stop with the bullshit already!" yelled Sango.

"So what we going to eat?" asked Inu-yasha.

"Don't we have some Raman left?" asked Miroku.

"I thought you ate that this morning for breakfast" said Inu-yasha.

"So wanna grab a slice?" asked Miroku.

"Sure" said Inu-yasha.

"Hey girls were going for a slice wanna come?" asked Miroku.

"No we're having take out" said Kagome.

"Can you just drop us off before you grab anything" said Sango.

"Maybe we should have takeout to" said Miroku.

"Why?" asked Inu-yasha.

"Cause after I stop the car I'll be to tired to drive again" said Miroku.

"Fine" said Inu-yasha.

"Hey were here, is that Sesshoumaru's car?" asked Miroku.

"Yeah looks like he just got here few minutes ago" said Inu-yasha.

Kagome and Sango stepped out. "Wow what a beautiful night" said Kagome stretching.

"Yup!" said Sango. "Lets go" said Sango.

All four went inside.

"Hey Rin why are you still doing down here?" asked Kagome.

"Waiting for the elevator" she said.

"Sesshoumaru, why are you still here?" asked Miroku.

"First I live here, and second if she's still waiting for the elevator so am I," said Sesshoumaru.

"We are ordering out what you want?" asked Kagome taking out her cell phone.

"I don't know get me the usual" said Rin.

"Me too" said Sango.

"Ok" said Kagome dialing the number.

"Hello yes, I would like one large veggie pie, one large extra cheese, and one with everything in it except anchovies, three two liter sprites" said Kagome.

"Do you think that will be enough?" asked Rin.

"Hold on a sec" said Kagome.

"You think we need another pie?" asked Sango.

"How about some wings?" asked Rin.

Kagome nodded "Ok am back, and with that give 20 honey bbq wings and three one pint chocolate, and strawberry ice cream" said Kagome.

"Yeah that's all of it, uhuh. It's 2157 Geraniums street apartment 6G, ok bye" said Kagome. When she hung up she smiled. "Dinners on the way" she said.

Sango and Rin nodded. Rin saw the look on the guys face.

"What?" asked Sango. "

Are you guys having a party?" asked Miroku.

"No why?" asked Kagome.

"How the hell you gonna eat all that food?" asked Inu-yasha.

"We always eat that much" said Rin.

Inu-yasha's Miroku's and Sesshoumaru's eyes bugged out.

"How the fuck are you so skinny then?" asked Inu-yasha.

Rin shrugged.

"We are not vain like you guys," said Kagome.

"Yeah we eat what we like," said Sango, and then Rin and Kagome busted out laughing.

"Bunch of freaks" said Inu-yasha.

"What the hell do you call yourself then?" asked Kagome.

"I don't eat that much at least" he said.

"You probably eat even more! And it's not helping with the fat that's already building up" yelled Kagome pointing at his stomach.

Rin pressed the button for the elevator. "What the fuck is taking so long?" she asked.

"My feet hurts" said Sango.

"You wanna go by stairs?" asked Rin, and all went quite.

"Are you feeling ok?" asked Kagome.

"Fine" said Rin.

"We never take the stairs" said Sango.

"I know but I am so tired I wanna get in to my shorts and socks and watch golden girls" said Rin.

"We all do sweetie but you see us standing her" said Kagome.

Miroku, Inu-yasha, and Sesshoumaru just stood staring at each other.


"hey it's here" said Rin jumping inside.

"Do you think it's safe to go in with them?" asked Inu-yasha.

Sesshoumaru stepped in.

"I guess if he is going so are we" said Miroku.

Inu-yasha nodded. They stepped inside and soon the they were on their way up.

"Look on the bright side we get of first" said Miroku.


"See ya girls and Sesshoumaru" said Miroku.

"Why did you bother saying his name he's one of us" said Sango.

Sesshoumaru growled.

"What?" asked Sango.


"Good night, and remember if you ever need anything" said Rin waving at Sesshoumaru.

"What would he need?" asked Kagome.

"Hair brush, concealer, lipstick" said Rin.

"Ooo right" said Kagome.

"Did you offer him condoms?" asked Sango.

"No I told him he probably doesn't run out," said Rin.

Kagome and Sango laughed as they went inside.

The next day...AN: getting sleepy. plus I don't think you wanna know how Kagome, Sango and Rin devoured all that food

Kagome yawned and woke to Inu-yasha's usual signing in the shower.

"That idiot why does he even try?" she asked walking towards the bathroom.

"Morning Kag" said Sango who was standing next to the coffee maker.

"Where is Rin?" asked Kagome.

Sango nodded towards the floor where laid Rin in a long T-shirt and socks on the floor hugging a white rabbit.

"Hey isn't that mines?" asked Kagome pulling it away.

"No yours is blue" said Rin sitting up.

"Really?" asked Kagome.

Rin nodded. "Hey what time is it?" asked Rin.

"5:30 why?" asked Kagome.

"No just wondering if I would get like 10 more minutes of sleep in between getting dress and brushing my hair," she said.

"I think you have 20minutes more" said Sango.

"So what the hell am I doing up?" asked Kagome.

"Inu-yasha" stated Sango.

"Oh that idiot, I am going down there right now and yelling the crap out of him" said Kagome as she opened the door to walk out.

"Kag you have like nothing on but that sheer night gown" said Sango.

"So?" asked Kagome.

Sango shrugged.

"She means be careful of Miroku," said Rin still on the floor.

Kagome nodded and walked out leaving the door open.

"Close the door Rin" said Sango.

"Can't reach" said Rin as she tried to close the door with her feet.

Sango nodded as she poured herself another cup of coffee, making it her already 5th.

Rin heard a


"Kagome are you back already?" asked Rin as she opened one eye to look out only to find some old guy of 85 was drooling and breathing hard. "You ok grand pa?" asked Rin. Sango peeked through the door.

"He look out of shape" said Sango.

"But he used the elevator" said Rin.

"Then must be asthma," said Sango.

Rin shrugged and sat up and crossed her leg. "I better get dressed" she said.

"Yeah you better," said Sango.

Rin yawned. "I wonder what Kagome is going to say to Inu-yasha" said Rin.

"I don't know something like 'you can't sing for shit so don't try' or maybe 'listen dog-boy I don't know if you understand what I am saying to you' she'll find something, if it is going to be creative that is possibility of a not considering it's so early and she didn't have coffee" said Sango.

Rin yawned and crawled towards the bathroom. As Sango headed towards her room to get dressed. The front door still open and forgotten.

Kagome knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" called Miroku.

"It's Kagome," she said.

Miroku opened the door and froze. There stood Kagome in a short ass blue slip that hardly covered anything.

"Wha...?" asked Miroku.

Kagome sighed and pushed Miroku out of the way and walked inside of their apartment. Kagome had to admit they had pretty nice apartment for guys. She walked towards the Room she assumed was Inu-yasha's. Kagome looked around the room, and then saw Inu-yasha in a towel drying his hair. Kagome smirked.

"Inu-babe I think you lost your towel" she said as she pulled the towel away.

Inu-yasha turned and grabbed the towel in a break neck speed and found Kagome staring at him.

"Wow that was fast," she said.



Inu-yasha growled. "I don't sing in the shower," said Inu-yasha.

"Yes you do, I woke to your singing!" said Kagome.

Inu-yasha growled again as Kagome went ahead naming everything he sang and how terrible it sounded. His eyes went from her face to the ground, and that's when he noticed that she was in almost nothing standing yelling at him.

"Why the hell are you dressed like?" he asked finally.

"Because I just woke up 10 minutes ago" yelled Kagome.

"Didn't you find the need to change before you came down" asked Inu-yasha.

"Why would I find a need for that? Why are we talking about what I'm wearing?" asked Kagome.

Inu-yasha let out a growl. "Gee bitch, there is no point in trying to save the trouble of being raped" he said.

"Hello I'm dressed like this because this is what I sleep in!" said Kagome. "Arrghh, Just shut the hell up!" yelled Kagome and walked out of his room.

"Damn! what a bitch!" said Inu-yasha.

"What a fucken dick!" yelled Kagome.

Rin pulled on her jeans and a fitted tee that read 'I'm with stupid' with a hand pointing towards the right.

"That's what you're wearing?" asked Sango.

"I don't feel like putting anything especial on," she said.

Sango nodded who was in a Fuchsia skirt that came to her knees, and a white fitted tee with picture of a mini Sango with boxing gloves.

"You look cute, I love that shirt" said Rin.

"I know I had it costume made" said Sango.

Rin nodded. "Kagome isn't here yet?" asked Rin.

"Nope" said Sango.

"What if she killed him," asked Rin.

"Couldn't happen, Miroku is there...oh shit!" said Sango as she and Rin raced out of the house and in front of the elevator.


"Kagome?" asked Rin.

"Please tell me that you didn't do anything to him" said Sango.

"I didn't do anything" said Kagome. Rin and Sango sighed in relief.

"Wait so what happened?" asked Rin.

"Nothing" said Kagome as she walked in to her room.

There is no point in trying to save the trouble of being raped Inu-yasha's word floated in her head.

"Damn that bastard" she said as she pulled out some of her clothing.

"What do you think happened?" asked Rin.

"Oh she's still pissed" said Sango as she brushed her hair.

Rin nodded. "It's 6:30, we still have to stop to have breakfast" said Rin.

"Kagome hurry up" yelled Sango.

"I'm done" said Kagome stepping out in a slanted-pocket denim miniskirt, with a green muscle tee.

"Cute, did you meet a guy while you were yelling at Inu-yasha?" asked Sango.

"Huh? No" said Kagome.

"Rin is that what your wearing?" asked Kagome.

Rin nodded. Kagome nodded as they grabbed there bags and walked out.

"Where are we having breakfast?" asked Kagome.

"I don't know how about starbucks" asked Sango.

"Yeah" said Rin.

Kagome nodded as they waited for the elevator. Bing the door opened to reveal Sesshoumaru in it.

"Hey Sesshoumaru!" said Rin.

"Hey" said Sango.

"Hello" said Kagome as they got on.

They went down one more and stopped the door opened and in came Miroku and Inu-yasha.

"Hey Sesshoumaru, girls" said Miroku.

"Morning" everyone said.

Inu-yasha looked at Kagome who didn't seem to be throwing any insults at him yet. Sango and Rin also noticed this, but didn't say anything.


they all stepped out.

"Where are you guys having breakfast?" asked Miroku.

"Starbucks" said Rin.

"Mind if I come along?" asked Miroku.

"Nope" said Kagome.

"Hey do you guys need a ride?" asked Miroku.

Both Inu-yasha and Sesshoumaru had a frightening look.

"Nope that's our ride" said Kagome pointing at silver convertible.

"Hey how come you guys didn't have that yesterday?" asked Inu-yasha.

They just shrugged. They stopped in front of star bucks the girls bought their coffees and etc. So did the guys and went their separate ways.

Kagome, Sango, and Rin walked in to their half full classroom. Rin sat down in the first row in the third seat to last. Kagome in front of her and Sango behind her.

"Hey Rin! Kagome! Sango" said a girl with pale blond hair and small brown eyes.

"Hey Kirara" said Sango.

"How was your trip?" asked Rin.

"Good but I missed all of you guys, especially Shippou," said Kirara.

"Oh babe I missed you too" said Shippou wrapping an arm around her waist.

Rin and Kagome smiled, and Sango just shook her head.

"Hey someone took my seat," said an all to familiar voice.

Sango, Kagome, and Rin turned to be faced to face with the three most annoying guys, well one annoying, one gay, and one pervert.

"What the hell are you guys doing here!" asked Rin.

"This is our classroom, what are you doing here" asked Sesshoumaru.

"This is our classroom," said Kagome.

"NO WAY!" yelled all but 5 except Sesshoumaru.