AN: Hey guys! How are you all doing today? This is chapter 1 of Jaune's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Remnant, this story will follow the same premise as Vacarria's Stardust Crusaders: End of Remnant(RIP), all credit for this story actually being a concept goes to him, I would really appreciate constructive criticism of this story as english isn't my first language and you guys should feel free to point out any mistakes in grammar and spelling that I make, now that I've made my introduction, lets jump right in to it.


"Wait... Where are we?" Questioned Pyrrha Nikos, one third of the recently reformed team NPR.

"I don't know, I was just hanging out when I suddenly just teleported." Responded Yang Xiao Long, the fiery blonde of team RWBY.

"What even is this place? It looks like a normal room." Said Blake Belladonna, the introverted cat faunus.

"Yeah, kinda looks like our dorm a little bit. Look Ren! There's even a fridge here! It's full of drinks too!" Exclaimed Nora Valkyrie.

"Don't touch that Nora, we don't even know where we are right now." Lie Ren said.

"There's cookies here though! They're pretty good! I already ate four!" childishly proclaimed Ruby Rose, the red reaper and also cookie monster.

"Ruby! What did Ren just say about touching stuff from here!? Were you even paying attention?! Scolded Weiss Schnee, the ice cold heiress.

"Nope. Cookie was more important." Ruby said. "Ughhhhh, you really get on my nerves sometimes." Said Weiss, very annoyed. Both teams wandered around the strange room for a good ten minutes or so, looking for anything that may help them get a clue about what place they were in.

"Hey guys. Look, I found something here, it sorta looks like a note. I'll read it." said Blake.

Hello everybody, I'm sure you're wondering what you are doing here in this room, well, it has to do it your friend, Jaune Arc.

They all gasped, Jaune hadn't been seen or heard of since he got kicked out of Beacon due to his fake transcripts, an ocurrence which deeply saddened them, especially his JNPR teammates. After the initial surprise, Blake resumed reading.

Don't worry, he is fine, more than fine if I'd say so myself. They all softened a bit in relief after hearing that their friend was fine. I have invited you all here to watch his journey, why? Cause I also found it amazingly entertaining, I figured letting his friends watch his adventure would be a nice compliment to him. To begin watching, just turn on the TV at the center of the room and enjoy, to make your viewing even more pleasurable I have produced and made an entire soundtrack and opening for you guys, peace. -GER

"So, fearless leader has been going on adventures huh? I can't wait to see what this is about!" Excitedly said Nora

"Well, what are we waiting for? Turn on the TV, I wanna see what Vomit Boy's doing!" Exclaimed Yang

They all organized themselves on the two couches that the room held, having enough confidence now to grab their drinks, each one picked one and Ren shortly turned on the TV.

"This thing's kinda old, it looks really different from the ones at beacon." He commented. And with that, the TV began playing.

A few shots of Argus, the Mistral city, appear on the screen. The camera pans around and shows the beauty of the port city, before it settles onto the back of a skinny blond haired boy, simply walking through the streets.

"Hey, mister! This is the best deal you're going to find in town!" Said a civilian

"That's exactly what the other guy said..." The other responded

This earned a few chuckles throughout the teams.

"Really? Then I'll give you a tour of the city!"

"Wait, seriously?"

"Hilarious!" A woman said, shortly after a person took her bag without her knowing.

"Huh? Where did my bag go?"

It then shows a shop owner who appeared to be bribing a police officer. The camera moves to the blond boy, giving him a closer look as he walks through an alley, in said place a person was shown selling what appeared to be drugs to a teenager.

"This is all I have right now."

"Then this is all I can give you."

They were all rightfully disgusted with this.

"Oum, that guy is pure scum, who would even sell drugs to a kid like that." Angrily said Weiss.

"Can't even imagine what that kid must be going through to seek something like that." Added Blake.

"Drugs and gang violence are very big problems in Mistral, it's a tragedy really." Sorrowfully added Pyrrha, the redhead was very familiar with this, Mistral being her home kingdom.

"I wish I coulda been there, would have punched that guy in the face." Yang spoke, clearly irritated.

The boy then walked down the rest of the alleyway, at the very end of it leading in to the street some homeless people were laying near a pair of trashcans. It then gave a wide shot of Argus, the narrator explaining its beauty and radiance. The camera came back, it now located itself on the boy's back yet again. A couple of girls approached the boy.

"Pardon us." They said simultaneously. The boy stopped walking and listened. "Do you know how to get to Santa Clara?" They asked, they boy then turned around and his face was finally shown.

The teams went into shock. How hadn't they been able to see it was Jaune? They were all very happy to see him again. The happier ones even had a few words to say.

"Fearless Leader! He looks so different! What happened to his haircut!?" Screamed Nora with a mixture of Shock and Relief.

"Thank Oum he's okay! I was so worried about him." gleefully said Pyrrha Nikos, this was the boy she was infatuated with after all, it was a massive weight off her heart to see him well.

"And it looks like he's changed his style quite a bit, seriously, what is that haircut." Weiss pointed out.

"Kinda looks like a buncha donuts." Said Ruby, being the sugar monster that she was.

"I kinda like it, it looks like he has some cleavage window on his shirt, Look! His chest's almost all out!" Yang teased

"Is it resembling a heart? Sheesh, what even happened to him." Blake spoke.

"To get to Santa Clara, head straight from here, turn left an-

"See, I told you it was over there!

"My bad! Thank you."

"They just wanted an excuse to speak with him." Blake added.

"Yeah, I mean I would do the same thing too." Yang joked.

The girls were about to move on when suddenly a man bumped in to the girl wearing a blue jacket, making her spill her ice cream cone on Jaune's torso. He managed to hold on to her, keeping her by his chest.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, thank you." She said, blushing. The girl then apologized to the man.

Pyrrha was a pit peeved at this, thankfully for her no one noticed.

"Be more careful." The man rudely said. What caught Arc's attention though, was that the man had stolen the woman's wallet, he quickly managed to steal it from the man's coat. He then offered it to the girl.

"Hey! You dropped this." He gave it back to the girl, who thanked him profusely.

"How nice of him." Pyrrha said, a little proud.

"Wasn't that guy super cool?"

"Yeah, I should've asked for a picture".

"Looks like Jauney is finally getting along with the ladies, good for him, always rooted for the guy." Playfully said Yang.

Two butterflies then came out of the girl's purse, this surprised her, but she gave it no thought. The butterflies then flew to Jaune's hand, he caught them and bizarrely they started turning into lien bills.

'You can't trust anybody in this city.' He then walked away.

"Wait, did Jaune just steal from them?" Ruby asked, to no one in particular.

"Yeah, why did the butterflies start turning into lien though?" Ren questioned.

"Maybe it's his semblance, he might've unlocked it." Pyrrha spoke, a little disappointed in Jaune.

The blond boy then walked up to an ice cream parlor, he asked for a chocolate and pistachio cone, noticing that a boy was looking at him in the street, he said:

"Make that two." Then the next scene showed the boy gleefully slurping on his new treat.

"Awwwwwwwwwww... " Cooed Nora.

"Glad to see he's not changed that much." added Ren.

"Such a Jaune thing to do." Pyrrha said, she then sighed. "I miss him."

Jaune was enjoying his ice cream when something off-screen caught his attention, his hair fabulously glittering in the wind, a title card was shown, on it was written Jaune's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

"Wonder what that means." asked Blake.

Then it a bullhead station was shown, the same man who tried robbing the girls appeared once again, now talking to an old couple.

"See, it's much faster than waiting in line, I can get you in the city real cheap!"

"Really? How cheap?" Interrupted a stranger before the elderly couple could respond, the man was wearing a brpwn jacket with green details and some plain black pants, his most definimg features were his haircut and.. The shovel he was dragging in the ground.

"Who even carries around a shovel" Said Ruby, unaware that she brought an oversized farming tool to Vale everytime she went out. "It's not even a cool weapon shovel."

"Maybe it is, we don't know." Answered Blake.

"M-Mr. Luca!" The man said fearfully. Luca proceeded to smack the person in the face with said shovel, the impact made him fall on his back.

"I noticed you haven't been paying me the protection fees before doing business?" Luca threatened. "Didn't I tell you to pay the fees you owe me before you start doing business, huh?" "Right?"

"Please! I have a family!" he begged. A lone tear began sprouting in Luca's eye, which he quickly wiped before making an enraged expression and hitting the man on the face with the shovel yet again.

"So you value your family more than your friendship with me? You should value me first! Got it!?" He prepared to hit him again.

"I'm not the only one ignoring you and doing business!" He screamed in desperation, Luca stopped, keen on hearing the person.

"Well, who is? Who is it?"

"I-It's Jaune! Jaune Arc! That kid's been making a fortune lately!"

"Hm, Jaune?" He looked to the other side of the bullhead port. "Well, I'll deal with him later." The screen cut off after the final shovel smash.

"Well that was grim."

"This guy's pretty dangerous, hope Jaune's gonna be alright."

"You guys really shouldn't worry, fearless leader's not gonna let this guy beat him up like that!"

"HEY! You're not allowed to park your car here! Get outta this spot!" Two cops shouted, running after a green car, the door opened and out came Jaune.

"Good Morning!" He exclaimed.

"Wait, wasn't he motion sick? How's he driving cars now?" Weiss questioned.

"I didn't even know he could drive!" Yang said, surprised.

"Well, it has been a few months since we last saw him, maybe he just got a makeover." Pyrrha added, "And I'm pretty sure there's medicine for motion sickness, he just never took it.

A camera shot of the arrival sign was shown, along with the reveal of a familiar face.

"Phew! That flight was so long." Koichi Hirose, the recently graduated hunter yawned. "The air sure is different here, well then... time to get to work."

"Hey, I know that guy! That's Koichi Hirose, he's a beacon graduate!" Ruby said, apparently very excited. "And it looks like he's going on a mission too!"

"Flying all the way to Mistral for a mission? I suppose it's not that uncommon for a professional hunter." Weiss spoke.

"Yeah! I wonder if we'll get to go to other kingdoms on mission too! THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!" Nora gleefully added.

"Who am I looking for again?" He shuffled around a bit with his luggage, then pulled up a picture of Jaune." Hmm, Jaune Arc, that's an unusual name. But first I must get to my hotel, wanna dump my luggage there so I can move around more freely."

"Why's he looking for Vomit Boy?" Yang questioned.

"Maybe that's the mission headmaster Ozpin gave him." Pyrrha responded, though not quite sure herself.

"That's a weird mission then, does that mean the headmaster was also concerned about him like we were?" Said Ren.

Getting out of the port, Koichi heard a few voices.

"Wow! That's amazing!"

"I've never seen anyone shove their entire ear inside their like that!" The cops exclaimed, looking very entertained as Jaune did some sort of magic trick, he was able to shove his entire ear in his earhole, Hirose also watched, amazed by his trick.

They all had very similar reactions to that.


"How gross is that!?"

"I didn't even know that was possible."

"Thank you very much." Jaune gracefully said, the cops said their goodbyes to him, the camera highlighted Arc passing a cigarette box full of Lien to the guard.

"Well, don't attract too much attention doing your job."

"Huh, I guess he really found another life away from Beacon." Blake commented.

"Just wish it wasn't this one." Pyrrha sorrowfully responded. Seing Jaune do these criminal things broke her heart.

Jaune noticed Koichi looking at him, they shared an awkward stare.

"...Looking for a taxi?"

"Ah! N-no, not really."

"I'm just finishing my part time job and about to head home, I'll make it cheap." Jaune offered. "How about 20 Lien to get you into the city?"

"What? That's so expensive!" Koichi exclaimed. "How can I even trust you anyway? I saw you give those cops something on those cigarettes."

"Now, now, you don't need tp worry about any of that, so... how about 2 lien then." Jaune offered again, Koichi eyes lit up for a moment before settling down again in distrust.

"No, thanks, I'll just wait at the taxi pickup." The hunter said, he quickly changed his mind however when he saw the giant line at the taxi pickup station.

"Would you really charge only 2 lien?"

"Yup, you'll have to carry your own luggage though, since I'm not askimg for a tip."

"That's fine."

The next scene showed them in Jaune's taxi, the blonde politely asked Koichi to put his luggage up front, the hunter obliged.

"Just so you know, Even though I haven't got my weapon on me right now, I'm not some dumb tourist, you better get me to the hotel in earnest." Hirose said, he closed the passenger door.

"Yes, I'll get you there in earnest." Jaune said. "Well, I suppose I'll get your empty luggage there instead." He then took off with Koichi's luggage, leaving him behind.

"W-wait, come back!"


"Um... I don't think stealing from a hunter is the best idea." Ruby warned.

"Yeah, I don't think Arc knows who he just stole from." Weiss said.

Before any of them could speak more, they were interrupted by the TV.

"Echoes, ACT 3!" Koichi called, his hair flaring up a little.

Jaune felt his car get heavier, it eventually stopped moving, its tires digging in to the ground.

"Too bad for you, Didn't I tell you not to understimate me?" Koichi spoke, his voice with a much more different tone then before.

"Yeah, he tends to do that sometimes." Pyrrha said, familiar with Jaune and his lack of knowledge on important people.

"What a dolt, look what he's gotten himself involved in. A fight with a huntsman, he should've picked his target better." Weiss spoke, clearly irritated with Jaune's actions.

"Yeah, Appearences can be deceiving sometimes." Yang said. "I mean, just look at Ruby, who would even think she can hurt anything, much less become a hutsman." Yang teased.

"HEY! I"ll have you know I can be very threatening when I want to be." Ruby cutely defended herself.

"Yeah, sure Rubes."

"You can run if you want to, as long as my luggage is safe, I don't care." Koichi said as he approached the vehicle,a green aura enveloping him, Jaune got out of the car. Smiling politely, he began to run. The cops that he had bribed could be heard laughing in the background.

"Look at that, Jaune actually screwed up for once!"

"That's what he gets for tricking so many people." They shared a laugh. Koichi then suddenly realized something.

"Wait, Jaune? Jaune Arc? It couldn't be." He opened the passenger door, only to find nothing in it but a strange yellow blob. "HUH? Where did my stuff go?" His eyes focused on a yellow blob where the luggage should have been. "What is this? Some kind of egg?" It opened an eye, then started forming into an frog. "Huh!? Is this some kind of stand? I wasn't expecting to meet a stand user the second I stepped into Mistral." The frog jumped on Koichi's hand. He let out a disgusted scream. "No, this isn't a stand! That frog felt real! It was alive! Ahhh! This is horrible, where did my luggage go! How'd he even hide it that fast!"

He crouched down before standing up again. "This is only a hunch, but..." He didn't finish his sentence. He then called out to the cops. "Hey! Do you guys know anything about that taxi driver?"

"Umm, Ruby, since you're the nerd here, what's a stand?" Nora asked. Ruby then let out an irritated huff

"Don't assume I know about stuff like that! I do, but still!" Ruby scolded.

"A stand is kinda an alternate style of semblance, it's extremely rare though, like I'm talking one in a million. Dad told us about them." Yang explained.

"I knew about those aswell, there were some stand users on the White Fang when I was there." Blake added.

"Me too, a cousin of mine tried obtaining one through some weird arrow, he ended up dying of sickness a few days later." Weiss remembered.

"I've never met one, did hear stories of them though." Pyrrha said.

"Ohh, I remember, Renny and I met some when we were young! I think his name was Josefumi, or was it Josuke?"

"Stands are very rare, the take up a large amount of aura, which causes the user to become defenseless to attacks, it's also very hard to obtain, many people have died trying to get one." Ren explained, although he was right, his knowledge on the subject was still very limited.

It focused on Jaune again, who was standing around, he heard something ruffling against the grass behind him, he turned around, only to find Luca.

"Are you Jaune Arc?" Luca asked, Jaune bowed and nodded, the man made a gesture for Arc to follow him, he obliged.

"This is the first time we've met, do you know me, Jaune?" Luca asked, the blonde nodded in affirmation.

"Leaky Eye Luca, I heard that even after someone stabbed a knife deep in your eye, you didn't stop fighting and because of that, even though your wound has already healed, your eye keeps watering." Giorno explained, Luca sat down on a bench, the former beacon student chose to stay standing. Leaky Eye grabbed a tissue to wipe his eye, which was watering.

They were all surprised at this guy's story.

"Wow, that's pretty hardcore, not even his aura was able to fix it." Yang said, almost in awe. Weiss had a similar story to that, although it was still vastly different, as hers was just a scar.

"These mafia people are all so weird, how do you even manage to get into a fight that bad." Ruby said.

"Hey, why don't you have a seat?" Luca offered, Jaune only stared, distrust building up inside him. "Come on, sit down." He said again, a bit more demanding this time. The boy eventually accepted and sat down.

"How old are you?"


"SEVENTEEN?! WOW! You're just a kid!" He exclaimed, surprised. "Say, Jaune, there are three "yous" in a friendship."

"The first one is you don't lie."

"The second one is you don't hold a grudge."

"And the third one is, you respect the other."

"He's not really wrong about that." Ren said. "I doubt he wants to be Jaune's friend though, judging from what he did to that other person."

'Be careful Jaune, please.' Pyrrha thought, she was beginning to worry.

"Sounds good? Those are the three "yous" in a friendship."

"... What do you want?" Jaune asked, in a passive agressive manner. Luca grabbed his shovel and put the handle onto Jaune's jaw and chin.


Anger bubbled up inside Pyrrha, she imagined it was the same for her teammates. Team RWBY was also no better, Yang slowly getting more and more pissed off.

"Don't treat fearless leader like that! HOW DARE YOU?!"

"Let me peek at your wallet."

"Mr. Luca, I've already paid my protection fees, I don't have any money."

"To the security guards! That has nothing to do with me!" He opened Jaune's wallet, something had caught his eye, the camera revealed what it was, a picture of Team RWBY and JNPR together, hanging out at beacon.

"What is this? Your family?"

This earned surprised gasps from everyone.

"Our picture! He kept it?" Weiss said.

"He sure did." Blake responded.

"I knew he would still remember us, WE MISS YOU JAUNEY!" Nora said, with tears in her eyes.

Pyrrha's heart beat a little faster, to see that Jaune still remembered them, well...mostly her so fondly also made her eyes water a bit.

"Where's the money, huh? Come on! Show me!"

...I don't like to repeat myself, I have already told you, I don't have it. Don't make me say it a third time." Jaune said before Luca swung at him with his shovel, aiming for his face. He narrowly dodged.


A frog was seen coming out of a sewer drain, the same frog that had interacted with Koichi, in fact.

"Wait, is this guy a civilian? That swing was really amateur stuff." Yang asked. "Even Vomit Boy dodged that instantly."

"Don't underestimate Jaune, Yang. I personally trained him."

"Yeah, sorry P-Money, but still."

"It seems to be that way" Blake added.

The frog started climbing onto Jaune, who looked like he didn't even notice. Luca did, though. "What the hell? There's a frog on your clothes, smack it off!" He said, almost sounding like an order.

"Why? It has nothing to do with this."

"Because it's a disgusting creature! Why would you want that on your pants?" Weiss said, confused much like everyone in the room.



"This is a living creature, with a conscience of its own, I could never just smack it off."

"'re..." Those were the only words he said as he leaped at Jaune, ready to strike it.

"Don't! It's harmless, unless you do anything with it!"

"YOU'RE FINISHED!" He shouted, smacking the shovel hard into Jaune's abdomen and on the frog.

"Wait? Why didn't he dodge? That must've hurt like heck!" Ruby said worriedly.

"Jaune?" Pyrrha, also worried, whispered. His friends were very concerned, taking a hit to the chest that hard couldn't be good.

There was a pause, almost like as if time had stopped, after a few moments, the frog came back from under the shovel, unharmed.

"...What?" They said, in unison.

Jaune, who was also seemingly unharmed, began talking. "I told you not to, it's not even that loyal to me yet." He muttered darkly.

"Yet"? Blake said, curiosly.

"It has its own life, it's just trying to protect itself." The screen went over to the back of Luca's head, it was caved in, with the shovel's letters engraved onto it.

"Oh Oum! Look at the back of his head!" Weiss said, exasperated. It wasn't an everyday sight to see a human head be cave in like that.

"How'd he even do that?" Ruby said through her disgust, Yang tried to shield her eyes but the motion was declined.

"Did he finally unlock his semblance?" Pyrrha questioned, also in shock.

"That guy... did Jaune kill him?" Nora asked fearfully.

"No! He would never do that! It was only self defense!" Pyrrha defended.

"Any attack on it becomes an attack on oneself, and it's fatal." Jaune coldly said. "I asked you to not make me say the same thing a third time." He grabbed the frog and it turned back into Koichi's luggage. "I hate repeating myself, making me say the same thing over and over again is useless, I hate it because it's useless." he turned around and began walking. "Useless, useless." The screen took on a golden filter and a logo showed up at the bottom.

"Wait, you guys, this is ability's too weird to be a semblance, did Jaune awaken his stand?" Asked Ruby.

"Didja see that? He turned the frog into luggage, Koichi's luggage!" Yang exclaimed.

"Very strange, the ability to turn things into animals perhaps?" Weiss pointed out.

"Looks like it, all the damage done to said animal also apparently comes back to the attacker." Blake added.

"If that's the case, then this is what Jauney Boy's been needing this entire time!"

"What was up with that rant at the end though, never seen him say that." Said Ren.

"Me neither, it looks like he's changed a lot."

"Wait, you guys! Something's flashing on the screen!" Ruby exclaimed, getting their attention.

"It's of Mistral."

"Huh, okay I guess."

After the transition, the camera came back to Koichi, in an unknown cafe, he had a picture of Jaune in his hand. "What? You want me to look for this guy?"

"Yes. I want you to see what he's getting up to, Koichi." Said a rather familiar voice. The camera did a 180 turn, revealing that man to be Ozpin.

The students were in shock. The headmaster had asked a huntsman to look over Jaune? Why?

"I guess he still cares about Jaune a little bit." Ruby tried to explain.

"This is so weird! Why would headmaster Ozpin do-?" Weiss said, in shock.

"Would you do that for me? Koichi?"

"Um-m, of course ."

"Fantastic, all travel expenses will be paid. Think of it as a vacation."

"Uh-huh." He looked at the picture in question. This caused the flashback sequence to end, coming back to the current time. "The address on this picture is posted somewhere around here..." He noticed a person with his briefcase on the ground. He wasn't looking at it at all. "How careless."

"You shouldn't need to worry about that, no one's dumb enough to take it from them." A waiter responded, somewhat randomly.

"I guess this is a nice neighborhood." He looked at some fresh pizza on a table. His stomach growled, reminding him that he hadn't eaten anything since he got here. The waiter also noticed this.

"Would you like to come in for a meal, sir?"

"N-no! I-I'm fine, really." He defused, something else caught his attention though. Three of young female voices could be heard.

"Hey Jauney! Have some tea with me."

"Go with me instead, Jauney."

"No! Go with me! With me."

"You guys are too loud." The boy who was surrounded revealed himself to be Jaune. "I like being alone. Go away." He said, almost trying to shoo them off.

"Okay!" They said in unison. They began to leave. "Goodbye, Jaune!"

"Jauney boy finally got good with the ladies! So proud of him!"

"I mean, he was training at beacon. I suppose that would make him the mysterious type."

Pyrrha, on the other hand, felt a bit weird, no girl had ever acted like that with him before. Seeing him surrounded by girls like that made her a little jealous.

"H-hey! That's-!" Koichi exclaimed, Jaune began counting some money, presumably the money he stole from Koichi. He stepped up to Arc's table and the blonde boy stepped out of his chair in surprise, now standing up. "Hey!, whose money is that!? Is that my money?!"

"You! How'd you know I would be here?!" Jaune questioned in shock.

"Give me back my passport!" He smacked the table. "Where's my luggage!?"

"It hurts me to say this, but they're gone. I sold them off, unfortunately."

"That's not right of you, Jaune!" Ruby scolded, almost hoping he would hear her through the TV screen.

"Even of you have to steal, you shouldn't sell someone's personal belongings like that!" Weiss continued.

"Jaune, is this really the life you want?" Pyrrha asked, sad. They were all disappointed in him for doing that. "Please know that any life is better than being a criminal."

"So stop following me." He attempted to run, a sudden weight on his hand made it smash it on the table. Koichi stood proud, with a spirit behind him. The spirit was a white and green colored being. It was wearing shorts with a letter 3 engraved on it.

"I'n not letting you get away this time!"

'What's with this weight?" Jaune made a sudden realization, his eyes widened.

" that wasn't a malfuction last time? Does that mean that he has the same powers as me?"

"What did you just say?"

"It's heavy!" He crashed through the table.

"He does have a stand!" Blake exclaimed in confirmation.

"Looks like Koichi has one too! LOOK AT IT! IT'S SO COOL!" Ruby said, excited.

"It looks like an alien!" Said Yang.

"I didn't know there were stand users at Beacon." Ren added.

"You guys, do you know what this means?" Pyrrha said, they looked at her in confusion. "That means Ozpin sent Koichi to look for Jaune because he's also a stand user."

Their speculations were soon confirmed by what happened next.

"Gold Experience!" Jaune screamed, calling upon his stand. Before his hand had hit the ground, it had already come out. Gold Experience hit the ground beneath him, causing a plant to sprout up. "Bring forth new life!" He disappeared soon after.

"What was that? Echoes ACT 3!" He called. "I saw something!"

The teams were in awe, their jaws on the floor.

"Jaune's stand...SO COOL! DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT!" Ruby squealed.

"It's Gold Experience?" Said Weiss, confused. "What an odd name for something, shouldn't it be Golden Experience even?"

"Nah Weiss-cream, that sounds kinda perverted." Yang responded. "Just imagine him shouting "I'm gonna give you a Golden Experience!", sound like he's gonna do something else to the enemy, not fight them."

"Yeah, Fearless Leader shoulda chose his names better, just look at the short guy's stand! It's name is Echoes! That sound cool!"

Koichi ran over to where Jaune was, only finding a tree branch. "Impossible! I know I saw him here! There's no way he would escape Echoes's range like that!" The tree kept growing, this caught his attention, he looked up and saw Jaune on top of the tree branch, Hirose let out a startled gasp.

"How did he do that so fast!" Blake exclaimed.

"Didn't I tell you to stop coming after me? I'll say it one more time, don't even think about following me. I hate repeating myself, because it's useless, you shouldn't do things that are useless."

"There he goes again with that speech, I've never heard him say that before." Spoke Ren.

"Must've picked it up after he got expelled." Blake commented.

"Knock him down, Echoes!" He ordered. The stand did hit the tree, although the only effect it had was itself smashing into the ground, along with its user, and breaking most of the concrete floor. "WHAT!?"

"There's that counter ability again, Monty, that thing is powerful." Said Weiss.

"Jaune got lucky with with his power it seems."

"Do you think if we had stands they would also be like that Yang?"

"Didn't Dad tell us that anything can be a stand power Rubes? I don't know, maybe."

"I'm happy he finally has something to rely on." Spoke Pyrrha.

"I can tell you held back on me, judging by the fact that you are barely harmed, despite crashing and breaking the floor." Jaune said. "You're a good person." He then left through the rooftops.

"I mean, yeah. He's a huntsman, he could probably defeat you in 5 seconds Jaune, of course he held back." Ruby commented.

They all agreed with her.

"There's no doubt in my mind now!" Koichi said, gettind up from the debris. "This is Jaune Arc! And he's a Stand User!" The camera took on that gold filter again. This time, a stand was shown, Jaune's stand, Gold Experience.

"What is this?" Ruby asked. "Are these stats?"

"They must be. Read them, Rubes." Yang ordered.

"Gold Experience"

"Stand User: Jaune Arc"

"There's each stat here!" she said. "It has a C in power, an A in speed, an E in range, a D in durability, a C in precision and an A in development potential."

"Ouch, that range is bad. Maybe it can develop in training?" Spoke Yang.

"Yeah, and his development potential is A, that means that these stats can grow." Blake responded.

"It's not really that powerful, is it? Jaune might rely too much on that counter ability, it may cost him." Weiss added.

"It's durability is also low. Making it more vulnerable to attacks. Pyrrha joined in. "He might need to work on this ability, there's a lot of potential in it though. It can defeat pretty much anyone."

After the short break, the scene transitioned over to Ozpin's office. His scroll was ringing, presumably from Koichi. He picked it up.


"Headmaster, this is Koichi! This is a mission update! I've discovered Jaune Arc's location!"

"Already? That was fast. Just what I expected from you, Koichi." Ozpin praised, the young huntsman didn't seem to notice it though.

"Where do I even start? He's alright. But there's something else about him..."

"So he's safe? Wonderful. His friends will be glad to hear that."

"You bet we are !"

"I don't think he can hear you Nora."

"Headmaster...was Jaune Arc always a stand user?"

"Hm? No, he didn't even have aura when he started initiation, has he been struck with the arrow?"

"He didn't even know other stands existed before I met him headmaster. He thought his ability was unique to himself."

"So it's what I've been suspecting. Jaune Arc has developed a stand naturally, that's not something to brush over so easily."

"The people I talked to said that, even though he still goes by Jaune Arc, his family's basically ignoring his existence, he goes to a school in Argus."

They were saddened about the news from his family.

"There must have been a trigger for his stand ability developing. A powerful stand user being near the area for example. You've already seen enough, Koichi. You don't need to look for anything anymore, good work." Ozpin praised. "I'l get you to a hotel and wire you some money."

"Thank you, sir. I'm just doing my job."

"Well, that was quick." Said Ren.

"I wish all jobs could be like that. He even gets to enjoy Mistral too." Yang added.

"He's gonna be enjoying Mistral for a while, seeing as though Arc sold his passport." Spoke Weiss.

The scene came back to Jaune, who was now seated at an airbus, looking out the window.

"Finally got that motion sickness under control I see." Pyrrha said. "I wonder why he never took medicine when he was with us."

The blond boy opened his window, allowing some fresh air to come into his lungs. Suddenly, there was a sound of a coin dropping. A person quickly bent over and picked it up. Said person was male, with a bob haircut and a white jacket with several zippers on it. His clothes had pin details on them and his jacket was open at the pectoral area, allowing everyone to see his heart tattoo. Jaune looked on, almost in awe of his appearance.

"Well...that's quite a fashion statement." Blake said. Meanwhile, somewhere in a place very far away, Coco Adel could be heard sneezing.

"Huh. Are these normal Mistral clothes, Pyrrha?" Ren asked.

"Um, Mistralian people care about fashion a lot, I've never seen it to this extent though." She responded.

"Did you drop this?" He asked.


"I see." He sat on the seat opposite of Jaune. "Guess it's mine now, hehe." Joked the zipper-clad man, Jaune stayed with his poker face. "Let's find a bag of 100 thousand lien inside, would you give it to the authorities?"

"Yes, of course! What would I even need it for anyway." Weiss said, unaware of the irony behind her words. There was a general agreement that they would give it, though.

"Of course Jaune's gonna say yes." Pyrrha said

"No way! I'd probably take it." He laughed.


"Hahaha, well, aren't you honest? But what if I was a plainclothes cop and saw you take it?"

"Well, I'd probably keep half and give you half to make you look the other way." Jaune said. This made the man laugh.

"Yeah! You would do that, I can see it in your eyes! You see, I have a way to know when people are lying or not."

The teams were still in shock with what Jaune said. Did the criminal life really change him that badly? Pyrrha began to feel nervous. What if he started murdering people? Using drugs? This wasn't the Jaune she'd known.

"You know how your skin gets shiny when you're sweaty? That usually gives it away. It'd be even better if I could taste your sweat." He licked his lips.

"And this guy's a weirdo too. Are any of these criminals actually normal people?" Yang ranted.

"Well, I guess there's Jaune." Ruby responded.

"He's the exception."

"Who are you?" Jaune asked, the friendly fa├žade beginning to wear thin. The man stood up and did a pose.

"Leaky Eye Luca was found injured at the bullhead port today. It's a rather serious injury, he won't be gaining his consciousness back." He explained. "Jaune Arc, I'm trying to discover who attacked him. The cops said you would have important information."

"Are you one of them?"

"Of course not." He declined. "Luca's not an ordinary crook. He's a gang member. There are plenty reasons why he'd get taken out." He explained even further. "He knew how to get people to hate him. That's not what my boss is thinking about, though. It's why he asked me to track down the person who attacked Luca, and teach him a lesson. That's why I'm asking you right now...did you run into Leaky Eye Luca at the bullhead port?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Jaune said, a very bold-faced lie. The man bore a hole through the blond's face as he analised every single bit of his facial anatomy, hoping to see any semblance of desperation.

The cast were feeling tense aswell.

"How's he so calm? I would've been sweating like I've just took on 30 grimm at the same time!" Yang asked.

"Don't ever doubt Fearless Leader! He's best at stuff like this!"

"GAH, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! What happens if Jaune gets discovered? He's gonna have an entire gang of baddies with bad fashion sense after him!" Said Ruby.

Pyrrha was worried beyond belief. No! She had to believe in Jaune, he can get through this!

They stayed like that for a few more moments, the airbus made a stop. The man had finally given up, been conviced that Jaune Arc was telling the truth. "Alright, I believe you. This interrogation is over. Thank you for your time, Jaune Arc." With that, he left. Jaune eased up.

And so did the cast. Sighs of relief could be hear from the room.

He felt something on his hand. He opened it up, only to find a human eye. He dropped it immediately.


"When did that get there?!"

"Fearless Leader had an eye in his hand the whole time?"

"But...HOW? We never saw him pick something like that up!" Blke exclaimed.

"An eye?! But how?! My hand was clenched the entire time!"

"That's Luca's right eye." The man said, appearing out of nowhere on the window behind the blond. "He's unconscious, so I brought it anyway. He then licked Jaune's cheek, which had been riddled with sweat. "This is the taste of a liar, Jaune Arc!"

Seven jaws could currently have been found on the floor.

"He actually licked him, I thought he was bluffing!" Blake said, exasperated.

"That looked like something Blakey would get off too!" Yang said, managing to tease her partner even though she was in a state of shock.

"This guy's a total sicko!" Ruby said.

"Looks like we have a problem, Jaune Arc. You lied to me." He said, as he entered the bus, Jaune, still taken aback by the whole series of events, could only stare. "And now, I'm going to find out why you lied to me." The man said as he dragged his fingers on the rail above him, he brought them down with force onto Jaune, causing the blond to stagger.

"JAUNE!" They cried, in worry.

"My name is Bruno Bucciarati, answer me." He threatened. "This interrogation has already turned into torture." Jaune felt something trying leave his body after Bruno said those words. He felt it, fingers began to come out of his mouth.

Weiss had to force herself not to puke, what was this man's deal?

"I can't look! That's so nasty!" Ruby said, bewildered.

"Who even does something like that!" Yang's eyes turned red, in rage and disgust.

"This Bruno person, he's much more dangerous than the other guy!" Blake said.

"Jaune!" That was all that Pyrrha could say, along with her teammates.

"To tell you the truth, Luca has already been disposed of by our boss, there was no point in him living anymore." Bucciarati said.

'Shit! It's happened again! Is he also like that tourist?' Jaune thought while Bruno rambled on.

"I could've put a fire extinguisher in your mouth, but you would choke and die instantly." He said, a zipper was beginning to form on Jaune's face, a purple mass was the only inside content of it. "Talk!" He elbowed the blond. "Let's have you say who did Luca in." The zipper was getting bigger, stretching out across his neck.

"Pull out your stand, Jaune!" Pyrrha yelled, hoping that by some miracle he would hear her.

"Come on! You can do this!" Ruby joined in.

'There's no doubt about it! This guy has an ability similar to mine!'

"If you don't tell me what I want to know, then this is only going to get worse, Jaune Arc!" Bruno punched Jaune, a blue arm now in place of his. Jaune flew back and hit the floor of the bus.

'This guy's bad news, I'll have to use Gold Experience to try and dodge his attacks!' He brought out his stand, the last image of the episode was Bruno staring off against Jaune, the screen went gold and an arrow with a 'to be continued' caption flew across the screen. The episode ended.

"WHAT!?" They screamed in unison.

"It can't end there!" Ruby spoke.

"Ren, hurry up! Load the next one!" Pyrra said, impatient and worried. Ren quickly obliged.

"How's he gonna get outta this? This guy seems crazy dangerous!" Yang commented.

"He has to figure something out, Bruno's ability uses zippers, that's all we know." Blake answered.

"Arc is severely outmached here! He needs some assistance!" Weiss added.

"I believe in him! Come on, Fearless Leader! You can do it!" Nora cheered, despited the nature of the encounter.

The next episode began soon after.

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