Varsity Drama
By: Haruka-chan

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Chapter 18: Italy!

The first priority was to inform the family that they were soon to have son and daughter-in-laws, so as a result they decided that they would make a stop to Italy on their way back home, and tell Sango's mother about her engagement to the adorable now less touchy Miroku. It seemed very logical that they did, and they needed a vacation anyway. Rin chatted about going to Tuscany for a romantic weekend with her new found partner, whom she still much to know about after all she's been in the same person for a long time and to find someone knew with in weeks was just crazy. And Kagome and Inu-yasha wanted nothing more then a hotel room, or something with four walls so they can indulge in themselves, only stopping to fill their stomachs and bathroom breaks. Miroku was rehearsing how he should ask for Sango's hand in marriage, which was a scary thought even for him.

It just so happens that the plane they took had the same air attendant that served them when they were going to London, she took one look at them and started to laugh like a lunatic, what was her problem they couldn't figure out but when she ran of the plane while people were boarding they just thought she was a crazy bitch who needed some serious psychoanalysis.

"Damn crazy bitch." Stated Inu-yasha looking after the woman.

"I think she had some passenger that fucked with her head." Stated Rin.

"Yeah, maybe I mean you know how these passengers are these days." Said Sango taking her seat.

Sesshoumaru was the only who understood the woman's problem, considering it was these five that drove her to act the way she did. He sighed it was no point saying anything to them, because they wouldn't listen and just say it was some old lady that was constipated.

Just as before they drove the air attendant to insanity but thank god this time it was only a 3hr flight. They arrived in Rome at 2:30 in the afternoon to find a limo ready to pick them, along with many journalists and paparazzi and almost all media in the god damned world it seemed was interested in them now for some reason.

"Inu-yasha Takagi is that your sweetheart?"

"Kagome-sama is it true you two are to be married soon?"

"I fucken hate them, how is it that they know shit about me even before I know them?" Inu-yasha stated simply as he wrapped his arms around Kagome's shoulder, pushing some of the cameramen to the side getting into the limo.

"Lady Sango is it true that you and Miroku Kaazan of the Kaazan family are intimate?"

"Mr. Kaazan are you and Miss. Sango together?"

"La signora Sango è voi qui per visitare la vostra madre?"

Sango and Miroku glared at the cameras and got into the limo after Inu-yasha and Kagome. When they were inside they were surprised to find Sango's mother sitting there with a smile as they waited for Rin and Sesshoumaru to make it in.

"Takagi Sesshoumaru are you here with the daughter of the famous Helen?"

Sesshoumaru took Rin's hand and pulled her into the limo pushing those who threatened to come into the limo after them.

"Paparaazi maledetto, sembrano sempre sapere dove siamo!" stated Rin glaring at out the window.

Chirstibel smiled at Rin and waved for her to come and give the woman a kiss, which she complied with. "I am glad to see you all again, there is much we must speak of."

"What do you want to speak of mama?" asked Sango.

"Well your engagements to these wonderful young men we found." Stated Chirstibel watching with amusement as their faces darkened.

"Mama-Chirstibel what do you mean?" asked Rin.

"I mean that night at your nonno's party we found three very eligible men." She said.

"Mama I have something to tell you." Said Sango with a sigh.

"Actually Lady Chirstibel you see, I wish to marry Sango, and I would like your approval very much, but if you should disagree and Sango still wants to marry me then we will." Miroku said taking Sango's hand in his.

Sango stared at him in disbelief along with the rest of them, was this her Miroku? He was so serious and not perverted even at this very serious moment.

Chirstibel laughed merrily, "Relax dear boy I have no intention of coming between the two of you, or any of you, we were talking about you young men silly."

Inu-yasha sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, "You had me worried that I'd have to steal Kagome from a tower of something."

"Awe you would do that for me?" asked Kagome.

"Yea I would actually I mean, your really good in…" he was stopped by a pair of lips stopping him from completing his sentence. He smiled and kissed back.

Chirstibel smiled at the couples as they laughed and joked, being with them made her feel young, so very young. "Ok you two keep it PG,"

Inu-yasha and Kagome pulled away and smiled, this was the way they always wanted to be, find princes to sweep them of their feet and just carry them of a castle where they'll raise healthy fat babies, or at least sweep them off their feet and indulge in the act of making fat babies.

They arrived at the estate soon and were greeted by the big surprise which was their parents were all in Italy waiting for them to come and demand that they accept their engagements. But it seems even if they weren't there for that they would have ended doing it anyways, the only one who was missing was Helen who was flying in later that night, Rin had solved her issues with her mother, and forgave her for everything, after all that was her mother.

"Nonno!" exclaimed Sango as she threw her arms around the man who stood smiling at the three girls with open arms.

"Hey grand pops!" said Rin

"Hey grandpa." Said Kagome as each took turns to hug the old man who still looked he had another 10 lives left in him.

"My three favorite girls in the world, next to your grandmother." Stated the old man.

Inu-yasha walked over to his mother who sat at the table sipping tea, she smiled when she felt the familiar arms encircle her shoulder and a small kiss on the cheek. "So my little man has grown up to find a beautiful young lady!" she exclaimed scaring the crap out of him as she turned and pulled him into a hug, how she went from being elegant to a crazy woman didn't make any sense to Inu-yasha.


She giggled and looked at her young son, she looked towards Sesshoumaru and watched as he held the hand of the girl who smiled up at him, and it seemed they both found someone special who cared for them. "So when is the wedding? When should I start making socks?"


She giggled and waved her hands in the air again as she took Kagome's hand into hers. "I bet you're already expecting if I know my Inu-yasha."

Kagome blushed as Inu-yasha called after his mother to shut up. "I suppose so Lady Takagi."

"Oh dear call me mama I don't mind, we're already almost family just a couple of weeks before the ties are knot." She said taking another sip of her tea.

Kagome sweat dropped and nodded, his mother was quite pleased with her it seemed, which was a plus, and after all she was going to marry the retard.

Chirstibel spoke to Miroku's father who never failed to ask her if she was open for a fling, which was strange considering they were going to be in-laws soon but hey he had to give it a try, maybe he could give a go with Helen or Sayuri who knows, he wasn't giving up hope after all his son was getting married and finally baring grandchildren for him. What joy it was to the Kaazan family to finally have a daughter-in-law!

"Sango dear," Miroku's father started as he took her hand, at one point in this hand hold she thought he was going to ask her to bare him children but it was, "I'm so glad you will bare me grandchildren, Miroku is truly lucky!"

Ok pause was everyone drunk? What was going on? Why were they acting as if it was the simplest thing to ever happen! Damn it they were getting married not having kids for them! They weren't even ready to have kids yet they still had school, though they doubted it would be a problem if they did have kids their grandparents will probably suffocate them with love or in the name of love.

Kagome sat next to her mother who smiled at her with sparkly eyes, truth be told it was really freaking Kagome out the way her mother kept looking at her, was there something she wanted to say, was there a pretty rock she wanted to bash her head with, what was that damned look!


"Oh I'm just so happy Kagome! So so so so happy! I'm going to be a grandmother! I'm going to be Granny-Sayuri! Hahaha" she said starting to laugh as she held Kagome's hand.

"Ok mom you are severely creeping me out, stop it were just getting engaged we're not even sure when the wedding will be, maybe in a year too after we're done with med school and all, but you guys are already thinking ahead about 8 years!" exclaimed Kagome.

Rin grabbed Sesshoumaru and quietly pulled him away from the commotion of the group. "Come on let's get out here, before Kagome pulls all her hair out."

Sesshoumaru chuckled and followed after the girl down to a nice quiet area, where there was a table and chair sitting in middle of a terrace over looking the city of Rome. "The view is great."

Rin nodded, "yeah I always come here when ever I need to think, I mean that's not much but I like it here, makes me feel as if I'm by myself in a world of sleeping people."

Sesshoumaru wasn't going to analyze if she meant that in her strange psychotic way or in a normal compassionate way, he simply smiled and looked at her. She was so very beautiful, and now she was his, of course not completely. He could tell that parts of her still wanted to be with Himura, but he was glad he had a chance. "Rin…"

"You know Sesshoumaru I can't tell you if I love you or not, because it's too soon, I don't think the kind of love I had for John-Mr. Himura goes away suddenly, it just takes time. But I'm also willing to give us a try." She said looked towards him as she sat on the table and held his hand. "It's hard to forget the man whom you loved for years."

Sesshoumaru pushed some stray hair back into place and smiled, "I understand, but I just hope this, us works." He took her hand and brought it to his lips and placed a couple of kisses on the knuckle.

Rin giggled, "No need to get serious, we're here to have fun, kick Italy's ass, and go home well and together."

Sesshoumaru nodded, taking a seat in one of the chairs and watching the wind play with her hair, she smiled, but her eyes were distant. He didn't mind much she was allowed to race across memories of the past and all that needed to be put away so she and he can be happy together, though in other cases he would have been mad, or wouldn't bother at all to listen to the girl, Rin was different and an exception to that rule. He was suddenly willing to wait forever for her to be ready for him, it made so much more sense to want her then to leave her and be miserable. "So what do we do tonight?"

"I don't know I was thinking on the lines of checking out some of Italy's night clubs what do you think?" she asked swinging her legs back and forth lightly.

Sesshoumaru sat back in his chair and shrugged, "sure if that's what you want to do, I just wanted to sleep off the bad flight experience."

Rin nodded, "I know that wild flight attendant, crazy bitch!"

Sesshoumaru chuckled almost as if he was sitting with a mentally ill patient as she talked of ways that everyone else was crazy while she was the only sane on earth. "Um I think some people gave her a hard time."

"No you have to be seriously twisted to act that way." Stated Rin as she waved at the maid who made her way towards them with a small trolley filled with their lunch, pr early dinner. "Oh Magdalene you're the best you knew just what I wanted to eat."

The elderly woman smiled at her, speaking in a thick Italian accent "Of course Miss. Rin I knew that I had to prepare this for your arrival."

Rin grinned at Sesshoumaru Magdalene set the table just for the two of them, "this is my favorite meal, baked Ziti and meatball in pasta."

"Oh I guess should get the recipe then, I suppose the others are having lunch as well?" he asked as he watched Rin sit in the chair across from him, already sampling some of the dishes and smiling with joy.

"Mmhm, they probably already started, ok this has to be the best Italian food I had in a while, and thank goodness we stop by here!" Rin said as she dug into her plate, as Magdalene watched with pleasure.

Inu-yasha, Kagome, Inu-yasha's Mother and Kagome's Mother sat together in one table, while Sango, Miroku, Sango's Mother, and Miroku's Father sat in one table. It seemed that Helene Rin's mother was yet to make it to the house and grandpa was taking an afternoon nap, and Inu-yasha's father was stuck in a business meeting which would keep him in France for another two days before he could finally come to Italy.

"So tell me Kagome what are you planning for the first baby's name?" asked Inu-yasha's mother as she sipped her tea, the maids were just setting up the table for lunch.

'First baby? How many is she expecting?' thought Kagome as her eyes widen and then twitched with unusual movement. "I don't know I mean I didn't yet-um I'm not-ah"

"Oh Kagome darling you must name the baby after your father if it's a boy and if it's the girl then we must name it after a mythical goddess."

Inu-yasha blushed about the whole situation making sure to keep chewing through it all.

"Um mother, Mrs. Takagi I'm not yet pregnant I take birth control, I mean Inu-yasha and I are not ready for a child just yet." Said Kagome with a small smile.

"Yeah mom, I don't think having a baby is the right thing now, I mean we were planning on a long engagement or something on those lines." Said Inu-yasha finally talking, the coward.

Kagome sighed, what was the point they wanted grandchildren and they weren't going to quit until she gave birth to her limit of 17 children. There was so much pain and mood swings ahead of her, she didn't want to think about it. 'God I won't have a good thing to me left after I go to jail for killing my family and in-laws for demanding too many children, how funny.'

Mrs. Takagi waved her hand and smiled, "Oh nonsense, of course your ready, having kids while you're young helps to interact with your children, then you're not overly old. I should know Inu-yasha and Sesshoumaru were a handful when they hit puberty."

Kagome giggled a little, picturing Inu-yasha as he went through the toughest time of him life, puberty. Inu-yasha blushed as he sent glares at Kagome for even thinking to smile, and here she was probably picturing him in the bathroom masturbating or something.

"Ok mother, let's drop it we're not ready when we are and that time comes, I will be sure to tell you about it." Said Inu-yasha as he forked an olive into his mouth. "I mean we still have a year and a half of med school, and then we're going to start on our careers, I think we can wait for a baby."

Kagome nodded, she took Inu-yasha's hand and smiled, "Yes that's right it's best if we just take things a little slow, considering our start was a rocky."

"Rocky! How so?" asked Kagome's Mother as she jumped up and demanded what had gone on. "How could Kagome possibly give you any hard time, you just tell me Inu-yasha if she ever makes things difficult for you then I will speak to this young lady personally."

"Thanks mom, for thinking its just me." Mumbled Kagome with a scowl forking her chicken. "Some mother you take his defense."

Inu-yasha smiled, "no actually things just didn't go well when we first met, and we met under some strange circumstances so I think it's understandable."

Kagome didn't think he had it in him to actually say, to actually come out and say that. She smiled brightly as she saw his more serious side, how wonderful to have someone like him by her side forever, would they last? Or would this end in an awful break up, she didn't think she could live without this idiot in her life. Inu-yasha looked at her, before leaning into kiss her, it wasn't passionate, but it was sweet and full of promise.

Mean while Sango, Miroku, and their parents sat eating lunch, it was mostly Miroku's father making comments. Comments that just now Sango was understanding why Miroku was such an idiotic pervert.

"So I had many relationship, I mean I'm no monk, even if I'm labeled as such by the media, but you had to be there Christi, those girls had such a nice, umm, they were bright girls." He finished as he placed his hand on Christibel's. "So tell me if they were to get married, does that mean you and I can't have something?"

Sango had veins popping out in the wrong places as she placed her wine glass down a little harder then expected, "That's enough, and yes I think they have a rule against that, you're his father, and she's my mother I don't think it will work out."

Mr. Kaazan seemed a bit upset but the soft pat of Christibel's hand on his had him doing a complete 180 as he smile and nodded whether or not he thought he was getting some later that night, it was obvious that he was glad there was no hostility from Chrisitibel.

Sango smiled as she looked around the place where it seemed that they were all having his happy fleeting moment, this was where the turning point of their lives would take place, where they would be forever think back to when it came down to it. Smiling and telling their kids and grandkids about these moments. Life was truly getting to that point where it was suddenly more then bearable.

They decided to do some site seeing while they were so they took a car down to the city of course they had to avoid some strange people dressed like famous painters, why they were dressed that way who knew, they just figured some of the people forgot to take their meds for psychosis.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Kagome as she sat next to Inu-yasha in the back seat of the car.

"You know I heard there are so many beautiful Italian girls who hang out by the ice cream shop." Said Miroku rubbing his cheek.

Sango ignored him, "yea sure, I don't think half of them will even bother looking up from their ice cream to look at you." She was looking through some books that held many ways to kill a man the Italian ways; they even had a recipe on how to make a homicide pizza. "This is some crazy shit."

"What you reading?" asked Rin as she stuck another ball of mozzarella in her mouth, some how she got totally addicted, what Sesshoumaru was worried about was that she might be spending their vacation in the bathroom by the toilet.

"The Gruesome ways to kill, by the mad Italian pizza maker." Said Sango as she held up the book with a man making pizza with an evil grin as a man's head sat on the counter top. "I picked it up on our stop at the gas station, seems like a good read while were on the road."

Rin laughed, "Sango I didn't know you were into the whole psychotic killing man making pizza."

Sango smiled, "Nah I'm into most gruesome killing books, they help when I think of chopping someone apart for annoying me in some way."

"You know I would love to borrow that book after you're done." Said Kagome as she looked out the window. "I read the last one you know the '101 ways to get your art teacher to commit suicide' it was interesting, I didn't know not soaking the paint brush in the brush cleaner drove art teachers crazy enough to commit suicide."

"I know! I read that one too! Creepy! But the one that really got me was that Dutch art teach who had a funny accent and she basically blew her brain cells by calling security too many times." Said Rin as she turned towards them.

"Ok what is this crazy reading or something, why do you three like such creepy things?" asked Inu-yasha pushing his head back against the seat. "I mean why can't you read about lips stick and nail polish and stuff like that?"

Miroku sighed, "I mean as much as your creepiness is attractive, it's a bit scary thinking that my wife to be could kill me 101 ways, and then make a pizza using the same tools."

Sango laughed, "You know Miroku it was because of you I picked up this sort of reading, when you first started to follow us around we decided to attempt to kill you."

Kagome joined and laughed as well, "Oh now that you mention it, yep that's true, we were planning it but then all this happened, and we put the plans away."

"Yeah, the blue prints are still in my underwear drawer." Said Rin with a smile. "Just in case we do ever need a reason to kill you."

Miroku laughed nervously, why on god's right mind he made him fall for this weird psycho and her sisters were beyond him, but he just hoped that god was on his side at all time, perhaps he should take on a life of going to church and become a monk. "Nice to know that very nice little information."

"Hey do you think we'll get picked up by that hot old guy from CSI?" asked Rin suddenly.

Kagome shook her head, "No but I wouldn't mind bending over for that Warrick guy, man those green eyes, mmm."

"I think Greg is cute, I mean yeah he's goofy but still got to love his quirky attitude." Said Sango leaning back in her seat.

Inu-yasha growled, "He is not cute, I mean yeah he got Lenny Kravitz thing going but that's as far as it goes."

"You know Sango you got something for stupidly intelligent men." Said Rin suddenly, "I mean come on your going to marry Miroku here and then you claim Greg."

Kagome nodded, pointing up her finger, "I think our data clearly shows that you like slow guy with potential."

"Must be the whole power play." Stated Sesshoumaru.

They went quiet as if waiting for him to explain, when he looked at everyone from the rear view mirror, they stared back. "Baby care to explain?" finally Rin asked.

"Sango is the strong, headstrong type of woman. So it's natural for her to want to be with someone who she can challenge, yet beat without a breath." Finished Sesshoumaru.

"O" said Sango.

"Makes sense, damn Sesshoumaru where did you pick this up?" asked Kagome.

"When I first met her, but it was with the help of psychology 101 that I really hit home." He stated as he pulled the car into a small parking lot.

Inu-yasha snorted, "He's a nerd I wouldn't be surprised if he knows every word on that text book."

Sesshoumaru glared, and then suddenly realized it's been a while since Inu-yasha and he had any sort of argument such as this. Of course who would have time noticing things about themselves when they were in the presence of such girls that needed more attention then four year olds in a yard full of sharp objects. "I resent that!"

"Sure you do, come let's get going." Said Inu-yasha as he stepped out of the car, and stretched next to Kagome before placing his arm around her shoulder and pulling her to him. "You don't really think that Warrick guy is cutter then me do you?"

Kagome smiled, "of course I do, but you're the one I'm going to marry because I think you're worth the risk. Besides being married to a guy like Warrick would be hard, he would notice every little thing."

They all laughed, was it this much fun to be alive before? Did it really pass them by before they met these truly beautiful and lively women who made their hearts flutter like when they were little boys at the sight of a new bike? No they wasted enough time they still had a life time to make all of it.

Food, love, romance, and great art was what surrounded them when they thought of Italy and Sango being born and raised there knew more then the others who visited once or twice. She lead them through the streets smiling as she explained.

"Let's go to Florence tomorrow, we'll stay at mother's cabin, it quite beautiful there." She said.

It was settled tomorrow they would go to Florence and after that their spring breaks will be over and they'll be back to finish the few weeks of classes, before Sesshoumaru will graduate and they'll move to their next year together.

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Meanings: (all Italian)

La signora Sango è voi qui per visitare la vostra madre? - Lady Sango are you here to visit your mother?

Paparaazi maledetto, sembrano sempre sapere dove siamo! - Damn Paparaazi, they always seem to know where we are!

Nonno- Grandfather