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They wandered around the room for a bit.

Ren talked to Nora about Jaune and what he did.

Ruby was getting some snacks for her and her friends, she grabbed a couple of ice-cream bowls.

Pyrrha mostly stayed on the couch until she decided to approach Yang.

Yang apologized for the things she said to Pyrrha, an apology that the champion accepted. She then also did the same to Ruby, who in return gave her some ice-cream.

Blake and Weiss joined the trio.

Weiss exclaimed that, even though it got pretty tense between all of them, there were no hard feelings. Blake agreed with her, and so did Pyrrha, Yang and Ruby.

Ren went to them, Nora by his side.

"Are you guys ready?" He asked.

"Yeah, I think everyone here's ready to go." Yang responded, her friends and teammates nodded in confirmation.

"Alright, Nora?"

", too." She sniffled.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, Renny."

"Okay, get back to your seats everyone." They obliged, Ren put the next episode on.

Bruno's voice rang out over a large picture showing all the different sects of Passione. "Passione is a pretty big organization. First, there are groups made of six to ten underlings, like my team. Then there are Capos like Polpo who command those teams. They reign over a particular region, making it their turf. These teams include specialty teams, such as an assassination squad and a drug team. Despite being from the same gang, I really don't want to involve myself with those teams or their capos. And the one who stands at the top is The Boss. The Boss only has contact with the trusted subordinate he considers his right hand man. We have no way of knowing who or where he is."

"Wow, that's quite a system." Weiss commented.

"Well...he wouldn't be the boss of the biggest gang in Mistral if he wasn't an f'n genius. Also, I noticed that pun Mr. Sticky Man." Yang said, seemingly back to being herself.

" Jaune's in Bruno's team?" Nora asked.

"Yes, he is." Blake answered.

"Okay, but isn't Polpo, their capo...kinda dead? Who's gonna command them?"

"I honestly have no idea, Nora."

Bruno continued to speak, this time on a slideshow of people going about their day. "Gang members in this city hate standing out, as it can quickly lead to their assassination."

"I suppose that's not the case for you, Mr. Bucciarati...given the way you dress." Pyrrha half-joked.

"So even Capos will dress normally to blend in with the crowd, and some even have cover jobs. That goes double for our boss. He won't reveal his identity to anyone. If we go snooping around, we're detected immediately. I know plenty of guys this has happened to."

"Oum knows what happens to the people who try to find out that man's identity." Ren spoke.

"Don't even want to think about that." Blake responded.

Bruno stopped and faced his newest subordinate. "So, Jaune, in order for us to get close to our mysterious boss, we need to be acknowledged. We can't defeat The Boss unless we earn the acknowledgement and trust of someone close to the boss. So first, we're going to get stronger. We have to climb up to the position of Capo. Of course, the two of us can't do that alone. A team we can trust...that's what we'll need to defeat the boss." The opening began playing.

The second they heard Jaune was joining a another team, they turned to Nora. She didn't have the reaction they'd been expecting, the girl simply sighed. This worried Ren, a lot.

"Right, so...they're gonna climb up the ranks of the gang. We're about to meet Bruno's team, hopefully they're not a bunch of delinquents." Weiss said, changing the subject.

"They'll have cool powers, so I guess that's a plus." Ruby added.

"Hopefully 'cool' powers that don't have sexual innuendos in their name, too." The white-haired girl spoke.

"I don't know, Weiss-Cream...maybe you do like some Sticky Fingers once in a while?" Yang teased, the heiress's face went crimson. She punched Yang in the left breast.

"You heathen!" Yang went on all fours in pain.

" that was uncalled for," Xiao Long managed to say. "Just cause mine are big and ours aren't doesn't give you the right to punch them..."

"Do you want me to do one for the right too?!"

"Nope, I'll stay quiet! Pinky swear!"



Once the opening finished, the narrator spoke up over a view of Mistral from space. 'The news of the incarcerated Polpo's death spread amongst the other Capos.'

They squirmed a bit hearing about this. It still made them a bit uncomfortable.

Three people who were sitting down and eating on a restaurant were speaking. "According to our intelligence team, it might've been suicide."

The other one huffed. "That's not his style."

Another three men were seen as two men held another by his arms in the background. "Polpo was in a special cell. Murder isn't possible." He said as he pulled out a gun.

Another shrugged. "Maybe he was planning to betray the boss."

The first one shook his head as he looked over the gun. "There aren't many Capos as trustworthy as him. That's even less believable." He said, pointing the gun at the man who was being held, causing him to scream in fear.

Blake growled. "Monster..."

Weiss let out a huff. "Oh, what horrible people reside in this world."

"Looks like Jaune's started with a bang. Literally and figuratively." Yang said.

"He did get people to talk about him...although not about HIM in particular." Ruby responded.

Just before the shot, two men in a clothes shop were whispering to each other. "More importantly..."

"Yeah...the problem is his sucessor." A man said before looking over to his girlfriend, who came out of the changing room, he gave her an "ok" hand gesture.

The screen went to Rome*(Check the AN), at 10:05 AM.

"I just heard that the Capos are freaking out. Apparently, Polpo comitted suicide." A man with orange hair and a pink shirt that cut out at the bottom said.

"Huh?" A man with bright green hair shaped like a zucchini dangling off his head said. They were in a car, he was the driver and the man with the pink shirt was a passenger.

"Jeez, that is not a good hair day." Nora said.

"More like the worst hair day." Yang responded, disgusted.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" The orange guy warned.

"I'm fine." The green man responded, although the car was swerving to the side slightly.

Pyrrha began to feel irritated, she'd seen a lot of bad drivers in her kingdom, this one wasn't any different.

"Suicide? That fatso?" Just before the car hit another one it swerved back onto the road properly, causing the vehicle it almost hit to panic and crash into a different one.

"What an A-hole! Pay attention when you drive!" Yang exclaimed.

"I hope those poor other people are alright." Said Ruby.

"Stupid, mindless, gangster." Weiss spoke.

"I told you to watch where you're going!" The orange person sighed and went back to speaking. "So I dunno if Polpo was sad because he was in prison or if his obesity made him depressed, but he apparently wasn't very strong mentally. He put his gun in his mouth and blew his brains out."

Ren cringed. "That's...not really what happened."

The green-haired man looked back to the orange one. "You sure it was suicide and not murder?"

"It was suicide, for sure. From the...autopsy, they call it? Any expert can tell if it was suicide or murder. Hey, there's a light up ahead." The car stopped for a moment.

"He managed to fool the entire gang at once, dear Oum." Blake commented.

"Even the autopsy people didn't figure it out, makes you wonder how long he thought about doing it." Yang responded.

"More importantly, have you heard the rumors about Polpo's fortune?"

This caught the attention of the teens.

"His fortune? Hm, okay then. Stay quiet everyone, I want to hear about this." Pyrrha spoke.

"Rumors? I don't know where the end of the universe is, and I don't know jack about that, either."

"That's an...odd analogy to make." Ren said, only to be shushed by his friends.

"Before Polpo went to prison, he converted some of his fortune into jewels and gold and hid them somewhere. He has a hidden stash. It's too much to even deposit in the bank, and he kept it secret from the organization. No one was stupid enough to look for it while he was alive. But now that he's dead, that money doesn't belong to anyone. It's free money, said to be worth about 5 billion lien." That got the green man's attention.


"Eh, not up for it. Someone's probably found it already." Nora responded, Yang gasped.


"She's not really herself right now, give her some time." Ren joined.

"Five billion?" He looked away and chuckled. "If I had that much money, I'd be heading into Vale or Menagerie with a girl on each arm."

"Not sure you'd be very welcome in Menagerie, to be honest." Pyrrha said.

"Yeah..." Blake sorrowfully responded.

The orange one shook his head. "Nah, I'd rather work my way up. If I can climb to Capo with that money, I can taste honey that's even sweeter. But who knows where it's hidden..."

"No one knows?"

"Nah, and this is what I'm thinking...Polpo was such a fatty, he couldn't even go outside on his own. Do you think he could hide a fortune worth five billion on his own? He must've had somebody else do it for him." The light went green, the car began to drive again. "Someone who's good at keeping their mouth shut...though I'm not sure a person like that actually exists, Polpo liked Bucciarati."

Ruby gasped. "He knows Bruno?"

"Probably, this is a gang. A big one, but they're all still criminals at the end of the day, criminals have a way of knowing each other." Weiss explained.

"Do you think Bruno knows where the lien is?" Yang asked.

"I honestly don't doubt it. Polpo must've really liked Mr. Bucciarati. So much so that he took Jaune in based on his request," Ren answered. "If there's a person that has the knowledge of where it is, it'd probably be him."

"Bucciarati? That's one of the thugs from Argus, right?"

"Hey! He's not a thug! He's a very respectable human being!" Ruby defended.

"Yeah, and if anyone could've hidden it, it's him. Now that Polpo's dead, Bucciarati should be making his get the five billion lien that's just been freed up. I'm sure even Bucciarati wants that money." The orange-haired person said, before looking to the green guy and finding him no longer there. "Hey, Zucchero!"

"Wait, what? He just dipped like that?" Said Yang.

"He must be pretty fast." Blake commented.

The car began to go wildly out of control, the orange man grabbed the steering wheel and managed to regain control, stopping it from crashing. "That bastard Zucchero actually left! Did he seriously believe that? If you're actually going to trail Bucciarati, I'd be careful. Apparently, he and his subordinates are Stand Users."

"Kinda like most of the gang already are, you dummy!" Nora said, a bit more energy in her words this time. This made Pyrrha and Ren happy.

The scene changed to Argus, at 11:26AM. The camera entered a restaurant. Four people were on the table.

"Hey,'s such a nice day outside. It wouldn't hurt to skip out on studying for one day..." A person said.

All of Bucciarati's team members were shown.

First was a tall man of slim build. He wore a long, dark overcoat that covered most of his body, the chest area being opened. His most defining features were his long, white hair, his yellow and purple eyes and his purple lipstick. He wore the letter 'A' on his belt. He was listening to something on a pair of headphones.

Secondly was what looked to be a short female, it wore a black shirt that highlighted its abs and reached out towards their neck. The lower half of their body was covered by an orange skirt, it wore a bandana on its head. It was holding a notebook.

Third was a tall man with a fit build, he wore a black and orange turtleneck crop top and tiger striped pants. The man had a book on his hand.

Lastly, there was a boy with dark blond hair. He was wearing an odd light green suit that was covered in holes. His other most noticeable trait was his strawberry clad tie. He was shirtless underneath it.

"Woah! Somebody call the fashion police, there's a couple of felonies coming through! Especially on that blond one!" Yang said.

"Where's Coco when you need her..." Ruby continued.

"So, this is his team...interesting." Ren spoke.

"I'm just not feeling it today..." The "girl" said. A waiter came to the man clad in blue and bowed.

"Thank you for waiting, here's your strawberry cake." He set down a plate with 4 slices of cake in it.

Ruby licked her lips. "I wouldn't mind some of that right now."

Yang nodded. "Once we get out, we'll see about it."

Fugo sighed. "Listen, Narancia." He said before putting a hand on their shoulder. "You're amazing. It's hard to ask someone to teach you something when you haven't even been to grade school. You even learned your multiplication tables! You can do this, just as I've taught you." Fugo said caringly, like an older brother, but younger. "You've got a good head on your shoulders."

Weiss nodded. "This Fugo seems smart, and caring...his dress sense could be a bit better though."

"Okay, ready? What's six times five?" He held up a notebook with the equation on it.

"Thirty!" Ruby held up her hands.

Narancia looked at it and mumbled something underneath their breath. "Six times five...six times five...thirty?"

"Correct! See? I knew you could do it! You're basically halfway there!"

"Yeah!" Ruby fist pumped.

"I see! Six times five is thirty! Okay!" Narancia smiled happily.

The man in blue stood up in distress, looking at the cake. "Hey, what the hell is this?!"

"What's he mean? It's strawberry cake." Blake shook her head, as if the blue one was stupid.

"What do you mean? It's strawberry cake." Fugo shook his head, as if the blue one was stupid.

Blake looked down and blushed a little at having such a similar mindset to a criminal...she was a criminal for a while so she guessed it wasn't that bad, really.

"Yeah, I can very clearly see that! It's obviously not chocolate cake or cheesecake! That's not the point here!" The man made a big scene. "There are four slices of cake! Do they want me to die?!"


Fugo sighed. "Again with this, Mista?"

"M-Mista?! What kind of name is Mista?! Mister Mista, that makes no sense!"

"You moron!" Mista shouted. "It's bad luck to choose from four! Choosing from five is fine, choosing from three is fine. But when you choose from four, something bad will happen!"

"Is that true?" Ruby asked.

"I...don't think so?" Pyrrha provided with the best of her ability. "I mean, at least I've never heard that before."

"When I was a kid, another kid adopted a kitten from a litter of four that was born in the neighbourhood, then the cat scratched his eye right out of his head!" Mista continued, describing the horrible event. "Of course, he beat the cat to death later."

Blake cringed.

The man in the blue coat stood up and grabbed a slice of cake while Mista was talking, he sat down again.

This made Yang chuckle.

"That's just an old wives's tale." Fugo responded. "If you think about it rationally, when people eat a cake one slice at a time, someone's going to have to take one of the last four slices."

"That's true," Pyrrha commented. "Taking one of the last four slices is inevitable."

"That's the thing, though! This is when the restaurant should be more considerate and bring us three slices instead! Talk about shitty service!"

"Jeez, don't eat it then..."

Mista recoiled as if he had been struck. "BUT I WANT SOME STRAWBERRY CAKE!"

"A child...he's a child." Weiss lamented, why did she have to be constantly surrounded by children?!

"I did it!" Narancia exclaimed happily. They showed the notebook to Fugo, revealing their answer to 16x55 being...28. "I did it, Fugo! How's it look?"

"Wrong, how can you even BE that wrong?" Yang scratched her head.

"Gonna need some extra practice there, that's for sure." Blake responded.

"You're finished? Let's have a look." The teen said, taking the book from Narancia and looking it over. "What is this?"

Yang chuckled. "My reaction too, cheese man."

"Hehe. Am I right?"

"No." Most of them said at the same time.

Fugo narrowed his eyes and glared at Narancia. He picked up a fork that had been laying on the table and stabbed him/her right on the cheek with it.

"OH SHIT!" Yang jumped back.

Narancia stood up and staggered back, screaming out in shock and pain, Fugo reached forward and grabbed its hair, looking directly in its face. "YOU STUPID DELINQUENT, ARE YOU MESSING WITH ME!? HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TEACH YOU THIS BEFORE YOU LEARN!? YOU SHIT-FOR-BRAINS!" He slammed her/his head on the table, cracking it and spilling some tea.

"" Weiss's mind tried to work, and failed.

"UM? Is it really that serious!?" Ruby exclaimed.

"He was such a good caring guy too! What the hell?!" Yang responded.

Nora, Pyrrha and Ren were shocked. Just...what the?

Mista looked up. "Oh, boy. He's lost it now."

"THAT IS NOT AN APPROPRIATE RESPONSE!" Weiss screamed out in an irrational rage, much like her old cousin.

"Wait, are they used to him losing his marbles like this?" Ruby asked.

"Uh...probably." Pyrrha responded.

"YOU JUST SAID THAT SIX TIMES FIVE WAS THIRTY, SO WHY THE HELL WAS THE ANSWER EVEN LESS?!" Fugo roared before slamming Narancia's head down on the table again, causing all the plates to jump. He continued this motion.

"He's really...mad." Blake said, this was worse than Adam on a bad day.

Mista looke over to the man next to him. "Hey, Abbacchio. Are you gonna eat that cake?"

Narancia pulled a knife on him. Fugo stopped. "What? Did you just call me shit-for-brains? It's not good to look down on others. I'll kill you...I'll kill you, Fugo."

"You bastard..."

"Wow, really functional team you guys, good job!" Yang said sarcastically.

"What the hell are you guys doing?!" Roared the voice of Bruno Bucciarati as he walked into view. "I could hear you all the way from the entrance! You're bothering the other customers!" Jaune also walks in to view.

"Bruno saves the day again!" Ruby squealed.

"This is the new member I told you guys about yesterday. Let me introduce you, this is Jaune Arc."

The other members had a good look at Jaune, Abbacchio reached over and picked up the unturned teapot.

Jaune took a step forward. "My name is Jaune Arc." He bowed. "It's a pleasure to meet you all."

"Bruno just said your name, Jaune. You don't need to say it again, I think they got the message." Ren said.

"Hopefully he makes a better impression with them, he didn't do too good here in Beacon." Pyrrha commented.

"You mean the time he threw up on my shoes? Yeah, that was fun."

"I don't like the way they're staring at him." Ruby spoke. "It's like they're judging him already."

Everyone was still for a few seconds, after that short pause they all resumed what they were originally doing.

"I'm sorry, Fugo." Narancia apologized.

"No, I should apologize. I'm sorry, Narancia."

"I'll study even harder, so teach me again."

"Well, at least that ended quick." Weiss said, now having calmed down. "Although, that Fugo person seems to have some real problems."

"Yeah, I think he might need some anger management sessions." Blake responded.

"He might need a lot more than some, from what we've seen so far." Pyrrha joined in.

"Hey!" Bruno called out, annoyed. "I'm the one who brought him here, so be respectful!"

"Mr. Bucciarati." A staff member called.

"What is it?"

"There's a call for you."

"Alright, thanks. Make sure you guys properly greet Jaune, Got it?!" He turned to Arc. "Jaune, I'll be right back, take some time to get to know these guys."

"Shoot. You're just gonna feed him right to the beowolves like that, Bruno?" Yang questioned. "They clearly don't vibe with Jaune."

"They're gonna have to get along, they're a team." Ren responded.

Abbacchio silently pulled the teapot underneath the table, away from Jaune's vision.

"What's he doing?" Nora asked.

"Alright." Said Jaune. Mista looked over to Abbacchio to find him urinating in the pot.

"Oh..." Nora said quietly, her eyes went wide. "Oh..."

"Absolutely disgusting. As expected of a criminal like him." Weiss spoke, recoiling away from the screen as if she had been physically touched by it.

"That's so nasty!" Yang gasped. "Don't tell me he's gonna..."

"Jaune, was it?" The man pulled his headphones off, he smiled and put the pot on the table. "Why don't you have a seat? Let's have some tea and chat."

The rest of them gasped.

"No way..." Said Ruby.

"That's foul! This is just hazing now!" Pyrrha spoke, exasperated.

The camera went over to Bruno, he picked up the scroll. "Hello, this is Bucciarati." He listened before his face grew distressed. "Alright." He pulled the scroll away and looked down at it.

"Is something wrong, sir?" Asked the employee.

"No." Bruno smiled. A knock came from the window next to them, an old woman was there.

"Bucciarati! Bucciarati, do you have a second?"

"Oh, hello, Ms. Menini. What's the matter?"

"I'd like to ask you a favor, could we talk outside?"

"Of course."

"Dang it! That means Bruno's gonna be gone for a bit! Who's gonna help Jaune now?" Ruby asked.

"I...really don't know. He can't drink that man's pee, there has to be something he can do!" Blake answered.

"I would throw it in his stupid face." Yang joined in.

"That would start a fight, a fight that Arc would most definitely lose." Weiss said.

Jaune watched as Abbacchio poured the 'tea' into a cuç for him. "Well, drink up." The other three looked silently, watching Arc's every move. "How old are you?"

"I'm seventeen."

"Seventeen? Ha, you're the same age as me." Narancia said.

Pyrrha clenched her fist, afraid this cute girl was gonna try to steal Jaune away.

Unknown to Pyrrha, Ruby was thinking the same thing.

"Thank you for the tea." Jaune said. He picked up the cup and brought it to his face. He smelt it and realized its true form.

"Ah, shoot. This ain't gonna be pretty." Yang commented.

"Knowing Jaune, he'd probably drink the thing, just to make friends with these guys." Ren said.

"A friendship that they don't deserve!" Nora interrupted.

They noticed his reaction. "What's wrong?" Abbacchio asked. "You just thanked me for the tea that I so generously poured out for you. Since you already thanked me for it, you have to drink it. Or do you not want to drink it cause it's not very hot?"

Narancia held their mouth and tried to laugh quietly, Fugo chuckled.

"What a bunch of dummies. I wish I was there to kick their butt!" Ruby said, angry.

Pyrrha was fuming. Silently fuming.

Mista leaned back on his seat. "Maybe he doesn't want to drink it cause he doesn't want to be one of us."

Blake sighed. "Damn it, Mista just backed Jaune into a corner."

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked, confused.

"If he doesn't show proper respect, he's less likely to get accepted into the group. Even just not drinking tea that they poured for you could make you lose all respect in the criminal underworld. And respect is everything there."

Bruno walked back in. "What the hell are you guys doing?!"

"Yes! Just in time, Bruno!" Ruby spoke happily.

Jaune turned to him. "It's nothing. They just went through the trouble of pouring this tea for me." The sound of his stand quietly rang out as he put the cup closer to his mouth and drank it all.

"No freakin' way!" Yang screamed.

"Uh...I told you so." Ren cringed.

"No...he did something! He did something with Gold Experience!" Pyrrha said.

"He better have done." Weiss responded.

"No way!" Narancia screamed.

Bruno became suspicious. "What did you guys do?"

Jaune put the cup back down, empty.

"Gross! He actually drank it!" He/She recoiled.

"Dude, you're hilarious! Did you seriously drink it?" Mista laughed.

"No! There's no way he could have! Hey, how'd you do it?! Where'd you hide it?!" Fugo shook his head and leaned closer.

"Hey, come on. Just tell me, okay?" Mista smiled.

Jaune smirked and tilted his head to the side. "Who knows? You're all keeping your abilities secret too, aren't you?"

They all gasped. 'So he's a stand user?' Abbacchio thought.

"I don't know whether to be happy or sad at this turn of events." Weiss sighed.

"He couldn't have actually drank it, right?" Blake asked.

"No, I do think Vomit Boy did something." Yang responded.

'What I did with the liquid in the cup is...I used my ability to turn one of my teeth into a jellyfish, which is 98% liquid, to suck it all up.' Arc thought to himself.

" is he so smart?!" Weiss asked.

On reflex, Nora said. "Don't underestimate Fearless Leader!"

"My Oum, does his stand also give him the ability to become a biologist? I don't remember him knowing that much about animals." Yang commented.

"He must've studied REALLY hard after Beacon." Pyrrha responded.

"Well, it's his power, he has to master it." Blake spoke.

"Open your mouth. There's no hole, is there?" Fugo asked.

"Is it, like, some ability to move things?" Narancia asked, looking Jaune up and down.

Pyrrha and Ruby noticed that, they began to get annoyed.

"Did you actually drink it?" Narancia asked again. Bruno began to space out, he stared at Jaune.

'I'm not sure what it is, but there's something about Jaune Arc that makes him hard to dislike.' Bucciarati reflected.

Pyrrha nodded. Bruno knew what he was talking about.

"If you tell me your abilities, then I'll tell you what I did." Jaune said.

"You're cautious, I respect that." Spoke Fugo.

"Does Bucciarati know?" Mista asked.


'They're not exactly a team yet, but we don't have any time to wait. This has to be decided now.'

"Is something gonna happen? Do you guys think it has something to do with that scroll call?" Nora asked.

"It probably has to do with Polpo's fortune." Yang shrugged.

"Hey! Quit screwing around. We're going out." Bruno called.

"Huh? Where?" Narancia questioned.

"Follow me and you'll find out. Hurry it up." Bucciarati responded, he walked out the door. The team looked at themselves, confused. Jaune followed him almost instantly. The camera went to the streets. Bruno and his crew were walking, a bunch of people came to greet him.

"Oh? Bucciarati? How are you?" A girl waved.

"Hey, Bucciarati!" A young male called.

"Hey, Bucciarati! Come by my shop sometime!" A man wearing a uniform and riding a moped called.

"Bucciarati is really liked, isn't he?" Ren noted.

"It's surprising, one would think that they would hate him." Blake shrugged.

"I will!" Bruno responded. Mista spoke up.

"Hey, what are we going to do about a car?" The blue-clad man asked.

"We got a loaner." Abbacchio responded.

"Since a certain someone destroyed our last one." Fugo said.

"Hey, I told you that wasn't my fault!" Jaune wasn't paying that much attention, he was lost in his own thoughts.

'As I suspected, the citizens trust him.' He thought to himself, Bruno looked to his side and saw the same old lady that had called him back at the restaurant. A flashback sequence initiated.

"Flashback!~" Ruby called out, waving her hands.

"Bucciarati, this is my friend, she's in a bit of trouble because her son is beating her." The old lady explained. The other elderly woman she was talking about was right beside her, a giant, nasty bruise on her left eye. "Right?" The other woman nodded, she had tears in her eyes.

"Who could ever beat such a nice old lady?" Weiss gasped in disgust at the implication of those actions. "And her own son, too?"

Ren shook his head. "Some people have no appreciation for family."

"I see. That's rough." Bruno spoke. He crouched down so he could have direct eye contact with the woman. "I'll give him a talking to. What's your son's name?" He said in a reassuring tone.

"Thank you." The elder finally said. "He's usually such a sweet boy. But, lately, he's been getting into drugs..." She turned her head. Bruno's eyes widened.

"Bucciarati, I've been living in this neighborhood for fifty years." Ms. Menini said, Bruno stood up. "But lately, I've been so anxious. Who's making them sell those drugs?" Tears began to well up in her eyes. "I'm so scared... Hey, you're going to protect us, aren't you, Bucciarati? You're on our side, right?" She looked over to Bruno, he was sweating bullets.

"Yeah, I'll take care of it. I'll figure it out." He said hesitantly. The screen went gold, it was halftime.

A picture of the Passione hierarchy was shown, with the boss standing at the top.

Ruby had an idea. "Hey, guys? What if we try to figure out their identities through the picture?"

"What do you mean?" Ren asked, looking closer.

Yang noticed what they were doing and pointed to a distinct shadowy figure. "Look at this guy! He's got like a pineapple or a carrot on his head!" She chuckled.

Weiss looked to the name of the group the strange looking figure was on. "La Squadra Esecuzioni?"

Pyrrha perked up. "Oh? That means an Assassination or a Hitman team, although a more direct translation would be The Execution Squad."

"What a scary team..." Nora shivered.

Once the pause was over, the screen showed a port full of yachts.

"We're going cruising on a yacht? That's awesome!" Narancia's voice could be heard.

"When did you get a yacht?" Abbacchio's voice questioned. The group was finally in view.

"We're going to rent one." Bruno answered.

Blake hummed. "I wouldn't mind going fishing on a yacht." She commented, almost drooling thinking of all the fish she could catch.


"Ah, it's a rental." Narancia said, disappointed. Bruno entered the building on the port.

"Say, Bucciarati." Mista said, Bruno stopped. "Whatever you do, please don't rent that one with the number 4. It'll sink, I know it." He pointed at the boat.

Nora shook her head. "What's with the number 4?" She asked, turning to Ren.

"Just superstition." He shrugged.

"Oh, come on. If that were the case, it wouldn't be floating there now." Fugo argued.

"Good point, Fugo." Weiss nodded.

"Shut up!" Mista shouted. "Then YOU can ride in that one!"

Weiss rolled her eyes and sighed.

The shot changed into Narancia picking up some snacks, humming a hip hop song. The rest of them stood at the counter.

"We'd like to rent a yacht." Bruno said.

"Of course! You can use whichever one you like!" The shopkeeper responded.

"Other than four!" Mista whispered.

"All right. Sir, I'd like the one on the far left." Bruno pointed to the boat he wanted to rent.

"Alright, here's your keys."

"For now, I'd like to rent it for three days, how much will that cost?" Bucciarati asked.

"Oh, I could never ask you for money, Mr. Bucciarati!" The shopkeeper responded. "Use it as long as you like." He gave him the keys.

"Wow...people REALLY like Bucciarati!" Yang said, in awe at the love the man received from the general public.

"That's because Bruno is super cool!" Ruby puffed out her chest and nodded.


Narancia came back, an armful of snacks on his/her hands. "Ring me up, pops!" He/She smiled devilishly.

The camera changed to the boat setting sail, it was the Lagoon 2. Jaune admired the view, Abbacchio turned around to stare at him for a second, with a small scoff.

Pyrrha and Ruby scoffed at Abbacchio in turn.

The boat was finally in the seas, Fugo hummed. "This feels nice!"

The center of attention shifted over to Narancia and Mista. One was listening to music on a boombox with headphones on. The other was reading a beauty magazine. The music was so loud, you could hear it clearly even though he/she was using said headphones. Mista began to get annoyed.

"I hate when people do that." Blake said, although most of the time it wasn't the person's fault as she had increased hearing.

"That beauty magazine isn't having much effect, with clothes like that." Weiss scoffed.

"Hey, Narancia...Hey!" He called.

"Huh?" He/She took the headphones off.

"Well, uh, you know... You bought drinks, didn't you? Would you sell me one?"

"What? You always say that, but you never pay!"

"Oh, who cares! Gimme one!" He beckoned. "Come on, Hurry! Gimme!"

"You're so helpless..." He/She reached over and opened a container, presumably full of drinks. "You want a cola or a Sparite?"

"I'll take a co-...Actually, give a Sparite, since it's clear."

"Does he also have a thing against non-clear liquids?" Nora questioned.

"I don't think so, he was about to ask for a cola." Ren responded.

He/She went to Mista to give him the drink. "Here you go."

"Thank you. Could you hold this magazine for me?" He gave the magazine to Narancia and opened the can. "Thanks, and thanks again..." he held his hand above the magazine and purposely spilled some Sparite on his/her's boombox, he/she didn't notice.

They chuckled at the possible girl's misfortune, though Pyrrha and Ruby for reasons that would surprise the others.

Narancia put the headphones back on and began to bump to a song. After a short moment, a spark ignited from the boombox and it stopped working. He/She yelped.

"Hey, what's up with this thing?! It just stopped working?! Why'd it stop?! I just bought it!" Mista sipped his drink in silence. "Damn it! How dare he sell me something like this! That stupid old guy from the electronics store is gonna regret this!"

"Hey, Bucciarati!" Mista shouted. "Come on, Bucciarati! Hurry up and tell us where this boat's heading!"

Bruno thought about it for a moment. "Fine, now that we're far away from the shore enough. We're headed to Capri."

Pyrrha sighed when she saw everyone looking at her. "It's a small island, just south of Argus."

"Capri?" Abbacchio questioned.

"We're not going there as tourists, are we?" Fugo also asked.


"Then, why are we going there?" It was Mista's turn to ask, the whole squad found themselves in the front part of the boat, Narancia being the most far away one, he/she sat next to a box at the very center of it, above the rest of the gang.

"This morning, the Capo Polpo comitted suicide." Bruno said, they all gasped in shock, Jaune's face went dark.

Yang narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms at the boy's expression.

"W-what, suicide? Polpo did?" Mista asked, in complete surprise.

"No way!" Narancia said.

"But why!?" Fugo questioned.

"It doesn't matter why or how he died, Polpo was a Capo that did things that'd get him killed." He looked at Jaune.

Pyrrha nodded. "Ah, it seems that Bruno is perfectly aware of Jaune's actions."

"Why didn't he stop him then?" Yang asked.

"Arc probably did it before he knew, and since both of them are trying to overthrow the boss it was probably a good idea to ignore it." Weiss joined in.

"But, what does this have to do with us going to Capri?" Fugo asked.

"Polpo actually has a secret fortune. It's worth...10 billion lien!" Bruno explained, striking a discreet pose.


Even Weiss was having a hard time imagining that kind of money. Sure, her parents were billionaires, but to just have ten billion hidden away?

The group imagined what do with that kind of money.

They gasped.

"Ten billion?" Abbacchio said.

"I'm the only one that knows where it is, because I'm the one he ordered to hide it. That ten billion now belongs to us! With that money, we can claim the ranks of Capo!" The realization dawned on all of them.

"Didn't that orange-haired dude talk about that?" Ruby mentioned.

Nora nodded. "Yeah, he did mention becoming Capo."

"He said he would 'taste honey that's even sweeter'. Maybe Capos make more money than that." Ren finished her thought.

"Nah, I think he just meant you would have more power ." Yang responded.

"These people basically control the kingdom already, so I suppose that's not too far-fetched." Weiss commented.

"A-Awesome!" Narancia said. The camera focused on each of their thoughts individually.

'He's definitely a man who's going to the top. Just like I thought, he's going to become a Capo!' Fugo thought.

'He earned this opportunity by working diligently enough to be acknowledged and liked by a Capo. Amazing.' Abbacchio thought.

'Seriously? This took a sudden turn for the awesome.' Mista thought.

"Where is it?! Where'd you hide that kind of fortune on Capri, Bucciarati?!" Narancia asked excitedly.

"I can't tell you that yet. Rumors of his hidden fortune have made the rounds in the organization. No one can find our before we secure the money." Bruno explained.

Blake hummed. "Smart. Don't tell your subordinates the details when it's on a need to know basis."

"But wouldn't that just cause a mutiny?" Pyrrha asked.

"In normal circumstances, yes. But Bruno is obviously well liked and respected, their enemies are also mostly stand users, all of which have stranger and more unorthodox abilities when compared to semblances."

"Oh, okay then."

A stab noise was heard. Narancia fell backwards, screaming Bruno's name. The zipper man was the only one that noticed this, he was the only one facing that direction.

Pyrrha cheered in celebration, this caused everyone in the room to give her an odd look. She looked down to her lap and blushed.

"Hey, something's wrong!" He pointed to where he/she was. "Did something happen, Narancia?!" This made the rest of his crew turn around. They barely saw Narancia getting dragged into something, his shoe coming off.

"Narancia!" Mista exclaimed, running over to where he/she was. "What the heck are you doing?" He looked at the place, he/she wasn't there, they had completely disappeared. "H-Hey, come look at this!"

They were all in the place where Narancia had vanished. "There's only a shoe here now..." Jaune pointed out.

"I-Is Narancia dead?" Ruby asked, shivering. Yang put an arm around her.

"No, of course not. If they're after the money, then killing Bruno's subordinates will only give him more reason to NOT tell him where it is." She noticed everybody staring at her. "HEY! I can be smart too!"

"Give me that, Jaune!" Abbacchio said, taking the shoe from Jaune with a bit of force.

Pyrrha huffed. "A-hole."

"I don't quite understand what's going on..." Fugo spoke. "Where did Narancia go?"

"You guys didn't see it? To me, it looked like Narancia got pulled into this box." Said Bruno.

"That was exactly what happened!" Nora exclaimed.

Weiss sighed. "I sense another stand battle coming soon."


"That's impossible! They didn't randomly fall into the ocean, did they?" Mista asked.

"Narancia! Where are you!" Abbacchio shouted.

"Hey, Narancia! If you're just fooling around and hiding..." Mista said, he jumped over a barricade to the bottom of the yacht. "Hurry up and answer us!"

They kept this for a moment, Fugo noticed Mista being unnaturally quiet. "Mista?" He looked for the man clad in blue, he had also disappeared. "Where are you, Mista?"

"And Mister Mista is down for the count!" Yang said.

"What is it with his name? What were his parents thinking?" Ruby wondered out loud. Weiss bonked her on the head.

"Ruby! It is rude to ask that!"

He jumped over and opened a compartment at the bottom floor of the boat. "It can't be, Mista! Why are you missing t-" Fugo's voice cut off. The remaining team members found this strange, they went to the place where Fugo was, he was no longer there, a dent was on the side of the compartment, revealing a struggle.

"It must be a terrifying ability." Blake shivered.

"Abbacchio, Jaune! Stay close to each other!" Bruno ordered. "We're being attacked! There's someone hiding somewhere on this boat!" They assumed a triangle formation. "This is a stand attack!"

"Well, obviously." Yang huffed.

"But why now?" Abbacchio asked.

"The money." Bucciarati answered. "Someone found out that I knew where the money was, and they're trying to steal it. Which means they're from the organization."

"They'd even attack their fellow gang members?" Ruby asked.

"Well...It IS ten billion lien..." Blake answered.

Abbacchio huffed. "Does this mean he's been quietly tracking us ever since we were on the shore?"

"Looks that way. They probably grew impatient because I wouldn't just say where the money is. They intend to get rid of everyone but me, then make me cough up the location. And they can take their time, since we're on the ocean with nowhere to run." Bruno explained.

"Are you saying Narancia and the others are dead?"

"I didn't say that. But it's for ten billion. They'd even kill someone from their own organization for that."

"No, they're alive." Jaune interrupted. This caught the attention of both men. "They're somewhere on this boat. I don't know if this person is trying to use them as hostages, but they're alive."

"How does Vomit Boy know this?"

Abbacchio turned to him, an expressin of annoyance on his face. "Jaune Arc, how the hell can you be so sure about that?"

Jaune pointed to a fly in the place where Fugo vanished. "I used my stand to turn Narancia's shoe into a fly. The fly is trying to return to its owner, Narancia. If they were truly dead, it wouldn't be searching around like that."


"Can you locate them?" Bruno asked.

"They're's not going down to the cabin or the locker. The fly's not trying to stop. It keeps flying around that area looking for them." Jaune answered.

"What the hell is his ability?" Abbacchio questioned. Bruno put a hand close to his face.

"Awesome, that's what it is!" Ruby exclaimed proudly.

"Just shut up and listen."

"Narancia and the others are somewhere near the entrance to the cabin, that's a fact. But, for some reason, the fly can't find them, so it's lost. I think it's safe to assume that we'll find the enemy wherever Narancia is. Which means the enemy isn't just randomly hiding behind something." Arc crouched down.

Yang perked up. "Hey, do you think the dude is hiding in a second boat?"


Yang blushed. " is a stand battle, those seem to get pretty weird..."

"How would the enemy even hide inside a second boat? Where would it be?" Weiss huffed.

"What if his stand allowed him to hide the second boat into the first one? And he's just picking them off from there?"" Yang responded.

"What a stupid idea, stands are stronger and weirder than semblances, but that just sound too far-fetched."

"Far-fetched? Vomit Boy can turn a shoe into an elephant? He can make your clothes turn into snaked! He could make any opponent with a prosthetic useless by turning it into a wild animal!" Xiao Long countered. "I swear... If we see a stupidly strong stand like...erasing time or something, you're going to pay me 400 lien!"

"What!? That's way too much!"

"Weren't you so sure of yourself a moment ago?" Yang smiled, knowing she'd backed the heiress into a corner.

"Fine! DEAL!" They shook hands.

"I see." Said Bruno. He and Abbacchio crouched beside the blond boy soon after. "So if we don't figure out the mystery behind the enemy's ability, getting too close without knowing could get us killed."

"Correct. But the fact that their ability requires them to attack while hidden is a shortcoming, if we can figure out how it works, we'll be able to defeat them." Bucciarati turned to the goth man.

"Abbacchio, your stand...might be perfect to defeat such an enemy."

"Ohhhh! We get to see the other stands!" Pyrrha kind-of-fangirled.

"Defeat?" Jaune asked. "Can you solve this with your ability?"

Abbacchio was in silence for a moment, the camera focused on his face, revealing the yellow and purple color of his eyes. "Hard to say..."

Bruno scoffed. "Damn it, Abbacchio! You better not be hung up on stupid shit at a time like this!"

"Stupid shit? No. This has to do with my safety. I can't just carelessly reveal my stand ability in front of a stranger I can't trust." Jaune had an irritated look. "Bucciarati, I don't know what made you trust this guy, but I don't consider him a part of the team."

"A-hole..." Ruby whispered.

"If we don't figure out the enemy's location, we're going to be killed!" Bruno argued.

"And I'm saying that's just this untrustworthy brat's hypothesis. He came up with it out of fear, he didn't actually see anything."

"A-hole..." Pyrrha huffed.

"Abbacchio!" Bruno scolded.

"The enemy's just hiding somewhere in the cabin, I'll find them and take care of them." Abbacchio said.

"If we get close without figuring out the enemy's ability, we're going to be ki-" Jaune started.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Abbacchio interrupted. "You stupid little brat..." he hissed. Jaune had a moment of silence.

"ASSHOLE!" Pyrrha yelled out!

"DUMMY!" Ruby yelled out!

He put his hand on his chest. "I, Jaune Arc, have a dream."

"i will say, Vomit Boy looks very charismatic now, unlike before."

"It's like he's a completely different person, honestly." Blake said.

"What are you talking about?" Abbacchio questioned, confused. Jaune got up and proceeded to run.

"You can solve the mystery, right? I'm counting on you."

"Jaune! What the hell are you doing!?" Bruno called out. Jaune jumped over to a hole in the boat.

A huge, white, lanky arm grabbed his back and stabbed him with a rapier, a soft piano began to play, Jaune's face started to wrinkle. "J-Jaune!" Bruno screamed.

"JAUNE!" Ruby and Pyrrha screamed.

"There's an enemy over there! Shit! Jaune's in trouble!" He was about to step up, Abbacchio's arm stopped him from doing so, the goth man had gotten up before him. The music hit a climax. "Abbacchio..." A light green aura was emanating from him.

"Jaune're one crazy bastard. All this just to prove yourself..." The aura started getting stronger. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Another being was seen almost going out of Abbacchio's body, the episode ended.

"NO!" Pyrrha screamed. "OUM DAMN IT, WHY DOES IT ALWAYS END LIKE THIS?!" She exclaimed loudly, Yang put her hands around the champion's shoulder.

"Whoa! Calm down P-Money, you'll see it next episode."

"Yeah...I guess you're least I don't have to wait a week for it."

"Well...this isn't a TV show. It's real life made to look like a tv show." Weiss spoke.

"I still find that weird." Yang responded. "That soundtrack banged though! Props to magicman for the amazing OST."

Ruby clapped her hands. "So, what did everyone think about the episode?"

" Jaune gonna be fine? Other than that, it was fine, I approve." Nora gave a thumbs up.

Ren smiled. "I agree, they are very different to us, but they still have good sinergy and energy, despite some of their...quirks."

Pyrrha clenched her fists. "I don't like Narancia."

Yang smirked. "Looks like you have your first romantic rival, eh?"

"Looks to be second, actually." The red-haired girl responded.

"Second? I'm pretty sure you were the only girl at Beacon who liked Jaune. No offense to him, he was and is still good looking, but he was far too introverted and dorky to get any real attention."

Ruby glanced at Yang then returned her attention to the black screen. This caught the eye of Blake, her face changing into an evil smirk. She chuckled to herself as Ren fired up the next episode.

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